tagNovels and Novellas4. My Father's Son Ch. 16

4. My Father's Son Ch. 16



Grace was so happy to be home. There were things that she missed about Boston and she hoped they would go back to visit Adrian, Jaidee, Charlotte Sensei and her other friends as much as they could, but Denver would always be home for her.

Adie was so funny with their extended family. She was still fussy about who held her, but she couldn't mask her fascination with Grace's mom and Micah. Whenever either of them was in the room her eyes followed them around, and when they first tried playing with her she was hesitant, as if she didn't quite know what to make of them.

It must have been because they were black. The rest of the family looked fairly similar to the people Adie had seen on a daily basis in Boston, Grace's dad looked like Adrian, Matthew could pass for a white guy with dark features, and Ollie looked kind of racially ambiguous, Micah and her mom looked black though. They both had deep brown skin and black hair that made tight corkscrew curls. It took a few days for Adie to stop stalking them with her eyes.

Micah had changed so much since he had visited them to look at schools in Boston last year. He was physically different, he'd lost a lot of his upper-body bulkiness, but it was more than that. He was still Micah, there still wasn't a spec of dust or a book out of place in his room, he still did all of his chores without having to be asked, but he was more chipper. He laughed more. When the boys were joking around and teasing each other he didn't take offense at any of their jokes. He seemed like a new person.

She thought it must have been all of the cycling he was doing. Matthew was home from USC for the summer and one day they went out riding together. Micah must have given him a good beating because when they got home Matthew collapsed on the bricks of the back patio dramatically, sweating and panting. Grace, Oliver and their mother were working in the garden, doing some advanced preparation for the wedding.

"Mom," he complained. "Micah tried to kill me."

"Serves you right," Oliver said. "I told you not to go with him. He's a maniac."

"Mom, I need some Gatorade or something. I think I'm going into shock."

"Oh don't be so dramatic Matthew." Their mom rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm serious. There were multiple times when I thought I was either going to pass out from the exertion of trying to keep up with him, or fall off and die from going around a corner too fast."

"Yeah, but you didn't did you?" Micah asked. He was using the back of a patio chair to stretch his hamstrings. He looked as if he was about to go out for a ride, not like he'd just gotten back from a four-hour tour of the Rocky Mountains. "You've got to let go of your fear Matthew, you'll never get anywhere if you're pinned down by it."

It was such a wise thing for a teenager to say.

She thought that Nicholas was letting go of his fears. He hadn't had a breakdown since they'd come back to Denver, even though he'd been under quite a bit of stress. Setting up the restaurant, looking for a house for them to rent or buy, living with his parents again after being independent for so long, it all had to be stressful for him, but he seemed to be doing well.

They still walked with Adie in her stroller at night and talked, only most of the time they ended up talking about the future instead of the past. Nicholas wanted to have another baby. Grace wasn't against the idea; she was just scared shitless of the thought of being pregnant and giving birth.

They found an Aikido dojo with a good Sensei and practiced together twice a week, but he didn't practice taekwondo anymore. He had gone back to his old dojang one afternoon with his tobok in hand, but he had come back a half hour later. That night he told her that he didn't think he would ever do taekwondo again.

"It's weird," he said. "It used to be such a huge part of who I am. I used to think that I would always practice taekwondo, but now I just can't bring myself to do it."

"That's okay," she said. "I don't think it was a part of you so much as it was an expression of who you were, and that changes naturally over a lifetime. You just need to find a new way to express yourself, that's all."

He took up rock climbing. There were a couple of different rock climbing walls scattered around Denver and he tried them all out. He ended up getting a membership to one of the gyms and met a couple of guys who liked to go into the mountains to climb.

"You wouldn't do anything dangerous right?" Grace asked.

"No, of course not milaya," he responded. "I have too much to loose. I only do the established climbs and the other guys know what they're doing too."

One night she went to the climbing gym to meet and go out for a drink with the guys that he climbed with. When she got there he was climbing up a wall and she was struck immediately by how graceful he was. He made the other climbers look clumsy and uncoordinated. There was a small crowd of people watching, enthralled, as Nicholas scaled the wall.

Grace could see that he was actually well suited for this sport. He was using his natural talents, his flexibility, coordination, balance and creativity, just in a different way than he had before.

The people gathered at the bottom of the wall were ohhing and ahhing and even laughing in disbelief at the moves that Nicholas was making. He was using the hand and foot holds in ways that were clearly considered unusual, his long arms and legs stretching and reaching for sequences of holds that weren't supposed to fit together.

She smiled. It was so typical of him. He couldn't just be average at anything.

While they were walking that night Nicholas asked her if she thought he should go and see Hamid in the hospital.

"Do you want to?" She asked.

"No. I really don't want to go, but I feel like I should, like it's my responsibility. He is my father, after all."

"Do you remember that night when you asked me if I was a virgin?"

"Yeah. What's that got to do with anything?"

"Rape is a type of sex right? Technically what happened to me was sex, but you told me that I was allowed to define sex as more than just physical penetration.

"I think this is kind of the same. If you want to get technical then yes, I suppose Hamid is your father, but the thing is, you're allowed to choose the definition of father. If you want to define it as the person whose genes you share, then fine, but I don't agree. I think your father is the person who is there for you, who you look up to as a little kid, who you fight with as a teenager and who you figure out how to be friends with as an adult."

Nicholas was silent for a moment and then he put his arm around her waist and kissed her hair. "You're right," he said. "He's not my father. I don't owe him anything."

Less than two weeks later Hamid was dead. The authorities wanted Nicholas to go up to Illinois to claim his body but he organized and paid for a funeral home to take care of everything. He had the body incinerated and the ashes buried in an unmarked grave.

His grandparents knew nothing of it and it was probably for the best. They were so old and frail as it was; there was no point in making their lives difficult. They had just recently gone into an assisted living home because his grandfather had difficulties getting around. They were coming to Denver for the wedding though, Nicholas had already made all of the arrangements.

A week after Hamid died his estate was unfrozen and passed down to Nicholas. He sold everything except the big plantation-style house in Florida, which he hired a team of social workers to set up as a sort of half-way house for victims of human trafficking. It was set up with an endowment that would pay for the staff, education expenses and health care for the residents. He had Benson contact the women caught up in Hamid's various schemes and offer them all a new life in Florida. He bought the apartment that Jaidee lived in and transferred it into her name and then set up education trust funds for Suchin's children. He sent a million dollars each to Ralph and Badger with accompanying letters asking them both to seek psychological counseling.

After all was said and done there were still several million dollars left. They decided to buy the old lodge outright, set aside a little to help pay for a house, and give the rest to Amnesty International. Nicholas made the final transfer of funds from the office he'd set up at the lodge.

"That's it," he said, turning to her. "All done. Time to move on to more important matters."

She nodded. "Good. Like what?"

He was sitting in an office chair and he rolled towards her and grabbed her by the waist. "How about searching for where you've hidden your wedding dress so I can get a teeny tiny preview?" He said cheekily as he inched his hands under the fabric of her blouse and pressed them against the skin of her back.

"Not likely." She smiled and shook her head.

He made a fake frown. "Hm..." He stood, turned her around and backed her up against his desk. His lips brushed up against the delicate skin of her neck when he said, "How about we take the time out of our day to christen my new desk?" He pressed against her and she felt his cock straining through his pants as he began kissing her throat.

Her heart was beating quickly as her body started to respond to him. She felt that familiar ache in her center and her lips tingling in anticipation. "Interesting proposition..."

Nicholas kissed up her neck and across her jaw to her ear as his fingers worked the buttons of her blouse. He slipped it off her shoulders and discarded it on the floor, and then his lips were moving across the newly revealed skin of her shoulders.

"Just what exactly does a christening entail?" She asked breathlessly.

He unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor, his hands immediately moving onto their next conquest: her panties.

"Well honestly, I've never been to one," he said as he bit her gently at the place where her neck joined her shoulder, the unexpectedness of it sending a thrill through her body and causing her to gasp involuntarily. "I'm just going on folk lore."

"Which says...?"

Nicholas peeled her panties away and lifted her by the hips, plunking her naked butt down on the polished wood of his new desk.

"As far as I know, it is bad luck for a man to work at a desk that he hasn't made love to his wife on," he said as he stroked up the inside of her thigh and brushed over her swollen pussy, lingering to spread her fluids across her throbbing lips.

"Oh..." she moaned.

Grace leaned back on her elbows and watched Nicholas undress, then he was back between her legs, his warm solid cock pressing against her sensitive folds.

"There's only one problem," she said.

"What's that baby?" He asked as he massaged her breasts through her bra.

"I'm not your wife yet."

Nicholas moved his hips so that his cock slipped back and forth over the lips of her pussy and the sensitive bud of her clitoris again and again.

"Mm..." she whimpered as she felt her pussy crying out for him. Begging to be filled.

He let the head slip down to her entrance and pressed against her opening as he leaned down over her and whispered in her ear, "A mere technicality Grace, and one that I intend to rectify very soon."

Then he pushed himself inside and she felt the bliss of the first penetration, the shock of the nerves inside her body coming to life, the thrill of being joined with him.

"Oh Kolya," she breathed. "Feels so good baby."

Nicholas started pumping her in long fluid strokes. He moaned her name and leaned down to her and showered her skin with kisses. He kissed her shoulders and chest and anywhere his face fell.

Grace rocked her hips with his, grinding her pelvis against him, pressing the sensitive skin of her pussy into his groin. God he felt good. He felt so amazingly good.

His hands came to her back, searching for and fumbling with the clasp to her bra.

"This is hiding you," he said as he lifted her up with one hand and removed her bra with the other, tossing it away distastefully.

He laid her back down and she felt his eyes on her, surveying her body.

"Better." His hips started pumping again and her breasts jiggled freely in time with his thrusts. "Oh... much better."

He was back on top of her, kissing and licking towards her breasts. He sucked on them hungrily. "Ahh..." she threw her head back and moaned loudly and lustfully, thankful for the privacy of the lodge.

Nicholas released her breast and started pumping her pussy faster, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

"Gracie baby, cum for me," he urged her in a deep voice, his hot breath washing over her cheek as he spoke.

This was the way Nicholas liked it best, his body on top of hers and so close that her breasts pressed against his chest. She liked it too, but she knew she wouldn't cum this way today, some days she could but today she needed a better angle. "Stand," she requested.

Nicholas pushed off his hands and stood at the edge of his desk. He raised her legs so that her calves were resting on his shoulders and turned his head to kiss them as he continued to thrust his hard cock into her slippery wet pussy. His hand caressed her leg and down her inner thigh to stroke over her pussy in broad circular strokes.

Oh yeah, this was going to do it. He was stroking right up against the special place inside her. She could feel it building, pleasure piling on top of pleasure. She squeezed the muscles of her vagina around him in time with his strokes and let her head fall back on the desk.

"Oh Kolya...




She instinctively curled her body towards him as her orgasm exploded inside her, looking deep into his dark brown eyes, committing his image to her heart.

He pressed her legs together and increased the pace of his pounding, all the time looking down into her eyes.

"Oh Grace," he murmured between labored breaths.

"Oh baby." His forehead wrinkled and his mouth gaped open. He thrust into her deeply as his body bucked involuntarily. He thrust into her again and again as the warmth of his hot fluids bloomed within her.

He stood for a moment, breathing heavily and looking down at her before he separated her legs and lowered himself over her until the skin of their torsos was touching and his head was resting between her breasts.

"Gracie," he whispered as he tilted his head down to kiss her breast. "My Gracie."

She rested her hand on his head, stroking thorough his thick black hair and he laid his arms on either side of her torso and squeezed her in a kind of desk-top hug. They lay like that for a few moments as their heart rates decelerated and breathing settled.

"I'm a little worried," he confessed.


"What you said about not being my wife yet... this christening might not be sufficient."

She smiled. "You think we should do this again after the wedding?"

He lifted his head and grinned up at her. "Yes. I think we should do this once we're married... frequently. For good luck, of course."

She laughed. "Well, if it is the name of good luck then who am I to refuse?" She lifted her head and he met her half way for a kiss.

His phone rang and he groaned as he reached for it. He checked the display before he answered it in his business voice.

"Watson-Gray," he said in an authoritative tone.

It made Grace smile to hear him use their new name. It wouldn't be official for another sixteen days, but Nicholas had started using it in his business dealings as soon as they had moved back to Denver. He thought it would be easier for people to remember than if he changed his name after getting established. Their dads had been so funny when they'd first heard him use it.

"Are you going to change your name too Grace?" Tyler had asked.


"So you'll be Grace Watson-Gray?"


He had looked at her dad for a moment before they both smiled.

"It has a certain symmetry about it," her dad had said.

Grace had teased Nicholas about the way he answered his phone. She thought that people would think that his fist name was Watson, but they didn't. People took the time to do things right when they dealt with Nicholas. There was something about his demeanor when he was doing business that commanded respect.

"Uh-huh," he said into the phone. He stood upright and scrawled something onto a post-it note then threw the pen to the side. "No. We'll meet you there." He smiled down at her as he used his free hand to stroke over her belly. You would never have guessed the position they were in from the tone of his voice.

If you met Nicholas as a businessman you would never guess that he was the sort of guy who whispered tender words to his woman, or that he was the type of father who played peek-a-boo with his daughter tirelessly and in good humor until she was bored of it.

"Half an hour. Thank you Georgia." He hung up the phone.

"Real estate agent?" She asked.

"Yeah. Maybe we did make some good luck, a house on Cedar Drive is about to go on the market."


It was exactly what they had been looking for in exactly the area that they wanted to live in. It was big, with four bedrooms, but it didn't have that 'McMansion' feeling that so many houses had these days. It had a nice garden in the front yard and a generous backyard with a few established trees. There was plenty of room back there for a swing set and a sand box, and he could build a tree house with a ladder in the big oak near the back corner.

"Please excuse the mess. The owners only contacted me this morning about selling. They're moving out to California to be closer to their grown children and new grandchildren." Georgia brushed her hand over the back of the couch nervously.

"It's fine. If you think this is messy then we're obviously living on different planes of existence." He smiled at her to try and reassure her.

It wasn't really that messy, it was just lived-in. The owners were obviously people who cared about their home. The house was over forty years old but it had been well taken care of and updated frequently. The floors were polished hardwood and it was open and airy. The kitchen and bathrooms had stylish modern lines.

He tried to look only at the house but he couldn't help himself from examining the photos on the walls. There were old photos of children with outdated haircuts playing in the grass, summer-time family reunions, teenagers playing sports, wedding photos and newer frames with pictures of smiling babies, presumably the grandchildren of the owners.

Many of the photos seemed to have been taken in the back yard. There was one of a girl of about seven or eight in a tire swing that hung from the branch of the big oak. She was being pushed by an older boy and she had a huge grin on her face as her bangs were pushed back from her forehead in the breeze.

They walked through the bedrooms slowly, looking out the windows and checking the closet space. The owners obviously hadn't done much redecorating after their kids had moved out. It was still clear to see the influence of a teenage boy in one room and girls in two more. When they came to the master bedroom Nicholas felt a tug on his heart. There was a wide picture window that displayed an impressive vista of the mountains. He felt Grace squeeze his hand.

"Can we have a moment alone please?" He asked.

"Sure." Georgia disappeared out of the room.

"I like it," Grace said.

He smiled. "Me too. Do you want to make an offer?"

She bit down on her lip and nodded as she looked up at him. Her cheeks were still rosy from their session at the lodge.

He didn't try to negotiate the asking price, not because he felt that he couldn't get it cheaper but because he thought it was fair. The only thing he negotiated was how soon they could get the keys. He offered to pay to relocate their home contents to California if they could take possession by the wedding date. They were so touched by his offer that ten days later the house was theirs.

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