tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 04

36+1 Ep. 04


Mike found both maidbots in the kitchen, idling away the time and staring out into space. He had made this the place for them to wait when their chores were all done so he could easily find them.

The perfectly identical short-haired brunettes stood side by side, both dressed in their skimpy see-through maid outfits, and both making the loud unnatural sound that maidbots constantly produced. Their never-changing expressions and their never-blinking eyes were also identical, as their every feature had been stamped into industrial grade silicone by the exact same template.

Mike walked up to the nearest one and enjoyed her artificial beauty for a moment. The maidbot series were not assigned names like the other robots here, and the only way to tell them apart was to open the rear access panel between their shoulders and read the serial number. Mike saw no need for names either. He called them "Hey You", "Maid" and "Robot", among other things.

These girls were anomalies among his fembot friends here. They were built differently and behaved differently. They were the most obviously machine-like of all the synthetic women in the large house. Even if they wouldn't announce their presence with constant computerised beeping and motorised whirring, their skin would give them away instantly. Their flesh-like silicone covering was not textured or coloured to appear real in any way. It had an unnatural gloss to it as well, looking clearly like plastic from far across a room. The many gaps in the skin where parts could disconnect were also an instant giveaway, and the strong plastic smell it gave off reminded one more of vinyl than flesh.

Put together in voluptuous, underdressed feminine bodies full of motors and electronics, they were quite irresistible to him. He could watch them move all day, and nearly had done just that a few times. During his explorations of their form he had noticed just how different they were from ladies like Tammy and Anya. With the 558 series, the 542s, the 510s and even the series 032 technicians, the face was a heavy, circuitry-laden mask that could easily be removed for whatever reason. Behind its human facade were the human looking eyes and the human sounding speaker that helped maintain the illusion. They were built solidly into the head along with the rest of the video, audio and chemical sensing equipment that each fembot carried around.

But in the case of the maidbots, the face couldn't be removed without first removing four very long machine screws, and access to those openings in the back of the head required removal of the velcroed-on wig. After removing each screw with a sufficiently long screwdriver, the entire front half of the head could be detached for servicing. The eyes stayed securely in the faceplate, and were only semi-spherical painted glass covers for the comparatively low resolution video cameras that were standard in this type of woman.

The full, plastic lips of the maidbots could not move or open, and served a purely aesthetic function. There was no speaker behind a maidbot's mouth. They lacked the ability to talk just as they lacked the ability to blink or even move their eyes.

Another difference in faceplate/facemask removal between the maidbots and the other women here was that thick bundles and ribbons of coloured wires remained connected to the maids' faceplate when it was detached from it's separation point behind the ears. All the other Robot Control models could walk around all day without a facemask, showing off their sexy circuitry while still being able to fulfill their programming.

It wasn't so for the maidbots. The different but still very attractive pattern of microelectronics visible within their plastic heads could only be available for viewing when they were immobile.

Other panels they had built into their bodies were placed in similar locations, but contained differences in structure and circuitry that ranged from minor to major. Only the recharge port at the base of the spine was more or less identical to the other android models.

Seeing how variety is the spice of life, Mike took these differences in stride, and appreciated the very artificial beauty of these well-built devices.

To order today's lunch from these machines, He relayed a series of verbal commands to the closer of the two maidbots. Since these models had no processing power or programming to interpret his words, the audio signals that the microphones inside their ears had received were relayed to the Main Computer. It decided what to do about his request, and sent a blaze of binary pulses back into each pretty unit's head in order for it to begin working on his meal.

He sat back and enjoyed the show of the two mechanical twins preparing his lunch for him. All the while they beeped, clicked and whirred, looking as inhuman as anything he had ever seen. He fantasised about what else he could do with these two, and reminisced about what he had already done.

Meanwhile in the basement lab, Tammy and Anya had once again connected chest to chest so they could exchange ideas. Still communicating, but silent, they had walked over to watch the naked Maria and Laurie units repair the damaged Diana robot.

Since they shared Mike's fetish for fembots, they quite enjoyed watching the lovely, plump-bottomed secretary get methodically scanned, taken apart, altered and pieced back together again. They enjoyed it so much that over the course of the next two hours, they both ran their vaginal fluid cartridges dry. Being careful not to make a mess, most of the realistically flavoured and strongly aromatic liquid had made its way from one android's vagina to the other's mouth.

The two female lovers, now naked like the technicians, panted and caressed one another as they headed over to another examination table. This one was off in a corner, at the end of a row of 15 fembot-filled glass booths. Behind it was a massive wall-sized machine that ran constantly mixing the ingredients for replacement fluid cartridges. The human and his favourite fembots had made this machine work much more than it ever had since his arrival.

As the machine mixed away, Anya layed her almost unrealistically sexy body down on the table while Tammy unplugged the cable that had connected them. Tammy then removed the entire front of Anya's torso, in order to get access to the spent cartridges inside. As they smiled lovingly at each other, Tammy took those containers out and placed them into a slot in the big machine. They would be cleaned and later refilled.

Anya watched Tammy's buns wiggle as she walked a few feet over to the other end of the machine. She reached in and pulled out another set of cartridges - full to the brim with fembot love juice. Tammy placed those cylinders inside her lover's body, and reattached the front of her torso, giving her gorgeous tits a squeeze as she did.

Anya stood up and traded places with Tammy. Off came the torso cover, and out came the empty cartridges. In went the full ones and back went the skin-covered device.

After that, Tammy took Anya's hand as she stood up from the table. "So what do you think of my idea?" she asked, referring to some of the ones and zeroes that had earlier flowed between their processor cores.

"I'm surprised we didn't compute it sooner." Anya said.

They leaned in and kissed, then held hands and went to get into their clothes as they watched the technicians finish up with Diana.

After a few more applications of solder from the combination dispenser and heated applicator that was part of Maria's hand, the technicians connected the secretary to the nearby terminal for a final round of diagnostic scans.

Laurie watched the monitors above the consoles while Maria stood still and waited for commands. The Main Computer communicated electronically with Diana's body, step by step determining whether or not everything was responding and functioning as it should. One by one, Diana's components were scanned and passed until at the end the entire system was approved for activation.

The antenna in Maria's head received the command to activate the fembot on the table. The technician unplugged the cables then pushed the red power button to initiate the boot sequence.

Tammy and Anya watched the LEDs flash inside Diana's chest. They could read the patterns of light and listen to the sound of beeping to find out that everything was running smoothly so far.

"DIANA ROBOT NUMBER 7839061B ACTIVATED." the auburn haired lady said in her monotone.

"Thanks Maria." Tammy said. She gave the emotionless technician a hug, then walked over to her assistant. "Thanks to you too, Laurie." she said, hugging this naked plastic woman as well.

Anya was smiling at Diana, and closing up her chest panel as her systems rebooted without incident.

"How do you feel, Diana?" Anya asked as she let her fingertips linger on the other android's chest.

"I feel fine. Thank you." Diana said in her standard voice, giving the code for "no errors found".

Tammy walked back over to the examination table and showed Diana's optical scanners a playful smile. "We have an assignment for you Diana." she said as she offered her hand to the 510.

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