3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck


He violently slammed inside her as his scrotum smacked against her ass. She instantly let out a scream unlike anything I had ever heard. Brian rolled off the other side of the bed and jumped up, practically falling to the other bed. Gina was in a state I had never seen before.

She had her hands on Stan's ass, and was spread eagle with her knees bent up almost to his arm pits. His pelvis was slapping so forcefully against her beautiful ass. Every third or forth thrust they would grind with him fully inside her. It was breathtaking watching his thick cock stretch her pussy as they squished their genitals together, between the greased mess between her thighs and crotch.

After about a minute into this, she tightly held one of his thrusts, digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks, she began moving her ass and hips in the most animalistic way imaginable. As she did, she began moaning in a way that freaked me out completely uttering, "DON"T MOVE... AAAHHHH GGODD... DON"T MOVE... AAHHHOOOHH MY GGODDD."

At the end of her last forceful moan, I watched the space between her ass and pussy begin to rythmetically pulse. They both remained absolutely still for at least ten seconds as she entered a backbreaking orgasm.

There was no way to count, but it seemed like after perhaps the fourth or fifth time her vagina constricted in orgasm, vaginal liquid began seeping from her and running down her ass. With her ass slightly off the bed, it ran down to the back of her ass and to the sheet. As it did, it would drain in a small stream off the middle of her ass cheeks close to perhaps her tailbone, and then quickly drip, instantly it would run more, and then quickly drip again in perhaps a one second rhythmic pulse.

After ten seconds or so of her orgasm, she began moving her ass and he began moving his cock inside wildly, but with almost no thrust. He kept doing this for about twenty more seconds when he ground out several forceful hip movements and practically yelled, "AAAAHHHHH YEEEAAAAA, AAAHHH FFFUUUCKK YEAHHH."

They slowly ground their genitals together in this sticky seminal and vaginal cocktail, as he flooded her with his seed. If I had even touched my cock at this point, I would have made a colossal mess. I just watched in awe. They remained in this sexual trance-like state, clenched together as if trying to insure she was fully impregnated.

A while after he completely stopped shooting his come in her, he finally began to remove his cock. Gina quickly grabbed his ass and said, "No please, just lie on me for a second." Although she was at the end of her quaking orgasm, she was still extremely sensitive, and wanted to keep him inside her until it was ultimately over.

Several minutes later, and after they began finally talking, he slowly leaned to his left and his half limp cock exited her. As she remained slightly gaped open, his thick load slowly built at the bottom of her vagina and drained down her ass.

She lay there for about a minute with her feet up and knees bent rubbing her hands over her eyes, when Brian began to move over to the bed. I'd like to say that she fucked him too, but she quickly said, "No, not now. Not now, maybe later."

Stan and Brian both began saying they needed to go get a change of clothes, but would be back. Gina just kind of waved as if exhausted beyond belief. She just collapsed onto her back, and pulled the bedspread over her saying, "I absolutely have to take a nap. Can you please keep them outside for a couple of hours, or lock the door so I can sleep?"

I quickly replied that I would and went through the front door on my way to the car to grab my wallet I had locked in the glove box. I got back to the room and slowly crept by her as I walked out to the back porch. To my relief, as I too by this time was tired but not exhausted, found that the pool area was practically deserted.

Stan and Brian came out of their room about ten minutes later, but shouted to me that they were going to grab a bite asking me if we wanted anything. I told them no as they waved and said they would be back.

I don't really know how long I lay there before falling asleep in the lounge chair, perhaps ten minutes, but began hearing Gina speaking in a low tone. The suite's sliding glass door to the porch from the living room was very hard to completely close, so if in a hurry or if just lazy like I had been at the time, it usually remained open about an inch or two.

I wasn't sure if she was talking in her sleep or what, but rose from my chair and walked to the crack in the door. As soon as I put my face up to it, I saw one of Stan and Brian's friends lying beside Gina on his left side with his back facing me.

From all that had taken place over the last couple of days, I was what you might call addicted, so I was always ready to watch her fuck. However, this time I thought I might watch and not let her know I was watching. It was almost a heightened turn on knowing she didn't know anyone was watching. I quickly left the living room porch and made my way out around the landscaping to the bedroom sliding glass door.

As I got to them, I very cautiously opened it. It must have taken me thirty seconds to open, because it sounded like there was sand in the tracks, and made a loud racket if you slung it opened. After getting in the room, I walked to the door of the bedroom, and by this time, Gina had her legs pressed together and he was practically leaning against her knees begging her to let him play with her.

I could tell instantly that Gina was way more in the sleep mood than the fool around mood, and this would be the first time I hadn't been right there, which I'm sure to her made it a different thing altogether. I suppose there's a fine line between fucking with your husband watching and loving it, and fucking someone without him knowing.

She continued insisting that he needed to leave and he kept pulling his swimming trunks down. After a few more seconds, his swimming trunks were down to his ankles, as Gina continued holding his hands from getting to her crotch. It was very benign in that I knew she was okay, and completely in control.

Just as soon as I thought he had given up, he rather forcefully began pushing Gina's legs apart, as she sternly began saying, "I told you this isn't happening, so you can stop."

As she was saying it, he forcefully spread her legs almost as if not playing any more, and leaned on top of her. In a millisecond, I saw him position and shove himself against her. I came from around the door and just before entering the room, Gina let out a moan and went completely spread eagle.

He was thrusting and slapping his body into hers and, as he was frantically fucking her, I kept noticing Gina look towards the sliding glass door leading to the porch off the living room that she knew I had originally left.

As he fucked her insanely, she began gasping, "Hurry and come." I knew she was frantically trying to get him to ejaculate quickly, not wanting me to walk through the door she continued glancing at. After thirty seconds or so, she began pulling at his ass and moving her ass in unison with his, repeating, "I want you to come in me, come in me, OOHHH FUCK YES, come in me."

This must have triggered what Gina was trying to get him to do, because within ten seconds, he slammed into her and began to ejaculate deep inside her. He strained and shot every drop of sperm he possibly could for around half a minute, when Gina immediately said, "Ok, you're done, now go. If you tell a soul about this, I'll say you forced me, and it'll be your ass."

I guess after he came, finally coming to his senses, he began profusely apologizing thinking he completely overstepped his bounds, which he did in one way and didn't in another, if that makes any sense at all. I knew for a fact that she could have kicked him through the wall if necessary.

I came so very intensely on the floor as I watched him flood her, more than the other times up to this point. In a new and bizarre way, it blew my mind more than if she had known, or if I had been sitting there with it completely planned.

I never told her I watched it, but she later told me about it, but left out a great many details. I was in no position to judge considering I had basically coaxed her into any and all of it from the start. I was basically responsible for another guy even touching her. Besides she would have probably slapped the nose off my face if she knew I watched the entire thing and didn't walk into the room and throw him out, before it became intercourse.

Stan and Brian eventually came back and we all small talked for a while, relaxing and not doing much of anything. As the night progressed though, we all found ourselves between her legs and doing things married couples aren't at all supposed to do. I did notice that Stan by this time had become completely infatuated with Gina. I think he fell in love with her over the course of the unbelievable last days.

I began to notice that Gina was acting odd about it too. I had thought about it for a few hours off and on when I realized that I should announce that it was over. I figured I would say that it was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone, Gina and I included, but it's over. I finally asked them to take off so Gina and I could have some time together, and they were very understanding about it.

As they left I looked at Gina as she was giving me a very concerned look not knowing what insane thing I was about drop on here now, and asked, "Why don't we get the room for a couple more days, just us. No more insanity, just us. Let's go a few places and get out of here. Let's have some fun." Gina looked at me almost in a concerned manner. I knew she was about to drop a profound statement on me, and as it turns out I'm glad she did.

Gina at this point finally brought me back to reality. It goes without saying; level headedness left me the night she took her bikini bottom off in front of several young men during that card game. As I stood there staring at her waiting for her to drop a profound statement on me, she leaned back against the wall and simply began staring at the ceiling, when after a few seconds she calmly said, "Scott... This has been the wildest experience we have ever had, of that I'm sure. We'll probably never behave this fucking insane ever again... But know... it's done. It's now over and I'm not doing it anymore."

She paused for a second or two when she stared right into my eyes and said, "Scott, when we were experimenting and I was indiscriminately being fucked God knows how many times now, it really was exciting and I've actually enjoyed most of it, trying to fulfill every fantasy you ever had, and maybe one or two of my own, but if you'll open your beautiful eyes for half a second, you might notice than Stan and I stopped fucking a while back. He's now making love to me. My moral foundation is fucking unraveling every time I'm with him now."

She continued, and by this time had my full attention, "Did you think I could continue being intimate with you and two other guys and human nature not eventually take over? Women aren't like men when it comes to that. Yes, it was just nasty sex in the beginning, but you need to know that it has become more, and well, I don't feel comfortable with how Stan is behaving, and I don't feel comfortable with how I'm feeling about it. I feel myself becoming ok with it, and that's not how married women are supposed to feel about another man. Somehow I think we've misplaced our marriage vows somewhere between here and Ohio, and I want them back."

It's amazing how sometimes the most obvious is so incredibly obscure when you are so driven by such a powerful experience. As every word left her lips I became stupefied that not only was she clearly speaking facts, I actually saw it, and yet didn't see it.

She continued to sternly lay it out for me saying, "Listen to me, Scott. We can't stay here another night whatsoever. Here I am a married woman and making love to another man. That's not what I signed up for when we took our vows."

She then gave an example that wrapped up perfectly her already perfect moral synopsis saying, "Try imagining us being in a room with two attractive twenty-one year old females, with you fucking them both time after time, after time. Once you get past the sex for a second, you might realize that it's possible that you could begin to develop feelings for one of them, and married people don't do that, Scott. I certainly don't like the feelings I've had here recently."

Feeling like a bionic jackass by now, I walked over and pulled her to me apologizing to the maximum. We hugged and held each other for at least five minutes. I began telling her how much I loved her and continued apologizing for pushing the situation and the fact that I purposely kept it going with no regard for her feelings whatsoever.

The reality of what she was saying was crystal clear. I'm sure it would have been different if we hadn't kept it going. Several times I did notice them overtly caressing one another as they made love, passionately kissing, caressing, and holding onto one other. When this all started, they simply fucked and when it was over, it was over. But in hindsight, if I had snapped into reality for a second, I would have noticed that it truly did develop into more than sexual intercourse between her and Stan.

As she explained her position, it was like a light bulb went off in my mind. I think it was more of a situation where I basically ignored it, choosing to keep the experience going rather than face facts. But the writing was clearly on the wall, and she was right.

Gina then said she was going to take a much needed shower and off she went. Not more than a few minutes after emerging from the shower, she began packing our things and, within thirty minutes, we were in our car driving home. She was utterly exhausted as she curled up in the passenger seat and fell fast asleep. She slept for six hours straight barely moving at all. I too was flat smoked and barely able to keep my eyes open as I drove, but I continued, thinking that if I just got us back home, we would somehow be back to normal.

It took many hours getting back home, but after consuming what I'm sure equaled three gallons of coffee, we made it.

I thought it might be weeks before she and I made love again after how many times she had intimate intercourse with me and the young men we had met, but a few hours after arriving at our home, we both rubbed up against one another as we passed in the hallway, and instantly began violently grabbing and tearing at one another taking our clothes off. We just dropped right in the hallway and had the wildest animalistic sex we had ever had in our home.

I'm sure some have skydived, bungee jumped, driven a Lamborghini 200 mph, or even flown on the space shuttle, but they never experienced what Gina and I did during last year's vacation.

I can't tell you how many times we've discussed that vacation since. Funny thing is though; we've never got more than a few minutes into the conversation before we both wildly begin sexually attacking one another.

We discussed trying it again next vacation, but every time we get worked up we find ourselves fucking. Somehow we always come to our senses telling ourselves, "It was a one time experiment. It was a one in a trillion series of events that fell into place. Our marriage is still intact, and we'd like to keep it that way. Why on earth would we risk anything else?"

Yes, we always talk the good talk, but who am I kidding? The power of that experience will never leave our minds, and inevitably the tumblers will someday fall into place again... and I'm certain neither of us will be strong enough to fight it.

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by Anonymous

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by shelly2inme09/07/18

A very fun story!

Great concept. I can see that some don't understand why it can be thrilling for a man to watch his wife fuck. As a hotwife who loves mfm sex with her husband I totally get this story. All I can saymore...

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by Anonymous08/12/18

fuck you

fuck you and ur cuck shit fantasies

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by Anonymous07/21/18

What's up with you guys who can't get hard? It's not a question of age, you just don't have good sex.
At 37 you are certainly still young, a bit odd to feel turned on having someone younger do it for you,more...

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by kiteares07/05/18

One of the better ones

A couple of issues, sort of fantasy breaking either due to WWID or it feels unnatural. She would have been justified getting Stan done for rape the 1st time (and chopping Scott's balls off...) and bothmore...

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by VBAlan07/04/18

Houston, we have a problem (anonymous comments)

My thoughts EXACTLY you are spot on

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