tagSci-Fi & Fantasy31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 02

31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 02


The next morning Maggie was awoken by a soft tapping, blinking rapidly she saw Spirit Fawn, standing above her a bowl of steaming water in her hand a half frown half smile played on her lips.

"You've had sex?" She asked bluntly settling beside Maggie, Maggie choked at her frankness blushing she shook her head. Spirit Fawn stopped brushing Maggie's hair and laid the brush on her lap.

"My brother has not accepted you into his bed?"

Maggie growled at her as if that was the reason, Spirit Bear realised that she would never have him and surprisingly for a savage like him, he understood that he should leave her alone.

"I have not accepted him into mine, and I never will!"

With that Maggie rose from the bed, took the water and started scrubbing herself viciously. Spirit Fawn was shocked. Spirit Bear never turned down a warm body, at least she thought he didn't. But what was the meaning of this it was his duty to carry on the their line after all being a Jarl was a hereditary. If his wife wouldn't let him touch her, what hope was there?

"Maggie, do not be like that. Spirit Bear is a kind loving man."

Spirit Fawn's praises fell on deaf ears, Maggie was far too preoccupied with changing into a pair of jeans and a black vest top, never in her life had she dressed herself and no amount of studying history discs would prepare her for this.

"What is wrong with this blasted..."

"You have done very well except the jeans are back to front."

Spirit Fawn giggled behind her shoulder as she helped Maggie dress up. Taking a step back to admire her handy work Spirit Fawn couldn't help but admit that Maggie looked more like a Combatant than a New Ager.

"You know perfectly well that I wouldn't give myself to your brother. I will not have my body taken against my will." Spirit Fawn sighed deeply. "I did not choose to give mine, but your people didn't care. Luckily Spirit Bear will not force himself on you. He's not a complete savage."

Maggie was about to apologize, but Spirit Fawn was already leaving the small house, reluctantly she followed her.


It would appear that the Ninth Sector Combators accepted her. Over the days many of the women tried their best to communicate with her and Maggie tried her best to understand.

Apart from helping her aunt at work Maggie was training to be a historian, her family had never been well off and she had passed the age where she could have a Profession Chip inserted, the chip allowed the carrier all the information necessary to excel in their chosen profession.

Maggie was now using the Old Earth way of learning which involved using text disks and the rare occasionally book that hadn't fallen victim to time. Although she hated the situation she was in she knew better than to pass up the opportunity to learn something new such as Old English.

Apart from the language Maggie also learnt of how the Ninth Sector Combators were able to produce livestock and around the village she also noticed domestic dogs which she knew to be endangered.

During noon the women were relegated to looking after the house as well as other jobs such as teaching children and farming, it was a far cry from the academic work Maggie's friends did but none of the women she spoke to seemed at least bothered by the Old World ways. It was almost sun set and Maggie and Spirit Fawn were sitting by the river with the other women when the warriors returned, from what ever warriors did. Maggie searched the horsemen for any sign of Spirit Bear. She didn't know why she did that but with all the dangers outside of the Third Sector's golden wall anything could have happened to him, and although he was her enemy she didn't want him dead.

Finally she spotted him, astride a magnificent stallion with a dark mane and white body. Saddled on a pony were pheasants, hogs and wild chicken. The sight of so many animals left Maggie feeling a little dizzy this was her first time being near such creatures that weren't holograms.

"Lets help the men." Maggie nodded enthusiastically excited that she would be able to touch a living, breathing animal. Following Spirit Fawn they began unloading the dead animals.

"Although we breed our own animals we allow them to roam that way they remain wild and we retain the sense of living off the land."

Spirit Fawn explained but once again she was ignored as Maggie secretly watched Spirit Bear dismounting his horse. He almost buckled as his damaged leg tried to support his weight, before she could aid him he righted himself, checking discreetly whether anyone had seen him. He had not yet recovered fully from his injuries.

"He is a proud man." Maggie turned around surprised to hear Universal English, standing by her side was the Witch Doctor, the woman who had knocked her around the head.

Slowly they walked away from the group. "I do not want to be here, I hate your people."

The Witch Doctor nodded and settled on a log, placing a white stick to her lips and lighting it with a smaller wooden stick, Maggie watched in awe before sitting at her feet.

"Why am I forced to be with a man, I do not and will not ever love?"

The Witch Doctor chuckled inhaling deeply, when she exhaled a large white plume left her lips.

"On the night of your marriage, I sat by the fire. The ancient ancestors showed me, the earth cannot live without the moon, nor the moon without the earth."

Maggie cocked her head and rolled her eyes, well of course due to the gravitational pull neither would be able to survive without the other, but Maggie decided against pointing out the scientific fact, it was obvious the crazy Combatant was speaking figuratively.

"I would like to boast that I'd leave this place, but I've never left the Third Sector and would probably die a perilous death."

Maggie smiled as the Witch Doctor laughed, thank god there was someone who understood her humour.

"But I'm not stupid I know enough about your culture to know that your royal line is only passed down to the eldest child of the eldest child, I can promise never to bare the prince any sons or daughters."

The Witch Doctor laughed again as Maggie strode away with the posture of someone who had outsmarted their worst enemy. Maggie ignored the Witch Doctors cackles striding into the bungalow. Spirit Bear looked up at her, a piece of torn material in his hands, a contorted expression on his face. Blood oozed from his wound.

He watched her warily, her face was pink her hair wild. He was unsure of what she would do. Seeing Spirit Bear so vulnerable tugged at Maggie's heart. After all he had also been forced to marry her, and she knew that he probably hated her as much as she hated him. Plus she had been the one to shoot him.

"Let me see." She said softly. He pulled away from her, rinsed the cloth and tied it around the wound.

Upon closer inspection Maggie realised that Spirit Bear was naked. She backed away until her back connected with the wall of the brick home. Spirit Bear laughed and pulled on his trousers. Picked up his lasso and slung it over his shoulder.

"Where are you going?" The words were out of her mouth before she even contemplated what they meant, how wrong was it to ask after him after all he was hurt and she knew it was because of her. Spirit Bear turned and smiled.

"I am going to catch some horses." Maggie shook her head. How were they supposed to communicate if she didn't understand a word he said? It was a mean trick, he knew but he would not force himself like others had. He was on a mission to prove that not all Combatants were evil creatures from the depths of hell, that only the wronged retaliated barbarically.


"So you mean to tell me that you haven't fucked her once?"

Spirit Bull laughed as they watched Black Spirit Rabbit chase after a herd of horses that they had bred last summer. His long dreads fluttered madly as he rounded up what he could. A few of the young warriors were also in the thick of the herd, forcing them towards the waiting men with lasso's.

Spirit Bear turned to his cousin and frowned, mostly out of distaste at his use of such a crude word but mostly because he was right, it had been a week since their wedding, and he was yet to touch his lips against hers. He would wait until she came to him, whether it be tomorrow or five years. She was his no matter what.

"Spirit Bear? Has the lack of fucking deprived you of your senses?"

Spirit Bear scowled, then with quick efficiency, prodded the hind legs of his companions mare, causing it to vault into the throng of manic horses.

"Spirit Bear!" He cried as his horse continued galloping until he was but a pinprick in the horizon.


"Before you ask, no I have not slept with your brother" Spirit Fawn tutted as Maggie continued mending Spirit Bear's trousers. Maggie was thinking dark thoughts as she stitched the tear, she would have welcomed him.

Over the past months she had seen the Combatants. She was ready to forgive them, they were not the cruel brutal men who had destroyed her family.

Friends and spouses sat by fires as toddlers tottered after their mothers. Boys and girls went out on dates and many times she has seen them go into the cinema, a retro building that still showed films from projectors onto a wide screen, the women met at the café for a little gossip and Maggie was pleased that she understood Old English. Spirit Fawn taught her every afternoon and she could now start a conversation.

Everyone had accepted Maggie, thus it was expected that she would have her own Combatant name. That night Spirit Fawn helped Maggie into ceremonial clothes of a strapless velvet dress. Ivy stalks were twined into her hair and her face was made up with old fashioned lipstick and eye-shadow.

"Spirit Fawn." Both woman looked up as Spirit Bear's large frame blocked the door way. Spirit Fawn winked at her sister and left the home.

Maggie no longer felt intimidated by Spirit Bear and stood up as he walked towards her. As if sensing her acceptance he walked to a small wooden chest and brought out the bridal gifts his mother had given him. Gently he placed the beaded tiara on her head. The ring was slipped on the third finger of her left hand and Maggie felt a small thrill shoot through her body as his fingers brushed against hers. Finally he held the necklace towards her, instead of taking it from him, she turned around present him her neck. Sweeping back her hair he carefully placed the necklace around her neck, and with trembling fingers tied the clasp, slowly he caressed her neck then shoulders, before settling his calloused palms on her arms.

Maggie sighed and leaned into him, feeling his stirring manhood pressed against her back. It was the realisation that he wanted her that jolted her from her temporary surrender. She flinched from his touch and walked out of the door.

Spirit Bear growled, this was ridiculous, she was his wife. They had been married six months and were yet to do anything, many of the women had been throwing themselves in his direction and it had taken all his will power to turn them down, perhaps he should divorce her and let her hang.

Spirit bear shook his head at those thoughts, leaving the home he was greeted by fellow warriors and sat on the right side of the Jarl Spirit Hawk. The Witch Doctor, Spirit Wren held onto her willow staff and poured powders into the fire.

Maggie stood on a small platform over looking the fire and felt a sense of belonging. It may be primitive even for the Ninth Sector Combatants but this ritual reminded her that humans once really did belong to the earth.

Spirit Wren prayed to the gods and begged them for a name. Maggie watched in as the fire turned to red, then quickly to white.

"You will be known as Red Spirit Swan."

The crowd cheered and the feast began. Jarl Spirit Hawk, sat at the centre of the table, Spirit Fawn sat on his left. Maggie smiled as a young warrior came to the table and stretched out his hand. Spirit Fawn blushed and after a subtle nod from her father left with him.

"Why do I not see you two dancing?" Spirit Hawk abruptly asked, turning to his daughter-in-law.

Maggie blushed and looked at Spirit bear, his jaw tightened. So it's up to me is it? Maggie smiled sweetly at the Jarl.

"I don't know how, New Agers don't see the need for it, no one knows how to dance anymore."

Apparently that was a sufficient explanation. Spirit bear sighed heavily and rose from his place by his father and pulled Maggie up from her seat.

The dance was quite easy, only a few steps to remember, however Maggie was not prepared for how close they would have to dance, the beat of the music was uneven and she couldn't help but blush at how the other couples ground themselves against each other, any closer and they would be procreating.

But the music seemed to take over her body and Maggie found that she was having such a good time that she forgot who she was dancing with. Spirit Bear wondered if Red Spirit Swan could hear how hard his heart was thundering in his chest. She felt right in his arms, feeling her skin against his made his stomach coil, his loins burnt with the need of release.

Maggie could feel him watching her, slowly she looked up into his eyes, which were almost black, the passion and desire was evident.

Maggie decided that she would not deny him, she may not be as uninhibited as the people around her but with these people she felt at home more so than she ever had in the Third Sector, so giving into her 'husband' did not seem such a feat, in fact she wanted to sleep with him since having been captured by a Combatant her reputation was already ruined, no man would want her should she return to the third Sector. She would never be released. She adored children and though she may never grow to love their father, she would love them with every fibre of her body. Spirit Bear sensed her acceptance. Taking her hand he led her towards their home.

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