tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 04

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 04


412 Serum Sexual Response
Chapter Four
A Female Subject

November 8th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Well, I finally found a female subject for our research. As you originally recommended, I had to hire a prostitute. Mind you Tim, it wasn't easy and it was tough finding someone to leave downtown to come to the University. After talking to a number of ladies on the street corners, I found a subject.

She's a rough one Tim… she tells me she's 35, but looks like she's in her 50's. By looking at her face, you could see where, a long time ago, she was attractive. But now, her eyes are set in dark circles, with bags on the lower eyelids. She has a thin scar that runs from the corner of her left eye back nearly to her ear. The scar is surrounded by countless small wrinkles that seem to radiate off the thin line. Crow's feet off her other eye, splay out in a regular patter, giving her an asymmetrical look. She constantly applies eye shadow, because she applies it so thick, it tends to flake off as she blinks.

She is very thin, too thin. Her cheeks are sallow, emphasizing an odd angularity to her cheekbones. The skin is pocked with acne scars that run partially down her neck. The skin appears damaged from too much sun over the years.

Her legs are thin and bruised. I spotted some needle marks on her thighs and her arms are covered with them. When I mentioned the experiment would require an injection in her upper arm, she merely replied, "Hey, it's been a while since I had one there… can't hit a vein, you see."

I was surprised she came with me, once I explained what I wanted to do. But the $500 and the offer of some free food and a place to sleep for a couple of nights convinced her I guess. I lent her my jacket, not to keep her warm, but to cover her up a bit, and took her to the student center cafeteria. Not wanting to take any chances charging her meal to our research account, I paid cash for her meal.

As we ate, she relaxed some of her street demeanor. She described a bit of what she has gone through over the years, sliding from a high priced escort, to a "represented" street girl, to a brutal rape by one of her pimps, to now, basically a flop house "whore". Her word Tim, not mine. She said she'd been turning tricks for drugs recently, barely earning enough for one meal a day. The money I offered was big time for her.

Anyway, after eating, I took her down to the lab. Once there, I showed her the computer equipment and the leads I would attach to her. Again, she seemed undaunted. I guess the $500 spoke loudly. As she put it, "Hell, I get to sit in a comfortable chair and watch some movie, and there's heat that works and everything." She went on to comment that she thought I was a hell of a date.

As the computer was booting up, I attached the leads to her fingertips, careful not to open up any of the cuticles. Attaching the leads to her lower neck, I noticed an odd bruise just under her collarbone. Spotting that, I was glad I had put on some gloves.

With the leads attached and the computer ready, I gave her the injection and started the program. She was wary, but cooperative. Once the DVD started she laughed a bit at the situation on the screen, but once she discovered I programmed a lesbian encounter, she smiled. "Been a while since I spent time with a woman," she said, almost giggling.

Before long, I could see she was under by the way her eyelids fluttered. Once it started I wished I had brought the video equipment down, to record her reactions. I decided to stay close and observe the entire thing.

While initially silent, after a few moments she began to murmur. While she was audible, I couldn't understand what she was saying. I wondered if I had mumbled like her. Her body moved, in a sexual way, not really mimicking the movements she must have been experiencing, more like hinting at it. Light tongue movement, hands, cupping, and the very slight thrusting of her pelvis.

Several times during the encounter, I could detect an increase in the intensity, and heard her moan. After about 30 minutes or so (damn, why didn't I time this thing) her movement calmed and I saw her eyes blinking. She stared at the computer screen, tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Damn Doc, that was incredible," she whispered. I told her to rest a few moments while I removed the leads. "But, I've never felt like that… at least that I can remember." Once I had the leads removed, I led her to our sleep test area. She wanted to talk about it all, but I convinced her we needed to do it in the morning after she was rested and I had the equipment set up. Once inside, she went immediately to sleep.

Well Tim, I guess we know now it works on women too. She wanted to do it again. Look, I'll sign off here so I can get the recording equipment ready for the morning. I'll forward a transcript tomorrow night.


Jasonend@ AtlaS.net

November 9th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


As promised, here's the transcript. I wanted to bounce a few things off you, a few things I have wondered about. Is it possible that there may be a time differential between real time and "session time"? I've been so excited about the prospects here, that I have been remiss in some of my set up. I need to figure out whether time is compressed or expanded once the subject is in "session". If Allison (that's our subject's name) is willing, and after our discussion I am certain she is, I'd like to work out a means of testing time inside as it compares to real time.

Anyway, here's the transcript:

November 9th, 2003
Transcript of J. Allison Dinty
Female Subject for 412 Serum
Extended Study

Jason: Allison, just to confirm, your full name is J. Allison Dinty. Is that correct?

Allison: Yeah, sounds almost fancy, using my initial and all.

Jason: Okay and you understand we are presently recording, as part of my study of 412 Serum?

Allison: Yeah, except I didn't know what that stuff was called.

Jason: What I'd like you do to now Allison, is to describe what you saw, felt, tasted, smelled and heard when the drug took affect. Skip over anything before you went under.

Allison: Well, I remember feeling dizzy, was that something normal?

Jason: Yes, that is the final phase of the drug reaction.

Allison: Oh, right. Anyway, I remember feeling dizzy and then suddenly I was on this bed facing a naked woman, a pretty naked woman. She wasn't your normal street whore, she seemed a bit classier. It's been a time since I had a woman, and she was looking good to me. After eating last night and this morning, I felt plenty of energy, not tired like I been.

I forgot to mention, I was naked too.

I figured she'd take a look at me and turn away, but no, she looked at me like I looked at her. Blue eyes, yes, I remember her blue eyes… not dark blue, like sky blue. Her hair was short and curly; I wanted to run my hands through it. Dark brown, on her head and pussy too, very pretty. I reached out and touched her tit, nicely firm, yeah; she was still young, not sagging like me. I felt her touch me, run her finger over my nipple, I felt it get hard as she touched it.

She wore lip gloss, a pretty pink shade. I leaned forward and kissed her, she opened her mouth to my tongue, and we hugged, our tits pressed together. It was nice kissing her; she was soft, gentle and so different… even from the other women I've been with.

I kissed down her neck, tasting her all the way down to her nipples. They stood up now, hard nubs that felt so good to my lips. I licked them, wetting them with my spit and then I sucked, one, then the other. She began to moan…

Jason: Was that the first sound you remember?

Allison: Well, I think she said something… something like, "Hi there," or something. And I could hear her breathing as we kissed.

Jason: Okay, go on. She was beginning to moan…

Allison: Right. She began to moan and arch her back. Her tits pushed forward to me. Oh they felt good, so soft in my mouth. My hand had reached for her cunt and I could feel she was wet. It opened to my fingers. I felt her reaching to me, so I spread my legs to let her touch my pussy. I was so wet by then.

Strange, I don't normally get so wet, but she had me going, and I could see her fingers as they slid in and out. I had to kiss her, put my tongue inside. I leaned forward and began kissing her hair, my tongue looking for the slit, her clit. I rolled onto my back so I could get at her better. She kneeled over me, opening up to my mouth. I could taste her then, salty sweet, beautiful. She began rubbing her cunt over my face, as I tried to move my tongue to her clit. It was hard as she moved, but I guess she liked what she was doing, my face was getting wetter and wetter from her.

She had leaned forward, over me and had her face between my legs. Her lips wrapped on my clit and she sucked, god, she sucked. In no time I came, hard… pressing myself into her mouth. My clit felt so large as it slid between her lips.

I grabbed her ass and held her still, my tongue firm on her clit. Damn, I wanted her to feel like she made me feel. I felt her breath, wet, hot on my pussy. I continued on her clit, my tongue clamping it to my upper lip. Pinching it there, hard, or as hard as I could with my lip and tongue could pinch. She cried out, I forget what she said, but then she came. I could feel her pulse over me, her back arching with each pulse. I felt her relax, her weight upon me.

We both, rested, catching our breath a moment and then she said she wanted to kiss me: my mouth. We untangled and I moved towards her, but she stopped me. She moved my legs apart and then slid herself between then, her legs spread, so we tied together, pussy touching pussy.

Then she leaned forward and began kissing me while she pressed her cunt against mine. The feel of her hair sliding over my pussy, the lips and clit tingling was… wow! I pressed back as our tongues played with each others. Our tits touched. I moved so the nipples met for a moment, then lost control kissing her. We both were breathing hard, through our noses, but she broke off the kiss screaming, "Oh god, I'm coming." She squeezed tight to me, our tits crushed against each other. I then felt myself come, her cunt against mine as we pulsed together.

We kept at it; I don't know how many times I came then. It kept going and going, until, one moment I glanced down at the bed, and then I looked up and saw her on the computer screen. You came up to me, told me to stay calm and removed the wires. I didn't know what to say… it's never been like that before.

I thought about it all night, wanting to do it again. Can I do it again?

Jason: Well, we'll have to see. I have some other tests that I run upstairs; I have to spend some time with those. Let's talk about…

Recording session end: 10:47 am.

Well Tim that was the transcript. I gave her the $500 and we went to the cafeteria again for lunch. She gave me an address where I could reach her. I used my cell phone and got her a cab. As she climbed in the cab she said, "Look Doc, I want to try that again."

I watched the cab wind down the narrow streets and turn onto Main. A thought occurred to me just then. I wonder what might happen if two subjects were to go under simultaneously, with an interconnect in the programs? It's something to think about. Hey give me a call when you read this, I'd like to talk about it.


Jasonend@ AtlaS.net

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