tagInterracial Love34 Minutes Ch. 02

34 Minutes Ch. 02


So he didn't get the late call, text or whatever. It was worse.

He looked at the clock when his phone started ringing, signaling that someone was trying to come upstairs to his condo. 6:15AM. He really should have hit ignore when he had to chance, and he almost did. He hit answer and sunk back into his bed. "Hello?"

"Justin. Let me up." Definitely not Tony, definitely a female.

"Who is this?"

The line was silent, and he heard shuffling. "Justin! Its Nicole... come on."

Of course. If it wasn't one part of the unhappy couple, it was another. But this early? He pressed nine on his phone and hung up. Good thing he never locked his door, because he definitely wasn't getting out of bed to deal with whatever it was she was here for.

He heard his front door open and shut, and he turned over, pulling a pillow over his head. "Justin! Where are you?" She was yelling, and he could hear her flip flopping through his kitchen.

"Where most people are at 6AM," he yelled back. He heard her come into his room. "Why in Christ are you here this early?" He moved a pillow to look at her. She was standing beside his bed, holding her little Louis bag and a tray with two coffees from Starbucks. She apparently never slept, because she was dressed already, in tiny white sweat shorts and a baby pink tee shirt, and matching pink sandals. And despite trying to look dressed down by throwing a white Nike hat over her ponytail, her make up was done, so this wasn't some pop up shit.

"On a dummy mission." She set the tray down, and Justin tried hard not to notice how the bottom of her amazing ass flashed at him when she bent over. She sat next to him, holding her bag in her lap. "Your mans showed up last night at almost 2AM. Then said when I was done being a bitch," he winced, "that I could call him, and he would be over here."

Justin laughed. "Well, surprise. The bitch lied."

"No kidding." She pushed off her sandals and pressed her manicured toes into the carpet. "He's not at his house, either."

Justin shook his head and sat back, wondering less about where Tony was, and more if he had morning breath. He thought about getting up to brush his teeth, but under this comforter he was only wearing boxers, and morning wood was still poppin'. "Well, I don't know where that snake is. He called me last night, but I sent him to voicemail."

He watched her think for a second. "I brought you coffee." She motioned towards his nightstand. "I honestly thought you would be awake, but sorry for the wake up."

"It's cool." He lied. He didn't really have shit to do today, but he had wanted to chill out today and catch up on his sleep and reality TV. He didn't want to ask, but he did anyway, just because she looked sad. "You want me to call him?"

Like a kid in a candy store, her eyes lit up. "Would you? I don't know why I even care, but I haven't been in the right mood to call him."

He sat up and grabbed his phone from beside him. "I'm sure he's just at Rell's house or something." He dialed. "Probably won't even pick up when I call." Nicole reached past him and tapped the speakerphone button. Justin grimaced, and prayed over and over again in his head, harder than anything that he had ever prayed for in his life that Tony wouldn't pick up. He started shaking his head, preparing himself for voicemail, but...

"Yo, it is early, son. What are you calling me for?" Tony's voice rumbled through the speaker, like he had just woken up.

Nicole grinned, and motioned him forward. "Yeah, you had called me last night late as shit... just seeing what was up." This was going to be ugly, for someone. Nicole was sitting in front of him right now, not Tony, and as usual, he would probably be the stand-in.

"Oh shit, yeah. Nicole was trippin' last night. Seriously. Kicked me out and everything."

Justin rolled his eyes. "Forreal? She was mad you didn't pick her up?"

"Yeah, and mad I was late or whatever. I drove all the way out there for her to act like a bitch."

Nicole looked at Justin, like, See? And Justin asked, "Well, why were you late? I tried to call you and tell you she was hot about you not being there to get her."

Tony laughed. "Yeah, I had forgot yesterday that she was coming back, you know? I was way out north of Atlanta with this shorty I met at the mall. I would have picked up her up, but I had to go home and shower before I saw her." Justin tried to read the look that spread over Nicole's face... was that anger? Sadness? This is why he didn't have a girlfriend. "Yeah, son, but when you said you would pick her up, I hung out a little bit longer. And I came back last night when she went ape on me."

"That shit is grimy, T." He figured that she didn't need to hear anymore, and he really couldn't even tell what she was feeling about all this.

"Yeah, I know—I don't even do it on purpose though. I don't even try to pull anymore. Bitches just want it." Tony was laughing... what a douche bag.

"Yeah, well Tony. I'm about to go, I was just seeing what you had wanted."

"Alright. But son, if she calls you, tell her I just left."

Justin hit the end button on that note. He watched Nicole pull her legs up into the bed, facing him. Still that weird look on her face. "Hey, what's going on in your head? What are you gonna do?"

She smiled suddenly. "Honestly, I don't know. This isn't some new shit, Justin." She looked right at him, looked kind of sad. "I'm not even upset about this shit. I just wished he would be a hundred with me."

He didn't really know what to do. Sad girls weren't really his thing. He figured though, that despite the fact that he did this shit on the regular, Nicole was sad about Tony's bullshit. He patted her legs for her to move them. "You don't have to play tough with me." Justin pulled back his covers, and reached out for her hand. "I'm not good at this consoling thing, but I know you didn't wake up this early because you had to. I know your ass is tired."

She looked like she was thinking about it. He was probably way out of line, too. When Tony had started dating Nicole, Justin had said something about her being cute, and Tony flared up on some 'stay away from my chick' shit. He was a crazy jealous type—cheaters usually were. So Justin knew that cuddling up with his girlfriend was probably on the top of Tony's "Ways To Get Killed" list, even if it was his best friend. But he was tired, and if he knew girls, snuggling up with another dude was the best way to get over a cheating boyfriend.

"Come on, you can cry on my shoulder or whatever." She gave in, pulling off her hat and crawled in next to him. He grinned, pulling her into a hug. "I'll probably be asleep, but you can cry all you want." -

Why would he be so open about cheating to Justin? Like he had no shame at all? Nicole was still sitting up next to Justin, even though she had accepted his offer to cuddle up and go back to sleep. Was it stupid that she felt guilty even sitting on his bed, much less getting into it? She knew that if Tony saw or even found out about any of this, he would kill her.

Yeah it was stupid... because she had just found out he was cheating, again. But why would he cheat again? Why wouldn't he ever stop? Would he like it if she did it to him? Would she ever do that to him? No. She loved his stupid ass. Even now, she felt guilty about Justin, even though she wasn't doing shit.

All of this shit was racing through her mind... and she couldn't get comfortable, much less fall asleep. Justin had knocked out about twenty minutes ago and left her watching TV. He had sat propped up on one elbow listening for about five minutes before he dosed off. She let him sleep, but appreciated the effort. She silently asked herself again why Tony couldn't be faithful to someone as great as her, when she felt Justin move. He barely opened his eyes, scooted closer, and laid his head down.

"Somebody is still stressin'." He spoke, his lips so close to the skin on her hip that the warm breath made her jump. He was barely awake, she didn't talk back. He moved his arm so it rested around her waist, and he lightly pulled her down towards him. "Lay down... stop thinking about that loser. Get some sleep."

She let him do it too. He pulled her until she was flat on her back, and then into his chest, so that he spooned her. She felt his breath on the back of her neck, slowing back down. His hand pressed against her stomach, pulling her closer, then moved to rest around her waist. She finally closed her eyes, and felt the soft circles he was rubbing into her hip.

"Just relax, get some sleep," he said quietly. And this time she listened. She felt warm, safe, and happy? And definitely sleepy.

Fuck Tony.


So he wasn't exactly asleep. He had been at first, seriously. But then we woke up, and Nicole still wasn't asleep.

He knew a lot was on her mind. And he knew, because she was hyper faithful to that bum, and that she didn't feel entirely comfortable sleeping with him. But the fake sleepy, cuddle-with-me routine had worked, and she had finally fallen asleep.

Trouble now? The fact that he just woke up next to his best friend's girlfriend, arms wrapped around her, lips against her neck, and hard as shit.

And he just got a text message from Tony saying he would be there in a second.

Things like this weren't supposed to happen to him. He was single, easy going, and never even in a position for shit like this to happen. But thanks not hitting the ignore button, here he was, and if he didn't make moves, Tony was about to walk in on all this.

He moved his arm from under her, stirring her from her sleep. She didn't say anything. Just yawned, and blinked up at him. He pulled away from her, pulling his legs out of bed and moving to stand up. "Nicole, you need to be really quiet for like... 10 minutes."

"Why?" She stretched her arms out above her head and arched her back. "Where are you going?"

Tony seriously had a hot girlfriend. But he would address that later. "Your man is here. Or at least he will be in about 30 seconds."

Her eyes shot open, and she sat straight up. "No... no. You're lying." She scrambled to get out of the bed, grabbing for her sandals. "Fuck, he's going to murder me. I'm dead." She looked pale, and scared as shit.

"Calm down. It'll be fine." He reached across the bed, and pulled her down to sit. "I just have to send him home. You just stay in here." His phone started ringing and he grabbed it and hit nine. He looked down at himself, realizing he was still very much tenting his boxers.

"Eww Justin..." He looked at Nicole and followed her eyes to his crotch.

He shook his head. "I've been thinking of my grandmother for like 20 minutes, but hey, turn around and hot girl in my bed." She blushed, and he grabbed a pair of basketball shorts off of the floor. "It's counter reactive." The front door opened, and Justin put a finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet, before he walked out into the living room.

Tony was in the kitchen, as usual. "T, what's good?"

Tony pulled his head out of the freezer and turned to Justin. "What's poppin'?"

"What are you doing here?" Justin moved to sit at the bar. He doubted Tony was staring at his crotch, but he didn't want to chance it.

He grabbed a few Oreos from the package on the counter. "Just stopped by. Nicole hasn't called me yet, so I don't really have shit to do."

"Oh forreal. She's mad, huh." Justin thought about the most efficient way he could get him out. "Shit, man—now is not a good time."

"Why? Whats up?"

Justin grinned. "Tryna' get that early morning poppin', you know? I met this girl last night, and she stayed for breakfast..."

"Oh shit, that's what's up..." He grabbed a bag of chips from the pantry, and then grabbed his keys. "Well, I'm not tryna block or anything, so I'm out, son. Enjoy that." He gave a cheesy grin, and moved towards the door. "If you wanna hoop or something later, hit me up." And he was gone.

What a moron. Justin locked the door behind him, checked out the peep hole to make sure he was walking away, and then went back into the bedroom. Nicole was sitting on the bed ready to go. "Is he gone?"

He had kind of hoped that she would still be in the bed when he came back in the room. "Yeah... it was easy. You're boyfriend is a tool." He had kind of felt like resuming position as soon as Tony bounced.

"No kidding." She smiled. "What did you say to him?" She stood as she said this, and Justin watched her grab her coffee from the side table and take it to the bathroom, pouring it out in the sink.

She was really outta here, huh? "I told him I had a girl in here... and he had interrupted us." She looked at him as she came back into the room... blushing? "I thought he would hang around much longer than that... but I guess pussy is always a good excuse for him."

"Wow... yeah, I guess you're right." That looked like it stung a little bit. It was true though, and Justin was kind of past covering his friend's ass. She pulled her keys out of her little bag, and hooked them around her finger. "Well... I guess I'm going to go home now... maybe go to the gym or something." She reached her arms out for a hug.

"For what?" He came into it, returning it.

"Just thanks for not being a tool." She said this into his shoulder, then pulled back and looked up at him. "Seriously, this is not even your fucking drama..." she grinned, "thanks for picking up the phone." And she let go, and walked out of the room, and out of the apartment.


Okay, so the hug had more than one purpose.

She was thankful, yes. Justin really had done her the huge favor of really showing what a tool she was dating. Not that she didn't know already, but the confirmation was good. Well, not good, but necessary.

Oh, and he had also prevented her early death by sending Tony home when he showed up. No matter how many times Tony had cheated, one indiscretion on her part would be the end for Nicole. So she was glad he had so easily done that.

But the main reason for the hug?

She waited until she was safely in her car, windows up, and doors locked before she even thought about it. She started her car, and pulled out of the garage of Justin's building. When all of it was in her rear view mirror, she finally breathed.

He had looked so good... muscles all perfect and tan. How can someone wake up and look like that?

She had wanted to make sure, that up close, touching him, feeling his amazing sexily warm body against hers... that she didn't have any less than innocent feelings about him...

... but obviously, that wasn't the case.

It was somewhere around the time when he had woken up her up, and he had said whatever... about a hot girl being in his bed, that she discovered the possibility of Justin. She had blushed when he had said it, but thought You think I'm hot? And as she watched him step into his shorts, and walk out of the room, she realized that he was ridiculously attractive, and she had just slept with him, and he had just spooned her, and he was hard... and he thought she was hot?

She had honestly never looked at him like that. She didn't even like white guys. Tony, as light as he was, was pushing it. Even when she had met Justin, she thought he was cute, but not anything special—though now that she thought about it, she had met Tony and Justin at the same time, and her focus may have been somewhere else.

Her female friends would always talk about what a fine white boy he was. With his sexy always mussed brown hair, and perfect grin. He was muscular too, with tattoos all over his back, and chest. Close to Tony's height at 6'2, and just as toned and tanned from playing basketball. And those amazing blue eyes...

That's what had almost fucked her up just now before she left. When she had looked at him, something soulful and sexy had been looking down back at her, something that almost made her drop her keys and pull him back into bed.

But what the fuck was she thinking? This was Justin fucking Taglianetti... Tony's best friend, and therefore completely off limits. No matter what was going on with her and Tony.

She sighed, and picked up her phone, dialing her best friend Brook. She hoped she wouldn't pick up, because maybe if she ignored this it would go away.

"Hey, I'm at work... what's up?"

She sighed. "I'm fucked."

"What? What happened? Are you okay? Hold on." She heard shuffling, and a door closed. "Okay, tell me."

"I may be just saying this shit because I just found out about Tony cheating again—"

"That bum ass—"

"No, that's the not problem." She geared up the tell the story, but it all came out at once. "I wentovertoJustin's house thismorning, 'cos Tony wassupposedtobethere, ended up falling asleep, we're cuddlingandshit, we wake up, Tony is there... Justin gets him to go home, and now I'm fucked."

"What? It's like 10AM... I can't imagine what your drama is like at night." Nicole smiled. "But what is the issue?"

She paused, deciding how to word it. "Yo, when did Justin get so fucking fine?"

Brook giggled. "Umm, at birth? Are you forreal?"

"Yeah, well I guess this morning, all cuddled up with him, waking up with his dick hard against me, I finally realized it." She thought about what she had felt and shivered. "I'm fucked because I'm totally into this white boy now."

"And? Go for it... Tony is a bum anyway. And what a better way to teach his ass than to hook up with his best friend."

"That shit is scandalous... no way."

"But I suppose him getting it all day everyday from everyone but you is cute, right?"

She frowned. "No."

"Well then, fuck that bum ass loser Tony. You know Justin is fine, and you know he only messes with black girls—so he's gotta be working with something."

Nicole thought about it, and smiled.

This was really gonna fuck everything up.

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