tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 07

36+1 Ep. 07


Mike heard Diana's footsteps and picked up his bookmark. He placed it in his book and set that down on the table next to him. The footsteps got louder and louder until he saw first her shadow then her body. The sight of her curves and the electronics on display sent a tingle through his private parts again.

"Here is your coffee, Mike." she said as her many LEDs flashed.

Mike took the steaming mug as she bent forward to hand it over to him. "Thank you, lovely robot lady." he said as he looked at that enchanting lack of a face.

The barely dressed secretary paused as Mike placed the mug on the table beside him. He looked her over as she stood up straight again.

"Do you require further service from me?" she asked.

Mike was already thinking of things to do besides read. "Probably." he said.

He waited for the machine to make the next move. She did what he expected her to do. She beeped.

"That does not compute." she said, predictably.

Mike chuckled. "Sure it does."

Another beep came out of the robot's body. Mike just sat there watching to see what she would do. She stood perfectly still after that, coloured lights blazing away amid the attractive display of electronics and other android parts visible inside her head.

"Do you know what I like best about you Diana?" he asked.

"No." she answered after a short moment.

"I like the way you act. No one could possibly mistake you for a human." he said. "On second thought, I like your ass the best. Turn around so I can have another look at it."

Her CPU plodded along through the complex logic of his syntax, sending the expected warning beep to show that it was having a difficult time of it. After a few more seconds, she said "Yes Mike." and obeyed his order.

Mike saw the sign taped to her back then, and burst out laughing as he read it. "Did you know there's a sign that says 'fuck me' on your back?" he asked her.

"No." she said after processing his words.

He stood up and walked over to the motionless droid. He gently pulled away the sign and held it up for her cameras to scan. "Check it out." he said.

Diana beeped.

Mike just knew that sign must have been Tammy's doing. She and Anya impressed him more and more each day with their creativity and increasing realness.

Mike put the paper aside and grabbed Diana's big buns again. "You know it's hard to get things done around here with a machine like you wandering around in your underwear."

She gave him another beep and another "That does not compute".

"You know what, I'm gonna lie down for a while, and you're gonna get into bed with me."

After calculating the meaning of his statement and beeping once more for good measure, she acknowledged the order. "Yes Mike."

He went to pick up his coffee and had a slow sip. "Mmmmm..." he said, "you fembots make good coffee."

Diana managed to understand that too, and without beeping to signal heavy processing. "Thank you Mike."

"Go to the study." he commanded.

"Yes Mike." she said, and started walking.

He followed behind, enjoying the sight of her big thighs, hips and buns as they swayed and wiggled to her mechanised steps. "You've got a real sexy way of walking." he said.

"Thank you Mike." she said again as they made their way through the house to the study.

Anya and Maria had just left this room minutes ago. Mike could tell one of the girls had been here because the screen saver on the PC had not yet kicked in, and he could still smell a faint whiff of Robot Control's special blend.

Diana entered first and stopped in position off to the side. Mike took another sip and held out the mug to her. "Can you hold this?" he said.

"Yes Mike." she said as she took the hot glass mug from him.

He sat down in front of the monitor and clicked an icon on the desktop. The program that he now started up was a graphical inventory of all the girls in the basement. Anya had designed and written all the code for this program within minutes upon a casual request he had made one day. And she had done a marvelous job. The interface was easy to use and provided Mike with all the information he could possibly want pertaining to each sexy female humanoid robot in the house.

As he clicked on a name or a thumbnail image of a fembot, a rendered 3D image popped up on the screen, rotating slowly to show off all sides of the artificial woman. Statistics were listed to the right of this, including height, model number, serial number and even total hours active. Much more information was only a click away.

So while the faceless and black satin wearing Diana unit stood obediently by, Mike scrolled through displays of pretty fembots, trying to decide which would make the opposite end of a Mike sandwich.

This was how he had his daily naps. He would try to have a different lady on either side of him each time, and many times he didn't even get any sleep. Today's nap would probably turnout that way too, thanks to the flavourful coffee he was enjoying.

So far, he had gone through the list of fembots mainly by pairing them up this way. There was lots of variety in appearance, but these electronic hotties all tended to act the same. He could barely tell the 558s from the 542s, but the handful of 510s here were easier to spot.

His absolute favourites - the sentient machines he considered his girlfriends - were different of course. He spent the nights in bed with those two self-programmed 558s, and they kept him warm and happy through the night.

But now was the time for exploration and variety. Mike kept looking for a suitable partner for him to enjoy with Diana, but he couldn't decide. Eventually, he scrolled forward to look at displays of the two technicians. He hadn't screwed Laurie for a while, so he at last decided on her.

He closed the program and stood up. "What do you say to a threesome with you, me and Laurie?" he asked Diana, even though he knew she wasn't capable of forming opinions.

"That does not compute." she said as he grabbed his coffee.

"Alright." he laughed. "Follow me."

He led this time and brought the sexy machine through the house to his bedroom. He kept working at his hot coffee while he went to go sit down at the desk at the foot of the big bed. On that desk was another computer, but this one was a dedicated video connection to the robot lab. A webcam and a microphone on a stand provided video and audio to a similar setup in the basement.

Mike looked at Diana as she stood at attention beside him. "Go lie down on the bed honey." he said. "Take off your boots first."

"Yes Mike" said the still faceless robot woman as she turned and carried out the order.

Mike hit the spacebar, which acted as a buzzer thanks to some more of Anya's custom designed software. Within seconds, Laurie stepped in front of the camera and spoke.

"Robot Control Station 64. Laurie reporting." she said so perfectly mindlessly.

"Ah," Mike said with a grin, "just the fembot I was looking for."

Laurie looked back through the video connection with an empty, unchanging expression.

"Come up to my room Laurie." he said.

"Yes Mike." she answered.

He watched her step out of the camera's view and felt his groin area tingle again in anticipation. He got up from the chair and started to undress. Diana had pulled the sheets back and gotten between them. Her arms lay straight by her sides while all the coloured lights in her head danced around her fake eyes and her speaker.

Mike looked her over while he got out of his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. His penis was growing erect again, and forced itself out of his shorts as he followed the contours of her plastic body with his eyes. "Take off your bra." he said.

"Yes Mike." she responded. She sat up ever so stiffly and reached behind to unhook the black bra. She had enough AI to follow that motion through and pull the undergarment off one of her slender arms to lay it on the bed beside her.

Mike threw his clothes over the chair and went to pick up her bra. He laid it on the chair too and then wondered if he should have brought Diana's attractive facemask along with him.

He sat down on the bed and got in close to the 510. "Scoot that ass over babe, we have to make room for Laurie." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said. She used her arms to lift her upper body, and swung her wide feminine hips over to the right until she reached a spot she had calculated would center her on the far third of the mattress.

Mike settled beside her and let his back relax on the comfortable bed. He let out an exaggerated sigh and reached out his hand to rest on Diana's big rounded thigh. "What an AWESOME body you have." he said.

It took Diana a moment to compute that he had just complimented her. She beeped computer-like again and finally said "Thank you Mike." just as Laurie came in through the door.

The brunette technician stepped inside the room. Mike watched her move and stared at her exposed recharge port as she turned around and closed the door behind her. When she had turned her body to face him again she said "Hello Mike."

Mike smiled and patted the bed beside him. "Lay down next to me babe." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said after calculating the meaning of his words. He reached down and grabbed his swelling member as he watched the naked technician walk over and climb into the bed beside him.

He thought of how she accomplished all of that as he watched. He knew she was getting second by second instructions from the Main Computer. These technicians couldn't even speak without that powerful device dictating their every movement. He also knew that when he interacted with one of these technicians, he was basically interacting with an extension of that basement supercomputer.

With Laurie and Diana settled like bookends beside him, each posed the exact same way, Mike relaxed fully and got his hands busy. The left hand stroked Laurie's plastic thighs just as his right hand stroked Diana's. Both robots had warmth, but only Diana had the type meant to simulate humanness. The technicians were always a little cooler, but Mike could appreciate that.

The two synthetic vaginas of the electronic ladies beside him were also similar, though Diana still had those sexy panties over her metal and plastic hips. As Mike probed the emotionless robots with his fingers, he looked to the right and the left, trying to decide which one he would use first.

Laurie's beautiful plastic face was aimed at the ceiling, her full pink lips looking quite inviting considering the mechanisms that were available to make her kiss. Her long, dark eyelashes curled out far away from her clear blue glass eyes, built into eyelids that had only ever blinked at his request.

Then he looked over at Diana, with her true electronic fembot 'face' showing. All of those brilliantly alluring lights and all of that cold looking circuitry were an incredibly potent aphrodisiac for him. Gazing at her naked and lifeless glass eyeballs and the high definition speaker that generated her feminine voice were just as erotic, revealing the electronic mechanism behind her relatively simple facade.

It didn't seem to matter how often he saw these women without their faces, the complex array of electronics assembled within their heads always sparked that primal burning of desire in his heart.

He decided. As lovely as Laurie's silicone face was, he would rather look at the completely inhuman display of microchips, transistors and wires that the curvy Diana unit now offered.

"Get on top of me Diana." he said to her.

"Yes Mike." she answered, and moved mechanically to comply with his command.

While she was doing that Mike thought about removing Laurie's facemask too. He probably would later, but right now was the time for Diana's light emitting diodes to shine. Her wet and newly automatic vagina would give pleasure to his penis. At the same time, her plump round buns would give pleasure to his hands and her lovely android insides would be an erotic feast for his eyes.

The bottom-heavy 510 got her hourglass figure on him and spread her legs apart. Mike reached down to her soaking wet crotch and pulled the soft fabric of her panties aside. His penis slid around the thoroughly lubricated perimeter of her electronically controlled pussy until the appropriate software loaded within her chest. She thrust her hip mechanism forward, taking his hard and throbbing penis into her warm, wet plastic pussy.

Mike smiled broadly and put both hands around that fantastically built robot booty. He and the artificial secretary began to fuck harder and faster while he gazed at the inner workings of her head.

They screwed in rhythm together, man and machine working toward the common goal of his own pleasure. He watched her soft auburn hair bounce lightly around as it fell forward and got in front of some of her circuitry. The thought of the unfeeling Diana robot carrying out a complex multitude of binary instructions to achieve all that increased and sustained his arousal, making it an emotionally satisfying experience for him as well.

It didn't take long for him to orgasm yet again, and within minutes, he was pumping his own fluid into the fembot's vagina. He kept the big-assed android on top of him as he caught his breath and held her warm chassis.

He made a deep sigh and turned to look at Laurie, who was still laying on her back, unmoving. "You don't mind if we screw after a little nap, do you?" he asked.

The technician relayed his statement to the Main Computer and then generated her own voice to return the words it had given her to respond. "I am not programmed to mind."

Mike closed his eyes and rolled the Diana robot off of him. "Lay down on your right side." he instructed.

"Yes Mike." she replied. She got herself into the position that her data indicated he preferred and waited for his next command.

He turned on his side too and held on to the warm Diana unit, snuggling up close to the emotionless android. "Laurie, you get in close behind me."

"Yes Mike." the technician said. She too had access to data that indicated exactly what Mike wanted now.

With a beautiful artificial woman on either side of him - a Mike sandwich - he slowed his breathing and let sleep gently come over his mind. He played with the big round butt of the 510 as he drifted slowly out of consciousness.

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