tagHumor & Satire365 Days Ch. 07

365 Days Ch. 07


Rachel – Day Two

I had actually hoped to fuck Cyndi at least once more before she had to go, but we fell into an exhausted sleep after our last efforts. We were sprawled together on the couch in the living room, me with one leg on the floor to keep us from rolling off, and the two of us clutching one another, but not entirely to keep from falling.

There was morning sun streaming in over the drapes when we were awakened by the low, loud rumble of some kind of street racer kids going by or something. Except that they didn't seem to be going by. They seemed to be driving right up my driveway, and the exhaust noise kept getting louder and louder until it suddenly just stopped altogether!

Cyndi threw the comforter off of us and jumped up. She peeked through the curtains to see what was outside.

"Oh, it's Rachel! You're going to love Rachel to death!" Cyndi squealed. After my last session with Cyndi, I thought it was possible I could love the both of us to death if I wasn't careful. Whoever Rachel was.

Cyndi ran to open the door before I could remind her that she was starkers ... naked as the day she was born (but a bit bigger and much better looking!) Cyndi squealed again like girls do when they greet one another, and I heard a door slam outside and an answering squeal from my front yard. "Rachel!" "Cyndi!"

I scurried to put on my pajamas, at least, and pretty soon, Cyndi was leading in another girl, or I should say, woman, by the hand. "Dale, this is my pal Rachel! Rachel, this is Dale Owens! You two are going to get along great, I just know it! Rachel, Dale is a sweetie, so you be nice to him today! Yesterday was his first time, and I may have worn him out a little."

"Okay," Rachel said, snapping her gum. She lifted her sunglasses to scope me out, and I could see that her eyes were a striking green color. She was quite a bit taller than Cyndi, and looked, if that was possible, even younger. Rachel had very red hair, worn extremely short and spiky ... not punked, but kind of like she had had it all styled and combed earlier before she got caught in that tornado.

Rachel was wearing only white painter pants overalls, apparently with nothing on below, leaving nothing to the imagination in the breasts department. Where Cyndi was short and buxom, Rachel was tall, very thin, and had only small breasts. Where Cyndi's boobs were large and bouncy, Rachel's were quite compact and firm, and I doubted they'd bounce even on a jeep trip. But still, pert! I wonder what that means, "pert?" Anyway, Rachel was looking me over pretty frankly, and she looked like she had a real attitude.

Rachel's skin was bone white, except for where she had a couple of big tattoos – a bold black one around her neck that looked like a barbed wire necklace, and a multi-colored one on her upper left arm that seemed to be two snakes either locked in mortal combat or making love. I would have to ask her which, one of these times.

Other than that, the only article of clothing she seemed to be wearing was a pair of cheap rubber flip-flops on her feet. Oh, and seven or eight metal barbells poked through her skin in various places around her face and body. Seven or eight that I could see. She was quite pretty; except for the piercings and tattoos, she could have been a runway model with her long, lanky body and cute face. She'd have to develop that bored and disdainful look that they have, though, and quit looking so damn perky.

Rachel was carrying a package and a gym bag; she handed the package to Cyndi while continuing to look right into my eyes. "Hey, Dale! Good to see you. I know your brother quite well. Or, ahem, I used to know your brother real well! Haven't seen hide nor hair of him since he got married, of course. Nope, haven't seen him at all since then. Good guy, though! Lots of fun! Are you like Roger, Dale? You lots of fun?"

"Oh, Rachel, I said be nice! Dale is kind of shy ... he's not a big kidder like Roger in that way!" said Cyndi, as she opened the package to reveal that it was the clean sheets for the bed.

"Oh? And is he like Roger in other ways, if you catch my drift?" Rachel asked, wiggling her eyebrows and making an exaggerated gesture like a fisherman lying about the one that got away.

"As a matter of fact, Raitch, if anything, he's more like his brother in that way than his brother is, if you follow me," Cyndi said as she was getting dressed from the pile of brown delivery-person clothes which had been conveniently left right there by the doorway.

"Really? You don't say! Well, we're going to have to explore that, won't we?" Rachel said, snapping her gum again with a big, crooked smile on her face.

"Enthusiasm, Energy, Endurance, and Exploration, isn't that right, Raitch? You'll find Mr. Owens here has plenty of all of those, except maybe Energy right now ... I worked him pretty hard yesterday!" Cyndi said.

"And early this morning, too!" I added.

"Oh, Dale," Rachel said, "are you one of those 'early risers'?" She had a wicked grin on her face.

"Oh Raitch, you're terrible!" Cyndi said. "Dale, honey, could you see what you can scrounge up for breakfast while Raitch and I make your bed and talk some girl talk?" Cyndi said.

I hadn't followed that exchange at all, except to realize that both these women apparently knew my brother pretty well. At least, long ago, before he got married. Certainly not recently, since he got married. Certainly not!

Anyway, as the women went back into the bedrooms, I went to the kitchen. I found some milk and the apple pie from yesterday, and I even got out the ice cream ... what the hell. The coffee in the thermoses was still surprisingly hot, so I set out some plates, cups, glasses, and silverware as well as the food, and while I waited, proceeded to unload the dishwasher.

By the time I was done, the girls had returned, and Cyndi had even apparently found her cute little brown baseball cap with the gold shield emblem on it.

"So, Dale!" Rachel said with a big smile. "Cyndi here says you're fast learner. I know a couple of things we might study today, if you're interested!"

Cyndi and I sat down at the little dining-room table. "I don't know about pie for breakfast, but I'm afraid it's the best thing I've got," I said.

"Well, c'mon Dale, we haven't really even shook hands, yet," Rachel said. I reached out to shake Rachel's hand, although that seemed a little formal considering what we would likely be doing soon enough. Rachel hadn't sat down yet, so she stepped over, and took my hand, but instead of shaking it, she used it to pull me up to my feet, then leaned in and gave me a big sloppy kiss right on the lips. I immediately felt her tongue sliding along my lips, and I happily opened my mouth and pushed my own tongue forward. I was surprised to encounter another little metal dumbbell lodged in her tongue, and a big wad of peppermint gum nested in beside her lower teeth. Our tongues played with one another for quite a while, until Cyndi finally said, "C'mon, you two. I got to get going ... let's sit down and have something to eat. You gotta keep up your strength, Dale!"

"Yeah!" Rachel said, stepping back and slouching into a chair, "and pie and ice cream looks like a fine breakfast to me!"

After we ate, Cyndi gathered her things and started to go. I caught up to her at the door, and grabbed her for a final kiss. I was sad to see her go ... it would be really easy to fall in love with one of these girls ("women!" I reminded myself.) "You got time to double-team him, Cyndi?" Rachel asked.

"I think Dale's maybe not quite ready for that yet, Raitch. Bye, bye, Dale. You give me a call next year, okay? Seriously! Here," and she handed me a slip of paper with her name and a phone number on it. "This isn't the agency. This is my home phone. Just call me directly, and we'll go out on a date ... a real date, not for pay, just for fun, okay?"

"Whoo-hoo!" Rachel said, "a freebie! He MUST be a good student!"

Cyndi gave Rachel the stink-eye; I blushed and hugged Cyndi, then she went out the door, and climbed into one of the two classic GTO's parked in my driveway, fired it up, and sped away.

Rachel was lounging in one of the dining-room chairs, watching the tender scene between Cyndi and me at the door to my place. Once Cyndi had roared out of sight and I closed the front door, Rachel kicked her left foot into the air, and her flip-flop went flying across the room. She repeated the move with her right foot, but that flip-flop hit the wall and bounced into the living room. Rachel grinned, snapped her gum, and lifted her glass of milk to her lips. I noticed that she had parked her gum on the side of the glass. She drained her glass of milk, then retrieved her gum, stuck it back into her mouth, and commenced noisily chewing and snapping it again. "Yum!" she said. "Nothing like a big ole' glass of cold milk before a marathon fuck-fest, huh, Dale?"

I just stood there, dumbfounded. Rachel's whole demeanor was so different from Cyndi's. Rachel stood up, unsnapped the suspenders of her overalls, and just let them fall to the floor at her feet. As she stepped out of them, she was completely nude, now. I could see that all her hair was a brilliant red, and her snow-white skin was so pale and transparent that the network of veins on her breasts, hips, and the back of her joints were visible. There was not a spare ounce of fat anywhere on her gorgeous body – she had the well-developed long muscles of a swimmer or gymnast. Together with her height, her slenderness made it seem that she had the longest, most beautiful legs I had ever seen.

"C'mon, Dale-boy! Don't stand there gawking all day! Show me what you got!"

Rachel walked over to me, and I just about swooned watching her move that athletic body. The morning sun sparkled on another piercing just above her navel and one through her left nipple, and there was another tattoo, too, on her fantastic rippling tummy just above her pubic hair ... a color picture of a cute little bunny nibbling seductively on a carrot. Maybe the seductive part was only in my imagination.

"You look very fit, Rachel," I commented, as she yanked down my pajama bottoms.

"Oh, yeah? I do gymnastics; I'm on my college varsity team!" Rachel replied. "Well, let's see what have we got here? Oh, my! Cyndi was right! I think you've got your brother beat in the meat department!"

I decided that that was a compliment. "Thanks, I think!" I said.

"Oh, yeah ... that was intended as a compliment! If you've got Roger's attitude and talent, you've definitely got some potential!"

She was very lightly stroking my balls and cock; it made shivers run up my spine. I put my arm around her back and felt her muscles flexing under her skin there as she moved her arms. My cock had started to grow when she shed her clothes, and now it was getting really stiff. "Oh, goody!" Rachel said, watching my penis grow in her hand. "But, you know what, Dale? No offense, but you smell like a French whore-house, and trust me on that because I know whereof I speak."

How could I take offense at that?

"Tell you what: why don't you go 'freshen up' in the shower before the matinee? Don't worry, I'll be right here when you get back!"

"Okay. A good shower might pep me up a little, too!" I said.

"Oh, and Dale? Don't skimp on the soap, now, okay? I'm not kiddin' about that aroma!"

While I was in the bathroom, I not only showered, I used the facilities, popped a No-Doz and another little blue pill, shaved, and brushed my teeth and gargled. I put some goo in my hair and combed it into some semblance of order. As I emerged from the bathroom, on my way to the bedroom to get something to wear, Rachel spied me and said, "Where you going, Dale? I'm out here!"

"I was going to get something to wear."

"Oh, Dale, Dale, Dale!" She stood looking straight at me, and spread her arms to show off her naked body. "This, Mr. Owens, is the uniform of the day! Now come on out here, and let me check you out!"

I walked into the living room, still damp from my shower. The tip of my penis arrived a few seconds before the rest of me.

"Gee, Dale, you clean up pretty nice! Why don't you sit down on the couch over there, and I'll show you something I'm betting you've never seen before!"

I sat down on my couch as instructed, and Rachel literally jumped onto the couch after me, facing me, but straddling my hips with her knees folded back under herself. I hadn't even really touched her except for our kiss in the dining room, but she seemed to be totally ready, and started to lower herself onto my cock, reaching below her to help aim my penis into her waiting cunt.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I asked her "Rachel, don't you want to maybe talk, or just neck a little bit, first? You know, get to know one another, sort of build up some momentum?"

Rachel was suspended in mid-air, the tip of my raging hard-on just barely resting at the very-wet opening between her legs. She looked at me oddly, her mouth hanging open in shock. She even quit chomping on her gum, briefly. "Well, hell, Dale, sure, if that's what you want to do! I just figured we only have today, so why not get on with it? It's not like we're dating or anything, you know?"

"Well, yeah, I know, but I'm a little shy, like Cyndi said, and I just felt like maybe it would be good to, you know, work up to it, if you know what I mean." I must have completely lost my mind.

Rachel just looked at me oddly again, then her look changed to one of resolution, and she sat straight down onto my erection, and threw her arm around my neck. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her boob, then said, "Well, I'm nineteen years old, I'm a Freshman at State University here in town, and I took this job to help me earn my way through school, and also because I really like to fuck. You already know that I'm into gymnastics, so that's about it for me ... what about you?"

"Uh, well ..." I stammered, a little pre-occupied with the feelings in my crotch and the feel of her lovely little breast there in my hand, which I was diligently manipulating (not too gentle of a touch!)

Rachel helped me: "I already know that you've got a younger brother, Roger, and that he's quite the ladies' man. I already know that your folks died when you were in college and that Roger never went to college, and that Roger is married to a nice Mexican Catholic girl named Maria, and that Roger and Maria won the lottery, and that we're Roger's present to you. What else would you like me to know before we fuck?"

"Oh, what the hell," I said, "that's plenty!" I heaved my hips upward and my rigid cock forced it's way a bit further into Rachel's slender athletic body, and it felt just fantastic. My effort lifted both of us up off the sofa cushions, and Rachel hugged me tighter with the arm she had around my neck.

"Whoa! Now you're talking!" Rachel turned her head and spit her gum out onto the carpet, and commenced to wildly pump herself up and down on my cock. Her red hair seemed a little purple, now, and everything seemed to have that light-blue cast to it again that I'd noticed yesterday.

I was approaching the point of no return when Rachel just hopped up, disconnecting herself from my penis. "Wait!" I hollered.

"Just a sec!" Rachel said. "You're gonna like this ... I'm pretty sure you've never seen this one before!" She turned to face away from me, then sat back down onto my lap, and again guided my penis up into her well-oiled pussy lips. Her knees were again folded under herself, but she had to lean forward to get a decent penetration in that position. "Scoot forward a little, pal!" Rachel said.

I slid my butt toward the edge of the couch, and Rachel leaned even farther away from me, grabbing my thighs for balance. She slid her knees backwards, and tucked her feet up until they were lodged in my armpits, then slid her hands down the calves of my legs until her upper torso was bent down along the fronts of my legs and I could feel her firm little breasts pressing against me there. She was tall enough that her head was resting on the floor, now, and I was in a bit of discomfort as my cock, still tightly embedded in her cunt, was now bent way down and forward. My view was of her lovely tight ass, which had opened up a bit because her legs were spread to both sides of my body. I could see her cute little pink asshole, and I could see where my tormented penis was buried in her twat.

"Gymnastics, Dale! Where there's a will, there's a way!" Rachel said as she commenced pushing her legs against the back of the couch, pulling my cock somewhat out of her. The she pushed herself up and back with her arms, and my cock slid right back into her again. "Grab hold of my legs and help me out a little there, Dale, would you?"

I did, and I soon got into a rhythm of fucking her upside down that made me forget all together about the little bit of pain that bending my cock so far over was giving me. In fact, I quickly realized that the little jolt I got down there every time she pulled forward felt pretty damn good. Not only that, but my view of the proceedings was fantastic ... I watched every stroke as my hard-on pistoned in and out of her cunt, frothing up some kind of foamy mix of pre-come and vaginal lubrication around her opening. It was terrific!

It wasn't too long before I could tell that Rachel was beginning to tighten up with an impending orgasm. I was pretty close, myself. But I was beginning to worry about her being upside-down for so long, all the while exercising so violently. "You okay down there, Rachel?" I asked.

"Oh, hell yes, Dale. This is fantastic! What a head rush!" She said as her cunt clamped down on my penis and she yelped out with the beginning of a pretty strong orgasm. I pushed my hips up, lifting her head and arms off of the floor, and buried my cock full depth into her as I, too reached a climax, and I felt myself shooting several powerful streams of semen into her cunt.

"Yow!" Rachel squealed, "that's a good one, I can tell!"

We both collapsed in an exhausted heap, and when I relaxed and finally let go of her legs, my softening cock pulled out of her with a "fuck" sound, and she tumbled forward gracefully in a full somersault, and ended up squatting on the floor in the middle of the living room. She paused for a second, then stood up and spread her arms wide. She spun around with foamy cum dripping out of her and a big grin on her face, and announced, "Ta-da! And she scores a 10 for a perfect dismount!"

I was so delighted that I just had to applaud. She took a bow, then came back over to the couch and straddled me again, then leaned down and gave me another big, tongue-y kiss. "Thanks, Dale. That was fun, huh? Bet Cyndi didn't show you that one, huh?"

She slid off of my lap to sit cuddling next to me on the sofa, and we spent the next half an hour finally getting to all that necking I had been talking about before.

By the time it started getting dark in my place, I was a total wreck, and so was my apartment.

Rachel's portable trapeze was wedged into the doorframe of my bedroom, there was gum ground into the carpet in the living room, I had rug burns on my knees, shoulders and the top of my head, and there was some sort of oily lotion all over the kitchen table. The mattress of my bed was leaning up against the wall, the mirror from my dresser had been moved over to the headboard, and the sofa cushions were stacked up in the bathtub.

I was exhausted and sore. Blue pills or no blue pills, I was done for the day.

I thought I had learned the basics the day before from Cyndi, but Rachel gave me a whole new perspective. I learned that those little shiny dumbbells had other uses than just looking funky. I learned that the snakes on Rachel's arm were in a sixty-nine with each other (and she said they were both girls, although I couldn't tell.) I learned that the bunny's mouth made cute little sucking actions when Rachel was orgasming, and I discovered by looking more closely that it wasn't a carrot that the bunny had in her cute little mouth. I learned not to judge too quickly when someone uses teeth, and definitely not to get startled and yank your wanker out suddenly when that happens. I learned that floor exercises and rhythmic gymnastics aren't only for the Olympics any more. Most important, I learned that, no matter how sexy your partner is, there is a human limit, modern chemistry notwithstanding.

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