tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 29

36+1 Ep. 29


Mike felt his arousal stir again as he swallowed the synthetic juices from Laurie's lips. But he could do this any time. Now he wanted to go play with his new toys.

He let go of Laurie and said goodbye. Then he walked over to Maria to check on the status of the Main Computer's calculations. It still hadn't decided what it was going to do about Tammy, nor had it even gotten around to scanning Anya.

Maria was unresponsive. She was pretty that way. Mike lusted after her now too, but he turned and walked out the door. He made his way back upstairs and into the garage.

There was all the other stuff Bonnie had brought. Lots of musical instruments and some other miscellaneous equipment. He looked around and thought of where to begin. First, he turned the thermostat up to room temperature. If he was going to be spending a lot of time in that garage it might as well be nice and warm. Then he went to go pick up the bass.

He knelt down and got it out of the case. It was a beauty - an expensive 5 string model, one piece with active pickups. He was feeling giddy as he picked it up and strapped it on. He looked around for a patch cord and went to go plug in the amp.

Tammy and Anya were having some fun with the AIBO in the living room. They heard the first few notes come rumbling through the walls and looked at each other.

"He found the bass." Anya said.

Tammy laughed. "Should we go give him an audience?" she said.

"Yeah," Anya said, "We can be his groupies."

They laughed and got up from the floor. Tammy picked up her new dog and gave it a little kiss as she carried it with her to the garage.

The ins and outs of the instrument were slowly coming back to Mike as he saw the two ladies enter. He smiled at them as he tried to remember how not to suck at his playing. Tammy put the dog down and went over to where the drums were packed away.

"I could spend days in here." Mike said.

"You probably will." Tammy said to him. She wanted to ask him about the Main Computer's status, but she figured he would have said something about it by now.

"What are you doing?" he asked her as he stopped to tune the strings again.

"I'm gonna set up your drums." she said.

"Okay." he said as he watched her bend over. He sighed and changed the tone to a more snappy, light sound.

Anya followed the dog around for a little bit then said "I'm gonna go down to the lab for a while."

The other two acknowledged that and went about their tasks as Anya walked back out of the garage and over to the basement stairs. The further she got from the thumping bass tones, the less loud they got, but she couldn't get away from the sound entirely. She could still detect it strongly from the sealed and isolated basement lab.

Once there, however, Anya went right up to Maria. "Hi sexy." she said.

Maria didn't move. Anya could tell that the Main Computer was extremely busy. She felt a little bit of worry float through her system in binary code.

She kissed Maria on her unmoving mouth and went over to the other technician. On her way she had a good look at Tarlia and Melli. They were still kissing with all that simulated passion. Anya liked that.

"Laurie," she said to the other naked brunette interface, "When will the Main Computer be finished processing Tammy's data?"

Laurie looked at her, but said nothing. Anya gave up trying to find that out. "Are you busy then?" she asked.

"No." Laurie said.

"Come with me then." Anya said. She led Laurie by the hand over to one of those brown boxes full of supplies. She fished out what she wanted and held them out to the technician. "Could you install these in me real quick?"

Laurie aimed her head downward and used her optical scanners to analyse the objects in Anya's hand. It took some time for the supercomputer to come through with its contribution to the process, but eventually it did. "Yes Anya." Laurie said.

"Wonderful." Anya said as she leaned forward to give Laurie a kiss. "Do you want me lying down or just sitting?" she asked.

Laurie relayed that question to the Main Computer. "Please sit in the examination chair next to service terminal D." she said.

Anya smiled and got something else out of another box. It was another one of those LCD screens that was made to fit into an open chest panel. Anya got Laurie's panel uncovered and pushed the device into the open ports. The screen lit up and began displaying fast scrolling lines of binary digits.

"You look really nice like that." Anya told her. She walked over to that empty examination chair and placed her new hardware on the table next to it.

Laurie walked over after her and pressed some buttons at the console. She turned to look at the monitors above and kept entering things into the keyboard. After a few minutes of that, she turned to look at Anya and verbally instructed her to remove her facemask.

"Anything for you dear." Anya said, and blew the technician a kiss. Then she took off her facemask and held it in her lap.

Laurie walked over and began to work. First, she picked up a long screwdriver and inserted it into an equally long recess underneath Anya's right eye. When the tool hit the screw, it turned once counter-clockwise. That acted like a switch, and cut the power to Anya's optical system.

There was now nothing for Anya to look at, only a total void of visual data. So much for watching the changing binary digits on the device in Laurie's chest. Anya didn't mind that at all however, this was a necessary step in getting her new, special hardware installed.

The next thing the technician did was to pick up a smaller screwdriver and start unscrewing the octagonal metal plates that held Anya's eyeball mechanisms in place. She did that fast, and in no time had the left and the right eye completely unobstructed. Then, Laurie extended her fingertips toward the right eye. Her thumb and her index and middle fingers spaced themselves evenly in a triangle shape and gripped the painted glass sphere. With a little pressure and a little pull, the eye came out, followed by many thin wires and an extendable plastic and metal conduit.

The back of the eyeball was connected by pre-built connection plugs and a few soldered-on spots. Laurie zoomed her own cameras in to get a better view as her other hand went in behind the protruding sphere. From that hand's fingertips extended two metal prying tools. With perfect aim, Laurie inserted those tools between the eye and the main plug-in, and separated them apart from each other.

Now the soldered connections needed to be cut. The pry tools went back into her fingertips, and out came the soldering iron. It extended far enough from her finger so as not to melt her uniquely formulated plastic skin. After a bit of a wait, the tip was hot enough to liquify the metal. With a few delicate touches, the remaining wires were disconnected, and all that was left was the plastic and metal conduit that held the sphere from the center. With the hand that was already gripping the eyeball, Laurie removed it completely from the socket.

All Anya could do was listen for now, but she was enjoying the procedure. "You have no idea how horny you're making me." she said to Laurie.

The technician didn't respond. She went quickly over to the other eyeball and repeated the same process. Within minutes, both of Anya's realistic eyes had been removed. Laurie then picked up the new parts and unpacked them from their cellophane and cardboard containers.

They were two brand new eyes. They looked exactly like the one's Anya had always used but they had a new feature. These eyes could glow bright red from behind the real looking pupils. That was a customisation that Anya had requested, and the sole reason for that was because she thought it would look sexy. She couldn't wait to surprise Mike and Tammy with them.

Anya came a little into her panties at the thought of it. She could feel Laurie's hand as it snapped the first new eyeball into the extended conduit. Then the smell of hot solder came to meet her chemical sensors as the technician expertly connected those even more intricate sets of wires. The fresh solder came right out of Laurie's thumb, and went only where it was intended to go. No human could have done this so fast and so flawlessly.

Anya got more and more aroused as she listened and heard that final plastic connector lock into place. Her thighs squeezed together as she tried to sit still long enough for the technician android to finish. The other eye went the same way, first the conduit, then the solder, then the snap-in connector.

"Mmmmmmm.... this is gonna be so cool." she said as Laurie replaced and fastened the two metal plates. Once those tiny screws had been tightened again, the technician picked up the long screwdriver and again stuck it deep into the hole below Anya's eye. With a full clockwise turn, electrical power was once again supplied to Anya's vision system.

Her motorised eyeballs looked around at the scene in front of her. "Looks good!" she said. Just to be sure, she ran a diagnostic scan on her optical systems. She told Laurie the results: "Diagnostic scans reveal no anomalies or errors. New hardware successfully installed."

Laurie just stood there. She was standing straight up again, looking right over Anya's head. Anya put on her facemask and turned the chair so she could stand up.

"Thank you Laurie." she said.

She turned the technician to face her and gazed for a while at the LCD screen in her chest. Anya fingered her tight and still moist pussy for a while. She read the little screen as she did that, and got aroused at the fact that there was almost no reaction from the technician.

"Laurie," Anya said, "how do they look?"

She immediately shone bright red lights out of her eyes at the highest settings. While she did, she read the 1s and 0s that sped by on the LCD screen. She knew what Laurie would say even before she said it.

"That does not compute." Laurie said, much to Anya's enjoyment.

Anya could tell from the data she read that Laurie did see her eyes glowing red. That was good enough for her. She leaned in to kiss the mindless technician, and saw the red glow from her eyes reflect off Laurie's face. Anya closed her eyes then, and saw that same light reflected back into her own cameras.

She laughed. "These are so neat!" she said. She looked around the lab, still shining bright red from the eyes. She went over to Melli and Tarlia.

Those two were still kissing, and by now the drippings from their automatic vaginas had turned into little puddles of love juice on the floor. Anya didn't want to disturb them, so instead she pulled down her pants and sat up on a nearby table. She started to stimulate her own vaginal unit with one hand while she leaned back on the other. Her breathing got deep and heavy while her fingertips started to slide around more easily.

She noticed the reflection of bright red light as it shone off most of the things she looked at. She made a note to herself to do this in front of a mirror so she could see just what she looked like - masturbating with glowing red eyes.

"Aughhhhh!" she called out as her digital orgasm began to grow. She got it stronger and stronger with every push of her lips and clit, until eventually it got up to her maximum possible strength.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she exclaimed as she pumped out some pre-installed girl juice. It splattered out on her soft naked thighs and all over her fingertips as she calmed down and tossed her hair out of the way.

"Ohh.... yeah...." she said as she finished up. She smiled at the sight of Melli and Tarlia still going strong. "That's the way to use these robots." she said as she got up off the table and licked her fingers.

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