tagSci-Fi & Fantasy31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 03

31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 03


The room was hot, not because of the roaring fire, but because of the heat emitting from the two people meant to hate each other. But Maggie knew better, she could not hate a man who made her feel like this, a man who made her happier than she had ever been.

Gently he caressed her cheek as if she were made of fine porcelain afraid that any rough handling would cause her to break. Their eyes met and the heat increased.

Softly he brushed his lips against hers with just a simple touch he had her wanting more, she didn't want to be carefully handled she wanted him to hold her like a man held a woman. She splayed her hands on his chest as he stepped closer.

His kisses became demanding as he pried her teeth open with his tongue, and lost himself in its sweetness. Maggie didn't know how long she could keep still her mind was hazy and foggy and her body restless.

Unsure but determined she touched the roof of his mouth in response to his caresses, before they clashed together. Spirit Bear tugged at her shirt until it gave way to two full breasts their rosy tips stood out in the cool air.

Maggie arched towards him as he flicked one nipple then the other with his tongue, his large hands cupping her buttocks and pulling her towards his arousal. Maggie could feel him throbbing against her but she was not afraid or disgusted instead she let her hands trail to the top of his jeans.

Sensually she slipped her fingers in the space between the waist band and his hot skin, pushing them down his powerful thighs. Spirit Bear mimicked her actions, pulling down her black shorts. He knelt before her and laved her navel with his tongue.

Against her will she whimpered. Spirit Bear looked up into her eyes, ignoring her small blush of embarrassment concentrating only on the eyes that mirrored his own need. He pulled her down towards him.

"Would be easier for you." He murmured against her lips.

Caressing her thighs, he placed them either side of his pelvis. Maggie looked at the hard staff before her and gulped. It was large, and thick. Maggie looked at her own mound of locks and wondered if he would fit.

"Trust me." He whispered, Maggie smiled and felt her skin tingle as he held onto her waist, positioning her over the tip of him.

Maggie was ready, he could feel her sweet nectar flowing down his member and gently he urged her down. Maggie sighed loudly, as if almost reaching a release, she stretched over him, and a few times he would pause so she could adjust. A sharp pain tore through Maggie and although she knew what would happen she was still not prepared for the pain.

Spirit Bear brushed the tears that ran down her cheeks, carefully he lifted her hips until he was almost all the way out. Then gently he pulled her down.

Maggie's eyes widened, pleasure, pleasure rippled through her as he continued the small thrust and soon his hands dropped away as Maggie supported herself on his hard chest. She had never felt this before, now she wondered why she had left this for so long if anything sex would have eradicated all her hatred towards his people.

"Spirit Bear," she gasped as he released himself into her warmth. Spirit Bear grinned as he felt the shudders of her orgasm.

When she had regained some sort of consciousness, Spirit Bear rolled onto his side and pulled her towards him. Maggie smiled and brushed a kiss against his chest, before settling her head in the crook of his arm.


Maggie awoke, fresh and rejuvenated. She yawned and stretched her arms languorously.

"Red Spirit Swan." Maggie giggled as Spirit Bear growled her name and tucked her beneath him.

He looked younger this morning no lines marred his eyes and mouth, a lock of black hair covered an eye, giving him a mischievous school boy look.

Maggie could feel him, against her thigh and the memory of last night ignited her own arousal. Spirit Bear ran a hand between her legs and she shivered with anticipation. His hand cupped her sex, his index finger burrowed through the throbbing lips and flicked her nub. Maggie almost jumped from the intimate touch.

"Spirit Bear!" Spirit Bear looked up to see Spirit Bull, his face through the flap.

Maggie blushed and pushed Spirit Bear's hand away.

"Yes my brother." Spirit Bear spoke through gritted teeth.

Spirit Bull made a quick signal then left. Maggie pulled the furs around her nakedness and looked up towards him. Spirit Bear read her eyes. Not love, but affection. Spirit Bear smiled and ran a hand through her red locks.

"I will be back soon." He kissed her until Maggie arched towards him. "No, I will be back...wife" it was a long time after he left that Maggie realised he had spoken, in perfect Universal English.

... The river side was busy today. All the women looked up and gave a sign of greeting as Maggie stalked by, a load of washing in her arms. The bastard had known how to speak Universal English the whole time, Maggie had never felt so betrayed, and all this time she had tried so hard to understand him learning primitive Old English so that they could communicate, the entire time Spirit Bear had known how to speak her language.

Without a word she sat by Spirit Fawn, the girl watched her friend's face apart from the obvious anger there was something different about her.

"Even after sex my brother still manages to anger you." she said, forgetting the clothing and sitting cross-legged, a blade of grass between her white teeth.

Maggie looked at the swirling dirt before nodding. "Oh, that's fantastic!" Maggie shrieked as Spirit Fawn laughed herself into her arms. "I am so happy, maybe I will have a nephew by the end of next spring."

Maggie grumbled but couldn't help but smile along with her friend, it was true they hadn't used any contraception so right now millions of cells could be forming into their future child.

The thought left her a little frightened but strangely happy, that was until she remembered why she was mad at him his deception would not be easily forgiven.

... Elsewhere Spirit Bear was looking at the massacre. Their neighbouring village lay in ashes.

"Search for survivors." He said to his fellow warriors, Spirit Bear began to search through the debris.

For every one survivor ten were found dead, he knew these people had grown up among them. Directing the few survivors to the wagon he made his way to the Jarl's small home. Upstairs he found his grandfather.

The old man was lying on his back his rheumy black eyes were glazed and his dark skin looked pale against the hard wooden floor. Spirit Bear crouched next to the man who had taught him everything he knew.

"Grand papa." He said feeling a soft breath against his fingers.

"My boy" Spirit Fox croaked.

Spirit Bear willed himself not to cry at the sight of him, there were several bullets that had torn through his chest, it was obvious that the old man had been shot from behind. Spirit Bear clenched his hands in anger, only Second Grid Combatants used such archaic weapons.

"Be a happy and great Jarl." Then his eyes fluttered and his soul made its way to the other world.

Spirit Bull helped Spirit Bear tie the body to the horse, he did not miss his cousin's tears, for they both shared the same grandfather. Spirit Bear knew that his mother would like to see Spirit Fox. Solemnly they went back to the village.


Maggie and Spirit Fawn were on their way back to their homes when they saw the men return. Any anger Maggie may have felt towards Spirit Bear was dispelled, although he stood tall and proud there was a profound sadness in his eyes, and then she noticed the bundle on the horse.

Spirit Bear searched the crowd, he wasn't entirely sure why he should expect anything from Red Spirit Swan but when she ran towards him and held him tightly he felt his heart leap with exaltation.

"What is wrong?"

"The Tenth Sector Combatants have been killed." The people gasped, some cried for they had relatives there.

"Papa!" Spirit Wren burst through the people, she ran her hand lovingly through her fathers hair. Spirit Hawk laid a hand on the Witch Doctors shoulder.

"Come wife let us prepare for the ritual."

Maggie watched as some of the villagers carried the bodies whilst others took the dishevelled survivors into their homes, it would take a long time to bury all that had died, it was such a barbaric practise trying to keep the memory of the dead alive.

Why hurt yourself continuously by having a grave to remind you of what you had lost, that was why here parents had been cremated then released into the atmosphere no reminders meant there would be no pain.

As tempted as she was to point this out to Spirit Bear she could see that he was extremely upset by the day's events.

"I'm so sorry Spirit Bear." Maggie was surprised when he pulled her into his arms and buried his head in her hair, only she knew how hurt he was as minute shudders vibrated through his body, only she knew of the tears he cried.


"Tell me again why we're here." Maggie said running her fingers through Spirit Bear's long black hair.

It was late July and they were sitting before a small crystal blue lake below a large sycamore tree, the grass beneath their bodies felt soft and bouncy, it always marvelled Maggie at how much nature there was out here in the open, it wasn't like the waste land that surrounded the Third Sector.

Spirit Bear had his head in Maggie's lap his eyes were shut and his breathing slow and regular.

"Spirit Bear." She yanked gently on his hair.

Moaning he looped his hands around her neck and pulled her head down to meet his kisses. Maggie's hold on his hair tightened as his lips trailed down to her neck were he began to nip and suckle her flesh.

Just as she thought that she couldn't take any more, he stopped abruptly.

"I'm getting you in touch with nature." One grey eye flickered open as he smiled, Maggie scowled pushing his head of her lap.

Spirit Bear chuckled as she stomped towards the lake and laughed out loud when she slipped on some lose rocks and fell forwards into the water.

Maggie spluttered her face red and burning with embarrassment, how had she managed to fall so disgracefully? Scrambling in the rocks she felt two strong hands lift her from the shallow water.

"You see you have much to learn about the earth."

Spirit Bear carried her in his arms and returned them to where they had been sitting before. Spirit Bear pulled her tightly into his arms resting his back against the tree trunk.

"What is so important about being in touch with nature, life would be so simple if you were civilised." Spirit Bear nipped on her ear causing Maggie to yelp.

"Sorry." She mumbled rubbing her ear lobe.

"You must be careful of your words Red you are lucky you have such an understanding husband."

"Wait a minute where did Red come from?" Maggie asked.

"Your name if far too long for my liking, Red sums you up, the colour of your hair, your cheeks when you are angry or embarrassed, the colour of your nip..."

"Ok, ok I get it." She laughed covering his mouth with her palm.

"But I never wanted to get married I was quite happy just studying until you people brought me here."

"You are right. I can't give you the things a man should give his wife. I'm not rich and I'm easily angered but lack the right type of emotions to keep a woman happy."

Maggie lifted her head and saw how dark his eyes had gotten, was he angry or upset. Perhaps he was angry at her or more likely himself.

"I don't need emotion, I'm a New Ager after all." Maggie laughed self depreciatingly. "As long as you respect me then I am happy."

"A woman needs more than respect she needs to know that her mate loves her, cherishes her. Do you not long for these things?"

"Even if I do long for those things you and only you are my husband why should I pine for something you can never give me?"

Spirit Bear didn't understand why her words angered him but they did. Was he incapable of loving, okay so he had just admitted that he didn't know how to love but the least Red Spirit Swan could have said was that she would be the one to teach him, something soppy from the old disk chip movies from aeons ago. If she didn't want his love and she didn't want to give him hers then who would have him?


Maggie couldn't understand why Spirit Bear was ignoring her. One moment they were having a discussion about love and marriage and the next he was walking back towards the village.

"Wait for me." She called as the distance between then grew further and further.

Maggie lost count of the times she stumbled all she could feel was the pain radiating from her feet to her legs, by now Spirit Bear was a pin prick in the distance.

"Forget you!" she yelled slumping to the ground.

What had she done to deserve this, they may not be the best of friends but at least they were amiable. Maggie buttoned her shirt as a cold gust swept though the forest.

"I can't believe you've left me." Wiping away angrily at stray tears she resumed her journey towards the village.


"Maggie are you ok?" Spirit Fawn asked as her sister-in-law stumbled into her parent's home.

There were small cuts on her face caused by bracken and her clothes were slightly torn. Her hair was wild and a mess but it was her eyes that spoke volumes.

"Where is Spirit Bear?" Spirit Fawn asked pulling out a first aid kit.

"That imbecile." Maggie hissed as the antiseptic was applied to her skin.

"Yes him." Spirit Fawn listened good naturedly at Maggie's tirade against her brother, about his abruptness and at how he had abandoned her in the forest.

"I didn't abandon you." Came a deep voice from the hallway, Spirit Bear sauntered into the room a smug look on his face.

He knew that Maggie was annoyed with him, he was annoyed with himself he had acted like a child but he had never left her, whilst she was making her way to the village he had made a full circle and had tracked her, there would be no way she could have gotten lost.

"You know your way back home now you can move freely." He said.

Maggie looked at him dumbfounded it was true she did know how to get back home. Spirit Bear was expecting gratitude and thanks not an attack from her.

"You could have explained." She choked. "I thought you didn't want me!"

Spirit Fawn shook her head at her brother before silently leaving the bungalow.

"Do you want me to want you?" Spirit Bear asked, Maggie blushed had she really said that, did she truly accept Spirit Bear?


Spirit Bear grumbled in his sleep as Maggie escaped his embrace, Maggie cherished these moments the most when she was sleeping in Spirit Bear's arms.

She forgot who he was when she was lying in his embrace, in his arms she was just a woman and he was just a man. But it couldn't be helped she was going to be sick, rushing to the bathroom she managed to make it to the toilet.

She smiled slightly as her hair was pulled back from her face and a large warm hand rubbed her back.

"Perhaps we should see my mother." Spirit Bear said using a small wet towel to clean her face.

Maggie leaned against him, she always felt weak and dizzy around this time of day and although she felt like hell she didn't want to see the Witch Doctor, she didn't want to be cured.

If she was cured then Spirit Bear wouldn't be so kind and gentle towards her. For a long time he had been avoiding her and when they happened to be in each others company he would be cold and harsh towards her. Accept at night when he would hold her close.

"I don't think I need to see her."

"I think you do, you have been like this for over a month now."

Spirit Bear cupped her face his heart clenched in pain at how pale and tired she looked, she had also lost a lot of weight and her energy had been sapped.

"I'm taking you to her." Maggie shrieked in protest as he lifted her into his arms.

"Please don't." She pleaded her face buried in his neck, Spirit Bear settled her onto their bed.

"Look at me Red Spirit Swan." Maggie lifted up her head, Spirit Bear was surprised by the tears that glazed her eyes. "Why are you frightened?"

"Because I like it when you pretend to love me."

Spirit Bear was shocked by her words of course he loved her, he had just been too scared to admit it but now that she was seriously ill he had to make her believe that he did love her otherwise he would loose her.

"I was not pretending, I am a strong warrior and a great leader, love is not something I'm familiar with but if there ever was a person who had my love that person would be you."

Maggie felt small pin pricks behind her eyes before bursting out in tears.

"I didn't mean to make you cry." He said aghast as she snivelled into the bed sheets.

"These are happy tears idiot." Spirit Bear chuckled at Maggie's stern words.

"I love you." He said kissing her passionately. Maggie didn't doubt him and as they made their way to his parents home, he took her hand and held it.

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