tagIncest/Taboo30 Days - Episode 01

30 Days - Episode 01


The Night Before Day One

A black, two-door Honda Accord pulled into the driveway with the headlights off and without the stereo playing. As soon as it reached its spot, the engine was shut off. Brian and Mira sat in the front seat and held their breath, waiting for the lights in the one-story house to come on and their parents to come and stand at the front door. Neither happened.

"Do you think they heard us?" Mira asked.

Brian was looking the house over for signs of activity. There was none. "No, I don't think so."

Mira collected her belongings into her bag. She stopped and looked over at Brian. "Do you think they know we're late?"

Brian was still checking the house. "That," he said, "I don't know." He paused. "It's all your fault anyways." Purposefully, he didn't look at her as he took the keys from the ignition.

Their curfew had been about an hour and a half ago. Brian had spent most of that hour and a half searching for his sister (well, step-sister) at the party they were now returning from. She had to have been off with some fucking guy the whole time. Though Brian had no concrete proof of that.

"Sorry," she mumbled at him. "I was...occupied."

"Yeah, I figured."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Defensive. What's it any of your fuckin' business anyway?

"Nothing," he said, opening his door gently. "Come on. And don't slam the door." They got out of the car and Brian started towards the front door of the house.

"Psst!" Mira hissed, trying to quietly get his attention. He stopped and looked back at her.

"No," she spoke in a forced whisper, "the front door is too close to their bedroom. They'll hear it. Come on, I left my window unlocked. We can get in that way."

Brian nodded and started moving back towards her. It made sense. The house had three bedrooms. The biggest, their parents room, was at the right end of the house, maybe ten feet away from the front door. Brian and Mira's bedrooms were at the opposite end of the house.

They tiptoed around the side of the house. "I assume you've done this before," Brian sarcastically commented, whispering.

"Yeah," she replied glancing back at him momentarily, then added evasively, "once or twice."

They turned at the back corner of the house and started moving along the rear wall. Mira stopped suddenly, making Brian almost fall over her.

Shit. "What? Why did you stop?"

"The light," Mira whispered. "The light is on in their bedroom. See?" She pointed to the window ahead. Light was glowing and spilling out into the dark night, creating a large, yellow rectangle on the grass that gradually faded into the black as it got further from its source.

"Shit!" Brian whispered. "What do we do? They're up. They fucking know we're not home."

"I don't know," Mira replied. She was quiet while she thought about it. "I say we just go ahead and sneak in. Then just hope for the best. Maybe tomorrow they'll assume they just didn't hear us come in."

Brian wasn't sure. "You really think that could happen?"

Mira shrugged. "I don't know. What I do know is if we just walk in now, then we're definitely in trouble. At least this way there's a chance, even if it is wishful thinking."

Brian pondered her thought for several seconds. Having decided that she was probably right, he nodded his head in agreement. It won't fucking work, but at least this way there was a sliver of chance to not be in trouble.

"Okay," Mira said. "Come on."

She started inching her way along the rear of the house and Brian followed. They took light, soft steps, conscious and on the lookout for any obstacle that might give them away, like stepping on a branch or something. They made it right up to the glowing window when Mira stopped again.

"I'm gonna see what's going on in there. Maybe they fell asleep with the light on or something."

Brian didn't think that was likely to have been the case, but nodded his head in agreement anyways. Mira took a few deep breaths, steadying her nerves. Then, slowly, very slowly, she moved her head to peek around the side of the window. She quickly snapped it back though.

"What?" Brian asked. "What is it? Are they awake?"

Mira nodded her head while she calmed down enough to tell him. She looked at him. "They're having sex."

Brian was stunned for a second. Wasn't expecting that. "What?"

Mira leaned forward so she could whisper in his ear. "I said they're in there fucking." She pulled back away from him and watched for his reaction.

He didn't know if it was the idea of the sex evidently going on in there or it was the way Mira's breath whispered 'fucking' in his ear, but he got a little hard right then. "Really?" he asked. Mira nodded. He looked at her. Then to the window.

"Here," Mira whispered, "see for yourself." She scooted to move out of the way. Sliding in front of him, the curve of her ass brushed against the bulge developing in his pants. She paused for a split second in that instant, but finished her move.

Brian looked at her again, unsure. What was that? These sorts of things never happened to him. He wouldn't even have been here to witness any of this if it hadn't been for Mira and her party. On any other given Friday, he probably wouldn't have gone anywhere.

She nodded him on, and he stepped into the same position Mira had just stepped away from. He peered around the side of the window.

Holy shit.

The view he had was of the bed from its left side, four or five feet away. His stepmother, Tyran, was laying on her back in the middle of the bed. His father, Ralph, was on top, his arms propping his torso above her like he was at the apex of a push-up while he pumped into her from between her spread legs. Ralph had a fairly rapid tempo going and the force of his penetrations forced Tyran's legs to flail wildly around in the air while, at the same time, her firm, plump tits bounced and rebounded back and forth.

Brian had always thought that the shapely 37-year-old was alluringly beautiful. Her long, light brown hair, wistfully highlighted with various shades of blonde, was always just right, without looking like it was trying to. She had these sparkling blue eyes that always seemed just on the edge of flirty when she looked at you. Well, to me, anyways. Her body, though he never really saw her exercise, seemed completely toned. A lot of women, he noticed, wanted to kill her for it. And most men, he knew, would kill to be on it. In some of his more interesting dreaming at night while he slept, he had been all over it once or twice. Though, this was the first time he had ever seen her without any clothes on. And it was entrancing.

Mira moved to the far side of the window and stealthily leaned in past the frame so she could watch, too. Though the windows were sound insulated, the look on her mom's face and the back and forth of arching her back to thrusting her hips up to meet each thrust looked to Mira like she was having an orgasm.

Brian glanced over at Mira, who kept her eyes on the action. The five-and-a-half foot blonde was absently tracing her fingertips around the black tube top over her perky breasts. Her nipples were hard, and she seemed to be focusing her light touch on them.

Brian looked back into the bedroom. He was getting aroused, too. His cock was hardening, looking at his stepmother getting fucked. It was wildly stimulating, watching like this. Much more than any of the porn he had.

His father slammed hard into Tyran's body and held his cock in her. Then pulled back and slammed hard, holding in buried again. And again, one last time.

Mira watched as her stepfather collapsed, spent, down on top of her mother. Tyran wrapped her arms around him, soothingly stroking his hair, and she finally let her legs down to rest on the bed.

Mira paid attention when he immediately pulled out of the arms and rolled off her mom, his deflating shaft pulling out of her and into Mira and Brian's sight. Ralph - his cock - was average. Completely average. Really, it's slightly smaller than average, I would think. Fuck. Mira was kind of disappointed. It seemed so anti-climatic. The way her mom looked to be carrying on as she was being fucked, Mira thought that he had to have been packing a huge cock. Or maybe her mom was just trying to make him think he was. Sorry, Mom.

Out of curiosity, a stray thought flashed in her mind. She looked over and down at Brian's crotch. There was definitely a bulge there. Hard to tell how big he is, though. She didn't really know why she'd even care, it just seemed like an appropriate time to wonder about it for a moment.

"Come on," Mira whispered, "let's get inside before they can leave the bedroom."

When they reached the window in Mira's room, she knelt down and produced a flathead screwdriver from some hidden spot that Brian wasn't really paying attention to. She used it to raise the window up from the sill enough to get her fingers under it, then quickly lifted it up the rest of the way.

"Shit, Mira," Brian scoffed as she handed him the screwdriver, "do this a lot, do you?"

"Give me a hand," Mira whispered. Brian lifted her up and she climbed through the window. Brian followed right on her heels.

Mira walked quietly over to her door and cracked it open, looking out in the hall. "All clear," she whispered. Brian nodded and with his own quick glances confirming hers, he stepped out into the hall and moved as quick as he could to his room directly across the hall.

Once inside, he sat down on his bed. The image of his stepmother being fucked playing in a loop on the little screen in his head. He felt his cock starting to get hard again. After he stripped out of his clothes, he turned out the light and rested back on his bed.

Taking his hard cock in his hand, Brian began to slowly stroke it as the loop cycled back to the beginning of the sex scene he had just witnessed.

Mira, in her room, had changed out of her party clothes and into a pajama top and loose, Scooby-Doo boxers. Her tight little frame reached up into the top of her closet and took an old shoebox from the back. Mira carried it over to her bed and climbed onto the mattress.

Laying back on her bed, Mira snaked her right hand down her stomach and inside the boxers. She hadn't bothered with panties, so immediately her fingers dropped into the hot folds of her sex. She rubbed herself slowly, small bursts of sensation making her body squirm on the bed.

Brian was stroking more rapidly now. His hand moved to match the motion of Tyran being pounded that he was seeing in his head. It was no longer his dad, but it was him now in the memory with her. He saw those round, full tits, bouncing, moving below him as he fucked her from on top. She held her legs up in the air and they had hopped around at each and every thrust.

Mira raised her hips off the mattress and pushed the boxers down to her ankles with her left hand and her legs while she kept rubbing her clit with the right. Eyes closed and mouth open with staggered breathing, Mira's left hand reached over, found the shoebox and opened it. Feeling around inside, she found and took out her dildo.

While her right hand continued its labial massage, she moved the 6", relatively thick, black rubber cock down to her pussy. Coating the tip of it with some of her copious fluids, Mira put the tip of it at her entrance and steadily buried the whole length inside her.

Brian was stroking furiously now. He was close to exploding. He saw Tyran having her orgasm, arching her back, thrusting her hips, thrusting her tits up into the air, pushing up into him with her hips. Then he came, grunting through gritted teeth. Blasts of the creamy fluid landing and coalescing all over his torso.

He was breathing heavily from his orgasm. In his mind, Tyran was radiant after she came, laying there holding her spent lover. Kissing him all over, telling him how much she loved his cock in her. Fuck, the imagination has never been that vivid before. Shit.

Having gathered his breath, he climbed out of bed, found his shirt on the floor and wiped himself off with it. He tossed it, and the other clothes he had worn into a hamper in the corner before returning to his bed and climbing under the covers.

Mira's right hand had switched from rubbing her clit to fucking herself hard with the dildo. Her left hand had unbuttoned enough of the pajama top to uncover her naked tits, which she now rubbed, squeezed and teased. Her body lurched up when the first blast of her orgasm exploded and she landed on her side. Her hand was still trying to fuck her with the dildo, but was being prevented from doing so by the thighs squeezed together that had locked her arm in place.

She lay there for a minute, without moving, after her orgasm had subsided. She was breathing, panting heavily, and slightly, soothingly, in the afterglow her hand was still caressing her soft breast.

Mira slowly pulled the toy out of her, and felt it's disappearance from inside of her. God, that thing is so much better than Stephen. 'Seven inches isn't that big if it's a pencil, and doesn't matter at all if you can't use it for longer than two minutes, asshole'. She put it back in the box, then pulled the boxers back up into place. Rolling over to the edge of the bed, she slid the box under it. She didn't feel like getting up to put it back in the closet. Mira got under the covers and soon fell into a pleasant sleep.


Day One - Saturday

11:34 AM

Brian woke up, rubbed his sleepy eyes a little and looked at the clock on his nightstand through a thin haze that hadn't yet disappeared from his eyes. It read 11:34. 'Hell' upside down. He wondered if he should take it as a sign. He hoped not.

After waiting for his morning wood to subside and putting on a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt, Brian emerged from his room to be hit with the aroma of food cooking. But he had to visit the bathroom first.

Brian saw Tyran at the stove cooking when, after having relieved himself, he went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. He immediately realized that he couldn't see her the same way as he always had. Not after watching her last night.

Where before he might not have even noticed it, now he was wishing the top of the robe she wore could open just the slightest bit more so that he could glimpse what he knew were bare breasts underneath. Before, he probably wouldn't have even glanced down, but now, his eyes followed the graceful concave curve at the small of her back flow out into the smooth convex curve of her ass. If it was yesterday morning, it might not have ever occurred to him that when she took a step, as she just had to get butter from the refrigerator, the bottom half of her robe opened up the middle revealing the slightest bit of an inner thigh. Now, though, he knew that it would be just the few, tortuous inches from the top of that gap that he would fantasize moving his hand through for the next few hours.

"Good morning," Brian said, taking his eyes from her body and moving toward the coffee pot.

She looked over her shoulder to him and smiled. "Good morning, Brian. Looks like everybody is getting a late start today, huh?"

'Late start'? Ha. Yeah, in the middle of the night, you were getting fucked and I was whacking off because of it. "I guess so," he answered, pouring coffee. "But on the other hand, it is Saturday."

Tyran smiled, with an oddly inserted cute little twitch of her nose as if she was signaling to him that she had heard his thought, and shrugged as she turned her attention back to the food on the stove. "Fair enough. This'll be ready in about ten minutes."

"Cool," he said, a little uncomfortably, shifting his feet and changing the subject from his current line of thinking. "Where's Dad?"

"Oh, he went to the gas station to get a newspaper. Ours wasn't out there this morning."

"Oh. That's weird."

"Yeah, I think Mira is in there watching TV, though, if you wanted to sit until this is ready."

"Yeah," Brian said, making his way from the kitchen, "I think I'll do that."

Mira was sitting on one end of the couch in the living room, with her bare legs curled up under her and a blanket over them. Her normally straight blonde hair was chaotic from sleep and she was blowing her bangs out of her eyes. Looney Tunes were playing on the TV. She looked up when she noticed Brian walk in. He sat down on the other end of the couch.

"Cartoons?" he asked teasingly. "Really?"

"Hey," she answered, and continued as if issuing him a serious life lesson, "you're never too old for Daffy Duck."

Brian chuckled, but soon became serious. He looked back towards the kitchen to be sure nobody could hear them. Mira saw him do it and did the same. "Anything?" he asked in a hush, leaning in towards her a little.

Mira shook her head. "No. I've been down here for half an hour now and neither one of them said anything or acted mad or anything."

Brian let out a sigh. "Good."

"Yeah," Mira agreed. "I think we're okay."

The sound of the front door opening made them jump and they both looked to see. Ralph walked through it, fresh newspaper in hand.

"Hey, Dad," Brian greeted him.

"Morning, son," he replied. "Food ready yet?"

"Should be."

"Good. I'm starving." He headed into the kitchen.

Brian looked at Mira and she smiled back. "See?" she said.

Brian was pleasantly surprised that it had worked. "Alright," he shrugged. "Awesome." The two got up and joined their parents at the dining room table.


"So," Ralph began as he ate a piece of bacon, "did you two have fun last night?"

Brian glanced across the table to Mira, the look in her eyes told him to be cool and just play along with it. "Yeah," he replied, "it was alright."

"What time did you make it back?"

"Um, a few minutes after midnight, I think, right?" Mira answered, looking to Brian to back her up.

"Yeah," he said, nodding, "sounds about right." Brian nervously filled his mouth with a bite of toast.

"Hmmm," Ralph said, taking in the reply. "You know, it's funny, I looked out in the driveway around one and your car wasn't there."

Brian and Mira were silent. Then Brian dropped his head in defeat. "It was probably closer to one-thirty," he conceded.

Ralph looked to Tyran who just sat silently. She wasn't going to interrupt to either participate or challenge her husband.

"That's a bit past your curfew, isn't it?" Ralph asked.

"Yes, sir."

Ralph was quiet for a minute as he looked to his son and his stepdaughter. Then he declared, "You two are grounded for a month."

"What?!?" Brian and Mira seemed to say at the same time.

"Thirty days. I told you the last time you were late, Mira," he said as he pointed a menacing finger at her, "that I wouldn't let it slide the next time."

"But-" Mira started before she was interrupted.

"No, buts," Ralph stuck in.

"But Dad, it wasn't even my fault," Brian interjected. "I wouldn't have been late if I hadn't had to search for Mira for an hour and a half. What was I supposed to do? Leave her?"

"It makes no difference," Ralph dismissed him, "the two of you were responsible for each other. One late, both late. You should have been more responsible."

"I didn't even want to go to that stupid party anyways!" Brian was yelling. "And now I get in trouble for it?!?"

Mira spoke up. "What about Spring Break?"

Ralph looked at her. "I was still going to let you two go on your trips. But then, the both of you sat here and lied to me instead of owning up to the truth. So now, those are off, too."

"What? That's not fair," Brian pleaded.

Mira looked over to her mom, who was still silently eating, for some assistance. "Mom?"

Tyran looked at her daughter sympathetically, but somewhat reluctantly she just shook her head. She wasn't going to intercede.

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