tagReviews & Essays3X DVD Review Issue 2

3X DVD Review Issue 2


Genre: Seduced by porn
Featuring: “Changes” and “Being Porn Again”

Changes (Cal Vista)
Headliner: Jessica Drake

What do affluent Californian women do when they need to raise cash? Get into the sex industry. Cash poor Nancy just lost her husband and is about to lose her really nice house. Her wealthy friend, Ann, who is not as uptight as she dresses, convinces her to loan her house out to the porn crew.

After much soul searching and voice-overs, Nancy agrees and the sex begins! Without any fanfare a couple is in a doggie-position on one of Nancy’s beds. As a hard dick pounds into the starlet’s pussy, Nancy just has to watch from afar though glass. Very quickly the widow enjoys what she sees and becomes impressed with the porn stud especially after he cums all over his partner’s face.

When he’s cleaning up, Nancy just “happens” to walk in on him in the bathroom. With little invitation Nancy rips off his towel around his waist, drops to her knees, and gives him a sloppy, porn-style blowjob. She finishes with a shot over her breasts and not feeling a bit guilty.

Quickly, it’s time for a couch scene. With two new actors, Nancy again watches from afar admiring their “work”. Though she seems intrigued she walks away during the (condom) fuck segment. There is an anal segment before ending with a splattering on ass.

Ann returns to Nancy’s home to discover that Nancy messed around with the male talent. This is where Jessica Drake, as herself, enters the feature. Nancy shockingly learns that Ann likes women and doesn’t realize yet her best friend is using her home for a pick-up with a male porn star. But through a glass window she spies on them and becomes jealous of Ann’s sexuality. Jessica then walks up to Nancy and explains to her that Ann is a slut who tramps with porn studs who she meets when renting out her house. Cheating slut! After Nancy makes a few Freudian slips, Jessica pulls her away for a serious discussion. Meanwhile we return to Ann and her romp. She gives a hungry blowjob right before an (condom) intercourse segment. Standing right of the bed is a member of the crew (who probably wasn’t meant to be seen). Fair sex scene with a woman who prefers fucking porn stars and at least likes to act like a port actress when in bed.

Jessica takes Nancy to her bedroom and decides it is time to introduce her to bisexuality. With an awkward schizophrenic discussion, Nancy gets into it and the training begins.

“Will you shut up? I can’t concentrate!” - Nancy’s split personality, to herself.

You can almost feel Nancy’s nervousness, acting like a virgin while Jessica the experienced seductress. The eroticism peaks when Jessica shows no mercy with her wickedness when she makes Nancy agree to taste pussy if Jessica can make her cum. Though timid at first Nancy loses her shyness when she tongue-fucks Jessica’s pussy. Granted the sex isn’t steamy hot, but you see before you the transformation of Nancy. Isn’t this why you picked this feature in the first place?

After a long day, a lost and tired actor arrives hours late at Nancy’s house. By now, Nancy doesn’t need much inner thought and has instantly entered the porn agent business. Second one – the casting couch. Second two – deal by blowjob. Accepting herself as a slut, she learns sex is easily traded in this industry and she’s only started!

Pros: Decent execution of storyline. Good, albeit one, scene with Jessica Drake.
Cons: Condom use. No facials. Stilted and awkward voice-overs.
Production quality: Fair.
Score: 3 of 5

Being Porn Again (Metro Interactive)
Headliner: Violet Blue

The allure of this movie is seeing this respectable woman who gets drawn in by the porn industry. Starring a blonde journalist who gets her initiation watching a live sex scene during taping while doing interviews for a piece on porn.

“I’m allergic to hay.” – Porn starlet.
“It’s okay, it’s straw.” – Smart-ass guy.

In her sexy business attire, she watches with approval as a starlet gets two cocks at once. They fuck in a variety of positions and includes anal. The starlet of the hour takes cum in her mouth while our young journalist discovers the appeal of fucking for money.

After much disapproval of her fuckumentry in the mainstream media, her career goes into ruin. Not able to flush the images of sex from her mind, she easily decides to corrupt herself, her reputation, and sell her pussy for cash. Her first scene to prove herself is a gonzo scene. The sex itself is plain and not a bit outstanding. Was it to show her inexperience and subtle entry into the industry? Or was it kept simple to make this feature fast and simple? It is a condom scene with anal. Not bad for a porn cherry. Though it’s a C- grade sex scene, she does take swallow and wants more.

Next is a “dramatization”, a fantasy world that never really happened. Our blonde journalist (I missed her name), explains to us a typical lunch with an agent where the girl sometimes is asked to give sexual favors. Though our blonde says, she doesn’t have it that bad and only does it twice or so a week. Our imaginary couple engages in sex at his behest if she wants to get into the biz. The smile on her face tells me she didn’t mind.

After a short interview where our blonde tells us the downside of porn such as body-altering cosmetic surgery, she recalls one of her roles in a spoof of “Sex in the City”. It’s the feature’s technique to fulfill their obligatory lesbian scene.

Next, she explains to us that the upside to her life is a great, uninhibited sex life. Any fantasy fulfilled and all she has to do is to fuck the director (as she proudly demonstrates). Dressed as a vampire she joins a man and a woman for a threesome. The scene is only special if you imagine here’s a woman who once tried to be a hardworking and respectable but resorted to be a port slut.

The movie ends with a moral: After watching this feature about life on the inside you’ll never know about life on the inside! It’s five scenes tied together by low-budget narration. Only your imagination can make it better.

Pros: Our heroine is really attractive.
Cons: Condoms, rather cheap execution of story.
Production quality: Fair.
Score: 2 of 5

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