tagInterracial Love34 Minutes Ch. 03

34 Minutes Ch. 03


"Son, I swear Nicole is fucking around on me."

Justin looked up from untying his sneakers. "Why?" Tony and him had been playing basketball for the past couple of hours and Tony hadn't been saying much. He guessed this was why.

Tony shook his head and pulled his own back across his body. "I went to her house after I left yours... and son, she wasn't there."

Justin smiled, even though he probably shouldn't have. "Maybe she was just out somewhere."

"It was 10AM... Where the fuck did she need to be? Her ass should have been at that house waiting for me."

Wow, he was mad. Justin looked up at him. Deciding whether he should tell this loser that even though she hadn't cheated, she fucking should have. "She was probably at her girlfriend's house or something... you call any of them?"

Tony shook his head. "What do I look like? I don't know any of her friends."

Of course he didn't. Tony was a fucking loser, and he really should have made his hot girlfriend forget his stupid ass this morning when he had the chance. "She's not cheating on you—you have a really good girlfriend, man." Justin grabbed his bag and stood up. "Seriously, if she's cheating, she's really good at pretending she's in love with you."

"Good girlfriends are the ones who be runnin' around." Fucking idiot.

"Alright, Tony. Whatever." He pulled his Blackberry and keys out of his bag. "I'm about to bounce." His friend was still standing there looking mean. "Stop thinkin' about dumb shit. Nicole loves you." Those last words he really hadn't wanted to say, because it was stupid she did, and that it was so true. He patted his friend on the back and headed to his car.

When he pulled into his garage his cell phone rang. It was Nicole. This creeping around shit made him scan the area around him and lock his car doors before he picked up. "What's up?"

"Nothing... what are you doing?" Nothing about Tony?

"Just finished hooping with your noid ass boyfriend. Where did you go today after you left my house? Cos' he stopped over at your crib."

She sighed audibly. "This motherfucker... I went to have lunch with Courtney at her office. I didn't think he would even care to pop up, though."

"Yeah, he was trippin'." He got out of his car and pulled his gym bag out of the passenger seat. "So, did something happen? You don't usually call me just to talk."

There was a beat of silence, and Justin thought maybe he should have just let this unusual moment slide. But she laughed. "This sucks, but yeah I did call you for a reason."

"What's that?"

Another bout of silence, a giggle—he pulled his phone away from his ear and checked the caller ID; yeah, it was Nicole. "I was seeing if you were doing anything tonight. Like, are you going out or anything?"

He wasn't, at all. In fact he was gonna hit up Tony to see if he was getting into anything. "No, why? Ya'll tryna go somewhere or something?"

She laughed. "No... well, not Tony anyway."

"Then what's up?"

"I was seeing if you wanted to come over later... I'm not really talking to Tony right now, and I'm a little bored."

"What about your girls?" He didn't really care or want to question why she wanted to hang out with him. He really didn't mind, but he wasn't about to look like he was over eager to do it.

"Half of them are booed up, and other half are trying to go out and get some."

He laughed at the second part. "Yeah, on some other shit., huh?" He was already up in his apartment, pulling off his shirt and turning on the shower. "I guess I'll come over there and keep you company... only cause I'm not doing anything, though."

"Oh really? Only cause?" She laughed. "I'm so lucky."

"No kidding." He checked the time on his phone, and wondered where Tony would be at right now. "You want me to bring anything?"

"Just yourself." And the way she said it made him smile—which was no good.

This whole thing was a bad idea—and if Tony found out, it would be some shit. And as he was getting ready, pulling on his 'casual, but still GQ' black vee neck and Michael Kors camo shorts, he thought about how he would feel if he was Tony right now—with his best friend getting ready to go chill with his girl.

No good.

But Tony was a fuck up. He had a sexy ass girlfriend who loved the shit out of him, and all he could do was put his dick in anything moving. When he had thought earlier, that he should have made Nicole forget about Tony this morning—he was right. She deserved to at least know that Tony wasn't the only dude out there that would treat her right.

Though treating her right probably didn't mean layin' pipe... but he would be lying if he said he didn't want to. He smiled at himself in the mirror—Fuck Tony.

On his way to her house he dialed Tony's number. He wasn't by any means scared of his best friend. In fact he hoped Tony would show up and see them mid-thrust; only because it would serve him right though. He only called him to check where he was at, because he knew Nicole would probably trip if he popped up again.


"Aye—where you at?" Justin pulled along side the curb in front of Nicole's townhouse.

Tony sighed. "I've been tryna call this chick, man. She keeps putting me to fucking voicemail."

"She's not doing anything—"

"Nah, nigga. Fuck that. She wants to cheat and shit, play games... that's why I'm already back over here up at shorty's crib."

Justin smiled at the reminder of what trash this motherfucker was. "You're a snake, man."

"No, I'm just not tryna get played by this bitch."

"Whatever, man. I'm telling you she's not up to anything." He felt like he was lying, because he just pressed her doorbell. She definitely was up to something. "But I'm about to go—I just got to my boys house."

"Alright—and son, if she calls you, tell her you just left my house."

Justin shook his head. This motherfucker still wanted him to lie? He was really over Tony's bullshit. He stood waiting at the door, and heard her skip down the stairs. When she pulled it open he was a little surprised.

"Hey, you didn't call or anything before you came." She grinned up at him. No make up on, glasses, and hair in a bun—she was still hot as hell. Her tiny little white sweatshorts were super low, and the black tank top she wore gave him a good view of her flat caramel colored tummy and—


"Yeah?" He grinned. Not gonna lie.

"Come in?" She pulled the door further open and turned around walking further into the house. "I got some movies... also got some popcorn."

"Sounds good." He followed her into her living room and sat down on the couch, trying really hard not to look at her legs and ass. Maaaan, this was so bad.

"What are you doing?" Nicole came from behind him, holding a bowl of popcorn.

"Getting ready for the movie?"

She grinned. "No, we're watching up in my bedroom... I only have one DVD player." She stepped around the sofa and bounced up the stairs.

Justin blushed, and tried not to think about his best friend's girl, on her back, fingers in his hair, sweaty, screaming—

"Justin?" He was still sitting on the couch.

This was going to be fun.

He climbed up the stairs, and walked down the hall to her room. She was in bed already, snuggled up with the covers beside her pulled back. "Come on, let's start the movie."

This was weird. Nicole was acting mad different.

"What's going on?" Justin said this as he sat down beside her, kicking off his slides and moving in beside her.

"What do you mean?" Her eyes stayed forward.

Justin grabbed the remote out of her hand and she turned towards him. "Don't play me—this morning you wouldn't even sit on my bed without thinking you were cheating on Tony. What are you up to?" He smiled. "Did you kill him or something?"

She laughed. "No, not yet—though he probably deserves it"

"So what you being all cuddly with me for?"

She blushed and looked away. "You're just cool to be around... I'm really lonely, and I liked hanging out with you this morning."

"Awww... we'll shit."

"Fuck off." She smiled and snatched the remote back. "Don't get a big head."


He stopped paying attention sometime around the first performance from The Kid in Purple Rain. He loved Purple Rain, and loved this song, but when he felt Nicole's lips and tongue touch the tip of his ear lobe, he completely forgot who The Kid was, why doves cry, and all that shit.

"Hey." She had whispered that, and was now leaning close, kissing behind his ear. "Is this okay?"

"Is it?" No, no, no. It wasn't fucking ok. Here he was again, in his best friend's girlfriend's bed, cuddled and rocked up. He pulled away. "You're trying to get me and you killed?"

She didn't smile, even though he had been. "Yes, its okay with me. And no, nobody is going to get killed." She kissed his jaw, stopping short of his mouth. "You want me to stop?"

"I don't know yet." He watched Nicole rise up on her knees and move to straddle his thighs. "This is why you invited me over?"

"Partly to get back at Tony—I'm not going to lie." She grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips. "But its more because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

"Really now?" He watched her smile softly, and grab the hem of her tank top and pull it over her head. And fuck him if he wanted to literally lick every inch of brown sugar skin in front of him. The sexy ass yellow lace bra needed to come off right now, as good as it looked on her. He pressed his fingers against the skin on her hips down into her shorts, feeling the lace of her panties... and the smooth, hairless skin beneath it.

"Yes... really" She pushed her shorts down over her ass and Justin's hands immediately curved around it. "How do you feel about that?"


She made the decision a little bit after she left lunch with Courtney.

Tony was really, really a piece of shit. And Justin was really, really fucking gorgeous. Courtney had called it "killing two birds"... and Nicole had no problem with that rational. And she repeated those words mentally as she hid her other DVD player, and pulled on the tiny yellow lace set she bought from La Perla on the way home.

She knew he wouldn't turn her down, but she really didn't know how it would go. She hadn't been with anyone except Tony in a long time, and her seduction powers were rusty, but things were going well... until now.

"How mad are you at Tony?" She looked down at Justin, which was a mistake, because once again she was dead and her nerve was shot as soon as she looked into those fucking blue eyes.

"Fuck Tony."

Justin grinned, and it was a split second before she was on her back. Justin came down on top of her, grabbing her thigh and roughly pulling it up next to his body. She felt how ready he was between her legs, pushing against the fabric of his shorts. "You sure?" His lips came down on her chest, licking and biting along the bounds of her bra. "You're done with Tony?"

She couldn't speak, so she nodded. He was tracing his tongue down her stomach and slipping his palm further down her thigh. He stopped, and she watched him pull his shirt off in one swift move, when he came back down, his lips pressed against hers.

"Take them off." He spoke against her lips, biting at the bottom one. He was pressing his fingers at the embarrassingly wet spot between her legs.


She felt his lips curve into a smile, and he sat up. "Why?"

Why? She didn't know. He was so fucking fine, and that was further reinforced as she looked up at him, cheeks flushed, biting his lip giving her a stupid sexy grin, sexy blue eyes all over her body. Her own eyes moved down to his hand, which was now pulling her panties slowly down over her hip. "I can't cheat."

He shook his head, but smiled. "Who's cheating?" He bent down and kissed the spot that he had uncovered. Was he ignoring her? Honestly, she hadn't even really planned on doing anything more than making out with him. And she had thought, even said to Courtney, "...But if he wants to do more than that, I'm game." But obviously that was bullshit.

"Justin... wait." And her back was arching in response to the tiny bites that he was placing all over her hip.

But he stopped, and stood on his knees looking down at her again. "I thought you were mad at Tony?"

"That's your best friend... I don't think I can do that."

Justin rolled his eyes and moved falling on his back next to her. "He's never worried about that shit."

"That's not fair." Asshole—that wasn't called for. True, but not called for.

"No, what's not fair is calling me over here on some one night stand shit, getting me hard, and then deciding you want to be faithful to your trash ass dude." Justin was looking forward, but then turned to look at her. Was he mad?

"I'm sorry?" -

"For what? I understand." And he hated Tony forreal now. He wasn't mad at her though, at all. In fact, he was kind of in awe at the fact that she could still manage to be faithful through the almost-fucking that just happened.

He had thought, briefly, that something like this might happen. He figured it would be more like a "Wait, ok nevermind—fuck Tony" type of deal, but he never put it out of his mind. He fake smiled at her. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

It was ridiculous how good she looked lying next to him. Breathing hard, hair a mess, legs still spread... and most importantly ready for him. He had felt it, and almost tasted it how wet she was, how much she wanted it. "I knew you weren't ready for that. It's fine." He sighed and slid out of bed and looked for his keys.

"I was, I mean... I don't know... I don't know why I'm so stuck on him."

"Yeah, me neither." Justin shrugged and grabbed his shirt off of the floor. "You're just a good girl with a problem." He pulled it on. "I want you to know something though."

Nicole looked up at him, still sitting in the center of the bed. She looked like a little ass girl. "What?"

He grinned. "I really don't mean to make this shit awkward—but if you hadn't stopped me, I would have done some shit to you I promise no one ever has." Justin bent down and rested his palms on the bed, leaning forward so that his lips grazed her ear. "I promise you, I'll make you forget about him." Justin kissed her on the cheek before pulling back.

She didn't say anything, but Justin saw her cheeks flash pink. He figured she got the point. He added, "When you're ready," and walked out of her room.

He was immediately on the phone with Tony; mainly so that he would snap out of it. It took a lot for him to not walk back into her room and deliver on his promise. He started his car as Tony picked up the phone.

"I hope you're calling to tell me she hit you up."

Justin laughed. "Um, nah... sorry. She still hasn't picked up?"

"Fuck no. But I know she's with some other nigga. Real talk."

Justin blushed involuntarily, like most people do when they get caught. "What? How do you know?" He remained composed, but then thought maybe he shouldn't have parked out on the curb.

"This bitch doesn't know it, but she accidentally picked up her phone. And I heard a nigga's voice." He heard a car door slam on Tony's end. "I'm about to go over there now and see what the fuck she's up to. This bitch is tryna play me, son."

Justin was sitting at the light on Peachtree a block away from her house. "Well I'm right here by her spot... you want me to stop over there and see?" He was banking on the fact that Tony was far out somewhere at some bitches house, and also that he was too lazy to really drive out. He hit a u-turn in the middle of the intersection.

"Yeah, 'cause by the time I got down there she coulda been fucked this nigga."

"Well, I'll text you when I get in there, let you know what's up." He was already pulling down her street. He lied, "But right now I see a Comcast truck out front." Lying and shit... how did he get so caught up in ths bullshit?

"And... you act like she couldn't fuck that nigga." Wow, really? I guess if Tony wasn't beyond fucking any pussy that came along, there's no reason he would think Nicole would be. "Hit me back."

Justin ended the call and got out of his car. As he walked up the drive the front door opened and Nicole stepped out onto the front steps. Barely wearing more than he had left her in. "What are you doing back here?"

"Don't sound so excited to see me."

He was past fucking around this time.

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