3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck


I quickly began pouring myself another drink snidely replying, "Not until after we have some crab legs."

They both began whooping, "Oh, no, you are in trrrr-oooub-llll... Oh, damn, dude; you're so in for it... Hey, we didn't say a thing about it, it was all Scott. We are being perfect gentlemen."

At this point Gina gave a straight-faced grin and said, "Let's just go for crying out loud."

We all began taking our last gulps when, as Gina passed by me for the door, I grabbed her and slowly spun her towards me holding her ass, and began kissing her. She returned the kiss for a few seconds and then broke it off saying, "Ok, let's go already."

I once again pulled her to me and began kissing her while Stan walked past us and got the door. In a giggling pulling motion, she began backing towards the door murmuring as we kissed, "Let's go already..."

To my amazement, and I'm sure Gina's as well, Stan, as he held the door open leaning his back against it, reached and pulled up the back of her dress. I already had it halfway up her ass, as he slid his hand under the back of her panties.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him do it and immediately moved my hands to her hips. We stood there for a few seconds as he squeezed her ass cheek, when she said laughing, yet straight faced, "Are we fucking leaving yet?"

We finally left the room, but I continued pulling at her and kissing her as we walked. She grinned as we walked as if to tell me, "Not going to happen." As we did, Stan began playfully pulling up the back of her dress feeling her ass under her dress as we walked toward the car. Just before getting to the foyer leaving the hallway leading to the parking lot, I pulled her into a nook where the ice and snack machines were. Stan was with the two of us the entire time feeling her ass.

As I did, she got a very somber look and said, "Scott, not now." She then said plainly, "I'll think about it later."

I then began grabbing the sides of her panties, and had slid them down to her knees in only seconds. She held to the top of them momentarily, but, as Stan put his hand between her legs and began fingering her, she released them and whispered, "You've got to be kidding me... Here?"

There we were in this blinking fluorescent lit vending machine nook. It smelled like a combination of suntan lotion and urine, almost as if several drunks chose this spot as their restroom nights earlier. It's amazing what one's mind records in a moment such as this.

To me the fact that it was actually happening again, made where it was happening a distant second on the list of things. As Stan fingered her standing on her left side, I lifted her and sat her ass on the edge of this small counter she was leaning against. As I did, I managed to lift her legs slightly and removed her panties.

Stan almost instinctively knew what I was doing and moved between her legs as he hurriedly pushed his shorts down. As he began kissing her and getting his shorts down low enough to free his cock, she murmured as they kissed, "Let's at least go to the room."

Just as the last syllable left her lips, he positioned and thrust the head of his cock about an inch and a half inside her pussy. He stopped kissing her and leaned back for more leverage and began forcefully getting an inch deeper with every thrust. Only a few seconds into this, she pushed at his chest and hopped off the counter saying, "Am I the only one who has any sense here?"

She then picked up her panties and briskly walked out of the nook past Brian, standing by the entrance of the nook watching in awe, and hung a right. We quickly followed into the hallway. As she walked down the hall back towards the room, she turned and asked very sarcastically, "Are you all coming, or should we do it out in the middle of the street? Would that be better?"

After getting back to the room, no one uttered a word; she simply grabbed the bottom of her sundress and lifted it over her head, and pulled Stan down on the bed as she fell to her back. Stan began removing his shorts in a panic as he kicked them off the foot of the bed. As they began to kiss, he went to position himself to enter her when I watched her reach between her legs and grab his cock. She placed him perfectly between her pussy lips and he thrust gently.

As he gently thrust, Gina spread her legs in the wildest way I had ever seen. She grabbed her knees spreading and pulling them upwards as far as she could. The view of his cock entering her watching his nuts get closer and closer to her ass was a mind-altering experience. I think it was at this very moment that I fully realized how incredibly lucky I was. You have no idea how sexy your wife is until another man is fucking her.

This was light years beyond the basic fantasy I imagined all these years. As much as one fantasizes about such a thing, the very sight of seeing your wife's pussy tightly wrapped around another man's cock, watching it become soaked with her vaginal juice, as he thrusts his entire length inside her, is beyond words.

As they continued to fuck wildly, I poured myself a drink. My hand nervously trembled with excitement when I noticee Brian taking off his T-shirt and shorts. Now granted, she had already fucked them both, but having both of them on her at once was not even in my wildest equation. In fact, I almost told him not to as he undressed.

I quickly thought that might cross into something that would cause her to end the entire thing. I had no idea where she drew the line. The line had become so blurred at this point, I stopped guessing.

Brian got to the edge of the bed, knelt on the floor beside the bed, and began kissing Gina and feeling her breasts. It was at that moment I began to think there was no line to cross.

I then sat in a chair diagonal from them and began taking my shorts off. I slowly began stroking my cock as I watched these two young men completely have her.

After not more than thirty seconds into Brian kissing her and feeling her breasts, he rose up and leaned his cock toward her face. Gina instantly took hold of it with her right hand, pushing it away from her cheek. She continued to hold it, but kept her face looking straight at Stan as he hammered her pussy.

As she held Brian's cock, she glanced at me for a second and gave a mouth wide open yelping gasp and a half smile. She knew full well I was in erotic bliss as I stroked my cock. She then slowly turned her face to Brian's cock as she gasped and her body violently jolted. She began to gently put her lips over the head of his cock, just holding it in her mouth.

As she did, Stan slammed a forceful thrust inside her pussy. She instantly threw her mouth wide open in a gasp. While her mouth was open gasping, I plainly saw streams of his pre-come stretched between her lips with a clear sticky stream connected from the corner of her mouth to the head of his cock.

As she turned back and put her lips over the head of Brian's cock, he began slowly thrusting inside her mouth. She was exhaling and moaning through her nose in the most erotic way imaginable. After a few minutes of this, Stan began straining in that very familiar way I had seen before. As he slammed violently the last few times, he crushed his entire body weight against her as he began flexing his ass and moaning like he had lost his mind.

Gina instantly removed Brian's cock from her mouth continuing to hold it and arched her head back into the mattress. As I mentioned before Stan was the young man who had the unusually thick cock, and he was making it count as he shot his seed as deeply as he could inside her vagina. As he flexed his ass and raised his body, his cock wildly stretched Gina's pussy. Every time he would flex his ass and give a jerking thrust, his nuts would draw high up in his scrotum.

I was mesmerized as I watched. Gina's entire crotch was greased with a cocktail of both their sexual fluids. Around ten seconds into his explosive insemination, I noticed a film of semen accumulating at the bottom of her stretched pussy. As it built up, I began to notice it sticking between his nuts and her pussy. There's no porn or sexual material on earth that would compare to what I was seeing.

After a couple of minutes of what seemed like he was trying to squeeze that last swimming sperm in his cock directly into her uterus, he slowly caught his breath and watched his cock as he slowly withdrew it from her pussy. When the head of his cock finally exited, Gina's pussy quickly drew back together as a plug of his semen leaked from her and slowly drained down the middle of her ass.

As he walked towards the bathroom, I walked over and stuck index and middle fingers into her pussy and pressed down and slightly spread my fingers. As I did, the sight of the thick semen pool inside her was intoxicating.

As I pulled my fingers from her, I leaned in and effortlessly slid the entire length of my cock inside her. The sounds and the feeling of how soaked she was blew my mind. My pubic hair and nuts were a sloppy mess within seconds. As I slowly fucked her and watched Brian methodically thrust his cock in Gina's mouth, I knew I couldn't last long.

As I continued slowly thrusting and pressing with all my strength against her, Brian let out an "AAAHHHH FFFUCK, AAAAHHHH FFFFUCK, OOOHHHH MYYY GODDD."

I stopped thrusting completely as I watched. He was freakishly rigid as I watched his cock move and pulse inside Gina's mouth. I was almost in an out-of-body experience as I watched him shoot his semen into her mouth. He jerked his body as he arched his back and moaned like wild. I could see Gina holding the back of his cock to keep him from thrusting it in too far.

I thought at any second she would either gag or spit it onto the sheet. He stayed bone crushingly tense like this for at least a minute, when he began panting in almost a sense of relief. I closely watched Gina in utter wonderment as to what she would do with the semen. He had been shooting it in her mouth for at least a minute and she was just holding it in her mouth as he ejaculated.

When he was without a doubt completely finished he, at a snails pace, slowly jerked and gasped as he began to withdraw from her mouth. As he did Gina's lips slid down and closed at the tip of his cock, and I watched as a thin thread of his semen stuck to her lips. She then winced her face almost as if taking a shot of one-hundred ninety proof liquor and swallowed. As she swallowed, a small leak of semen oozed from the corner of her mouth. She immediately gasped and dropped her head to the mattress. The scent of semen she exhaled towards me was something I'll never forget.

After witnessing this scene, I must have only thrust four or five times, when the pent up testosterone in me surged to my entire midsection. I thought the head of my cock would blast apart as it exploded a bolting jet of seed into the deepest realm of her vaginal canal. It was bar none the strongest ejaculation I had ever had in my entire life. I pushed her knees up to her shoulders as if trying to get my sperm deeper than the billions of sperm already coursing inside her.

I think I would have stayed ultimately thrust inside her for a half hour, but after several minutes, she said in a whispering giggle, "My God, Scott, I can't believe what this has done to you." She knew I just had the most intense orgasm of my life.

After she said it, I slowly withdrew and watched my semen mixed with Stan's leak from her. I didn't get to enjoy that part for long though. After twenty seconds of catching her breath, she grabbed the sheet and wiped her crotch.

After she composed herself, we all sat around talking about any subject other than what had just happened. There was no doubt we were all in utter shock, and trying to come to grips with it. I know for a fact that my mouth was small talking and engaging in conversation, but the recent images of what had taken place were burned into my mind, and I was so undeniably and erotically still worked up over it. It was reminiscent of the first time ever having sex, only much more powerful.

After about an hour of chitchatting, we once again found ourselves in an entangled sexual encounter, taking turns with Gina. We all three fucked her pussy and her mouth until around 6:00 A.M. At that point we all nearly passed out from exhaustion and sexual overload.

We all slept until around 2:00 P.M. and, after we all awoke, fucking Gina was at anyone's whim. There was no more coaxing the moment whatsoever. We didn't leave the room for the last two days of our vacation.

It was nothing for me to walk to the bathroom, and upon my return see one of the young men behind Gina slamming his cock inside her.

The last couple of days, we all stayed in a sexually intrinsic mindset, becoming sexual recluses as we stayed in the room, only leaving a few times. We ordered out, didn't answer the door for the maid service; we just stayed in the room having sex with her. By this time Gina knew, as did I, that every one of their friends knew what was going on. That was perfectly fine by me, Stan, and Brian. I was in absolute wonderment with how Gina became so into being fucked. It became very obvious that she loved me watching her repeatedly fuck.

You would think at some point one of us would have gotten tired of our sexual awakening experience, but we didn't, not even close as I saw it.

We slept, we ate when we were hungry, we watched TV, etc., but we mostly fucked my wife Gina in every way imaginable. It's hard to describe how one minute we were watching TV with one of the young men lying behind her on the couch and right out of the blue he would nonchalantly shove his cock into her pussy.

It became such a non-issue after a while. In fact, several times as I watched them keep their cock inside her after they delivered their load into her pussy, they would just continue lying there watching TV or continuing a conversation like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I always glanced as I watched their cock slowly deflate. I became so insanely turned on as their cock would slowly slide out of her. It was almost like a fat greased and slimy slug very slowly exiting her vagina. It was surreal watching their semen leak from her pussy with the head of their soaked cocks still semen greased and resting at the entrance of her pussy lips.

At one point Gina said she was tired of everyone having an orgasm and bringing her close when suddenly it was over.

Knowing, almost as if reading her mind I replied, "Why don't you use your toy?"

She acted shy about it, saying "Oh, my God, not in front of you guys." I knew full well why she brought up an orgasm and also knew that her toy was her only guaranteed way. After several minutes, she finally said, "Okay, but not in front of you all."

We all three began practically begging her, when finally she replied, "I'm only going to try it, but if I feel weirder than I already do, I don't want to hear a peep about it if I have to go into the bedroom and do it by myself."

We all chuckled and began encouraging her, finally agreeing that if she was uncomfortable with it, we wouldn't say a word if she stopped. Gina reluctantly left the room turning to us several times as she did saying, "I don't want anyone to look until I'm comfortable."

We all replied, "No problem, absolutely, you got it." I had no idea what to expect, but knew full well the only time I've seen her squirt wildly was with the use of this massager. Hell, this had already gone so far past my original fantasy; no words can truly describe it. Gina finally rounded the corner of the bedroom door, and within a couple of minutes exited with her toy.

Her toy wasn't at all some big obnoxious dildo. It was actually a small five inch long rather thin massager, which she knew exactly how to hold, exactly where to place, and exactly when she was ready to gush. Now when I say gush, remember who was in the room. I had seen her orgasm many times, and knew that when she has enough time and enough stimulation, she can wet the sheet around her pretty ass. But keep in mind, these two young men, both seniors in college, had no doubt never seen such a thing. I kept telling myself, "I'd be surprised if she did it all the way, quite surprised."

I could tell she was starting to become a bit embarrassed and having second thoughts as she put it under her leg and sat on it, saying "There's no way," as she gave her beautiful laughing grin.

Surprisingly, both young men said, "Hey if you don't want to, no problem. If you do, we won't look. We only want you to have an orgasm since we haven't been able to give you one." Somehow those comments made Gina begin to feel as if she should apologize to them. I think she felt it would scar them for life if she insinuated that they were the only two men on earth that never made her orgasm.

She immediately replied, "Listen, women are far different from men in that respect. Men can have an orgasm almost on command; women have to have a bit more stimulation and not just any stimulation. It has to be damn near in the perfect spot for the right amount of time. We got cheated."

They both chuckled and hung on her every word. After Gina saved their confidence, she scooted further up on the bed. I sat on the loveseat at the foot of the bed. Stan was lying on his right side with just a T-shirt on and Brian on his left with nothing on. Gina sat at the foot of the bed between them turned to her right side as she spoke to them.

Just as I figured she would tell them to move to the other bed, She said "Okay turn away" looking at me with a grinning expression as if to say, "I can't even believe what we are doing." Again, this was so far beyond my original expectations, if a meteor crashed into the pool, I would have probably sat perfectly still.

They immediately turned away as she turned it on. It was extremely quiet. Both of them asked if she had started, and she only said, "Be quiet, yes." They held to their promise, not looking. I did notice immediately Stan began stroking his cock as he rolled away from her. As mentioned before, Stan was the young man with the larger than normal cock, thicker than either mine or Brian's by far.

Gina looked at me several times in the beginning as she began placing her toy at her clitoris, but as she always did, she began biting her bottom lip in intense concentration. I slowly began stroking my half limp cock as I watched. Stan continued stroking his too, but being twenty-one was hard three seconds after she started.

The reason I thought she wouldn't go through with it is because I didn't think they could keep their cool long enough for her to even get close. Amazingly though, they stayed with their backs to her. She began moaning and really getting into it as if we were at home. After at least five minutes, she began raising her hips and thrusting it inside her and quickly bringing it back out, slamming her legs together, and holding it to her clit.

This went on for about three more minutes when Stan rolled to his back. By this time Gina was in a focused trance and didn't even care that he was looking. I could tell that it was the most mind-blowing experience of his life as he watched her clench her legs and quake as the stimulation sent sexual electricity through her body. Not more than a minute of his rolling onto his back, he continued stroking with his left hand and placed his right hand on her inner thigh. She instantly turned her head when they began a wild erotic episode of kissing. He quickly leaned up on his right elbow and began kissing her neck and breasts.

She was so close to gushing; I knew he was going to absolutely blow it. However after less than a minute of him kissing her neck and breasts, she frantically threw the toy to the foot of the bed and pulled at his side. Within three seconds he rolled between her legs and she began positioning him inside her as she arched her back.

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