tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 03

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 03


412 Serum Sexual Response
Chapter Three
Interesting Complications

November 2nd, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Looking back upon what we've accomplished so far, I am still daunted by the amount of research we still need to complete. We are considering using the 412 Serum with several psyche patients at the University Hospital. Jonathan is working all the angles there, and told me to stick with our research into the possibilities and drawbacks of the drug. He is very interested in the way we combined the drug with our use of electronic and visual stimuli. Of course he doesn't realize the strides I have made with our independent research project.

After our phone conversation the other night I began to wonder a bit about the derivative affects our program will have on the subjects. While I have begun working out some test scenarios for the psyche project, I also have thought some about our "unofficial" tests.

You remember as I described how the woman grabbed my nipples and how the pain intensified my orgasm? Well, besides opening me to some consideration of S&M, I did notice that the entire next day, my nipples were very tender. They seemed flushed and hurt some if I touched them. It's a difficult thing to test, but I have an idea. You remember that I also bit the woman (I'll never know why that happened; I've never done it before)? I wonder what would have happened had she bit me. I may have to investigate that some more.

Anyway, later this evening, I will try another session. Dr. Kenniston is working on an oral application of the 412, but I guess for the time being we will continue going with the injection. I thought I might experiment a bit with my ability to adjust events. You recall, I found I was able to manipulate the woman's hair, changing it from dirty to nicely clean, her pubic hair color matching the hair on her head? And remember the first time, with the woman's breasts? Well I think I will see how far we can go here. I picked up some gay porn, man on man. I plan to see if I can't change the sex while I am in the moment. I mean, I've been able to change most anything else, I probably will be able to change the image of a guy into a woman.

I'll let you know what happens. Your input through email and phone calls has been invaluable, but I sure could use another hand around here. Are you still planning on being away until mid-March or so?


Jasonend@ AtlaS.net

November 2nd, 2003
Dr. Sidney Kenniston

Dr. Kenniston,

I just got your phone message that the oral 412 Serum will be available in a week or so. Please set aside two cases for me. I am in the process of securing the application for the use of the pills and will forward all paper work once I receive it. In the meantime, I look forward to my continued research using your, now easy to take serum. I am sure the subjects will be happy to dispense with the injections. I will too, for that matter.

I will update you on our findings as we proceed.


Jason Enderlie
Professor Advanced Psychology
Alta State University.

November 3rd, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Well Tim, I got an indoctrination last night. Everything went as I expected, I prepared the program, gave myself the injection (by the way, Dr. Kenniston will have the oral 412 ready in a week or so, all I need to get is the approval and we will be using it), and turned on the DVD.

You recall I mentioned in my last email that I would begin with some gay male movie and once I get induced into the scenario, I was going to try to edit my partner, changing man into woman. I've been able to make a number of edits before, so I didn't expect any problems. Well, I had an interesting surprise.

The movie was some sort of glory hole fantasy, you know "glory holes"… at the porno arcade, you go into these dark booths, drop your coins into the slots and up pop the movies. Well on a select amount of those booths, there are nicely cut holes, just below waist high.

Well, the movie, an odd split screen shot showed both actors, one standing alone in one booth, the other kneeling in the other. The standing man had opened his pants and was passing his erect penis through the hole. The hole was cut large enough for his penis and balls to be accessible to the man in the other booth.

As the 412 kicked in, the program had me kneeling in the booth, staring down the barrel of a fully engorged penis. I immediately began thinking of a woman… but the penis remained. I continued thinking of a woman and, while the proportion of the penis seemed to reduce some, it remained entirely male.

Well I considered everything, and in the name of science, I decided to proceed. I reached out and touch it, the first time I had touched a man like that. I gently moved my hand over it, stroking the gentle curve of him.

He began to push it himself forward, I could see his balls pressing against the small opening in the booth. At this time I knew he wanted more than just a hand job, so I moved closer, my mouth hovering just above him, my warm breath rolling over him. He knew what was coming because I heard him whisper, "Yeah, in your mouth."

I tentatively moved my mouth over him, trying to remember what I liked when a woman had me in her mouth. I moved my tongue all over him as I slid my mouth back and forth on his erection. I was careful not to take him too far into my mouth, not wanting to gag.

He seemed to sense my inexperience, whispering to me, "Not as hard, use your tongue more.

Following his instructions, I began to sense a response from him. I felt him moving to me as I slid my lips over him, back and forth. I continued, matching his rhythm, carefully moving my head back and forth, again worried I would choke on him. In spite of my motions his thrusts were filling my mouth, where before I was just taking in his head.

Relaxing some as he pressed deeper into my mouth I heard him moan and moved faster, swirling my tongue around him, feeling myself on the verge of gagging as I he pressed deep into my mouth. Suddenly, I began to gag and pulled back. I felt his hot, thick cum splash in my mouth, and still fighting the urge to gag, I didn't swallow. His cum dribbled out of my mouth pooling on the floor.

He had stopped thrusting and stood there, unmoving. Regaining my composure, I sucked the head a little, but he pulled away.

"It's too sensitive now," he whispered.

I looked up at the video screen and watched as two men now performed 69 on each other. Feeling the pull of my erection I looked back to him, but he had pulled away from the small hole in the booth. I moved closer and looked through the hole and saw the man zipping up his pants. Then I realized I was watching the video screen again. Damn, the serum had worn off and I was stuck here in the lab, still fully erect, wanting some relief.

Tim, I never would have thought it, but, now watching that movie, with the rugged man taking the other man's penis in his mouth, I began to stroke myself. I must have been very aroused because in just moments, I was coming into the towel. While disappointed to have missed the opportunity to come in his mouth, I was at least relieved. I haven't really considered the implications of this "contact" with another man; I'll have to think about that some other time. I have a few ideas about some more hetero contact though.

I realized that we needed to look into either trying increased dosages, or simply settling for shorter encounters. It was an interesting test. I never would have believed I would have done what I did, but of course, I didn't really do it.

Well Tim, I'll give you a call tomorrow, I am simply worn out tonight.


Jasonend@ AltaS.net

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