tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 02

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 02


October 27th, 2003

Timothy Alkins

Timal@ AtlaS.net


A lot is happening here, I sure could use your help. How much longer do you anticipate being away? I need help running the Psyche research, so I can devote some more time to our “unofficial” stuff. I also could use your help getting a female subject or two for our more intimate investigations. I haven’t had much luck recruiting women for some sexual experiments, damn near got slapped several times. Yes, I think we need a bit smoother operator here… so hurry back.

I agree with you that we should hold off experimenting with changing doses of the 412 Serum until we get all the hardware issues worked out. I thought your idea about eliminating the leads to the penis might be worth a try, considering the sensations I experienced as she licked and sucked my nipples. I felt all that without any leads attached anywhere near them. Anyway, I decided to run the program on myself again, but this time with only the finger leads and the connections at my neck.

The condom was much easier to put on without having to work with all the connections, but I had to still put up with the needle for the serum. (Did I tell you I asked Dr. Kenniston about developing an oral drug? The libido can be fragile when you need to get an injection before having sex.) Anyway, I gave myself the injection, started the program and started the DVD. My erection had started to flag, but the images on the screen brought it back. This time I watched an actor settling his face between a woman’s legs. (We do need to get some better movies: the actress’ red hair is not real, they didn’t even bother to color her pubic hair). Then I felt the dizzy sensation, just like last time, and suddenly, I was there with her.

She was on her back, with her head propped up on pillows looking down at me. Her hair looked a bit greasy, needing washing, and I wondered how much semen coated the auburn strands. I glanced at her breasts, then back at her head, and yes, the hair was now freshly washed, with a kinky curl. One of the short curls tumbled down over her forehead, damn that turned me on. (We do need to see how much we can edit these experiences as we go on.)

She looked at me and I saw her lips silently say, “Please.” Turning my gaze from her brown eyes, I began kissing her thighs, slowly savoring the soft skin as I moved upwards. I breathed her pungent scent as I got closer to her wet lips, her fingers, slowly circling on her clitoris. I paused, enthralled at the (now red) pubic hair curling around her fingers as she touched herself. I nuzzled into her, my nose brushing her hand as I slipped my tongue into her. Tasting the tart wetness of her, I felt her push up to meet my penetration. I ran my tongue up the length of her lips, meeting her fingers at her clit. I then dropped my tongue into her again, licking upwards. This time her fingers moved out of my way.

I caressed her clit in wet circles, my finger slowly entering her, feeling the soft, moist center of her. I began to match my motion to hers. Her hips rose as I pressed, now two, fingers into her. I would suck her clit between my lips as she arched to me, and then flick my tongue over her hardness as she pulled away. We found a rhythm that quickened with her breath. Looking upward, I saw her eyes closed, her breast heaving, and the hint of teeth as she bit gently down on her lip.

She arched to me with an audible moan, and I could feel the warmth and wetness inside her as her soft walls pulsed on my fingers. She pulled back, so I stopped the motion on her clit, but left my fingers inside her. I savored the sensation as she seemed to squeeze closer to me with each pulsation.

“I want you inside me, now!” she pleaded. Without thinking, I rose up on my hands and knees and crawled up over her. She grabbed my penis, and pulled it toward her. I pressed and felt myself slip inside her well lubricated vagina. As I began moving in and out, she reached up and pinched my nipples, hard. The pain seemed to intensify everything, and I began thrusting wildly into her. I could hear our bodies slap together and I felt my balls bounce off her ass.

I craved her depth, her warmth, her wet softness as I dove into her, pressing deep. I felt it welling up inside me, from my balls, and then up the length of me until, with one final deep, fast thrust, I came. I splashed inside her, and collapsed. Needing more of her, I bit at her shoulder, until she pulled away.

“Damn, that’s gonna leave a bruise,” she whispered.

“Sorry. I kind of lost myself there.”

“Shh, just take it easy, I’ll live. I’ve never seen anyone get so carried away…”

I looked at her face, but found myself looking at the computer screen as the actress ran her fingers through the semen the actor had splashed on her stomach. She slid her hand, smearing the come over her (now black) pubic hair.

I removed the condom and toweled off my penis, and thought, “Sound!” Tim, there was sound, a dialogue, an interactive dialogue. My first experience was silent, at least I don’t recall any sound, but today, there was sound. I actually talked to… to… the computer generated image. And she talked back.

Tim, get back here soon. We really have something here. Between the hardware and the 412 we can open new avenues of sexuality that were never dreamed before.



Jasonend@ AltaS.net

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