tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 09

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 09


Chapter Nine

November 25th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Sorry I haven't been in touch here, but things have been wild. I've basically left all the "official" research to Marie, all I do now is sign some of the paperwork, fill out requisitions for the 412 Serum, and approve the payroll. Most of the staff is gone this week anyway, so Allison and I've had the lab basically to ourselves.

We've done some experimenting, primarily with the dosages. We've developed a means of supercharging the effect by mixing in some, ah… let's say recreational drugs. With an increased dosage and a minimal "charge" Allison and I have been able to stay under for up to six hours. We are exhausted afterwards, and both of us have been run down over the week, but once we are in, it's like we're totally rested.

Oh, by the way, the test results from the clinic are back. All clear for me, but Allison was sporting a case of gonorrhea along with the HPV. She got a shot for the gonorrhea and the doctor is trying some anti-inflammatories to try to reduce some of the symptoms of the HPV. Surprisingly, that's all she had. Given her history, I expected it to be a lot worse.

The doctor was surprised with me, he seemed sure that the HIV would come out positive. It's these damn bruises, I guess from the chair straps (we've added straps since our activity time increased). Anyway, he seems to think they are lesions, not simply bruises. He even took blood again to run another test. As far as I am concerned, I am clean and Allison is on her way to getting as clean as she can be. We've restricted all contact to our sessions, so the only sex we are having is in our minds. Talk about safe sex, who needs the real thing when you've got the 412.

Hey look, I talked to Jackson, and he's going to give it a try this afternoon. If everything works like I think it will, he should be able to experience sex for the first time in years. We'll be opening doors for a lot of paraplegics around the world if it works. I'll get back to you with the results.


Jasonend @AtlaS.net

December 5th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Wow, I have lost track of time here. Good news though, tests from the doctor came back, and I'm clean. These bruises keep popping up, one on my forehead today. I must have hit it while in a session. The sessions have gotten fairly outrageous lately. Oh yes, I forgot to fill you in on Jackson.

Complete success! I haven't had a chance to get an interview put together with him to get the results first hand, but I watched it, so I guess I can fill you in.

We started with just a simple connection between the three of us. Not wanting to overdo it with Jackson, we decided upon a simple one on one contact between him and Allison. We simply added a couple of leads, and connected him directly from his wheelchair. For the graphic prompt, we simply had a woman giving a man oral sex. Well, once the 412 kicked in, things started happening.

Once inside, Jackson was very unsure of himself, simply watching as Allison moved over to him and reached toward his cock. He was breathing hard even before she touched him, but when she took him in her mouth, he seemed to gasp for air.

I could tell he was about to come by the way he moved. Allison sensed it too, and quickly took him in her mouth, moving her head up and down on him. He moaned loudly and thrust his hips upward, pressing deep into her mouth.

With Jackson coming so quickly, Allison turned her attention to me, and by the time she reached for me, my cock was hard. She took me in her mouth while moving her hand up and down my shaft. The sensation was fantastic as the wet, suction she maintained combined with the electric sensation as she slid her teeth over my glans drove me wild. So wild that I didn't immediately notice that Jackson had walked over to the bed and was now kneeling behind her. She stopped sucking me a moment as he slid his penis into her vagina from behind. As he began his motion, she continued on me.

Watching her being fucked while she sucked me off sent me over the edge and I soon shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed carefully and then let my cock fall out of her mouth. She the reached between her legs to caress her clit, working herself to orgasm as Jackson pounded her from behind.

She came quickly moaning and crying out, "Oh I'm coming… Ah, yes."

Jackson pressed deep inside her and came too, growling through his teeth. The two of them then stopped moving, pressing themselves tightly together each trying to catch their breath.

Well Tim, it didn't stop there, but I am getting too worn out typing here. Suffice it to say, we all had a number of orgasms.

Gonna sign off here Tim.


Jasonend @AtlaS.net

December 12th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


A lot is happening here. Jonathan has been pressuring Marie about the budget, questioning the amount of 412 we are using. Fortunately, she has had considerable success with some of her psyche patients, so the supply has kept coming.

I still feel like hell, and these bruises, hell lesions are popping up all over me. The doctor has been hitting me with antibiotics, but this thing keeps hanging on. He thinks it's some kind of AIDs related something, but I still am testing out clean.

Jackson has been back every day since the initial session. I tell you, he is making up for lost time, not just with Allison, but with any image we are able to generate for him on the DVD. He is a sex machine.

Well, I better run here, Allison is looking wantonly at me, must be session time.


Jasonend @AtlaS.net

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