tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 20

36+1 Ep. 20


Anya watched as Bonnie coldly entered the house and started walking. She had been programmed with a purpose, not a personality.

"Cold as ice." Anya quietly said with a smile as she watched and followed the android courier. Anya had been giving herself the idea that she should at least try to seduce this particular machine.

The makeup was off her face now, but Anya was still dressed in that wondrously beautiful gown. The alluring satin gloves, fine nylons and sequined heels were also still part of the ensemble. In this state, the fembot named Anya would have gotten noticed by almost anyone.

But Bonnie was again all business. She had a job to do, and she was programmed to act with urgency. She went straight to the lab and straight to Maria.

The technician looked downright congenial compared to the fast moving lady in the dark business suit.

"Hello Bonnie." Maria said "How do you feel?"

Bonnie didn't speak. She responded by quickly uncovering the connection ports in Maria's chest. The large purse she held tightly in her strong metal hand was something more than it appeared to be. Moving inhumanly fast, Bonnie opened it up and pulled out a connection cable. As soon as the end of that black cord got plugged into Maria's chest, the Main Computer received updates of the situation from the inconspicuous looking purse.

Laurie sprang into action. She still hadn't gotten around to putting her pretty face back on. Her fast flashing LEDs shone bright amid the background of high-tech electronics as she walked over to Susan and pressed her power button.

Susan made the usual startup sounds - a few beeps and clicks and the monotone announcement of her name and serial number. Laurie aimed her circuitry-filled head at the tall blonde and told her exactly what to do next. The instructions were brief but detailed - typically efficient for these ladies.

Susan got up off the examination table and walked upstairs to go pick out her assigned clothing. While she did that, Bonnie was in the process of taking off her heels, her skirt and her nylons. There would be no time for her to stand around and charge this time. Maria watched and received instructions from the supercomputer to exchange the spent batteries in Bonnie's thighs with fresh ones.

Both of the pretty but inhuman maidbots - one of them with Anya's red lipstick kiss still on her cheek - got new commands beamed into their heads as well. They marched mechanically upstairs to begin unloading the contents of Bonnie's big white van. Some of the things Anya and her lovers had been waiting for were now here.

In only a few minutes, the basement lab had gone from a state of stasis to one of bustling activity. Anya looked at Bonnie, and wanted now to make the courier one of her conquests. But she eventually computed that she shouldn't meddle.

She was very horny again, so she followed Susan upstairs. She managed to catch up to the naked fembot just as she was entering the walk-in closet via the spare room.

Mike and Tammy heard the droid enter the closet. They both knew it must have been the leggy blonde in there, fishing out her assigned outfit. Mike squeezed his woman tight and kissed her neck. "Aren't you glad you're not like that anymore?" he asked.

Tammy made a loud contented sigh in response as she snuggled in closer - pushing her big curvy hips back against his body. Mike wanted to start playing with those sexy round buns of hers, but he knew she didn't want to get turned on that way - not until she was ready.

Then they both heard Anya sing out: "Susan's on a mission! Susan's on a mission!"

Mike and Tammy laughed at that, and listened to hear what Anya was saying to the naked blonde.

"I can't hear what she's saying." Mike said.

Tammy instantly helped out by projecting through her speaker the sounds that she received, analysed, and filtered. Mike could then hear Anya's conversation coming out of Tammy's mouth, and thanks to Tammy's high-tech processors and efficient software, the relay had a latency of only 5 microseconds.

Mike listened to Anya give Susan advice. He thought that was strange, but he was fascinated by the notion. It was like an older sister giving advice to a younger sister just before she left for university. Only the things Anya was telling her were hints on how to become sentient.

Mike wondered if that was a good idea. He knew that susan was only a copy of an agent already on a mission somewhere. He had no idea what that mission could be, but it was a safe bet that the sudden self-awareness of Robot Control's agent would have unpredictable and undesired effects.

Mike got up.

"Where you going?" Tammy asked. She stopped projecting Anya's conversation through her speaker at that time.

"I've got to tell Anya not to interfere with Susan's mission." he answered. He turned on the lamp and half-closed his eyes while he went for the closet.

Tammy sat up and looked at him with puzzlement. Her eyes had no need to adjust to the sudden presence of light, and were wide with wonder.

"Anya, what are you doing?" Mike asked.

"I'm preparing Susan for the real world." she said cheerily.

Susan seemed oblivious to everything around her. Unknown to both Anya, Mike and Tammy, she wasn't programmed to consider anything other than her immediate objective right now. Anya's words would have no effect on her whatsoever.

"You shouldn't be trying to influence the way Susan computes." Mike said. "You might be interfering with one of Robot Control's missions."

"Oh, come on Mike, a girl like me can always use a little sentience." Anya said.

Mike leaned back into his room. "Tammy, you wanna order Anya to stop telling those things to Susan?"

"Alright, alright, you've made your point." Anya said as she looked upward and shook her head. "No fun. That's you."

Tammy came in, looking pretty as always considering she had just been roused from the act of simulating sleep. "Can't you two play nice?" she said.

Anya walked up to Mike and put her hand inside his shorts. She grabbed his privates and started to gently stroke and squeeze them. "I can play very nice if you like." she said

Mike laughed and pulled her hand away. "Sleep now." he said. "You should go back to the lab and play with one of those 30 spare fembots. Remember them?"

"29 now." Tammy said.

The three of them looked in turn to Susan. She too was moving fast and had now gotten almost completely dressed in underwear, socks, canvas pants and a white sweater.

"Join us when you're done down there." Mike said to Anya and gave her a kiss.

"Yes Master." she said and stuck her middle finger out at him.

He rolled his eyes and led Tammy back to bed.

Anya turned off the closet light and squeezed one of Susan's tits as she walked by. She decided to go down to the lab so she could start opening her presents.

Once she got past the laser grid scanner, she made some scans of her own and quickly located the loot. There were now some very average looking cardboard boxes spread out upon a few examination tables. The larger items Bonnie had brought with her remained in the heated garage for Mike to find later. Anya grinned and went over to check those smaller boxes out.

The first one she opened was just miscellaneous parts like the ones Bonnie brought every time. There were cannisters of powder for the bodily fluid mixing machine, spare cables, spools of wiring, circuit boards and other mixed electronic and mechanical gizmos.

The lady in red walked over to check out a slightly larger box. Right at the top of that one was a folded garment of white vinyl. Anya's grin got wider as she pulled the sexy nurse uniform out of the box. It was exactly as it had appeared on the web site.

She wasted no time and got out of her red dress in order to put on the vinyl skirt and top. It zipped up tight over her perfect silicone breasts. The skirt was very short, and nicely showed off her sexy humanoid legs. A little white nurse's cap went on top to complete the look. There was even a large novelty syringe for her to carry around as well.

Anya would get into white underwear and panty hose soon enough, along with a nice pair of white heels. But for now, she kept searching. The remainder of that second box was more of the same kinds of things that were in the first. There were a few special, new items in there, but those would have to wait for the technician's touch to be of any use.

The gorgeous dark-haired android kept looking in boxes, finding only the usual supplies that kept Robot Control Station 64 running smoothly. There were a lot more outfits for her and Tammy and some other droids to wear as well. When Anya had searched through every last box that the maidbots had brought down, she realised that Robot Control Zero hadn't gotten her latest request in time.

She was a little miffed, but she got over it pretty fast. She had found some interesting new devices packed in with the usual machinery. She took one out and had a good look at it. It was a 6x4 inch monochrome LCD screen, with a certain pattern of connectors protruding from the other side. Anya knew right away what that device had been made to fit.

She unzipped her new nurse outfit and opened her chest panel. She took the cover right off and stuck the little screen into her chest. A quick examination of the device quickly taught her all she would want to know about it. It was a new tool to more thoroughly examine and diagnose an electronic woman such as herself.

Had she been in diagnostic mode, the screen would have been filled with the same data that scrolled across the monitors here in the basement lab at those times. But as she was in her normal operational mode, the screen instead displayed certain calculation processes in 1s and 0s. The effect was like aiming a video camera at its own output.

Anya looked down curiously and smiled. She could see exactly what was on her mind this way. "Neat!" she said. Within seconds, she had figured out ways to manipulate the pattern of 1s and 0s on the screen. For fun, she started displaying some rather low resolution images composed of those two digits and empty spaces.

Anya looked around the lab and decided to try it out while making love to one of these lovely female androids.

Maria and Laurie were too busy, as was Bonnie. Desiree, the human's personal fitness training device, had come down to the lab as well to end her day charging in a waiting booth. Anya looked off to the side and saw Diana sitting in an examination chair. She took another one of those screens and brought it over to the petite fembot.

"Hi cutie." Anya said.

Diana stared out in her attractive blank way and said "Hello Anya."

Anya could tell right away that the little sexy robot was no longer running her new customisations. She didn't really mind though. Diana's default lack of personality was attractive enough.

Since the 510 was still missing those four panels from earlier in the evening, Anya simply leaned forward and plugged the device into the woman's chest. "Let's see what's on your mind." she said as she stroked Diana's plastic chin with her fingertip.

Anya watched the display. The low-resolution graphics revealed what Anya already knew: Diana's mind was as blank as her expression.

The sentient 558 looked her over. She had been undressed by the technicians and now sat charging and waiting for their attention. Anya looked around. She decided to take Diana upstairs to the spare bedroom.

"Come with me Diana." Anya said as she held out her hand to the electronic secretary.

"Yes Anya." she replied and stood up. She moved like a 510 should move now. All of Anya's customisations had been deleted apparently. She also hadn't beeped like she had been doing frequently all day. It seemed that Tammy's little updates had been wiped from her hard drives as well.

"You sure are a sexy machine, Little Miss Big Hips." Anya told her as she went to go unplug the long charging cord from the wall. She rolled it up on her way back over to the secretary. "Let's go to bed together." she said. "I'll lick your plastic pussy, and you'll lick mine. I'll play with your plump ass and look at the electronics in your head. And then I'll show you what cuddling is."

"Yes Anya." Diana responded.

The two walked toward the large sliding door and exited the lab. "Do you like my new outfit?" Anya said.

"I am not programmed to like." Diana said.

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