tagReviews & Essays35 Personal Turn-Ons

35 Personal Turn-Ons


1.Chocolate – milk or dark, melted or solid, like a sweet, luscious orgasm exploding in my mouth...

2.The fantasy of him hiring a prostitute and bringing her home – watching them have sex while I hide in the closet – and then later come out to join them.

3.Piercings – so sexy – in the tongue, the eyebrow, the nose... even more sexy in the nipples... or the labia... or the clit... or the foreskin...

4.Introducing a young virgin to sex – teaching him how to pleasure a woman, how to touch her, kiss her, lick her, fuck her...

5.Having makeup sex – coming together after the heat of an argument, the fire still burning between us, feeling the energy surge as our bodies melt together.

6.Role playing the rich lady and the chauffeur - Jeeves, stop the car. Yes Ma'am. Good. Now come back here for a moment. Yes, Ma'am. I told you about leaving these here, didn't I? Yes Ma'am. Come take your punishment. Yes Ma'am ...

7.Blindfolding him, tying his arms to the bedposts, and doing whatever I want.

8.The thought of giving head to a guy with a cock piercing – in my fantasies, he's always big, bald and heavily tattooed...

9.When he finds my g-spot with his fingers while he's licking my clit, alternately rubbing... and licking... and rubbing... and licking...

10.Meeting him at the door wearing just one of his white button down dress shirts and nothing else.

11.When he lays back and makes me do all the work and just enjoys the ride

12.When he's taking me from behind and he spreads my ass with his hands, and I know he's watching himself fuck me, the way my asshole opens a little for him, the wet slide of his cock into my pussy...

13.The thought of going to a strip club with him and getting a lap dance for the both of us. We might not be able to touch her – but we can touch each other!

14.Four poster beds – with solid posts I can be tied up to. Just the sight of one makes my knees weak and my pussy wet.

15.Role playing prostitute and client – Hey baby, looking for a good time? Sure, you want a ride? Oh boy, do I. Have anything yummy for me to ride on? Sure, baby, hop on in and I'll show you...

16.The thought of seducing another woman to our bed and surprising him with her one afternoon. Hi honey, welcome home... this is Cindy... doesn't she have the prettiest pussy you've ever seen? It's sweet as can be... come here and have some...

17.Fantasy of hiding under his desk and giving him a blowjob while he's working, him trying to keep a straight face with a client across the way as I quietly lick and suck his cock...

18.Fantasy of being "played for" in a pool game – winner gets me on the pool table

19.When he pulls his jeans down and I can see the perfect outline of his cock through his briefs, hard and straining against the material. Makes my mouth water.

20.When I'm just about to come, seconds from orgasm, and he starts flicking his tongue fast along the length of my clitoris, back and forth. Drives me wild!

21.When he makes me undress for him... real slow... and caresses every inch of me with his eyes once I'm standing naked in front of him. Then he takes his fingertips and holds them ... just... above my skin... almost touching... but not... quite... god, that makes me so hot

22.The incredible heat radiating from between a woman's legs when you rest your cheek against her bare thigh and look at the open, waiting wetness of her pussy...

23.Role playing doctor and patient – when I'm the doctor and he's the patient. "I think we need to alleviate some of this pressure Mr. Jones... if I use my hand like this... just up and down like this... we might be able to help you out with this little problem you have here..."

24.I love playing the no-hands game during sex... we can explore each other using anything else, tongue, lips, nose, hair, knees, toes, anything but our hands... it gets awfully... creative!

25.I love when he talks to me while he's licking my pussy – when he stops to tell me what a hot little kitty I have... how hard it makes him to taste me... and the vibrations from his voice make me crazy!

26.Covering every inch of myself in baby oil, then climbing on top of him and giving him a massage – no hands. Just my slick, oiled up body rubbing against his over and over.

27.When I'm standing in front of him, and he slides his fingers inside of me... and then draws me slowly toward him... so he can lightly nibble on and bite my nipples while fingering my pussy.

28.Wearing a loooong string of pearls – and nothing else – to bed... and then lubing them up and wrapping them around his cock, stroking them up and down... it drives him crazy!

29.Roleplaying jailer and prisoner. You don't understand, Warden, I need to make a phone call. I'll do anything. And I mean anything...

30.Putting my legs up over his shoulders when he's on top. I can feel him s much more that way - so much thicker and harder as he drives into my pussy...

31.When he's going along, fucking me good and hard, and then he stops... just stops... and starts again realllllllllllly slowwwww again for a few minutes, making me beg and beg for more... god, please, baby, don't tease me, give me that hard cock...

32.When I'm breastfeeding and my breasts are full of milk – he loves sucking and licking them, and especially loves it when I'm on top riding him and start to come – my nipples leak milk all over my belly...

33.Sitting on top of him and pressing his cock against his belly so I can sliiiiide up and down the shaft – not letting him inside me – just rubbing my wet pussy and especially my hard little clit over his cock again... and again... and again... I come so hard that way... and sometimes, so does he!

34.Going down on him while he's still soft – I love the thought that I can make him hard with just a few flicks and twists of my hot, wet little tongue. I LOVE making him hard in my mouth.

35.Driving him wild by pressing my breasts into his back when we're out at a crowded bar. Then I whisper in his ear, 'God, I want you.' No surprise...we're home in minutes!

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