tagIncest/Taboo346 Steam Up Ch. 02

346 Steam Up Ch. 02


It would be an understatement to say that I was shocked when my sister, Jenny, told me that she was pregnant with our baby. I just couldn't believe she had seduced me while we were on vacation in Colorado. Not only did she want to fuck the hell out of me but was hoping to become pregnant in the process.

After much rancor and arguing that I won't trouble you with here it was decided that Jenny would keep the baby and as far as everyone knew Ernesto, her husband, was the father. My role would be that of uncle; maybe a little closer than most. With that resolved we went about our usual lives as we watched Jenny's belly grow.

The following May Jenny delivered a healthy baby girl and my wife, Diane, and I were named Godparents. Jenny made sure to swear me to absolute secrecy every chance she got for the first few months of Laurel's life. One skeptical scientific look at Laurel would be enough for the observer to know that Ernesto was not the father of this beautiful girl.

After all, Laurel had golden hair and blue eyes while Ernesto had jet black hair and brown eyes. The child had none of Ernesto's Hispanic features and looked a lot like my children. But, luckily nobody paid any attention to genetics as we were all having too much fun watching Laurel grow up before our eyes.

Throughout the next ten years my sex life was wonderful between what my sister and wife shared with me. Diane was no wimp in the bedroom but there was something exciting about sex with Jenny. She liked to take chances like rubbing my cock through my pants while we stood at the counter at a bank. Or even better was the time Jenny gave me a blow job in the grocery store parking lot when we had been sent out for some beer.

Then came the first time the shit hit the fan when Diane confronted Jenny about Laurel's father. After some coaxing she admitted that Ernesto was not the daddy. Jenny squirmed out of it by telling Diane that Laurel had been conceived during a brief fling and was able to leave it at that. But, of course, that wasn't the end of it as the next summer Diane saw Laurel in a two piece bathing suit.

It turned out that Laurel had the same birth mark on her that looked like a tiger on her back that I did. To say that Diane was furious would be an understatement. As soon as we walked into our home from visiting with them Diane swung around and kicked me in the nuts and screamed, "You bastard you fucked your slutty sister, and Laurel is your daughter. Don't deny it mother fucker."

Bent over practically in half in agony I admitted it. There was no point in denying it. It was obvious that Diane had somehow figured out Jenny's and my not so little secret. If anyone would be forgiving it would be Diane as I had caught her cheating a couple of years earlier and we had threesomes with a neighbor lady a couple of times.

But, I also knew that this was different as I not only had fucked my own sister but had fathered a child with her. About an hour into the argument I got a slap across my face when I admitted to still having sex with Jenny. Her face turned beet red as she roared, "What the fuck isn't my horny pussy good enough? Do you have to fuck your own damn sister? Is her pussy that good?"

"Oh fucking God honey, your pussy is fucking unbelievable. I never meant to fuck Jenny but it is like she has a spell over me I can't seem to keep my hands off of her and cock out of her." I took a chance on being absolutely truthful with my wife. While still clearly angry her tone did seem to soften a bit. It was as if she remembered telling me a couple of years earlier that Jenny was the sexiest woman she knew and if she weren't my sister a threesome would be worth considering.

Believe it or not I stood there getting turned on pondering what my sexy wife would say next. Diane has 38C boobs and blonde hair to match mine topping off her perfect hour glass figure. As she spoke I knew she had remembered that comment as she snarled, "Get that bitch over here. Call her up and tell her that I am gone and you need a good hard fuck. I'm going to make that slut mine!"

"Diane, I can't do it; besides, she won't come over because Ernesto would get suspicious."

"You had better get her over here or Ernesto will do more than suspect as I will tell him about you and Laurel's matching birth marks. I want to taste pussy again!" I had no idea whether Jenny was still into making it with girls on occasion, but decided I had better call her. Much to my surprise Jenny jumped at the opportunity for an extra encounter with me. It would take her at least ten minutes to get to our house.

"Diane, she said she would come right over," I said very nervously not sure what to expect when Jenny walked through the door. Diane kicked off her shoes and walked toward me with a strange combination of a snarl and smile on her face. I stood there like a statue knowing I was at her mercy.

"That bitch won't know what hit her; this could be a hell of a lot of fun, Mark." While still obviously pissed about finding out about Jenny and me her sex drive had now taken control. This could be very interesting as if Jenny was into what Diane wanted from her anything could happen between the three of us.

"I want you naked when our slut gets here," she continued. Savagely she unbuttoned my shirt and ripped my pants from my body. Still uneasy I just stood there as she stripped down to her bra and panties. I licked my lips as I felt drool running out of my mouth.

"My God, Diane you are fucking sexy."

"Don't try and sweet talk me now after what you did with your own sister." Shit, I wasn't totally out of the dog house. My normally sweet and demure wife reached for my cock and gave it a tug that nearly sent me sprawling onto the floor. As she pumped her fist up and down it's length she told me that I was to answer the door totally nude and as if nothing was up giving my sister a lusty greeting and then Diane would take it from there.

My sister must have flown over as I was just getting into my wife's hand job when the door bell rang. Diane quickly scampered into hiding in the kitchen just around a corner from the front door. Taking a deep breath I pulled open the door and saw Jenny's eyes pop out of their sockets.

"My God, Mark, you are a little anxious aren't you?" my sister asked. I let her squeeze by me using my ass to push the door shut. Then grabbing her around the waist pushed her against the door jam that led into the kitchen.

"Fuck yes; I need all of the sweet pussy that I can get." Stunned she stood there looking up into my eyes as I leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss. I made sure not to mention anything about why I was nude following my wife's instructions to the letter. Behind Jenny I saw Diane approach with a big smile on her face.

Jenny was just beginning to give me another kiss when Diane's hip brushed against me which was the signal for me to jump away. As soon as I moved Diane took my place and grabbed Jenny's shoulders and pinned them against the wall. If Jenny had looked surprised to my answering the door naked then her current expression was one of horror.

"You god damn bitch you've been fucking my husband; your own fucking brother. And yes, I know that he is Laurel's dad, a short fling my ass! W This asshole says you have some kind of wonder pussy. I don't fucking believe it but I am going to find out you little slut," Diane roared as Jenny cowered in fear.

Truthfully I wasn't sure about what Diane was going to do. I wasn't sure whether lust or anger was winning out now that she was confronted by her sister in law in the flesh. Her hands moved down to my sister's breasts flattening them against her chest as Jenny answered, "Diane, I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself."

"The fuck you couldn't, cunt! I want to see that fucking cunt of yours in action and judge for myself if it is really a wonder pussy!" Jenny was now confused and judging from the look on her face a bit excited. Suddenly Diane ripped open Jenny's blouse and buttons went flying all over the place. It turned out that Jenny hadn't wanted to waste time either as she didn't have a bra on underneath the blouse. So, now her 36C's popped clearly into view. Roughly Diane grabbed one of her boobs and sucked it into her mouth.

"I am not a lesbian," Jenny screeched as she tried to push Diane away. My wife had a firm grip on her jugs however.

"You are now bitch, that is unless you want me to go into the other room and call Ernesto." The truth of the matter was that I knew Jenny had in fact been with other women and had enjoyed it but still preferred men. I had thought that her experimenting with women was over. A look of resignation came over my sister lover's face as Diane sucked a boob back into her hungry mouth.

"Damn it Diane you win. I'll do what you fucking want, but this door jam is killing my back." I laughed out loud as my sister had just been confronted by her brother's wife about cheating and was being pushed into a lesbian encounter and her biggest complaint was the door jam. Promptly Diane grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the living room sofa. Diane grabbed Jenny around the waist and quickly shoved her pants and panties to the floor as she moved in for a kiss.

"Mark, pull down my panties and slide that cock of yours into my crack. As for you my new little slut kiss me and then down on your fucking knees." At first, Jenny kissed Diane very tentatively but in seconds their tongues were dancing rhythmically together. With one push Jenny found herself looking right at Diane's bush. Diane had never had her cunt eaten while standing up before but that is exactly what she wanted my sister to do to her. My cock quickly found it's own rhythm between my wife's ass cheeks as I removed her bra and began toying with her D cups.

I felt Diane's ass lower slightly as she spread her legs as she hugged Jenny's mouth into her hot center. It wasn't long before I heard the sound of Jenny slurping up pussy juice from Diane. I gasped, "The is so fucking hot, Diane."

"Oh yes, Jenny's tongue is a real pussy pleaser Mark hold me up, don't let me fall." Diane slid her hand back between us and put my prick between her legs so that I was now fucking her cunt lips right toward Jenny's hungry mouth. It wasn't the most comfortable position, with my legs bowed out so that my prick was at the right level to rub against my wife's cunt lips. But, with each thrust forward Jenny gave my rod a sensual lick while flicking her tongue against Diane's clit on my backstroke.

Jenny got the hang of pleasing both of us quickly. Both and Diane and I were now moaning in extreme pleasure as Diane's cunt juices were thoroughly covering my prick. As I gave Diane's tits a hard squeeze her whole body tensed up and then she shuddered hard as Jenny's clit licking had resulted in giving her a massive orgasm. I whispered, "I told you she was good."

"Oh fuck, that was good but, I still haven't seen that so called magic pussy of yours, Jenny. Oh shit, Jenny lay down on that couch and spread them," Diane was wheezing and trying to catch her breath as she said this. My sister pulled away with Diane's cum dripping from her chin and slid back onto the sofa. Placing one leg against the back of the sofa and the other flat on the floor she used her fingers to pull apart her hot pink twat lips.

"Well, Diane come and get it," she cooed smiling broadly up at the other lady. Diane slid right off my cock and into position between the younger lady's thighs. Almost instantly, I heard her slurp away at Jenny's hot little honey pot. Diane's ass was sticking straight up in the air as groans of joy were being elicited from Jenny. The sight was just to inviting so I climbed in behind my wife and thrust my cock right into her pussy.

I watched my wife go crazy eating away at my sister's cunt as Jenny ground it slowly in her face. Jenny was really into it as she twisted and tortured her own nipples. I thrust my cock hard in and out of Diane's hole; pounding her harder than I can ever remember doing in the past. It wasn't long at all before I came in buckets inside of her twat.

Once Jenny had screamed out her own orgasm Diane climbed up her body. Jenny threw her arms around her new lover and the two kissed passionately. Jenny's hands were roughly kneading Diane's ass. My prick was already hardening back up watching the action before my eyes. Then Diane slid off of Jenny and onto her knees beside the couch. She resumed kissing Jenny as she began playing with the other girl's tits.

"Ok, bastard, if her cunt is so fucking magic I want you to fuck it right now Mark, fuck your sister, shoot your fucking cum deep into her damn cunt!" Jenny just smiled at me and lifted her cunt up toward my pecker. As turned on as I was you wouldn't have known that I was over 40 as my cock was ready to meet my wife's demands. Getting down on my knees I slid my prick easily into her slippery depths.

To my surprise Diane leaned over and kissed me sensually on my mouth. Then her hands traveled down both of our bodies. She used one hand to frig Jenny's clit as my cock pounded that hot pussy furiously and the other hand was on my ass. Spreading my ass cheeks she violently jabbed three fingers inside of me and played in my shit hole.

Jenny saw to it that Diane wasn't being ignored as she had two fingers inside of her cunt finger fucking her while she diddled her clit with her thumb. Jenny's hips slammed over and over against mine and soon I emptied a large load of spunk into her hotbox. We continued playing for another hour or so.

As Jenny got her clothes back on we had a conversation about what came next after Diane made sure to inform us again about how furious she was that we had done all of this behind her back. For some reason, we decided to keep things a secret from Ernesto. The feeling was that telling him would cause Jenny bigger problems than maintaining the status quo.

We had no problem choosing not to tell Laurel who her father was. It was obvious that it could have crippling effects to learn about it during her teenage years. We decided that we would wait until an appropriate time shortly after she graduated high school when the worst of the teenage years would be behind her.

All three of us continued to have sex with each other but rarely as a threesome over the next several years. Our instincts about telling Ernesto were proven right as when he got curious and figured things out he and Jenny ended up apart. He did consent to conceal my identity as Laurel's father until this last summer when she graduated from high school. He left it up to Jenny and me to break the news to our daughter.

Unfortunately things kept getting in the way of telling Laurel about her genealogy this summer as more immediate matters kept getting in the way. So, in September Jenny proposed that we head off to Colorado for a long weekend in early December. The Colorado Railroad Museum would be having their annual Santa Claus Steam up.

She had this idea that it would be better to tell Laurel about things with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and at the scene of Laurel's conception. It sounded a little crazy to me but I agreed. I had to concede one point that at least we wouldn't be interrupted and Laurel would be able to let loose all of her feelings without any outside interference.

Secretly I also hoped that Jenny would find a way of getting into bed with me back at the scene of the crime. We got into Denver International Airport early on Thursday evening, rented a car, and hurried out to Golden. On the long drive across the metropolitan area Jenny sat in the front seat with me while Laurel still wondering why it was just the three of us made herself comfortable in back.

Glancing over at Jenny I noticed that she was smiling broadly at me as evidently she had noticed the erection in my pants. Laurel at five foot three inches tall was too short to see over the seat and even if she could had fallen asleep before we hit the interstate highway. Turning my attention back to the road I soon felt Jenny's fingers on my zipper pulling it down. Quickly she pulled my hard-on out and began gently stroking me.

She wasn't trying to make me cum as it was a nice gentle soft stroking. It was sexy enough that I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road. There it was beautiful Golden. It sure had grown a lot since Jenny and I began our sex life there nearly twenty years ago. As soon as we pulled into the hotel parking lot Laurel woke up and I hurriedly shoved my prick back into my britches.

Not being able to help myself I watched Laurel stretch as she shook the sleep from her pretty young body. There under the parking lot lights I found my cock get stiff at the sight of her double D boobs that were stabbing out of her sweater. Then, as I followed her to our adjoining rooms I almost fainted watching the sway of her absolutely mammoth ass. I couldn't understand how such a big ass could be on such a short lady.

Two people could kiss on it and never bump heads. My cock was twitching in my pants at the nasty thoughts I was having of getting lost in her ass or burying my head between her glorious melons. I had to remind myself that we were here to tell this big assed foxy girl that she was my daughter.

I was hotter than I had been in years as the gentle swaying of her butt was unbelievable. Once we got things put up in the room Laurel asked her mother if she could take a quick tour around the hotel. Jenny agreed and my eyes followed Laurel's ass from the room.

Jenny was standing by the bathroom counter and as soon as the door shut I rushed over and yanked down her pants and pulled out my hard rod. I didn't even pull down her panties. As I pulled the silky crotch to the side my sister braced herself on the counter by the sink. I flicked my cock against her moist lips as she squealed out, "Hurry up Mark, Laurel will be back real soon, this may be our only chance this weekend. Get that fat cock inside of me right fucking now!"

Determined that this wouldn't be the only time I would have her during our trip I slid my pecker right in. My cock easily made the journey in and out of my sister's hot twat. She was fingering her clit like a whirlwind as I muttered, oh shit, I love your cunt! Let's tell her tonight and get it over with."

"OK, but right now give me your fucking cum," she replied panting. After only about three minutes I let loose a load of semen deep in her cunt. We finished just in time as we heard Laurel come in the door of her and Jenny's room. Jenny had just gotten her pants refastened when Laurel walked in carrying three soda pops and three candy bars.

I hadn't even wiped Jenny's cream off of my prick as I was in such a rush to zip my fly. Thanking Laurel for the sodas Jenny steered her over to the edge of the bed. The two ladies sat on the edge of the bed while I sat about a yard away in a chair next to the table. The conversation started slowly as we told Laurel some of the stories from our childhood which she had undoubtedly heard many times before.

Eventually we worked our way up to our visit to the museum 19 years earlier. The whole time we sat there I had a throbbing erection. I couldn't help myself with those two pair of big boobs directly in front of me. To my surprise I found myself concentrating more on Laurel's boobs than her mom's. My thoughts drifted away several times.

Jenny brought me sharply back into focus when she began describing the events of that first day at the train museum. Over the next three hours emotions went wild with lots of yelling and crying. But, it was clear that Laurel while very upset just wanted to understand everything and why her mother would want to make a baby with her own brother. I am not sure if our answers made any sense or not.

She was reassured that Ernesto knew about everything and still considered her his daughter regardless of the biological facts. Without going into all of the details the talk ended with mother and daughter hugging. Then the petite girl walked the couple of steps to me and sat on my lap and hugged me pressing her breasts against my neck and in a rather sultry voice asked me, "So, what do I call you now?"

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