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Dressed in a short black skirt and a back-lacing corset I've been tightly tied into, along with strappy black heels that lace up the calf accented by red pedicured toes and manicured nails, I am ready to serve You. The doorbell rings.

"Kneel here and wait. Stop fidgeting." I try to contain my uneasy anticipation as I was unaware we were expecting anyone.

She arrives momentarily with a black bag in her hand; all I can see as she walks through the door are her beautiful brunette curls cascading around her head well down her back. She is tall, and opens a long coat to reveal a tight black leather skirt, black leather corset, fishnets and wine red stilettos. She carries herself with an aura of dominance and confidence; with you, she owns the room. She is breathtaking. Refraining from addressing me, she speaks only to you, greeting you, with a few glances and nods in my direction, smiling softly yet with a hint of wickedness. "She looks like she marks nicely." A soft exhale escapes my lips at this, as I love to wear marks. They remind me of the experience, of the reality that I am owned.

Then she speaks to me, "Doll, there is sangria in the kitchen. Be a good girl and bring it to me?"

"Yes..." I look at her, uncertain what her name even is.

"Mistress, Doll." I look at you and you nod your permission. "You are to listen to her as you would Me."

"Yes, Mistress." She smiles.

I find three glasses chilling as well and bring them with the cocktail. I pour us each a glass and hand one to You and one to Mistress. We sit together and sip while making small talk for a little while. Then she picks up a piece of fruit from her glass and holds it to my lips. "Eat." I open my mouth and take it from her, licking her fingers seductively. "Thank you, Mistress." She then puts a piece in her teeth and leans over to me; I take it gratefully and linger against her lips just a little longer than necessary. I revel in being allowed to taste her.

"I think I like you...I want to play," she says. "Let's go downstairs." You lead the way and I down my glass and pour another before following you both. A nice, slight buzz is starting to hit me. I love that.

The moment we enter the dungeon, she goes straight for the rope as my heart flutters. You tell me to undress, and the skirt goes first, revealing a black g-string. I need your help getting out of the corset and you unlace me and it falls to the floor. "Give me your wrists behind your back, love." I obey her immediately without question. You are proud of me for this. She expertly binds my wrists together so effectively that I absolutely cannot wriggle out of it. Perfect. I am led to the bed next, lying on my back as you each tie a foot to posts of the bed. I am blindfolded, as I have a tendency to look around at everything otherwise and you don't want me to see what's coming.

Reaching into the drawer aside the bed, she picks up tea light candles and lights a few- "for ambiance," she claims- letting them burn, before pouncing on top of me, ravishing my lips and biting at my neck, sucking my breasts. I try to compensate for not having the use of my hands with my tongue working overtime. Then you join her, both all over me and each other, a massive melding of breasts, curves and your cock. Three mouths, four available hands explore without limits. Soon enough, the candles are ready and you both drip them strategically onto my breasts, my torso, and lower...teasing me, watching me writhe, then following the wax down my body with ice cubes cooling it. I moan and wriggle when you bring a vibrator to my clit, heightening my arousal. I try to pull away, but I cannot move. I want you. So much it scares me and I try to deny it. Yet I want you incredibly much. But I can't have you yet. You bring me closer to the crest of orgasm, but not quite over the wave. I arch both toward you and away, wanting but wanting to wait and please you as well.

She then takes possession of my mouth as you allow her to touch you, stroke you, as you finger me, bringing you great pleasure. You tell her to stop, to spread her legs, and remove my blindfold. You finger fuck us both as we moan in revelry, locking eyes and then lips, tongues, souls. We devour each other as our pussies pulse around your fingers. You tell her to straddle me, and give me instructions to be Your good girl and show her what I can do. My tongue explores every inch of her available to me, licking her sweetly, and she begins to moan softly. I continue, loving every minute, until she is lost in the throes of orgasm and collapses on top of me. We both rest for a moment, treasuring the feel of our bodies against one another.

You untie my feet and wrists, instruct me to remove the wax from my body as she saunters over to the St. Andrews cross in the corner. I obey you quickly. I am then beckoned by one long finger curling towards her. I walk slowly, wanting to savor the moment as long as possible. She cuffs my wrists and ankles in restraints at each point of the cross and I am wet with anticipation.

She pulls out a long whip from her bag as you sit back and watch in amusement, cracks it in the air near my head. The sound makes me jump and whimper quietly, and the words she speaks next send shivers down my spine. "Will you scream for me, sweetie?" This is difficult for me as I always try to keep quiet, but she wants to push my limits and make me let go and submit completely. "If it is what you wish, Mistress."

"I knew I liked you."

I try to prepare myself, but nothing can prepare you for its kiss. The first bite hits my right shoulder blade, and in spite of myself, I scream slightly without even censoring as I writhe in agony and euphoria. The next strikes just beneath it. Then she begins to crisscross all over my back, my ass, my thighs. I am screaming intermittently with moans now, and after a short time, it doesn't hurt anymore. It's a sharp sting and then heaven...it's delicious pain. Soon, I'm floating in subspace, willing to take anything and more for You or Her. She comes to me and traces the lines across my back with her fingers, then ventures lower between my legs, held apart by the restraints, and teases me until I'm afraid I will cum without permission from you. Sweat beads on my forehead and breasts and I try my best to hold back.

Suddenly, she stops. She unties me, goes to you, kisses you sweetly and brings you over to the bed. I take a sip of my drink and follow you both. She holds my arms tightly, holding me up as she kisses me long and hard, making my knees go weak, as you fuck me with your fingers, I am wetter than you've ever seen me. I'm so far gone and it's lovely. Finally, I get to see your cock and I am allowed to serve you orally. I take you in my mouth and suck you as I did her fingers earlier that evening, but with more passion and vigor. Her hands tangle in my hair as I'm at work and you nibble at her nipples.

She disappears for a moment and it is back to just me and you. I suck with renewed energy, encouraging you, faster and harder, more intense. Lying in the bed, I fuck you with my mouth better than I ever have before. Her presence only intensifies our excitement. She returns with a cock strapped on and as your dick fills my mouth, she penetrates my pussy. You cum in my mouth and I swallow every lasts drop, licking you clean as she continues to fuck me and brings the vibrator to my clit, circling, teasing, not letting me back away when I try to. I look to you, tasting my breasts, and try to speak. Without my asking you simply say, "Yes, Little One, you may cum." My head falls back and I lose myself completely. Soon, wave after wave of the most intense orgasm washes over me. We fall atop of each other, exhausted, merely breathing, no one speaking for what feels like an hour. And then I ask, "Who wants more sangria?"

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