tagFetish35 Days Day 00

35 Days Day 00


35 Days - Chapter 1

I was anxious to get home today after work. I had been monitoring the shipment from California via the US Postal Service and the Canada Post package tracking app. I had ordered a new cock cage on line at the end of November 2018 and wanted it for Christmas. It arrived on the Thursday before.

The bus ride home felt excruciatingly longer than normal. My penis ached as if it needed to cum really badly that I had to practice my Kugel exercise. Even the one hundred steps from the bus stop to my house was difficult especially with my knees squeezed together.

I finally made it to the front door and saw a small plainly wrapped package shoved in my mail box. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and knew what was in the package before grabbing it and entering the house.

Checking and double checking to ensure I locked the door, I moved quickly to my bedroom. I tore open the package and box to find the shiny, titanium cage, the cock and ball ring and a key. It was solid thick metal and pretty weighty; about a pound or so. It looked beautiful and I wanted to try it on immediately.

I stripped off my suit, shirt and tie but left my underthings on: a white silk camisole with spaghetti straps, white lace G-string panties and matching garters with white opaque RHT stockings. Since I wore my garters over my panties, I could only pull my G-string down over my balls and halfway down my thighs.

Owning other cages, I was familiar with how it went on. The single piece ring part was tight around. Getting my penis and then testacies through one at a time was the only way to put it on. I took the cage and placed the opening over my knob which was dripping pre-cum in anticipation. The cage part was less than three downward curving inches long and the hole to put my penis through was about an inch in diameter. So it too was going to be a tight fit. As I slid it into place, it forced back the some of the skin of my uncut cock. At thick wire hook would run underneath my sack and keep my balls separated.

This cage had a lock built into the ring so there was no external lock. I aligned the cage part with the ring and pushed them together. I was surprised when I felt a click and realized I didn't need the key to lock it. Blood started to surge a bit and my growing cock tried to push out the unforgiving metal.

In front of the mirror with my panties down my thighs, I admired my new device. It was solidly secured in place with no way for it to be pulled off let alone, slip off. I pulled my panties back into place and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a familiar bulge in my panties, but my chest was flat. I got out my self-adhering boobs and placed them inside the cups of my cammie. I looked pretty hot.

I wished that I had more time to finish dressing and fooling around but I needed to meet with my girlfriend Cheryl later for dinner and I wanted to shower to wash off the day's dirt from the office. I pulled down my G-string over my locked device. I found the key to unlock my cage, inserted it into the small hole and... Nothing. No click. No release. No escape.

I tried to turn it. Nope. I tried jiggling it. Nope. I tried to turn it. Nope.

I looked at the key carefully. It wasn't a normal key. The length was square cut with some striations and the tip had a cut-in pattern on it.

I found the instructions. At the top was a warning: "Assemble before using." The description went on. "Due to events beyond our control during manufacturing and/or packaging, the key to open and lock your device may not match the mechanism. Please contact our help desk at x-xxx-xxx-xxxx."

My fingers trembled so much I could barely dial the numbers on my cell phone.

"This is Customer Help desk. My name is Tammy. How may I help you?" The voice on the other end answered. "And just to remind you, that this call maybe recorded for training and record keeping purposes."

"Er. Hi. I just received your um..." I was very embarrassed to speak with her. "Er... Model SL-5069."

"Yes, sir." Tammy said cheerfully to me. "Our best titanium Self-Locking Cock cage. How may I assist you further?"

"Well, um... I put it on before reading the instructions and warning and it seems that the key doesn't work." I explained. "Now I can't get it off."

"I see." Said Tammy. "Well sir, I just want to make sure the instructions were very clear and you put on the cock cage prior to reading the warning at the top of the manual."

"Yes...yes. It was my fault." I said. "Now can you help me get it off?"

"Yes sir. Please be assured that you are not the first to have done this." Tammy explained. "Can you tell me the serial number of the cage? It can be found on the bottom part of the ring part."

"There's no way for me to see it. I'm wearing the thing!" I reiterated.

"Perhaps you can take a picture of it and forward it to me." Obviously, from the quick response, they have had this complaint before.

The only way I could take any kind of picture was for me to be on my back, hold my camera between my legs and aim it at my balls. I was so panicked that I didn't want to lose the call. I snapped a shot and forwarded it to her.

"I'm sorry sir, but the picture you sent me is not good." Tammy explained. "If you would permit me and explain how we resolved this with similar cases."

"Okay..." I said with a bit of foreboding.

"Good. Please put the phone on speaker or hands free. Now I just sent a request for you to let me control your camera. Accept the request... (I clicked 'Agree'). Good, I now have control of your camera. By the way sir, I must comment on how nice your outfit looks. D's? They look very realistic. Are they from our catalogue as well?"

I had forgotten my phone camera was forward facing. "Er.. yes... D's. And yes, your catalogue."

"Great. Thank you for your patronage. Now please get on your hands and knees... Spread your knees and place the camera between your legs and... yes, that's correct... A little higher... A little closer... Perfect. Serial number: SL2045521218. Let me look it up."

Stupidly I remained on my fours. The cool air was brushing my ass hole and I used my finger to massage my hole.

"Excuse me sir, but please do not send me video of your current activity." I heard Tammy try to suppress a giggle. I had my phone still pointing at my ass. "Unfortunately, that key is out of stock and needs to be remade. I can make a request for expedited manufacturing. We can send you a copy but it will be sometime this weekend before it can reproduced."

"Can you do anything else to unlock this thing? I have a date this evening and don't want to wear it out." I asked desperately.

"Well sir, the short answer is no. The SL-5069 Self-locking Cock cage is designed and manufactured to prevent removal without the key. The metal is medical grade 23 6AI-4V ELI to prevent conventional tools that could be used to cut it apart." Tammy detailed to me. "Although I would not suggest it at all, even a cutting torch would have difficulty cutting through plus it would burn whatever it was installed on to."

"Yes, I know. That's why I bought it." I agreed with Tammy's explanation. "But there's got to be something else?"

"Attempting to drill out the lock will fail and not only destroy the lock and device but will not release the lock as we have found out in our testing. The only other solutions would be a hydraulic shear capable of high application pressure similar to the ones fire departments use. However the size of that shear would make accuracy difficult and the chance of injury is great." Tammy, who sounded like she was enjoying my dilemma, had an answer for everything. "To be honest sir, it would be best for you to wait until you receive a replacement key."

"I guess that will have to do. Can you send it to me as soon as possible?" I was used to wearing a cage for a day but a weekend? I guess it wouldn't be too bad, would it?

I gave her my information and received an email confirming the order progress and shipping info.

I tried to pull it off but the tight ring prevented it from sliding off. There was no way for me to remove it without injuring myself. The stiff wire that separated my balls did their job and prevented me from pushing my testicle through the ring. "Well, it's not the first time I've been locked up."

The cage itself felt different from the other ones I've worn. The thickness of the metal completely dampened any sensation of touch. When I grabbed the cage, I could feel the heat of my hand but nothing else; like a phantom hand gripping my cock. I knocked my fingers against it and barely felt a shock. Only when I slight my fingertips through the gaps of the cage was I able to feel anything. The tip of my penis pushed through the open tip of the cage and let me rub my pee hole. It was indeed successful as written in its sales description, in preventing any self-satisfying actions by the wearer.

I went and had my shower. The hot water felt good on my hairless body. I used swimming as my alibi for having my body hair removed by laser. My Speedos were the smallest most female looking male bikini I could find.

I soaped my groin well and attempted to slide it off again but no go.

I quickly got dresses in my male clothes: a blue dress shirt with loose slacks and black shoes. I thought it would be better if I wore loose boxer underneath my pants. I grabbed a blazer and went to meet Cheryl for dinner.

Cheryl, my girlfriend for about six months was a buxom, British blond beauty. While we were sexually active and (mostly) open with each other, she was totally unaware of my female alter-ego or my love of cages (I had seven; now eight). However, she had often used her strap-on to peg me in my ass.

I got to the bistro a few minutes before her. As I stood to greet her, my cage hit the table edge and made a banging noise. "That was just my belt!"

The conversation was easy and flowed as we shared some apps and a second bottle of wine (good thing I live just a few walkable blocks away) so I almost forgot about the cage I was wearing. I could tell Cheryl was getting a little more and more frisky as I felt the top of her shoe rub against my calf beneath the table.

Cheryl loved teasing me in public. As she did this evening, she often wore low cut or open tops that showed off her fantastic cleavage. She'd pull it aside and show me her sexy bra she wore beneath. Or as she wore tonight, a very thin, slightly transparent blouse that did little to hide anything.

As her foot climbed higher and higher up my leg, my cock got harder and harder in my cage. I knew her aim was placing her sole between my thighs so I tried to deter her from reaching her ultimate goal. Her stern look warned me off as she pushed her foot between my legs and stepped down on the accelerator. Even with her shoe on, she could feel the hardness of metal resisting her pressure.

I looked at Cheryl. She had a questioning look and mouthed. "What is that?"

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