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40 - Papa was a Rodeo


[Lords and ladies of Literotica, if you could italicize the first 5 paragraphs and the last 4 'twould be great. Chapter titles would also look awesome in bold. This is the third that I have submitted for my 69 Love Stories series. They won't be coming in order (e.g., 40 submitted before 8), but I would like them to be listed in numerical order on my submissions site. Thanks again!]

Hi! This is the third in my 69 Love Stories series, each of which is loosely inspired by one of the songs from the Magnetic Fields' masterpiece: 69 Love Songs.

Again, as has been the case with my stories, this a fairly short story that builds slowly. There is some sex earlier in this one, but I won't claim that either of the participants particularly enjoy it.

The characters are once again a little one-dimensional. A more elaborate story is in the works, but I took a quick break to finish this one up.

All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

I had fallen asleep on the bench when the voice woke me.

"Hey mister..."

She was probably talking to somebody else. I didn't want to open my eyes. This was my second time crossing the country in the last week. I could fall asleep here on this bench or in my car behind the wheel, dealer's choice.

"Hey mister..."

The voice was more urgent this time. I sighed. Apparently, I was not going to get a nap.


She was definitely desperate. Unhappily, I opened my eyes. The girl in front of me, and the truck stop behind her, came into view.

Apparently she saw that I was awake. "Mister, thirty bucks and you can have whatever you want." The girl sounded scared.

She definitely wasn't what I expected a lot lizard to look like. Tall and skinny with long black hair and blue eyes, the girl could have been a beauty.

She would have been a beauty, that is, if it weren't for the beating her face had recently taken. At a quick glance, she had one black eye and a split lip in addition to a number of cuts and bruises.

I had never seen any of the (so called) lot lizards up close before, but I had seen them flitting from truck to truck in the distance a few times. To be honest, they had appeared less beaten, but more... damaged, I guess.

The battered beauty had obviously become anxious while I did my survey. In fairness, I've never been quick at processing information.

"Mister, thirty bucks and I'll suck your dick... or whatever else you want...

"Please, mister..."

The desperation coming off of her was palpable. I would never be interested in the services of a lot lizard, but I felt pity for this poor girl.

"I'm not going to pay you to give me a blow job..." She turned to leave, "but I will buy you some dinner."

She turned back to me with an anger in her eyes than I had not expected.

"I didn't ask for your charity!"

I couldn't help but flinch back, expecting her to hit me. Instead, her shoulders slumped, and the anger left her as quickly as it had arrived. It was heart breaking.

I took a different approach.

"You said thirty dollars for anything I wanted?"

"Yes." Her eyes were down. It was obvious this was new to her.

"OK, I'll pay you thirty dollars to come sit with me while I eat. I'll make it forty if you also agree to eat with me. They have a truly terrible looking cafeteria over there that is sure to be disgusting. How could I miss that?"

A long pause.



I picked out a hamburger that looked like it had only been sitting under the heat lamp for a couple of days. When I asked her what she wanted, the girl pointed out a couple of items. While her attention was distracted somewhere else, I doubled her order.

We sat down and I attempted to stomach the unpalatable burger. She, on the other hand, had the first hot dog (which looked disgusting, to be honest) consumed within a minute. When I pushed the rest of the food her way, she looked ashamed (briefly) before accepting it. I couldn't help but assume that she hadn't eaten in days.

Once the edge seemed to be off her hunger, I began to talk to her. I had been concerned with how she would react to conversation attempts while she was eating so frantically.

"I'm on my way back west. I can't say that I know how these truck drivers manage it, the days behind the wheel drive me nuts."

She barely glanced my way.as I spoke.

"People talk about the thrill of the open road, but honestly, the open road just makes me sleepy."

Not knowing what to do, I kept talking to nonsense to her, hoping she might relax a little so that we could have a real conversation.

"And the radio stations out here? Holy crap! There are other kinds of music than country, you know!"

No response yet.

"Your woman cheated and your dog die, and now all you have left to love is your fucking pickup truck. I get it. And your woman is strong, she does what's needed, she doesn't back down.

"That's the only two songs they have, apparently. When people get bored of them, someone just remixes one of them and re-releases it."

That earned a smile.

"Where are my manners? I'm Bobby. What's your name?"

The girl hesitated. For a moment, I thought she would leap from the table and flee.

"It's fine. Look, just tell me your real name and then maybe we can help you come up with your new nickname."

"Daniella." She looked a little relieved.

"Do people actually call you Daniella?"

I gave her a quick lookover.

"I'm going to bet that people call you Danny."

She blushed a little. How could the woman who offered to suck my dick twenty minutes ago now blush when I guessed her name?

"How did you guess?"

"Eh, kids are mean. A girl as tough as you is sure to have been teased for it. The name is an easy target. So, where are you heading?"

"Why should I be heading somewhere?"

"Because I know what happens to lot lizards, and I think you do to. You're obviously too smart to stay here if you have another choice."

That made her wince a little. Something had struck close to home.

"I was heading to California to try to go to college, but... now I have no way to get there, so I think that I should stay."

That was the opening I had assumed might exist.

"You know, I'm heading to California. You're welcome to join."

I saw that anger in her eyes again. "I don't want your charity!"

"It's alright, the company will help me stay awake."


She gave a long pause, while obviously struggling with her pride over something.

"I will pay my way somehow."

That was enough of the conversation for now. We both knew damn well that the only currency she had right now was her body. I had no intention of using her, regardless of her pride. Once we were on the road this would be an easier situation to address.

Getting up, I threw the forty dollars on the table in front of her.

"There's your payment. I have the blue Civic out front. Meet me there in..." I looked down at my watch pretending to consider it, "ten minutes. I'd recommend you get some neosporin and such."

I left, assuming it would be harder on her pride if I stayed to watch her decide.


Fourteen minutes later, Danny walked up to my car. All that she was carrying was a small plastic bag from the truck stop. She didn't even have a purse.

I made a show of reaching over to unlock and open her door. She quickly slid into the seat, like she didn't want anyone to see her with me.

"All packed up?"

"Yes." Her voice had no trace of irony.

I pulled out of the lot.

Chapter 2

Danny didn't speak during the first few hours of the drive. She was curled up on the seat, unhappily watching the scenery go by. I couldn't help but guess that she was relieved to be leaving the truck stop behind her, but still was unhappy to go. At least at the truck stop, she had the illusion of making her own decisions. In the car, she didn't even have that.

I tried to engage her in conversation a few times before giving up. My deeply clever comments on the weather and the prospects of Oklahoma football that year (not great) were met by silence.

About 7 PM we slid into another exit to grab a quick dinner. I wanted to keep going as long as possible that night, even though I had no idea where I was planning to sleep. It felt strange to have another person relying on me.

After another gourmet truck stop meal, we got back into my car. I drove until 11 PM or so, when I hit the wall. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to hold my eyes open much longer, so we pulled into the first motel I saw.

Once in the room, she slipped into the bathroom immediately. I sat on the bed, to wait until my turn but I fell half-asleep almost immediately, still sitting up.


I woke to Danny gently shaking my arm, coming awake almost instantly. At first I was afraid that I had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

No, I was in the motel. It was OK to sleep.

Coming to my senses, I saw Danny standing in front of me. She was naked.

I was so tired, I don't remember any details of what I saw in front of me except smooth white skin, with a few more bruises, and a patch of black pubic hair. It seemed like her breasts looked small, but firm. I honestly don't remember.

The sight of her almost instantly aroused me. It had been months since I had last slept with a woman (my ex-girlfriend). She was beautiful.

I felt, rather than saw, her draw my pants down and roll the condom onto me. Evidently that was where part of the forty dollars went.

When she gripped my cock in her hands, I fully woke up for the first time since I entered the motel. That was the moment that I could have, should have, stopped her. Only then did I have the awareness to know what was happening.

I ignored that little voice. She was beautiful. I was lonely... and it had been so long.

God forgive me for what I did then, because I will never be able to forgive myself.

Danny pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

This was not earth-shattering sex. She rode me quickly, while I lay back, still weary and a little confused. There was no brilliant mutual orgasm. I did not look into her eyes and declare my love for her as she writhed on top of me.

She gave a small grunt when she pushed my first few inches inside her cunt. After that, she moved her hips quickly and in a few minutes I came into the condom. It was pleasurable. I think. I don't remember much of it.

Danny threw away the condom and walked into the bathroom. I fell asleep on the spot, with my pants at my ankles.


I woke up a little later. My back was hurting from my odd position. When I looked at the clock, I realized it had been about an hour.

Looking around the room, I couldn't see Danny anywhere. That woke me up. I was instantly concerned that she had followed our sex but by slipping out the door and running away again. I guessed that she had done that before.

The light was on in the bathroom. I walked over hesitantly, afraid of what I would find.

When I opened the door, I could see Danny on the floor of the bathroom, curled into a ball, still naked. She was evidently still awake by the way that she rocked slightly.

I knew that look and it brought back memories I would rather have forgotten.

Ashamed, I slumped down against the tub and waited. I didn't touch her, that would not help her deal with this.

After ten minutes, I hoped she had acclimated to my presence, so I began to tell her a painful story.

"I recognize that posture, I've seen it before.

"Her junior year of college, my sister was grabbed off a jogging path by some pervert. We found her the next day looking a lot like what I assumed you did a few days ago. He had raped her repeatedly and then beat her before leaving her out, naked in the snow. I think he assumed that the cold would kill her before morning.

"She had crawled a little ways, and managed to get under something that kept her warm enough to make it until morning.

"When I saw her in the hospital, it was like someone had given her a lobotomy. Her personality was gone and she didn't even seem to recognize us. That semester, she dropped out of all her classes and moved back home.

"A few weeks later, I found her curled up in a ball just like you are now. She didn't even acknowledge my presence for more than an hour except to lash out at me if I tried to comfort her or hug her. There was nothing I could do.

"This will never excuse what I did, but I'm so sorry. I should have been stronger, and I should have guessed what you had gone through before."

With that I quit. There was nothing left for me to say. I just sat there, staring at the ceiling.


I woke up the next morning on the bathroom floor, lying twisted in a painful position. It was painful getting up and I knew that the day in the car would be unbearable. Danny wasn't in the bathroom.

When I walked into the bedroom, I saw her lying on one of the beds under the blanket. It was a relief.

A few minutes later, she woke up. I saw her slip into the bathroom, still naked (I tried not to watch). Soon enough she was dressed and ready to resume the journey, something I was eager to do.

Neither of us had changed clothes; neither had showered. It was going to be a pleasant day in the car.

Chapter 3

Danny didn't say a single word for the first three hours of the drive that morning. When I went through a drive through, she didn't even speak to tell me what she wanted, so I ordered for her.

Just after the three hour mark, the dam broke. I can't swear that this is the word for word truth of what she said and I believe it took her longer to tell, but this is the gist of the story she told.

"I've never had a home..."

Long pause.

"We lived on the road my whole childhood, my mom, me and her boyfriends. She had a new one every few months, which was about how long we'd stay in a town.

"Mom isn't that stupid, but she has difficulties relating people and it gets her into trouble.

"The last place we lived was the longest we had ever stayed in the same place. We spent almost six months outside of Georgia. During that time, she married a local guy, a machinist, that she met.

"When I got my GED and good SAT scores, I decided to go out to California to try to work so that I could earn the money for school. Bill, my stepdad, volunteered to drive me out.

"He stopped about ten miles east of that truck stop where you found me, raped me and beat me before driving off. I was left with no money, no phone, no ID.

"When I finally got to the truck stop, I was starving. There was nothing I could buy.

"I saw the lot girls walking from truck to truck. It was the only thing I could think to do because I wasn't going to do any begging. I may not have had a great childhood, but we never asked for, or received, charity from anyone.

"I was there for a couple of days. I gave a couple of handjobs and a blowjob or two. The last guy that I sucked, punched me when I was done and stole my money.

"I was flat broke when I found you. It was like I had started all over again in the desert, beaten and alone."

We drove on in silence. There was nothing that I could say. About an hour later, she spoke again.

"What's going to happen to me?"

I responded as honestly as I could.

"Well, that depends on you. I will still happily drive you to California with me. When you get there, it will take some figuring."

"You're still willing to drive me?"

"Yes, but..." I saw her start to say something, "I won't be accepting any more 'payments', OK?"

She started to protest. This girl was so stubborn! I cut her off again.

"Now look, I know you don't accept charity, but there is no fucking way that I accept 'payments' from you that leave you a shivering wreck on the floor. That's not the reaction that I usually hope for after a girl has had my cock inside of her." My voice had been rising as I responded in frustration.

Dammit, I am always such an idiot. To have said that last thing to her, after everything she had been through, was simply inexcusable.

She was staring straight ahead.

I swerved in front of a semi to pull us over to the shoulder. After stopping the car, I turned to look at her.

"Dammit, Danny. Now you know why my longest relationship until now has been three months. I can't stop saying the dumbest things at the times when they will hurt people the most. Look, you're a rape victim and I let you pay me with sex. I didn't know for sure that was the case, but I should have sensed it.

"I'm going to drive you to California and help you get setup because if I don't, I may find some way to blow my brains out when I get there, just out of pure guilt. Fucking gun laws notwithstanding. Do you have any idea how painful that ten day waiting period for my own suicide will be?"

I kid you not, seven of the ten dumbest things said in recorded history have come out of my mouth.

She was crying.

"Oh dammit, I am going to drive us to California and help you out even if it means you have to say no to your pride, and I have to keep my stupid mouth shut."

I pulled back out onto the highway. Neither of us spoke for the rest of the day. Thankfully, when we stopped for the night in New Mexico, Danny climbed into the other bed without protest or any attempts to seduce me.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I slept the sleep of the dead.

Chapter 4

The next morning, we finally both got a shower. I changed into clean clothes and she changed into one of my shirts. I couldn't do anything about her pants.

We stopped for a quick breakfast, then hit the road. It was still silent, but at least it was more comfortable now.

I was the happiest that I had been since the roadtrip started in LA a week before. The beauty of the southwest has always appealed to me. After driving for a little while, I finally broke the silence.

"I love driving through New Mexico. The whole southwest is beautiful. The best national parks in the world are in these states."

"I've never been to a national park. Or a state park." Her response was flat. It was like something that she had never even considered to be a possibility.

"Would you like to?"

"Visit a state park?"

"Or national park, yeah." I didn't grow up in a wealthy family, but I had never even considered a walk of life where visiting one of the national parks was an unimaginable luxury.

"Can we?"

"Why not? We'll see if there's one close to the highway."


An hour later, we pulled into City of Rocks state park. When we got out and surveyed the landscape, I was astonished by the look of pure joy on Danny's face. Before that, I had hardly even seen her smile. Now she had a broad grin plastered across her face.

I suggested that we go hiking. She agreed without objection, which was definitely a first.

Three hours later, I was finally able to drag her back to the car. She would have gone on hiking forever if I had let her. While we were sitting in the car, planning the rest of our route a thought struck me.

"Danny, would you like to visit some other parks? There are ones far more spectacular than this. We could even go backpacking, if we can pick up the stuff."

The smile had still not left her face from that morning. I could see her turning the idea over in her mind, but there was little doubt which side would win.

We spent the rest of that day and the next driving to the Grand Canyon, stopping in a few places as we went. I could not believe the change in Danny's mood. She spent the day watching out the windows, happily talking to me about whatever I wanted. When we stopped, she would immediately be out of the car, exploring the area. I don't know if that huge smile left her face for the two days.

The end of the second day, we stopped at a motel short of the Grand Canyon. I wanted her to see it in the daylight first. When we reached the edge and looked down into it, she gripped my arm so hard that I found bruises on it later.

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