tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 34

36+1 Ep. 34


Tammy stood up too, and Mike stepped back a little so she could do the same. He watched her walk over to Diana and forcefully grab that robot's crotch. When she did, he knew that her only reason was to see Diana's complete lack of any reaction. Lots of dirty talk then filled Tammy's LCD screen while she made calculations on just what she would do next.

She quickly turned around and skipped over to the dresser. Mike stood by and watched her pick up a connection cable.

"This should be good." he said as a grin appeared on his face.

Tammy took the cable and walked fast back over to Diana. She draped the cable around Diana's neck for the time being and proceeded to unbutton the green satin blouse. The video camera's view of the secretary's empty stare gave more raw data for Tammy's arousal software to work with.

While she felt her cum drip slowly down her thigh, she used her powerful processors to finalise the details of her latest plan. She opened Diana's chest panel and plugged in the cord. Once the data transfer from programmer to programmed was underway, Tammy removed the chest panel cover completely and tossed it aside.

Diana took in and executed Tammy's detailed instructions. As Tammy unplugged the cord and tossed that away too, Diana reached up to her head and grabbed it by the sides. A beep came out, then a few clicks, and soon the head was lifted away from its connection points.

Tammy performed an equivalent action. She unplugged the common video camera and disconnected it from her neck. She turned and set that down on a chair, then grabbed Diana's head. She turned that around and tipped it upside down to get the hair out of the way. Then she brought it on to her own neck just as she would put on a hat. Her fingers reached back and combed the hair into place while her electronics met up with those of the head.

Strictly speaking, the various parts of Robot Control's different product lines weren't 100% compatible, but Tammy quickly figured out some workarounds that would give her full use of this other fembot's head.

She turned around and showed the human. "How do I look?" she said.

He heard her words in her own voice, but the mouth that moved was Diana's. It looked weird, but it turned him on because it was so inhuman. "Very pretty." he said.

Diana's facial mechanism smiled back at him. She quickly turned to go get the video camera and connected that to the machinery visible in Diana's neck. Tammy then transferred the monochrome LCD screen device from her own chest to Diana's, and plugged in the proper cables from it to the video device.

Mike was getting very horny watching it all, but he waited to see what would happen next. He gripped his throbbing cock as Tammy began to undress Diana. Both Mike and his woman were very glad to see that the secretary unit was wearing that lovely black lingerie set underneath. Mike's love of circuitry wasn't the only fetish Tammy had acquired from him.

"We're gonna stimulate your little 510 sensors so hard you're gonna crash!" Tammy said.

She looked down to see those familiar words appear on the chest screen. Diana had been running Tammy's new programming in the mean time, and had gotten the camera and screen to operate in the way that the sentient 558 had wanted.

Mike watched his woman work, and sat back down on the bed as she got Diana down to her satin and lace undergarments. He wondered what Tammy had in store for him.

Tammy knelt down behind Diana. She started caressing her buns and said "Mmmmm..... I'm in love with your big plastic butt!" She gave each plump cheek a kiss and stroked the strip of black satin in the middle. She stimulated the motionless robot's off-the-shelf vagina that way for a while, then reached around and removed the small crotch panel cover.

With Diana's head turned and resting on those sexy round buns, Tammy found and flicked the vaginal secretion switch to the high setting. "It's gonna get very wet in here soon!" she said to Mike.

"Wicked!" he said as he looked into what were Diana's eyes.

"Come here, human." Tammy ordered as she stood up.

Mike happily complied. Tammy told Diana to lean over the nearby chair with her hands on its arms.

"You..." she said to Mike, "Do a little inputting to this robot's sex drive. I'm gonna stroke myself off as I watch."

"Yes Tammy!" he said as he got behind the petite woman's chubby backside. He moved her panties out of the way and let the wet satin crotchpiece rest at the side of that delicate little mound of artificial flesh. He pushed in through the stream of realistic smelling lubricant and started to pump in and out, feeling those warm, perfect buns and thighs press against his with every thrust.

Tammy made Diana's facemask grin playfully in a way that it never had under the 510's programming. She sat her own plump ass down on the bed and watched her lover fuck the other fembot. That more intense type of pleasure data began to surge in steadily growing sine waves through her chipsets as her willing fingers stimulated her already wet pussy. It seemed that Tammy could only feel pleasure more strongly now, though a small percent of her processing was still devoted to worry about what might come after.

Mike was also enjoying this moment to the fullest. Of all the fembots he had access to, this slim and petite lady with the eye-catching hips, thighs and buns was the most fun to fuck doggy style. It was even better for him to know that Tammy wanted him to do this, and that she was getting her synthetic type of pleasure from it. The situation with her head was another nice and arousing touch.

But he knew that his biological reproductive system just couldn't compete with the endurance these lovely machines could display, and he soon added his own squirts of semen to the steady and heavy flow of Diana's sweet juice.

Tammy moaned and shut her eyes for 1.218 seconds as she came strongly herself. Unbeknownst to her, the disconnected but still wirelessly active head down on that cart in the basement also moaned. Laurie stood and looked at it while it carried out digital instructions from the body upstairs. The Main Computer was notified of the anomalous occurrence.

As the binary waves of sexual pleasure attenuated to more manageable levels, Tammy aimed her cameras at Mike's face. She loved to see him flush with pleasure like that, even if he had gotten that way by making love to another machine. She tried to speak, but encountered an internal system error. She tried again, and just made a grunting noise before she stopped her vocalisation to reflect on the minor error that had just then popped up.

Mike looked at his woman, totally unaware of what was going on inside her at that moment. "What now, Mistress Tammy?" he asked.

She looked at him and filed her error reports away to be looked at later.

"Me!" she said.

"Yes Tammy!" Mike said excitedly. He had been waiting for a chance to screw her forever, it seemed.

"Diana," Tammy said as she got on her side and swung her legs up on the bed, "Lie face-down on the floor, put your left arm under your body between your legs and masturbate until I say stop. Give this horny human something to look at."

Diana stood up straight as the words "Yes Tammy." appeared on the screen in her chest. Tammy looked at Mike with that other woman's head and reclined fully on the pillows. She spread her legs wide again and took off her facemask as she waited for him to enter.

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