tagReviews & Essays3X DVD Review Issue 1

3X DVD Review Issue 1


3X DVD Review Issue 1

Genre: Sex addiction therapy featuring:

“Maya’s Addiction”


Maya's Addiction (VCA Interactive)

Starring: Wendy Divine (a.k.a. Maya Divine)

Is she Maya or Cassie, who cares?

Wendy Divine, even with her large breasts gives her best try to act wholesome as a modest wife with a porn star’s body. Her husband is a habitual masturbator and thinks about nothing but sex. She doesn’t like this and it’s therapy for him to learn to become a respectable person and to save their marriage. Obviously, the allure of the feature is to see Cassie corrupted and have her become the sex starved slut hungry for cock in her mouth.

The feature begins with Jeff, her husband, who has a fetish watching and recording couples having sex with the zoom on high. He'll even masturbate while eating to a shower scene where a nicely figured blonde, shaves her pussy right before her boyfriend joins. It is a fetish segment that becomes an obligatory sex scene between two characters you’ll never see again. With rough editing between Maya’s husband and the couple, it’s a standard condom scene with a near wasted cum shot. However it was good enough for Maya’s husband to cum into his sandwich. Fetish served: Voyeurism and shaving.

“Honey, you’re jacking off into your lunch … that’s sick!” – Cassie.

However Cassie catches him and scolds him for being too horny, too much.

Cassie convinces Jeff to attend a 30-day therapy session where he’s isolated from the sexual world to teach him to stop masturbating and think less of sex. Of course he relents but all this talk about therapy is making him horny and Cassie’s hot body makes him want sex – now. Cassie gives him “You just want to fuck me and get off!” look. Cassie submits and acts like good wife and short time slut. She looks good doggie style and we all imagine what’s its like to have her bend over for us. But this wife is probably too faithful.

The therapy starts with Even Stone in a room of clients including a naked woman who may not even realize herself she’s without clothes. We start the therapy with a testimony of a cheating housewife who an obsession with home repairmen. Weak at the site of her plumber underneath the sink, she sends him a sexual signal by fondling his crotch while he has his hands on her bare ass. The slut wife gives the plumber a loving blowjob with wide demure eyes. The fuck segment is a quick reverse cowgirl before a cum shot. Fetish served: Cheating.

“All I did is fuck all night and sleep all day!” – Billy the Biker-Dude.

Next is a tattooed-bikers turn to give his testimony. After a traumatic accident both physical and mental, biker-man builds a private titty-bar in his back yard. It’s a standard one-on-one sex scene, much longer than the previous with a splattering of cum all over the woman’s back. Fetish served: Strippers (and tattooed men).

A night later, Cassie comes to visit Jeff but instead runs into the Naked-Chick who doesn’t quite realize she’s nude. This scene is almost volcanic where Cassie is taught to try public nudity as the Naked-Chick quickly undresses her. Cassie acts surprised, embarrassed, but quickly is seduced to try bisexuality. In a couple of minutes, this caring housewife is getting her pussy eaten by a sex-addict. There’s some dildo fucking where Cassie realizes she’s enjoying such sexuality. However, she doesn’t taste pussy herself and when they’re about to kiss after finishing – fade to black! Where’s the kiss?

“I’m more than just an ass!” – Ass-Man’s girlfriend.

Next is the George, the Ass-Man, who has a thing about big, round asses. We call him Ass-Man because that’s what his cap says: “Ass-Man” Apparently he has a girlfriend and only wanted her for her ass. Anyway, his flashback testimony includes a sex scene that the only originality is that the Ass-Man can’t keep his eyes on photographs planted around the bedroom of girl’s asses. Ass-Man comes through with an anal scene and pops over big, round ass. Fetish served: Anal.

30-days later Jeff is released and Cassie is so grateful. But – Cassie returns complaining that the therapy was TOO good. Jeff lost his interest in masturbation, sex, and unfortunately Cassie! Evan Stone, the counselor sees an opening and begins working his mind-fuck talents on Cassie. She opens up to him and is hesitant to having sex with him but when Evan whips out his cock, Cassie drops to her knees and ravages him like a wife-turned-slut. Cassie goes doggie style again and loves it. After a cum shot into her mouth, she pushes his cock between her lips not wanting to stop. While they dress, she discovers the counselor is a sex addict and not a professional therapist at all. Not embarrassed, Cassie finally accepts she’s become a sex addict too. Poor Jeff, his wife is going to fuck anyone she wants! Fetish served: Cheating.

Pro: Three scenes with Wendy Divine. Six scenes instead of the industry standard of five.

Cons: Condoms abound. Wendy doesn’t like a hand on her head while giving head.

Production quality: Good.

Score: 3 of 5

Sessions (Vivid Interactive)

Starring: Briana Banks

What did I just watch? Was it a dark comedy, a powerful love story or a psychodrama? From the DVD main menu, you will hear a seductive yet dark theme music that tempts us with a pose from Briana Banks. Will she discover a dark side in a world of uninhibited sex that raises eyebrows? Select “Play Feature” and you’ll be greeted with an upbeat camp theme and credits worthy of a silent film with Charlie Chaplin. Then BAM! We start off with immediate anal sex with Briana. She’s all charged up doggie on a sofa as her ass is being pounded away. We don’t know yet who the guy is, but he is ONE LUCKY STUD getting Briana to put for him as she squeals and begs. She rewards him with an aggressive cock sucking and a titty fuck with a variety of different angles to choose from. Then they resume anal before she is showered with cum between her breasts. From a soundtrack pulled from a B-grade rated R romance film, it changes tempo we hear more Chaplin camp with a voice over from Sharon Kane asking Briana, “Why are you here?”

Seems, Briana is a cheating wife with a taste for ass fucking until her husband found out – the hard way! He didn’t take it well, and the film tries to “poke fun” at his reaction. We discover now that Briana volunteered to attend a sex therapy session with a ring of others who have compulsive fetishes. Sharon Kane is the ringleader and counselor. Sharon convinces Briana it would be healthy to demonstrate her obsession of ass fucking in front of others. Sharon chooses a man named Terry, who has a problem cumming too early. BAM! She’s bent over taking it up the ass and like her previous lover, its anal followed by a blow job where she teases him before she fucks her face. Barely heard through the music is her commands to him not to cum early. The body language of the other attendees follows their character. Some try not to look while others are intrigued. From position to position, Terry fucks her pussy while she continually warns him not to cum. However the passion is too much for any man, and like any man, Terry has to cum all over her. Briana GOES OFF THE DEEP END and blames him for being a man. Was it supposed to be funny? Does this show how fucked up she was? Not sure but boy limp-dicked Terry was embarrassed!

Sharon thinks after such drama, its good timing to find another two volunteers. Randy is next who confesses he has a fetish for feet. After losing two wives and a job, he strives to focus on asses. However with Chloe sitting next to him, a hot blonde he can’t help but to be weakened by her feet. Chloe get turned on, because her weakness is she wants to be used. Sharon commands Randy to remove his clothes so we all can watch Chloe jack him with her feet. It’s erotic if you’re in to that. You get a teasing view of her pussy and hear her talk dirty like a bad girl debutante.

Since the session is going so well, Sharon picks schoolgirl outfitted April. She wears it to turn on slacker, Biff who has a fetish for schoolgirl uniforms. However, April’s problem is she’s a class-A cock tease and a 25-year old virgin. Though April not interested to see Biff’s hard cock, Sharon lectures her and demands she lives up to her responsibility and satisfy him. Though on the one hand some of us wanted to see her blush into a sex-starved slut, we get a love story and slacker Biff is a romantic at heart. April loses her virginity and innocence and the couple are in love. Meanwhile the others are so turned on; Sharon gives Terry a hand job while Briana gets her ass hand fucked by a punk rock chick.

It’s time for a break including sugar cookies. Hey, where are Randy and Chloe? They are sucked back in time for a while and perform a quick silent movie parody. In short, whore Chloe wants dick and Randy proud to provide. Probably the best sex scene and I prefer her to Briana. The ending is either funny or sad. Cumming all over her foot, Randy curses himself knowing he is nowhere near cured. He offers to help Chloe with her sticky feet by going away and coming back with a $20 bill!

A nervous Sharon begins to crack. And everyone has come along way, except bitchy Lydia. Lydia is upset everyone is receiving therapeutic breakthroughs. And now comes the funniest two lines.

Lydia: “I came here because I wanted to find out why I can’t cum from fucking a guy.”

Sharon: “That’s easy, you’re a lesbian. Okay, who’s next?”

Lydia argues with Sharon she’s not a “fucking lesbian!” The tension in the room grows. And Lydia is forced to choose someone to fuck. With Sharon’s harsh lecture, Lydia chooses, who else, Briana who is more than willing to teach her about bisexuality with a romp. The erotic meter goes hot as Lydia openly expresses her newfound enjoyment in lesbian sex!

Then it gets weird! She wants to cum with a man in her pussy. But Terry came inside her. Poor man, he’s never going to have the balls to ask a woman to fuck him again after the tongue-lashing he gets from PISSED Lydia. Calling Terry a freak for cumming inside her, she storms off vowing never to return. I’d think she needed to attend sex education classes if she’s going to go ballistic when a man came inside her womb. But it gets weirder when one more person is in need for sex therapy! Um, what did I just watch?

Vivid’s strengths are its acting and seductive storyline. However, they’re focus on couple’s appeal makes them timid in its execution. Sometimes they feel their “films” must have an appropriate ending and deemed acceptable by those who wouldn’t be caught dead watching an adult movie. Porn doesn’t have to be mean and nasty. But they’re no such thing as “classy porn” either.

Pro: Briana Banks close-ups during oral sex and her three scenes. Sharon Kane’s acting performance – she still looks good!

Con: Obnoxious advertisements invulnerable to chapter skip. Obnoxious FBI warning invulnerable to chapter skip. Obnoxious Vivid title intro invulnerable to chapter skip. Condoms abound. One bewildering ending.

Etc: Blooper at the end of the final credits. A condom commercial follows that where the DVD “STOP” button is disabled! Bastards!

Production quality: Very good.

Score: 2 of 5

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