tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 13

36+1 Ep. 13


Melli started returning Mike's kisses - just as he had expected and just as she had been programmed. The kisses were technically well executed, but to him they felt obviously mechanised and passionless.

Mike closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience for what it was. He imagined the complicated machinery of her mouth moving to provide him with this simulated act of sensuality. He envisioned all the moving parts of metal, plastic and silicone and all the precisely controlled surges of electricity pulsating through her wiring and her microchips.

Her sexy, slender body remained still for the most part while her wet lips moved and changed shape in response to what its sensors detected in his own mouth. One thing missing from the experience was the faint but audible sound of electricity humming and motors whirring. He would have been able to enjoy that too had he been kissing a 510.

But the lady in his arms was artificial enough for him. He kissed for a while until a thought crossed his mind. Tipped off by a whiff of a scent, he reminded himself of how this type of usage always triggered synthetic cum secretion in these plastic women. That functionality was part and parcel of the basic kissing and sex programs he had insisted upon being installed in all of them.

He stopped his kissing and leaned back a little from Melli. He looked into her lifeless electronic eyes. She was so perfectly empty of feelings, and the look showed clearly on her very pretty face.

"Melli, lay down face-up on that table and spread your legs." he commanded.

"Yes Mike." she said, and got to work computing and carrying out his order.

He went to go fetch an upholstered stool he had brought down to the lab just for occasions such as this. He placed it at the foot of the padded examination table. This one had casters, so he walked around and locked them with his foot.

With that done, he knelt down on the stool and leaned his body forward between the brunette android's legs. He probed her tight wet pussy with his fingers for a while, then leaned all the way over and started to lick the precious dew from her small and delicate pink lips.

Melli could feel nothing as he stimulated the sensors in her crotch that way. The only response her body made was to pump out more of that cream; giving him artificial pheromones and hormones to taste and enjoy.

Anya looked over to him and computed an idea. She had finished transferring data to the naked technician and was only waiting for the main computer to blast through the pile of hard calculations it needed to perform.

Chest panel still open, she hung the connection cable around Maria's neck and walked over to where Mike was. She aimed her head down at Melli and scanned the other 558 with her optical system. She sorted through the data collected and decided she wanted to join the fun.

Without speaking and with a horny grin on her face, she pulled off her panties and gently dragged them across Melli's nose a few times. Mike looked up and let out a chuckle between his licking and slurping.

Anya threw the panties on to Melli's navel and then tossed her dark silken hair to one side. She climbed up on to the table and straddled the emotionless girl to face Mike. Anya lowered her hips and arched her back until her own plastic pussy was touching Melli's lips.

"Robot number 7838812B, be a doll and eat my pussy." she said. She smiled at Mike.

Melli took a little longer than expected to calculate the meaning of Anya's request, but eventually she responded. "Yes Anya." she said, then got to work.

Anya started generating the feminine moans and sighs that had been missing from the situation. It made Mike even hornier to hear that gorgeous android getting off.

Meanwhile, between Melli's legs, Mike could sense a preprogrammed arousal pattern coming around to completion. Melli's CPU began to send instructions to her vaginal lubrication system to pump out more and more fluid. Just like most of the minimally programmed women here, Melli came the same way every time. When the climax of viscous fluid finally arrived, Melli was still unmoving - save for her mouth and jaw, which were still sucking and licking Anya's steadily draining component.

Mike was rock hard now and needed something to stick his dick into. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with Anya's panties as he stood up and looked at Susan. He contemplated using her, but he didn't want to interfere with one of Robot Control's missions.

He turned his gaze over to Maria. He hadn't screwed her all day, but she was busy acting as the Main Computer's input/output device. He didn't want to delay that supercomputer's business any further either.

So he looked back to Laurie again. "I guess you and I will have conjugal relations today after all!" he said as he walked over and took her by the hand.

He was expecting the usual response, but instead she said "Yes Mike." He was impressed that the Main Computer could make out what he had meant.

He smiled and squeezed her curvy butt. "Get on that table and prepare your systems for a fucking good time."

Again, after a moment of calculation, the robot understood. "Yes Mike."

He smiled and unzipped his pants. He pulled them down just far enough and waited for the rather stiffly moving woman to get in position on the table. He laughed inwardly at the fact that he hadn't originally gone down to the lab to have a mini-orgy. "Funny how these things turn out." he thought.

He got on top of the mindless technician and thought about removing some skin. He gazed at her pretty face and touched her soft lips with his fingertips. He looked down at her breasts and gave them some attention for a while, then opened the rectangular panel just above them.

Now that he had a titillating display of electronics to look at, he got his throbbing cock into position and studied the pattern of flashing LEDs for a moment. He had learned that those patterns changed to reflect certain conditions of the chips and CPU within. He could see that they were changing, but he would need an electronic mind to measure and decipher what each flash and blink meant.

He put his warm penis into the fembot's equally warm vaginal unit and started to push slowly in and out. The technician stared back with eyes that never blinked and booted up some sex programming. She started matching his thrusts as he watched for changes in her chest panel.

Then he decided to go ahead and remove her facemask. With a slight pause in hip movement, he reached up and pried the expressionless face right off her head. The sight of all the plainly inhuman parts built around her realistic eyes got him instantly near to orgasm.

He tried to look for those exciting changes in flashing patterns as he thrusted in and out but he was soon overcome by the powerful sexual stimulation he could only get by looking into a fembot's electronic head. That feeling hit hard, and made him thrust forward and fill the faceless beauty's silicone pussy with a hot, thick load of semen.

He stayed in that position for a while as his crotch cooled down and his senses returned. He heard Anya moaning and panting heavy as she neared an orgasm of her own. She had her eyes closed and her head pointed to the ceiling. She had one hand on the edge of the padded table and one above her breasts, feeling up the circuitry and connection ports inside her open panel.

As Melli mindlessly ate Anya's pussy, the processors inside Anya's chest brought her step by step to another strong simulated orgasm. Anya's thighs quivered as she let out an animalistic cry of ecstasy. She continued to sing like that until her cries got lower, softer and farther apart.

When she had settled down enough, she turned to look at Mike. He had gotten off the table and was wiping his crotch off with her panties. She looked at him and laughed. Her face was reddened and glowing with synthetic perspiration.

"Give me those." she said brightly as she got off the table and walked toward the human.

He finished wiping himself off and handed her the little black satin undies. He watched and smiled as she brought them up to her face. She closed her eyes and smiled wide as her chemical sensors detected the scent of his cum mixed with Laurie's and a little bit of her own.

"You uncontrollable sex machine, you." he said as he pulled and zipped up his pants.

She opened her eyes and made her face look as expressionless as that of a brand new 510. She stared at him and emitted a maidbot-style series of computer beeps and tones from the speaker behind her closed mouth.

"THIS... UNIT...REQUIRES... MORE... SEX..." she said in a beautifully cold robotic monotone as he laughed.

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