3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck


They all began repeating things like, "Not as fine as yours, Mrs. Arnett, not as fine as yours... Mr. Arnett, your wife is so fucking hot. Oh, my God you're hot. Mrs. Arnett, you're so fucking hot." I must have always taken it for granted, but she really did look amazing sitting there with only her bikini top on.

She couldn't stop giggling, telling them "Do you realize I'm thirty-seven years old, and you guys are what, barely twenty-one? You should be chasing those girls gone wild types I see running around here."

I could tell after the initial embarrassment, she was thoroughly enjoying all the attention and compliments. They never did finish the game, but continued sitting there nude and semi-nude well past their amended five minute rule chitchatting and harassing one another.

Eventually Gina asked me to throw her a T-shirt. I grabbed one of mine thinking it would be long enough to completely cover and tossed it to her. After an hour or so had passed, one guy began talking about going out and finding an all night massage joint, mentioning that he had heard that if you tip really well you might get lucky.

Gina immediately told them that if they get behind the wheel of a car in the shape they were in they would most certainly regret it, but they insistently kept rambling on about it.

I noticed at one point Gina got up and clandestinely grabbed a set of car keys one of them had laid down on the night stand, hiding them under a towel by the bathroom. I knew what she was doing and acted as if I hadn't even seen her do it. I too thought that if they tried driving in the shape they were in they would kill themselves or someone else.

Finally one of the guys said, "Let's stop talking about and just do it." He rose up and began scanning the room as he put his shorts and T-shirt back on, feeling his pockets and looking around the floor.

Gina then mischievously said, "You're not getting the keys," as she jumped on the bed and pulled her T-shirt down to cover herself.

He immediately began laughing replying, "Ok, what did you do with them?"

Gina put her left hand behind her back acting as if she had them when he playfully knelt on the bed beside her, and jokingly began tickling her. As he did, I can't tell you what a maximum turn on it became watching Gina tightly clinching her legs together while raising her feet off the bed. As she did, it exposed her beautiful bare ass and pussy and I knew several of them had to see it from where they were sitting.

She kept repeating as she playfully shoved with her right hand and blocked his hands with her knees, "No you can't have them; you're going to thank me tomorrow. You can't have them, you're all too drunk."

After a short while watching, I became wildly turned on by it, eventually blurting, "I know how you can get the keys."

He turned and joking said out of breath, "Hurry, tell me please. God she's strong."

One third of my reply was the alcohol talking, while the other two thirds was my overwhelmingly intense fantasy speaking, when I uttered, "You're just not reaching in the right spots."

He quickly laughed saying almost out of breath, "I can't get to her hand, she's friggin strong as hell."

I then replied, not quite knowing how Gina would react, "Tickling won't get them, but groping might."

Gina's mouth dropped slightly as she replied with a half smile, "Oh, nice, Scott, you just told a guy to grope me. Do you want to see them drive like this?"

I slammed back the rest of my drink and said, "No, I just wanted to see him grope you."

It was obvious I had made her a little angry and knew she was more than buzzed. After staring at me for a reaction, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, asking me "How's that, honey? Guess what? He still doesn't have the keys."

All but one of the guys began nervously laughing putting their shorts back on and gathering their things, with one chuckling as he exited the back door, "Hey if you get the keys and she doesn't kick the living shit out of you, we'll be back in the room, come get us."

The one inebriated guy, Brian, who stayed behind quickly began laughing telling his friend Stan, who by the way nervously still had his hand held to Gina's breast, "Um, I don't think the keys are on her boob. Ya might want to keep looking."

Now if you remember, Gina's entire mental makeup won't even allow for her to back down. Somewhere in her brain there is an executable file that reads, "Pissing_contest.exe/default/run/dam/the/consequences/."

Right or wrong, I began exploiting it to the fullest. However, I believe she comfortably knew that in most situations, especially one as taboo as this, I would back down eventually. As much as I love her, she's absolutely mental when trying to prove a point, and with the amount of alcohol she had consumed it was enhanced by a factor of ten, so either way, she was as likely to let him feel her entire body as she was to kick him across the room.

What she hadn't counted on however, was my ever growing erotic desire to escalate it into watching one or both guys put their hands on her. It kept running through my mind as my cock engorged.

My fantasy was progressing in leaps and bounds. Many times in the past I had fantasized about another man fucking her while I watched, but the timing and right series of events never ever fell into place. Oh, how they seemed to be at this very moment.

Just when she figured I was at my breaking point, I rose up and walked towards the bed. As I did, I walked to the opposite side of the young man knelt beside her and moved up towards her head.

As I walked, I could feel my half-swollen cock between my legs and managed to move in such a way that, thank God, it fell along the left side of my shorts. My mind began processing a million thoughts per second.

I began telling myself that there might never be the same combination of events ever again; I kept telling myself that no matter how many times I tried in the past to conjure events, I had never even got close. In seconds I convinced myself that the worst that would happen is that she would nix it at some point and at the very least I might witness some pretty erotic touching and feeling.

As I got to the top of her head, I playfully grabbed her arms pulling her left hand from behind her back and pinned both hands back to the mattress. She instantly said, "Ok, there, see I don't have your keys."

Her tone was a distinct combination of shock and, "Ok, joke's over."

As I held her arms down over her head I leaned down and kissed her saying, "Ok, where are the keys?"

I knew full well where they were, but she didn't know that. She just raised her eyebrows and said, "Both of you can get off me now, I'm not telling." Midway through her saying it, I playfully put both her arms between my legs and tightly held them. I then reached with my right hand and fumbled for a second between her legs, when after finding her pussy I quickly inserted my middle finger inside her.

She snapped her legs even more tightly together with my hand between them saying, "Damn it, Scott, stop, you're fucking drunk."

I leaned over her and began kissing her as she spoke. As we kissed she murmured asking, "Damn it, Scott, what the hell are you doing?"

I then removed my right hand from her crotch and pulled at the underside of her right thigh trying to spread her legs. She continued clenching her legs together, as this guy Stan, the one who was tickling her for his keys, began moving down toward her feet. As he got to her feet, he playfully put his hands on her knees as if trying to spread them.

This went on for about thirty seconds when I finally grabbed behind her ankles and pulled both her feet up towards me. As I did, he quickly stepped off the end of the bed, instantly throwing his shorts down, and climbed back on the bed. By this time it was plainly obvious what I was trying to make happen. Gina then looked into my eyes and said, "You need to stop, Scott, before we seriously annihilate a marriage vow."

His cock was completely erect standing straight up towards the ceiling and hard as a diamond. Being in his very early twenties it was obvious his cock was ready the instant a situation arose. I immediately noticed the large veins running in every direction down his solidly excited cock as he knelt on the foot of the bed. I also noticed his large set of nuts as his sack freed from between his legs.

This might seem too biological, but being that this was an absolute new situation, and the fact that I am a biology educator, I began thinking that they had no doubt been manufacturing as much sperm as they possibly could during this time of intense infatuation and ultimate sexual reality. His hands were actually trembling with anticipation.

Even though these events transpired in only seconds, I missed nothing. The one safe thought in the back of my mind was that I knew Gina could stop it at any moment, as we were both not fully holding her down. That actually drove me more erotically insane. The fact that she was only half heartedly struggling intensified the moment and, to me, green lit everything that was happening.

I continued holding my wrist behind her ankles and slightly pulling them towards me, when this young man leaned his chest against her feet and fumbled with his cock for a few seconds. Gina flinched for a split second as I was sure the head of his cock touched her pussy.

When Gina flinched and slightly pressed her feet against his chest pushing, he quickly raised back up as if wondering what to do next. As he leaned back off her feet slightly, I quickly noticed the head of his cock was glistening with Gina's vaginal juice and probably his own pre-seminal fluid. I'm sure he only slightly pushed the head of his cock against her before she flinched. The slight moment I fingered her, she was soaked.

I then moved my wrist from behind her ankles and put my hand between her thighs and began to apply pressure trying to suggest to her to spread her legs. As I did this guy put his hands on her knees and suggestively began pushing them apart as he leaned in.

As she leaned her head forward looking at him, Gina very lucidly and softly said, "Just come on my stomach or the sheets, not in me." It was at that instant, I knew I was about to witness the most erotic fantasy fulfillment of my life.

I knew there was no danger of her getting pregnant because of being on birth control, but I kind of reasoned that she might have said it because in some way, even though we were doing something so matrimonially taboo, she could at least tell herself that it wasn't the whole deed if she wasn't taking his sperm inside her.

I leaned down once again and began kissing her with my hand still between her half opened thighs. As I did, I began to feel her thighs tremble and very slowly relax, as she slowly spread them. I then gently pulled behind her right knee in an attempt to expose her crotch in the wildest, most sexually exposed way possible.

I could still feel slight yet controlled resistance from Gina, knowing she had reluctantly decided to take him inside her, and in some carnal way I was suggesting to her that the more she spread, the deeper she could take him.

I'm sure that only a small fraction of husbands who have ever had this fantasy are lucky enough to experience it, and in reality, most are probably more comfortable fantasizing about it than actually witnessing it. I must say that up to this very moment, I was one of those husbands who was more comfortable only fantasizing about it.

Believe me, when you have spent years fantasizing about it and finally gaze at another man's sexually aroused cock inches from your wife's vagina; you begin to really question whether you can go through with it.

Let's face it, willingly having the head of another man's cock positioned against your wife's cervix, in an act that will cause him to fill her vaginally with a few hundred million sperm, knowing she will be carrying his seed in her for days, is a mental bazooka. But again, this had escalated to the point that it was going to happen and I chalked it up to a simultaneous state of apprehension and want.

As I continued kissing her wildly, she suddenly exhaled and softly gasped into my face. It was intensely erotic as I smelled a combination of her cinnamon gum and a strong aroma of alcohol on her breath. I knew she had just felt the head of his cock breach her vaginal opening.

As we awkwardly and wildly kissed in a combination of her gasping and exhalation, I began to feel that he was no longer taking short thrusts, but had developed into harder and longer rhythmic thrusts. A few seconds into his forcefully thrusting his pelvis against hers, I leaned up to finally view what I had fantasized about all these years.

As I did, Gina continued to squeeze my hand and hold it to her face. As she held my hand tightly, with her eyes squeezed closed she repeatedly gasped, "Scott, he's going inside me, oh, my God, Scott, he's going inside me."

When I was completely raised up, I instantly noticed his soaked and glistening cock rhythmically sliding into her pussy. I was amazed with how wet his cock appeared. Even the front of his pubic hair was becoming wet with her vaginal fluid.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her crotch. When he was fully inside her, he would occasionally and very slowly raise his body on a back thrust. As he did, his cock would wildly stretch and spread the top of her pussy lips, making the sides of her pussy tightly bulge out and cling to his cock. I was still almost in denial that another man's unprotected cock was actually inside my wife.

As they fucked like this for a few minutes, he distinctly changed rhythm and began erratically thrusting, intensely gritting his teeth, moaning, and pulling at her ass. This went on for nearly twenty seconds more when he finally let out a roaring, almost possessed, "AAAAAHHHHHHH, FFFFFFFUUCK." As he did, he strained and violently slammed all the way inside Gina's pussy.

As he held this death lock inside her for at least five seconds, she instantly jerked up onto one elbow and gasped, "Not inside me..."

As she pressed against his chest and sharply gasped a few times, he sharply withdrew and a strong jet of semen shot onto Gina's stomach. Gina kept her hand on his chest as he leaned in grabbing his cock and squeezing it tightly.

There was no doubt in my mind that he had blown the first few shots of semen as deeply as he could into her pussy. He held the thrust too long. I knew the instant he shot the first jet of his seed inside Gina, her first gasp said it all. She closed her eyes tightly and probably didn't even know she did it, but she raised her ass up and thrust her pelvis against him just once before getting his attention and as she did she let out a moan I hadn't heard before, ever. It was as if the head of his cock spewed a shot of seed point blank into her cervical opening.

I was mesmerized.

Knowing full well that the first few shots violently shot into Gina's vagina, I then watched as he withdrew and bolted several thick gelatinous, milky streams onto her stomach.

As he continued straining and squeezing his cock, the jets of semen began to reduce to thick, dripping globs, which turned into him squeezing the last few lubricating drips onto her inner thigh. With the volume he put on her stomach and the force with which the semen shot from his cock, I couldn't imagine what the first few and most powerful jets must have felt like for her, point blank against her cervical opening.

Of all the things to remember, I knew full well; even when Gina was pushing against him when he first tensed up, telling him not to come inside her, she felt the first powerful thick jets of his seed explode inside her. It was unmistakable.

After he was completely spent, looking as if he might pass out, he slowly withdrew and fell onto the bed at Gina's right side. I was so utterly worked up watching, I instantly threw my shorts off and maneuvered between Gina's legs.

As I did, I immediately noticed a slight cloudy white stream of semen which had drained from her vagina down between her ass cheeks. The bottom of her vaginal opening was gaped about the circumference of a pencil with a translucent drain of his semen running from her vagina to a small puddle touching her ass and the sheet.

I could never fully describe in words how mind blowing it was; I took my middle and index finger and very slightly spread her inner vagina. When I did, I began to see his semen slowly pool in the glistening space I had created inside her.

Very soon after Stan realized I was going to fuck Gina, he went to the other bed and began to get dressed, saying nothing. His friend who had been there the entire time had already made his way over to the edge of the bed Gina and I were on, having thought it might be his time to capitalize.

He just knelt there holding his cock, and thank God Gina had her face towards the wall because I'm sure she might have reacted in such a way as to say, "One time okay, I did it, twice in the same night, with another guy, how about a divorce?"

I knew for certain he thought this was his open invitation, but it wasn't. Only half of me was even paying attention to him. I was still completely enthralled with what had just taken place and after witnessing the most erotic thing I thought possible, I was only thinking of positioning my cock and sliding the head of my cock inside her.

As the head of my cock got to her vaginal opening, I effortlessly leaned in and the warmth of her semen-filled vagina took my breath away. In an instant I felt her warmth all the way to my scrotum. She was so filled with his semen I found myself completely inside her simply leaning down to kiss her.

A dose of reality then jolted me, shouting the fact that the only time I had ever felt this exact same feeling was when I had come inside her. Only this time I knew that another man's semen and sperm were coursing through every inch of her vagina.

As I was completely engrossed watching my soaked cock very slowly and methodically going in and out of her pussy, Brian who had sat there quietly and witnessed the entire incident, slowly sat on the edge of the bed. In only a couple of seconds, he slowly began touching Gina's breast.

My mind was a twisted mess at this point, and I had enough erotic euphoria and semen built up to populate a new planet. Gina kept her face towards the wall as he cautiously and softly caressed her breasts. As I glanced from my cock to him caressing her breasts, I had to withdraw or I would have certainly come.

As I watched for a few more seconds, an insistent devil on my shoulder caused me to reach out and peck his shoulder. As I did, I quietly mouthed and motioned with my hand, "Fuck her."

Being yet another twenty-one year old young man, he rose from the bed and was ready before I even got it out of my mouth. The tip of his cock was smeared with what had to be his excitement having watched the most vivid sex act of his life.

The last thing I would ever want to do is take away from the actual account by sounding generically pornographic, but by my ignoring him from the onset, after having gotten between my wife's legs, I hadn't noticed his cock erect at this point.

He was the young man I had pointed out earlier in the evening, one of the ones who lost their underwear on a losing hand; the same one who had the half-erect very healthy sized cock.

It was painfully apparent by this time; he was at the very least an inch longer and perhaps an inch thicker than either me or the guy who had just fucked her. I debated for what seemed like an eternity whether to end it all right then and there, but didn't. The more I slowly thrust and watched him touch her breasts, the more I talked myself into wanting to watch him fuck her.

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