tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 07

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

November 15th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


I think I am beginning to lose focus here. There is so much happening, that I am forgetting key elements of the research, and even worse, I am neglecting the much of the established test procedures. My journal, hell, I don't even know where it's at. The only thing I have now to track progress and notate spinoffs is our email. Fortunately I have a daily automatic backup set, so I won't be losing the email.

After reviewing our correspondence I realize I haven't documented or disproved the time parallelism between realtime and our 412 time. It's an important distinction because of the length of effectiveness for the drug. If we can determine a timescale difference between the two states, we can better determine the need for increased or decreased dosages. With this in mind, I now plan to run the test with two people, Allison and I.

I have a second computer programmed and set up with the DVD connections, so we can share the same visuals. With the oral based 412, Allison and I can take it simultaneously and then both time ourselves, with an automatic timer in realtime and with our watches in 412 time.

Allison's face has healed, and she is doing okay these days. I haven't seen any problems yet, with regard to her drug habit. Anyway, she is willing to go in, so we'll go together, with me observing all her sexual activities. I'll be the control I guess.

I'll email you the results. Wish me luck.


Jasonend @AtlaS.net

November 16th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Well Tim, I have to brag here. Our connection was an unqualified success. First of all, we got the time thing worked out. Between the automatic timer in realtime and the stopwatch function in 412 time, we were both only a few seconds off a complete parallelism. Those few seconds are, I'm sure, due to the momentary disorientation we experience going into and coming out of the session.

As for the experience, it was incredible. I selected a group sex scenario for Allison to participate in. Reviewing the scenes she seemed pretty interested in going ahead, so I set up the DVD and started the programs. We both took the pills and in a few minutes, there we were, both naked in a room of naked people. I quickly moved away from the action and let Allison do as she pleased.

I don't know if it was my mind editing the visuals or hers, but she looked ravishing. She appeared heavier and healthier. The bags under her eyes were gone, as were the acne scars on her cheeks and neck. Her breasts, while still small, did not sag and the lines on her arms and legs were gone.

I watched her and within seconds, she found a couple who were fucking doggy style. Allison just slid under the woman and started going after them, running her tongue along the length of him, then sliding up to her clit and them moving back to him. All this while she caressed his balls with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other.

Suddenly they moved and Allison was now on her knees, as the man came up behind her. I watched with concern as he moved his well lubed erection to her, but she merely raised her ass slightly, allowing him to slowly slip inside.

Another man joined the fray, eating Allison's pussy as the other one fucked her ass. The other woman then moved her mouth over this new guys cock… I tell you, it was chaos. In a few moments, all of them seemed to be coming, and when they finally collapsed on the bed, semen was seeping from every opening in each woman.

Allison then moved toward me. "Go on back, I am just observing this time," I said.

"I think you like watching me," she replied, stroking my erect cock, well she was on me in a second, bouncing her wet pussy up and down on me. Feeling her like that, I came immediately, arching my back to push up into her. She looked down at me and smiled. "I bet you been thinking about doing that for some time Doc."

"But, Allison…"

"Come on now, admit it."

"Well, perhaps a bit."

"I know I have," she replied.

I looked into her eyes, and suddenly, I was back in the lab, looking at the computer screen. I clicked off my stopwatch and motioned to Allison to do the same. We sat silent for a few moments, just looking at each other. The program edits were gone, and in spite of her sallow cheeks and baggy eyes, I could see the beauty she used to have.

I then removed my leads, got up and went to her. I gently removed the wires from her. She smiled, "Like I said before Doc, you're a hell of a date." I could only smile and nod.

I'll be interested in getting her account of the session. Unfortunately, I have noticed an increased fatigue after taking the serum. Allison seems to experience it also. She has already headed to her room. I am too tired to drive to my apartment; I think I'll just sleep on one of the cots here.


Jasonend @AtlaS.net

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