tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 05

36+1 Ep. 05


While Tammy and Anya were having fun in the basement lab, Mike was eating a delicious baked lasagna meal with a side of Greek salad and enjoying the company of the never speaking but never silent maidbots.

After lunch came his daily workout in the exercise room. A tall blonde android named Desiree had been selected by him and programmed by Anya to be his personal trainer. She was a 558, but lacked realistic human emulation software. The only girls that had that were Tammy and Anya. Mike liked it this way. He liked the fembots here to act like the machines they were.

Desiree's programming had been augmented with all the functionality necessary to act as the perfect fitness trainer. She told Mike what needed work and what was coming along smoothly. She told him how to adjust his caloric intake, and she told him how many calories he burned while having sex with her. She also dispassionately scolded him for his high-fat choice of meals, like the one he had just eaten.

Today's workout had been as invigorating as always, and after giving Desiree a parting kiss, Mike headed off to take a long hot shower. The ability to kiss that these androids possessed would usually have been part of more extensive human emulation software, but Mike had insisted on his arrival that every robot here - except the maidbots of course - be programmed to kiss and to have sex.

This way they maintained their non-human charms, and even Maria and Laurie knew exactly what to do when Mike took their rigid artificial bodies in his arms and started to press his mouth to theirs. The more advanced the model, of course, the better the kissing. The 558s were the great kissers, and Tammy and Anya competed constantly for the title of best kissing machine ever built. They practiced often enough on each other too.

Mike used to fantasise about things like this, now he remembered and planned. He had now been with each of the 36 female robots here at Robot Control Station 64 at least once. He had also picked out many favourites, some of the prettier faces and curvier bodies.

So far though, what he had done with the Diana robot was unique. Her stature, her figure, her model number and her perfect blank stare had won her a special place in his heart. It was for the sole purpose of watching that fembot walk around and work that he had come up with the fake office idea. The fake secretary still ended her days like most other robots - standing stiffly upright in a charging booth overnight unless she was a guest charging with him in his bed.

But that still made him wonder about jealousy. Both Tammy and Anya constantly reminded him they weren't capable of that, and he knew that was true, but he still sometimes felt uneasy about spending too much time with other fembots. His logical mind was in the process of getting his emotional mind over that hurdle though.

After his shower, and feeling relaxed and very happy with his current situation, he went to the den that he had selected out of all the many rooms in this large house to sit and relax with a book for a while.

As soon as he sat down and picked up his book, a knock came on the door.

"Come in." he said, expecting either of his sentient lady friends to enter.

But when he looked to the doorway as the door swung open, he saw Diana. He noticed the shape of her wide hips first. It was a pleasant surprise.

"Hello Mike." she said, sounding halfway between mindless and artificial. She made a half dozen steps forward and came to a stop a few feet away from where he sat.

He got up. His penis was already getting hard again, simply from the sight of her sexy shape. "Hi Diana, what brings you here?"

Diana looked up into his eyes as he came close to her. One loud beep came out of one of her internal circuit boards.

Mike knew what it meant to hear a 510 like her make that kind of beep. Her processors were getting overtaxed, and needed a little time to cool off. That was part of her appeal.

She spoke after a slightly long moment. "Are you in the mood for some robot ass?"

Mike was a little surprised. He'd never heard a 510 talk like that before. He watched as she smiled in her fake way and turned around to show off her rear end to him. She had changed her clothes again, and now wore a light pink short-sleeved blouse and a pair of tight brown polyester slacks.

And if those black pants from this morning looked good on her, these ones made her fantastic plastic fanny look simply amazing. The way that fabric was cut and stitched made her big round buns stick out even more noticeably than usual. These pants seemed to pull her buns up and out, giving her butt such clear definition that he could hardly contain himself.

"Tammy said I look beautiful in these clothes." Diana said. She beeped. "Beautiful does not compute.

Mike grinned and tugged on the front of his pants to give his cock room to stand up, and walked forward a few steps to get close enough to the robot to touch it.

His right hand went right for the center of the display while his left stroked down the side of her hip. He felt those panty lines again. They felt good to his fingertips, as he fondled the artificial woman through the artificial fabric.

She hadn't moved or flinched at all, even as his hands followed the contours of her form all around the most sensor-filled areas of synthetic skin. That was one thing he adored about these women - without human emulation programming he just couldn't forget for a moment that they were machines.

Even as he greedily got his hands full of Diana's ample booty, and got his nostrils full of the carefully formulated scent of her femininity, he was constantly aware that he was fondling a computerised mechanical device.

That smell of arousal continued to grow as he held on to her wide hips and dry-humped her polyester covered ass.

He brought his hands up to cup her often overlooked breasts and spoke into the microphone built into the right side of her head. "Diana, I can smell your vaginal fluid. Are you secreting it now?"

Diana's answer didn't come right away. First, her body beeped again, sending a powerful swell of arousal through his crotch and through his body. He pressed his hot cock up against her equally hot buns even harder as he waited for a reply.

"Yes." she said after all that computing.

That made Mike wonder what had gone on in the basement lab. Without human emulation software, the only way for a 510 to cum was to have the panel above her vagina opened, and to have a switch manually set to one of three flow settings.

"Have you been reprogrammed?" he asked as he felt her plastic nipples get hard and big.

She didn't answer right away. She beeped two times while Mike waited for her to respond verbally. The big-assed Diana robot was turning him on more than she usually did now.

After more repeated thrusts of his hips against her plump backside she spoke. "Tammy has provided me with additional programming in order to more efficiently satisfy your sexual needs."

That explained her new functionality and her new vocabulary. Mike smiled as he thought about Tammy deviously plugging herself into Diana's chest in order to get her new ideas across.

He couldn't stand to wait any more. "Get naked." he said as he took a step back and started to take off his pants.

"Yes Mike." she said after a pause.

"Call me Master." he commanded.

"Yes Master."

She stayed with her back facing him as she started to undress. The android unzipped and removed her black leather ankle boots first, showing off the bending-over capabilities of her hip and waist mechanisms. Then her hands performed the complicated movements of unbuttoning the front of her blouse. When he watched her stiffly wriggle her torso out of her top, he noticed her bra was black satin, the type he preferred his women to wear.

"Leave your underwear on." he ordered as he stepped out of his jeans.

"Yes Master." she said. He kind of wished he could hear more beeping come out of her body, but he didn't want to crash her system... not yet anyway.

His penis swelled and throbbed as he watched the cute secretary strip out of her pants. Only a machine could unfasten and spread apart the fly so methodically, and shake her sexy wide hips so rhythmically while bringing the tight slacks over her plump curves. He could just imagine her servos working as she lifted her plastic legs bit by bit to get the pants over her thick, smooth thighs.

At last, the brown pants fell to her feet and she stepped out of them. She stood perfectly still then, waiting for his next command.

He walked close to get a feel of her satin undies. One of the things he loved almost as much as fembots and big round butts was lingerie, preferably black satin. And right now this sexy series 510 offered him all three. His hands stroked the sensual, smooth satin that stretched over her wide behind. He didn't think the sight could get any better, but then he decided to remove her recharge port cover.

As he let that fall onto the pile of her clothes, he turned his full attention back to her sexy curved butt. He crouched down behind her to switch the view, and placed his hands on the insides of her plump thighs. He stroked downward, reveling at the smooth sight and feel of all that silicone. Even staring right at those uncannily wide, round buns he still couldn't believe how big they were. And they appeared even more exaggerated on this android's petite and slim body.

His penis started to drip now. He could wait for penetration no longer.

"Diana," he said as he stood up, "kneel down on all fours."

That statement took a lot of computing power for her basic chipsets to decipher. She beeped again to signal the delay, but once the meaning of his command had been translated into the type of binary code her electronic body could understand, she looked to the floor and began the incredibly complex function of kneeling down.

He watched her as she crouched and lowered her mechanical body, eventually to end up in a fine position for fucking. She provided him with three additional electronic beeps to keep him aroused as her CPU struggled to deal with all the intense calculations.

Then after all that, she was ready. So was he. He quickly knelt down on the carpet behind her and got himself close to her already wet pussy. He put his fingertips on her panties and felt that they were quite wet down there.

He smiled and stroked the sides of her round hips for a while before grabbing her panties and pulling them down over her smooth and big curved posterior. The satin went down over her buns, over her hips and down along her thighs. The fabric clung to her crotch, but with another slight tug, it came away from that bit of plastic and fell down to her knees.

Mike got in even closer and eased his hard cock into her standard 510 human interface device. He thrusted hard from behind until it was in all the way and he heard her beep.

He smiled and closed his eyes, flush with sensual pleasure all through his body. He came out a little and pumped in hard again. She beeped again. It looked as though the new bits of programming Tammy had given her were increasing the work load on her processors. That was just fine with him.

He went on pushing in and pulling back, and she began to respond with similar movements of her mechanical chassis. At every moment of full pressure, when he was deep inside her and pushing hard, her body beeped. He was really starting to appreciate the subtle charms of the 510 series now.

They fucked like that for only a few minutes before his arousal turned frantic and exploded. He held tightly on to her wide hips as he came into her plastic pussy, causing her to increase her rate and frequency of beeping.

He forced deep breaths of air through his nose as he closed his eyes and tilted his head upward. He exhaled deeply and said "Wow!"

Diana beeped.

He grabbed her nearby blouse and used it to wrap around his wet dick as he pulled it out of her. He wiped off the combination human/fembot love juices and did the same for her. She remained unmoving as he looked into her recharge port. He gave her big cheeks a slap and stood up.

"Thank you Diana." he said. "You can go back to calling me Mike now."

"Yes Mike." she said after a pause. She didn't beep this time.

She stayed kneeling on the floor like that for a while longer until her CPU made it through the computations necessary for her to stand up. Mike zipped his pants and buckled his belt as he watched her finally stand and pull her panties back over her sexy curves.

He had another idea. "Diana," he said, "Stay dressed in only your underwear but put your boots back on."

That caused another beep,and a delayed response of "Yes Mike."

She bent over and got back into her cute little boots with the flared heels while he watched. Even after all the sex, he found himself getting horny again.

"Come here." he ordered.

"Yes Mike." she said as she walked over with her vacant expression, stiff posture and mechanically swinging hips.

He kissed her, and she kissed back in her basic, non-passionate way.

"Go get me a cup of coffee." he ordered. "You know how I like it."

Another beep sounded, then the predictable and welcome reply. "Yes Mike."

She turned to go, but he stopped her by holding on to her shoulder.

"One more thing." he said.

She turned to face him, staring at him with her bright blue eyes and flawlessly emotionless countenance. He reached out, stroked her cheek, and removed her facemask.

"Go get that coffee, beautiful." he said as he enjoyed the sight of all that thoroughly inhuman electronic circuitry around her naked glass eyes and cold digital speaker.

"Yes Mike." she said. She gave him one more sexy electronic beep, and said "Beautiful does not compute."

Then she turned and walked toward the door, her big silicone ass wiggling so nicely to her quick, small steps.

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