300million: Cecil's Revenge


Now, it was she who had lost all control as she spasmed against me. I tried to gauge how vast her breasts had become; my hands could sink into them entirely, each boob seemed able to contain at least a half-gallon. My fingers began slick with her warm lactate as I began a milking motion with my hands, and my cock...always my cock speared her moist womb, beyond all reason or restraint.

"Y-you're...different somehow....s-so rare....a male can....excite me enough...*AAAAHHH!!* to...lactate...against my will...." she explained between thrusts. I could only grunt in savage acknwoledgement. Her eyes flashed hot pink again as another orgasm shook her, breasts flinging and flopping and sending wide a stream of rich milk. Despite her beauty, a few days ago I would have fled in terror from an inhuman sexual parasite as these creatures were, but I was discovering how fast one's sensibilities can change in the face of overwhelming physical stimulation. I tasted some of her rich product; tangy and pungent, like a woman's pusy juice, but impossibly sweet; far too sweet.

I wasn't sure when my own orgasm hit; it came during one of the moments when my mind was submerged into animalistic savagery; but I knew that I was spurting; giving yet more of my cum to this she-monster perversion, whose race had arisen to exploit the timeless male instinct to mate with as many females as possible. When next I was conscious, the red-haired doctor was sucking greedily upon my spent shaft, deep-throating me with abandon.

"N-no good babe...." I drawled in my post-coital delirium. "Human men...gotta have a rest between rounds....just the way we're...we're....*MMPH*!" A taut nipple was thrust between my lips, for another spurt of that too-sweet sex-milk, and I felt a deep heat surging through my flesh! My spine tingled, my groin burned, as if a new thread of hot lava was flowing back into my member...in moments my potency was restored! I wrapped my entire body around the tempestuous alien and we coupled savagely amidst the heady scents of wine, apples, and peaches all together.


"Excellent Cecil..." Purred Dr. Cox, as she lay naked upon the cool, sterile metal floor of the computer bay, rubbing her volleyball-sized belly. "You've given me twins..." Her eyelids fluttered as she savored the alien bliss of Coit'ii hyper-gestation. I could see her belly swelling...bulging...creeping outwards as her otherworldly reproductive system grew offspring thousands of times faster than any earth-mammal was capable of. She was already entering her second trimester.

"You make an excellent stud! And I...shouldn't be surprised... human semen...sweeter than the others...your sperm are so vigorous and eager.... our genes mesh so easily with yours...Mmmmmm... human men are going to become a hot commodity in the Empire!" She grunted as her navel popped out. A penis-bot began to work its way into her pussy to ensure that none of my prized human sperm were wasted.


"Let me guess; you're going to whine about how you've got a brain too! Or maybe; you're more than just a penis...right? Self-indulgent nonsense." she writhed in bliss as she condemned me. "We all know that most everything men work towards is intended to advance their wealth and status that they may impress or attract a female...it is timeless and undeniable!

"But now....every man on Sol-Three Hundred Million has more sex than they can handle forevermore, so there is no need for labor or struggle for your species any longer." She concluded.

"But...it's not so simple! A man needs something to give himself purpose!" I protested, my penis seeming to retreat away from the demands of the aliens as it went limp.

"Purpose, human? Ohhh....yes, there's no denying that you shall have purpose!" Purred the heavily gravid Dr. Cox as she rubbed her belly. I could see faint throbs from the half-human offspring I had seeded her womb with. "I only wish I could keep you for myself awhile longer; but the military requisition is still binding, and by law I cannot interfere any longer. The Chastities want you for themselves, Cecil. But they are....less indulgent than I am, by far.

"Your escape has them worried; they don't want you thinking, plotting and scheming...they want you breeding. To that end, they've scheduled you for Phase 1 Virility Enhancement."

I gulped. I remembered the recordings I'd seen of the Coit'ii scientists and their devices that multiplied human male libido - at the expense of higher brain functions.

"Phase 1 Virility will put you back at the peak most human males achieve in the middle of their teenage years. But I wouldn't be surprised if they schedule further treatments, to increase your potency far beyond the normal biological limits. That's something else that pleases us about your species; not only do you have the highest natural sperm count we've seen, but our biotech has shown great promise in triggering cellular mutations to increase your sexual productivity yet further!

"And there's nothing you can do to stop them."


At first, it was not unlike an erotic massage; the beam of pink energy radiated into my crotch and started an immediate tingling sensation. It was smooth, blissful, and energizing as an alien heat suffused my member. Not unlike a gentle pair of expert hands caressing my dick everywhere at once but deeper and more perfectly than should have been humanly possible.

It was a dim closet with walls of blue-white metal where the caravan of levitating force field bubbles carried me, with no opportunity for escape or evasion. The device itself was a shaft wrapped in coils with a breast-like emitter aimed straight for my groin, as I hung spread-eagle in the air, caught between four elastic green tendrils of a tensile strength far beyond the capacity of my muscles. It took me a moment to recognize what was depicted on a floating, holographic screen in the left corner of the chamber - an exact photo-realistic 3D image of an erect penis, with a row of alien digits beneath it...it was me...that was my cock, I recognized my own organ. This was how I was to be identified; not by my face, but rather by my penis. It was amazingly dehumanizing.

I had thought at first that I might be able to lie back and simply enjoy the pleasure....pleasure...too much pleasure! It was sort of like the twinge of revulsion you might get from a soft drink overloaded with sugar; or the feeling you might have on a hot, hot day when you're desperate to get cool, only to be locked in a walk-in freezer. The stimulation, while desireable soon exceeded any sane, healthy human limit.

I didn't believe my cock could grow any harder; my steely meat rose so high and strong that it seemed suitable for the hook of a coat-rack, surely no wood could be harder than my alien-enhanced dick at that moment.My spine tingled; as the ray continued its bombardment, I became convinced that someone was injecting my balls with miniature bolts of lightning. I strained more mightily than before against the tentacles that held me, as the lust battered down my mind, as if my libido was finally catching up with my body.

The most exquisite, mind-bending torture, to have one's sexual potency enhanced by this technology. The feeling of thwarted power. Raging passion with no hope of release. I was a corked volcano. A tsunami in a bottle. Surely, as aroused as this evil ray of alien energy was making me, even the faintest breeze against my member would have surely sent me blasting into orgasm. But the machine was designed too well; it mutated my reproductive organs to be more virile than any man my age had a right to be, but without giving the stimulation that would have allowed me to cum. It was so bad, I even tried to blow air at my crotch, knowing the most minute touch should send me spurting into relief. But it was to no avail.

And I was aware of the two-fold purpose of such a device: Yes, the Coit'ii wanted to get as much sperm as possible out of their stud-slaves, of course. But more than that, if there was a resilient, cunning male not content to spend his days as a mere sperm-factory, then this treatment would change his priorities. I remembered from the recordings that these effects were permanent; I'd have the raging hormones of the randiest teenage boy forever! And that was only if they decided not to push me outside human limits; and I believed that they could do so easily.

The Military arm of this empire of sexual parasites had taken notice of me, and they wanted me so distracted by the fire in my balls that I'd dare not think of anything else. The Virility Enhancements had psychological as well as physical dimensions to turn me into the perfect stud.

"I...I don't care anymore..." I murmured towards three of the floating, pink-glowing glassy orbs near the ceiling that seemed to be monitoring me. "I don't care what you...really are...It's OK....if you've all got tentacles and bug-eyes....just...just gimme some pussy! I need....something...female...to cum inside of!" The orbs suddenly faded to transparency and clattered lifelessly to the ground.

"But you don't want a female with tentacles and....bug-eyes... You want me." Purred a soft voice from behind me. My senses were bombarded by a strong, sweet scent like English Toffee. It was her....again.

The Coit'ii that had aided my escape, that had shown me compassion and understanding. She'd latched onto one of my teenage fantasies about super-boobed pornstar Crystal Gunns. No tentacles. Just outrageously bulging tits, that saucy and exotic face with a lusciously naked body.

"Angel..." I breathed with elation. I knew, without doubt that she would help me cum. Pregnant though she was.

"I know...I know how frustrating the virility treatments are; and I know that you're angry with us, you hate the Coit'ii for...what we did to your planet, and your species." She edged closer, as if I was a viper that might strike. "Understand Cecil, the demand for fresh sources of men is too powerful for our Government to suppress; our Empress didn't chose to invade Earth, our leadership is simply, riding out the storm. We need sperm so desperately, that even if the Empress hadn't wanted to invade Earth, she couldn't have stopped it; the regime would have fallen from power if they'd tried to hold us back from a species as virile as yours." Angel moaned and kneeled before my cock, inhaling its odor as if it were fine wine.

"NNHHHNNN...." I gurled in my frenzy. My penis seemed to twitch, as if reaching out with a mind of its own towards the female; the fact that I'd already impregnated her not diminishing my ardor the least.

"But none of that matters to you, does it. You're angry, shocked at the changes to your planet. I can't change it, but I can visit you as often as possible, make the new situation easier to bear."


"Can you take no joy in the new life you've given to my people?" She pressed her belly against my pelvis, and I could feel my daughter kicking inside the womb of her alien mother.

"No right....to take away all mankind's...accomplishments...." I managed to hiss.

"I know you think so, and with me, the shock will be easier to bear,...it's not so bad....not that bad." And Angel descended onto my agonized cock. It amazed me, how aroused I was, that I did not spurt the instant her tongue caressed my shaft. A rising surge of stimuli blasted my consciousness, my lust so great that my stomach began to churn as though sexual hormones were bubbling in my veins.

"Whhuuuuu...why...do you c-care? Other....Coit..tiiii, only think about...my sperm...wh-what do my...feelings...m-matter to you?" Any further words were lost in the gurgle of delight that her lips and tongue brought to my shaft.

"**MMPHSLURP** I am...*SLURP* Accursed among the Coit'ii...**MMPH**... I am...what is called....an..*SUCKLE* Atavism...primitive...they call me.*MMM OHHH! SO BIG!!*" Her explanations were punctuated by gulps as she deep-throated my rampant manmeat.

"I retain... *GULP* too much of the *GULP* character of the races we interbreed with... *GULP* I am...*GULP* too much like the women of bi-gendered sentient *GULP* species. Too much *GULP* sentimentality." She moaned softly, my brain struggling to process her words rather than the pleasure.

"Joined...*SUCKLE* the Chastities... to try and *GULLLP* earn respect...*GULP* and I...I thank you *GULP* for planting your potent seed in me, *GULPP* the others...*GULP* didn't think I had it in me...Once...they caught me...*GULP* with a male, and...we simply talked...*GULP* for an entire throb....I was so...*GULP* engrossed in conversation that I failed to - *GULP* seduce him. I will never...*GULP* live down the shame...but you...

when you...impregnated me so quickly...*GULP* it did much to improve..*MMMM-*GULP* my status..." she sucked and sucked.

It was obscenely logical; in a race of whores, a woman like Angel was the pervert.

"Tired...*GULP* of denying who I really am...*GULP*... I want more...I want..." but it was too late. My own arousal erupted like a bucking bronco, and all reason was consumed by a white, creamy firestorm that blazed uncontrollably from my cock past the moist mouth and swallowing throat of my alien ally. The sheer ecstasy was so awesome as to be frightening; as if my brain didn't know what to do with so much pleasure, and turned on a host of toe-curling passions along with. I laughed, cried, and gurgled all at once. There was no way to know how much time passed. I only knew that my cock had been licked clean.

"No...I see it now..you just...you swallowed my cum...all of it...you...consumed every last drop of my semen...I know...that's forbidden...why?"

"P-please, don't be upset, I was...I...I...AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Her eyes rolled back into her head, almost as if she was having a seizure, she collasped backwards, thrashing violently, her boobs began to grow, the perfect grapefruit-bubble size of Porn-starlet Crystal Gunns changed...swelled an inch outwards at first, as her aureolas spread. She cooed in forbidden delight as her body was instantly wet with her oily, Coit'ii sex-musk.

"Lives...." she breathed. "I can see them...all of them..." She was delirious, insane....what was happening? Yes, her breasts had sprouted from mere melons onward to a quivering girth not unlike cereal bowls...but there was a psychological element too. "Your children.....millions....I see all...." It was some sort of potent, narcotic reaction - the jiggling extraterrestrial was in the midst of some psychedelic episode. Human cum; the galaxy's drug of choice.

She arched her back as her erect nipples began to spurt. Hot milk jetted crazily with each gurgling moan of toxic delight. "So many lives...so many fates...I feel them...I know them..."

This was beyond the pale; was she....seeing the lives of my would-be offspring? She seemed to experience the full genetic potential embodied in each sperm cell - this uncanny race continued to amaze me. Her milky breasts, now with a diameter challenging that of dinner plates shook with regular spurts as her fertility powers blossomed beyond all control.

"This....this operation is controlled by a branch of the Coit'ii ...m-military, the Chastities... you're... one of them... but it was you ... who warned me when and where I could escape... probably planned it...why? You...m-must have known that your commanders would be upset and... assign me here...to the Virility Treatments...thinking it would make me more manageable; if I was too horny to think straight! This must be... a place where you could have easier access to me, where you were able to confuse the security monitors.... giving you the chance you needed.... to give me a complete blowjob." They hadn't taken away my mind yet!

"Raw sperm ingested orally clearly has a potent, intoxicating effect on your physiology, I'm not sure you care about me at all, y-you're just a semen junkie!" I accused.

"How right you are," purred a deeper, more sultry voice from behind me. Craning my neck I could see an Honor Guard of blond Chastities wielding glowing pink staffs filing into the Virility chamber and bowing on one knee as if to prepare the way for some great dignitary. "Fortunate that you will contribute cunning as well as fertility to the new generation that you will sire upon us." I thought that my peripheral vision was deceiving me as I twisted my neck to behold the new speaker.

"No...." I murmured... "You're not...it isn't...You...are not....

" Susan! "


The personal boudoir of the Supreme Andrologist was a cozy, plush chamber that might have resembled a ritzy penthouse at an exclusive resort hotel; but the six-foot tall sculptures of alien penises throughout the galaxy created a somewhat disconcerting ambience for me. One was corkscrew-shaped, another was bifurcated, yet another seemed to possess ribs near the surface to maximize female stimulation.

So came the unavoidable question: How would the human penis compare to a female entity that had sampled male members from across the galaxy? Better than before, no doubt - as the alien overlord had ordered her guards to ensure I was given another full throb...errr...hour of the male-enhancement radiation beam before the floating force field carried me up-up-up to the pinnacle of the sperm-harvesting tower where I spent my days. Before Angel gave me her illegal blowjob, my virility had already been increased; so my recovery time after orgasm was faster than I'd believed possible, and the continued exposure to the beam for another hour had energized my balls so much that it felt like I'd never cum at all.

Now, even after the beam deactivated, it seemed as though the changes were not yet complete. The skin was painfully tight, I was sure that my rod had grown at least two inches since before treatment - and my balls....not larger but tight...so tight.

My stomach lurched, my entire body was reacting, churning with the sizzling sex-hormones flooding my bloodstream - of course, the clear hard-cap had been replaced, preventing masturbation; I could only writhe inside the force field with the galaxy's worst ever case of blue balls awaiting my mistress's pleasure.

"I rose to power by seeing the hidden truth of what was before me..." purred that sultry voice that conveyed both passion and authority. "I look deeper, to the heart of all things." It seemed that she too, had picked up a few customs from Earthwomen, as she wore a flimsy, gauzy veil-like lingerie that draped over her ample figure, teasing far more than concealing. And that body...Susan's body.

"I can taste your yearnings," Hissed the new de factor ruler of my planet. "I am the female for whom you feel more than lust." The imitation was perfect; from her shoulder-length red-blond hair, to the way her cheeks dimpled, down to her ample D-cups and the wide, flaring hips that Susan herself had always been self-conscious of. There was even that mole beside her navel. The effect was striking in a way I had not expected; rather than copy an image floating around my mind of an unattainable porn star she had become a life-like, natural woman with imperfections complementing her charms. After the days I'd spend surrounded by impossible beauty the contrast was more appealing and refreshing than I'd imagined it could be.

"I am the woman that you failed... you were....impotent when last you faced her..." I sighed with dismay at the apparent publicity of my sexual history.

"Why...why do you care?" I ventured, trying not to think of my cock. "You're not my Susan, you're the Supreme Andrologist of Sol Three-Hundred-Million, you lead all the Coit'ii here. Is my escape that important in the grand scheme of things?" I tried not to look over to my left at the red, velvety mattress that floated six inches off the ground, beneath the layer of glossy fabric there seemed to be innumerable writhing shapes.

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