I'm sitting on the lounge-chair in my room, waiting.

When I'm in a hotel like this it's usually work-related. At this hour I'm normally inside one of the meeting-rooms doing whatever it is I came to do.... Presenting, listening or organizing.

Today of I'm taking a little time off work, and staying in a hotel as a guest (of sorts), so I'm in His room.

When I'm not working I'm always asleep at this time of day, but now I'm awake.

I could pretend I don't know why things are different today, but that would be blatantly untrue.

There is a soft tingle between my legs that spreads down to the thighs and up into the belly, hinting that it could go further and spread more. I know what would spread it....

The chance to obey my Sir would spread that feeling like wildfire through my veins to every inch of me. The shameful safety I feel with Him is like none other. To allow myself to be so debased is beyond me, and yet with Him I plead for it, consent to it in writing. Whatever He chooses to do to me will be well done, and there will be no defense for my honor. In His presence my honor is submission to Him, whatever that may require. The last defense would have been to keep these truths secret from Him, but I have not. Instead I will place myself before Him on my knees to await His pleasure.

I will receive what I deserve, and so will He.

My body pulses with that thought. It throbs and jumps and clenches and winks. My breathing speeds up, my skin tingles with anticipation and dread. Nipples point, pussy moistens, tongue, teeth and lips play with themselves. My hands and fingers run over them all, checking, reaffirming, stimulating, making ready for Him.

I'm wearing all black. My sheer teddy top opens down the front with a built-in front-hook bra. A sheer black thong does little to cover my puss or hold my wetness. A velvet choker on my neck and my thigh-high sheer stockings invite His control.

He will be here soon, so I take my position kneeling on the floor half-way between the bed and the door. I hear His key slot into the room's lock. My heart races, my slit throbs and moistens, and I start to salivate. I swallow, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. I remain kneeling, keeping my eyes on the floor, watching his shoes come into view. It is time.

He stands there, looking me over, but saying nothing. I wait. He puts his things on the countertop just inside the door, and then closes the door behind him. He moves quickly into the room, grabs my choker, and uses it to pull me into the bathroom. I slip, slide, scramble, knee-walk and crawl beside Him.

When he closes this door he settles his weight against it, with his feet comfortably apart. I get on my knees so that my face is in front of His crotch. His hands hang loosely at his sides, but then He gives a slight turn of his right wrist. I unbuckle His belt, unzip his pants and ease them off his hips. My hands hook His briefs at the sides, and I ease them down too, so that His stiffening cock is pointing at my face.

I take it into my mouth without touching, using the suction from my lips to lift it, and then letting it slip between my lips with gravity. He pushes on my head, rocking it, rubbing himself on the roof of my mouth and at the back of my throat, guiding the suck back and forth to give Himself maximum pleasure. Eventually He leaves me to my own devices. I keep the rhythm He's set while he gropes into my teddy to grab at my breasts. Soon He is shuddering into my mouth, and clutching hard at my shoulders and hair. He grunts His Release. I feel the spurts on my palate, and taste the slippery, bitter cum. I gulp several times, swallowing nearly all of it, but some leaks from the corners of my mouth.

When I've finished He pushes my head back so that my mouth releases Him. His hand pushes on my shoulder. I sit back onto my heels, and let my head loll forward in a relaxed bow. I wait. I'm beginning to wonder what's going on. He still hasn't said a word, and I dare not meet His eyes.

I hear Him relax against the door and sigh. My waiting and wondering cease as a stream of pungent, sunshine coloured Piss passes my eyes and lands on the middle of my chest, running down my body to soak my teddy. It drizzles over my shoulders, crossing my chest. He grabs my hair with His free hand and pulls my head closer, to the side and back so I'm looking up at Him as He aims for my face. My mouth opens in a silent startled cry and I shut my eyes, but feel some stinging, telling me I was not fast enough. The Piss splashes over my face, rivulets running back into my hair. Some gets into my nose, so I hold my breath. His Piss keeps flowing and flowing and for a time I think it will never stop and I will drown. Eventually He empties the last of His Golden Shower into my mouth and shakes Himself off.

My mouth is full and running over, and I'm breathing as hard as I can through my nose, nostrils flaring, chest heaving, watering eyes wide and blinking with desperation. He pinches my nose shut and watches me struggle briefly. I give up and swallow. He releases me then, but all I can do is kneel there and catch my breath.

When I can focus again He is washing His hands. He walks past me, puts His phones back on His belt, and goes out, leaving me kneeling in a pool of His Piss.

He still hasn't said anything.

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