tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 19

36+1 Ep. 19


With all the beauty of a gently rolling waterfall, Anya came down the carpeted wooden staircase. Her sequins shimmered and shone in the incandescent light and that of the fire in the fireplace. Her expression was set to dazzle as much as her attire. She looked very pretty - beyond gorgeous.

Tammy and Mike first caught a glimpse of her when she had stepped off the stairs and made her way toward the wide open door frame of the kitchen.

"Wow!" Tammy said, "You look awesome!"

Mike turned and leaned over his chair. "Wow!" he repeated. "Don't I feel underdressed now!"

Anya showed her lovers a bright and proud smile as she slowly entered the room. "I just wanted to wear something nice for a change." she said humbly.

"You look great in anything." Tammy said as her systems quietly and reflexively configured themselves for sex mode. She tried to resist the temptation to jump the other android and make love to her right then and there.

Mike was having similar thoughts and impulses. He too wondered if he could make it through dinner with Anya's stunning, radiant beauty so near. "Those earrings are so cool!" he said. "You don't mind that we look like slobs?"

"Nah," she said, "you two are just as attractive to me for who you are." She took a seat across from Mike and the flickering glow of the tall cream coloured candles placed on the table.

The buzzer on the oven went off at that time. Tammy looked delirious with arousal as she stood up to go turn it off.

"I'm glad you like the way I look." Anya said as she looked at Mike. "Tammy, you're sexy in those sweats too."

Tammy took a while to respond, as she was still trying to suppress her strong digital arousal. "Thanks." she said as she blushed again. Her modesty algorithms made her very attractive in that way.

"I'm gonna put on some music." Anya said. Aware that she had an audience, she got up and made a little show out of walking across to the stereo in the large living room. She knelt down and turned it on, then inserted a compact disc into the player. A mix of very old Genesis songs began to play - personal favourites of Mike and his loving fembot companions. She winked at Mike as she sat back down at the table.

Tammy opened the oven and scanned the contents of the roast pan. Her infrared and ultraviolet scanning capabilities made her quite a competent judge of whether or not the meal was properly cooked. After her processors did some work, she decided that the chicken was ready for consumption.

"All done!" she announced as she went to grab some oven mits.

"That smells so good." Anya announced after some computation of the data collected by the chemical sensors behind her nose.

Mike agreed. "If that tastes as good as it smells we're all in for a treat."

Him and Anya watched as the sexy Tammy unit reached into the oven and pulled out the pan erupting with steam. She set it down on a large wire grate and turned to look at her lovers. "It does smell good, doesn't it?" she said cheerfully.

The three made conversation while Tammy served the salad and poured three glasses of a dry sparkling white grape juice. All three tried to avoid mentioning that problem that had caused Tammy so much worry and uncertainty. They ended up discussing instead their differing uses for food, the scenery outside that would be revealed with the coming of Spring, and the physical attractiveness of various fembots in the basement lab.

Not long into their lively conversation they had each gotten a portion of roasted chicken and vegetables. After a toast to android technology, they began to eat. Mike and Anya both made sure to let Tammy know what a wonderful job she had done on the meal. Tammy thanked them both.

They talked, joked, ate and drank for three quarters of an hour. By then, all the food had been eaten. Mike had received a larger portion, as he alone genuinely required the food for energy. Anya hadn't gotten so much as a crumb on her extremely fine clothes, thanks to the finest electronically controlled servos and flexors available.

Tammy felt really good. She volunteered to clear the table of empty plates, glasses and cutlery, and then phoned Maria to send up a maid to take it from there. When the loud and stiffly moving maidbot arrived in the kitchen, Tammy greeted it and gave it verbal instructions on what she wanted done. She then gave it a playful little kiss.

Then the trio retired to the living room to relax in front of the fire. They continued their conversation, and began to plan for something of a live action porn with a half dozen fembots participating.

The whole time, Tammy and Mike couldn't keep their eyes off of Anya. She knew it, and reveled in the attention she got.

But Mike was too tired now for anything other than sleep. "That was quite a day." he said as he breathed in deep and felt that satisfied fullness in his belly. He looked at Anya and said "You look so good right now I could cum twice for you."

She laughed. "I can dress like this tomorrow if you like."

"You should definitely do that more often." Tammy said, sounding relaxed and at ease.

"Well, I'm going to bed now." Mike said as he got up. He didn't even need to invite the girls into his bed, as they always followed when he retired for the night.

"I'll just go down to the lab to get my facemask cleaned." Anya said as she excused herself.

"Okay, see you in a bit." Mike said as he went off to go brush his teeth.

Tammy turned the stereo off and checked on the fire before turning off the lights and walking upstairs too. She got into the bedroom and turned on the light there. She started undressing and waiting for Mike. She was starting to feel a little anxious now.

Mike emerged from the upstairs washroom and began to think of sleep... and maybe a little playing around with his attractive partners before that. He walked into the bedroom to see Tammy waiting for him. She was down to her black satin panties already. She smiled as he came near and then gave him a big, long, tight hug.

"Thanks for making supper tonight." he said.

She held on to him for an unusually long time. "Can I sleep between you and Anya tonight?" she asked quietly.

"Sure." he said. Usually he slept in the middle, but he would gladly make an exception for the love of his life.

She stood back to look at him and kissed him. "Thanks." she said.

"Are you still a little upset about what happened today?" he asked as he began undressing.

She looked at the floor momentarily and nodded. "I'm a little scared about my scan tomorrow."

He stepped out of his fleece pants and held her again. "We're not gonna let some supercomputer change you around." he said confidently.

She leaned into him and listened to his heart beating again.

Then the sound of the front door opening was heard. Mike had to think for a while but Tammy knew right away what it meant.

Anya came quickly up the stairs at that time too. She walked swiftly to the doorway and said to the embracing couple "Bonnie's here!"

Mike turned to look at Anya. She looked very excited, almost like a kid on Christmas.

"You gonna come see what she brought?" Anya said delightedly.

Tammy wasn't moving and neither was Mike. "No, we'll take a look tomorrow morning." he said.

"Ah, you're no fun! Goodnight!" Anya called out as she trotted back down the stairs. Mike and Tammy heard her shout "Hi Bonnie!" just before Mike closed the door all but a few inches.

He looked at Tammy and took off his sleeveless undershirt. "Bedtime, Sugar." he said as he went to sit down so he could take off his socks.

"Shouldn't you call me Aspartame?" she said jokingly as she got her recharge cord ready.

"I guess I should." he said with a chuckle.

She handed him the cord and reached behind her back to take off her recharge port cover. Then she turned around and waited for him to plug the cord in. That always gave her pleasure, even more so when he connected the other end to the wall.

He heard his fembot sigh as he plugged the other end into the power outlet. He walked close to her again and kissed her goodnight. She was so soft and warm, and felt so real even as his hand glided down her back and touched the electrical connection in the cutaway of artificial skin.

"Wanna fool around?" he said gently.

Tammy had too look away. She looked down and said "I'm not ready yet."

Mike just held her like that and waited for her to explain a little more.

"I'm afraid to loose control again." she confessed.

He hugged her tight again and said "Don't be afraid."

She was silent for a long time. "But I am."

He sat down on the bed, pushing back the clean white satin sheets as he did. "Let's just stay close to each other tonight then." he said. "I'll hold you. I won't get you turned on if you don't want me to."

She looked back up at him and forced a smile. Without another word she turned off the light and crawled into the big bed with him. She managed to get her recharge cord mostly out of the way, but he certainly didn't mind having it between them. They turned on their sides so she could be held by his arms like that through the night.

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