tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 08

36+1 Ep. 08


Mike was in the early stages of sleep when a single loud beep came from the robot to his left. Laurie sat up suddenly and got out of bed. Before Mike could open his eyes to look around, the technician was walking out of the room, closing the door behind her as she went.

Mike guessed she must have been needed in the lab. He inhaled deeply and layed back down. In the quietness that followed he held on to the mindless electronic secretary for a while, trying to catch those waves of sleep again.

It didn't work. He shouldn't have had that coffee. He sat up and looked at the clock. Only about 40 minutes had passed since he and Diana had gotten to his room. With his plans for the afternoon now altered he looked around and wondered what he should do.

"Hey, Dianatronic Unit." he said, coining a new nickname for the device.

She beeped, predictably, and said "Yes Mike."

"You might as well get back to the office." he said. "You've got lots of work to do, remember?"

Mike flung the sheets out of the way and watched Diana very stiffly straighten her mechanical body and roll over on her back. With her arms stuck straight at her sides, she sat up in a fast, unnatural looking way and froze for a moment.

She had Mike's full attention, of course, and he watched her move in her machine-like way as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and went through the process of standing up. Her butt stuck out quite far as she froze again while the circuitry in her chest sifted through data and calculated instructions for all her parts to act upon.

He enjoyed the sight for a while. She was completely naked except for those now soaking wet panties. The high cut of the stretchy satin revealed a lot of her wide hips, and clung tightly to her form up to her thin, svelte waist. The big round masses of silicone that had been so attractively built to the back of those mechanical hips were partially covered by a sexy inverted triangle of satin, with the sharply defined edges of her buns just below. The way her big backside protruded from the rest of her body made a near perfect 90° angle where her plastic thighs ended and her amazing ass began.

Above that sexiest of big asses ever manufactured was her still open recharge port - indicating her status as sufficiently charged with a single solid green LED. As he stared at the plug-in beside it, he heard the artificial woman beep once more.

Then she walked around the bed in her less than realistic way as Mike enjoyed the sight of her plastic buns wiggling. After all the time he had known this robot, and after all the time he had spent fondling her, he still couldn't get over how outrageously sexy those curves were. Her plump, round thighs, as firm and smooth as a dancer's, moved in that sexy way to her walk as well. It all made him think of one thing and one thing only.

But he had ridden this robot enough today. He felt more like being closer to a true companion than an attractive toy right now.

"Diana." he called as she got near to the door.

The fembot stopped and turned around. The naked electronics inside her head met his view, getting him aroused and in the mood for more all over again.

"Yes Mike." she said, her voice coming from that nice looking speaker.

Mike just looked at her front for a while. Her thighs and hips were still impossibly and gorgeously wide. "Built for fucking." he thought. Her little waist was more in proportion to the rest of her frame, as were her perfect, gravity-defying C-cup tits, with their semi-erect nipples.

The head, with its cover removed, was brilliantly beautiful. Her dark auburn hair was styled very attractively, and framed her artificial head in a very feminine way. The complicated electronics inside were even nicer for him to look at. That kind of display seemed to proudly proclaim its artificiality; even with the hints of humanness that were her naked glass eyeballs and the mouth-positioned speaker.

He found himself getting lost in desire while looking at the almost naked and partially uncovered female android. He wondered what more he could possibly want in a sexual partner.

Then he remembered what he was going to say. "I'll send one of the maids to collect your facemask and all your clothes and give you a little cleaning."

Diana beeped, her processors still working harder than usual thanks to her extra software. "Yes Mike."

He stood up as she turned around to go again. "Wait a minute." he said.

He walked toward her as he watched her turn back around to face him. He got close to the petite 510 and played around with her nipples. She loaded software to make them turn hard between his fingertips.

"You know that you're not actually doing anything productive down in that office, right?"

She had her head aimed up at his now, bright lights flashing fast amid the microchips, circuit boards and wires.

She beeped once. She beeped a second time.

Mike's hands cupped her soft, warm breasts as he waited for her to say something.

"That does not compute." she said.

He grinned and looked into her fake eyes. He loved hearing her say things like that. "I hate to break it to you Diana, but all you're doing down there is pretending to be a secretary because I think you look cute doing it. You ever notice that all the papers you deal with are blank, and nearly every time the phone rings there's no one there?"

He watched and waited as her CPU worked full tilt to try to translate his statements. He could barely detect that some patterns of flashing lights in her head were changing to signal the intense computing going on within her chest.

Four of those loud computerised beeps came out of her this time, spaced longer apart. "That does not compute." she said at the end of it all.

Mike chuckled. "That's why I love you." he said. he wanted to give her a kiss, but she didn't have any lips at the moment. So he touched a kiss with his fingertips from his mouth to her speaker.

"Get back to work." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said so very vacantly as he watched her turn around again.

He gave her big buns a little spank as she walked out, then turned around to get some of his own clothes ready. Her footsteps got further, then stopped. He heard her turn around again and come back to his room. He looked to the doorway just as she appeared there.

She aimed her opened head at him and very flatly said "You should come visit me in the office next time you need some circuitry or some ass. I have lots of both."

An expression of surprise went on Mike's face as the petite android turned again and left. He smiled even wider as he realised that her invitation must have been one of the additions Tammy had made.

He went to the washroom and cleaned himself up a bit before putting on some fresh clothes and going down to the kitchen to sweet talk one of the maids into cleaning up after him.

"Hi cuties." he said as the two beeping and clicking fembots stood at the ready.

He started giving verbal commands to the one closest to him. She whirred like an assembly-line robot as she pivoted her glossy plastic head to look at him. He also instructed that voluptuous woman-shaped machine to clean the big bottomed 510 in the office and bring her some clean, professional looking attire.

That maidbot signaled her understanding and obedience by walking off to the den to start upon her new tasks. She whirred loudly as she went by her motionless but just as loud twin, making enough noise to be heard two rooms away.

Mike reached up and stretched with a yawn, then went to go find the android who had become his soul-mate.

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