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45 & Golden


Everyone knows that the 50th birthday is a "milestone" birthday, as it marks the beginning of the "golden" years. Eileen, however, was about to turn 45 years old in a week. Her circle of close friends had already celebrated their 45th, and they all declared that before the year ended, they would celebrate together "helluva" style!

Eileen was looking forward to a more immediate birthday celebration with her man, her husband, her emotional and sexual soul mate, LaMont! She has a whole wee of anticipation, and sexual build-up. As screwed up timing would have it, LaMont will be in Ohio on business on the week the week leading up to Eileen's birthday. He leaves Monday and returns Friday, on her birthday.

They had already discussed and planned the weekend. On Friday afternoon, Eileen would pick up LaMont from the airport, they'll hit their favorite bar in Oxon Hill, get tipsy and horny, then check in at a nearby hotel, so as not to have to commute to their home in Southern MD, have crazy hot and freaky ass fuck sessions, pass out and the next day continue the weekend's celebratory plans.

The time had come for Eileen to drop LaMont at the airport. She so dreaded doing that! Although they've known each other for over half their lives, have a strong and solid marriage, Eileen is so very much in love with her husband. Nothing has gotten old or jaded. She loves being in his space. LaMont could see the separation anxiety on her face, as he pulled Eileen into him for a long, passionate "I don't give a shit whose watching" kiss at the boarding gate. She's amazed how after all this time his kisses instantly open the flood gate of her pussy and leave it drenched with a swollen throbbing clit! LaMont looked down at braless, rock hard, aroused nipples, smile at her and said, "Hold that thought Baby. I'll call you when I land. I love and miss you so much already."

Eileen, with a teary-eyed smile put her forehead on his massive chest and said, "I love you too, Papi. Talk to you soon."

Eileen got in her car, which was parked in the airport parking deck. Overwhelmed by her array of emotions; separation anxiety, sexual arousal from that damn kiss, and excitement and anticipation of her husband's return, the only release/relief to remedy such a state, would be to play with her wet and stimulated pussy until she came. Eileen looked around the deck for possible voyeurs who might witness her method of "psychotherapy," and found that the coast was clear. She adjusted her seat as far back from the steering while as possible, propped her left foot on the dashboard and being careful not to upset the radio controls, propped her right foot on the dashboard, as well. With her legs spread eagle as they were, there was no need to pull up her mini sundress, as her panty-free pussy, (she never wore panties), was already accessible for play. Eileen chuckled to herself when she noticed how perfect a camera shot it would be if the steering wheel was a video recording device.

She thought out loud, "Shit Eileen! You're such a damn freak!" Positioned comfortably, she took a deep breath, slid her middle finger in and out of her mouth lubricating it with saliva and slowly began her swollen clit message. Ever since her first orgasm when she was 17, (LaMont licked and her clit and ate her to climax), Eileen deemed her clit her favorite body-part! She added her ring finger to the message therapy while holding her flower open with her left hand. She hastened the pace of the message, while inserting her middle and ring fingers inside her tight pink hole, (yes, still tight after two children and age 45)! She always told an appreciative LaMont, "Kegel is our friend, Papi!" Eileen moaned as her pleasure by her own hand increased. She began to move her pelvis back and forth, fucking her fingers while wishing they were her husband's dick stroking her insides. Then it was back to her precious engorged clit. Eileen feverishly rubbed and pressed on her rigid detonator, while increasing her pelvic motion.

She opened her eyes and saw an elderly man walking toward her car, but there was no way she could stop working on her pussy. It just felt too fucking good! She could feel her juices travel to her asshole and she took advantage of the lubrication and teased it with the middle finger of her left hand. The excitement from her manual stimulation frenzy, and the "danger" of "pops" catching her jerking off was more than she could bear. Eileen smacked on her clit a couple good times, then pressed and rubbed her rock hard button until she exploded with so much pussy juice coming out of her, that she thought for a second she had cum and pissed herself simultaneously! Her climax was in no way a quiet one, and though the old man did not see her pretty pussy soaking the steering wheel, Eileen was sure he heard her audible climactic song. She saw him look puzzled in her direction as he walked past the car. Eileen removed her feet from the dashboard, reached in the glove box for some napkins and performed a quick clean-up. With rigid muscles back to their relaxed state, she drove home smiling.

A few hours later, Eileen received the call that seemed an eternity to arrive. Her LaMont called to let her know the he was in Ohio safely.

"Papi, that's music to my ears! Okay, go eat and do what you have to do, then meet me on webcam before bed about 10?"

Eileen could hear her husband's devilish smile through the phone as he replied, "Okay Baby, it's a date!"

LaMont knew what his freaky wife in her sexual prime had in mind; webcam sex! They hadn't used their webcams in years because they were rarely away from each other for any length of time.

As he ended his call, LaMont felt a twinge in his manhood from merely entertaining the thought of what would take place before his slumber that night. He didn't feel like interacting with strangers in the hotel restaurant after his wife had his mind with tantalizing anticipation, so he ordered up some room service for dinner. After he ate, he had a shot of Captain Morgan spiced rum, and climbed into a nice hot shower. As he lathered up with his Dove for Men shower gel, he was consumed by thoughts of Eileen and their countless erotic showers together. In an instant, the twinge he felt earlier in his member had grown to a rigid hard-on. He looked down and stroked it a couple of times and smiled with pride at the fact that being 47, the stiffness of his dick was like that of a teenage male. He thought to himself, "Damn, I can hang a leather jacket on this shit!"

Thinking of his wife's beautiful tight pussy, LaMont wrapped his hand around his hard veiny shaft and tightened his grip to simulate Eileen's snug pussy walls. He thought about her talented mouth and how good she sucks his dick and licks his nuts as if she was indulging in fine cuisine! LaMont felt the thickness of his pre-cum in comparison to the water, seep from the tip of his penis, as he quickened his strokes. He imagined the feeling of Eileen's tongue swirling around the head of his dick, and the way she moaned in delight from the taste of his pre-ejaculate juice. LaMont bent his knees as he felt his orgasm begin there. It continued to travel up his thighs to his tight balls, until he finally yelled out.

"Oh shit! Oh my God! Damn, that was a good one!" LaMont smiled with momentary satisfaction and finished his shower.

In the meantime, Eileen was at home setting up her laptop and webcam, as the time had just about arrived for her to sign on to her man. She had on LaMont's favorite lingerie; one of his dress shirts. After they were tuned in on one another's webcam, LaMont saw what his wife was wearing and instantly felt his dick rise. It does it for him everytime; seeing Eileen parading around in his shirts, which of course, were always too large for her, but just long enough to cover her ass and expose some shoulder.

Excited, but trying to remain composed, LaMont greeted his wife while lying on his hotel room bed with his back propped on pillows. "Hi Baby!"

"Hi Papi! How was dinner?" Eileen asked sitting yoga style in the middle of their bed at home.

LaMont was subconsciously touching himself, as he always does when he's naked. "Dinner was good. I had a steak, baked potato, and broccoli." He could see Eileen slide a covered tray closer to her, as she switched to the same position as her husband.

"Papi, I don't think you had enough veggies with your dinner."

With dick-stiffening anticipation, LaMont asked, "What's that on the tray Babe?"

"Oh, just some veggies that I picked up from the farmers market today," Eileeen explained as she removed the covering and revealed fresh carrots, yellow squash, and cucumbers.

LaMont's subconscious cock-fondling quickly turned into deliberate squeezing, stroking, and tugging because he knew what his freaky ass wife was up to. Eileen's now exposed pussy was plenty wet just from watching her husband's penis-play. She loves watching him and men in porn movies jerk off.

Eileen started with the carrot. With her left hand, she opened the petals of her flower and exposed her clit to her waiting man. She took the narrow and pointy end of the carrot and like a school teacher of old, she pointed to her wet, glistening anatomy.

"Nutritional Sex Education class is now in session. Ah, I see my only and star pupil is present and eager! Let's begin, shall we? This is Mrs. Anderson's pussy." Taking the tip of carrot and using it as a pointer, Elieen pointed out her clit, moved down, inserting it slightly in her vagina and stirred it around. She let out a little giggle because she unintentionally tickled the walls of her pussy with the carrot's narrow tip. Eileen brought the 8-inch carrot up to her mouth, ran her tongue along the length of it, then inserted into her ass until it was about 6 inches in.

"Oh my God Eileen, you are making me absolutely crazy with your hot ass!" Stroking his dick in a steady rhythm, his wife could see a blood-filled vein along his dick's shaft.

"Eileen?! That's Mrs. Anderson to you young man!" While twisting and pumping the carrot in and out of her asshole, Eileen reached over and grabbed the yellow squash and inserted the curved end into her now dripping pussy. She released a pleasurable moan as if it was LaMont penetrating her with his hot and throbbing manhood. Eileen, working both the carrot and the squash with more passion and rhythm, could feel herself about to cum.

Trying to collect herself, she exclaimed with a heavy sigh, "No! Not yet! Not right now!" LaMont stopped stroking his dick as if "Mrs. Anderson" had commanded him to do so. One at a time, Eileen pulled out of the carrot, then the squash, and licked off her juices until the squash was clear of her essence.

Finding himself almost overwhelmed by his wife's sexual prowess, LaMont softly, but emphatically said, "Damn Baby! I love you!"

"And I love YOU. I hope you're enjoying class!" Reaching to retrieve the last item on the tray, Eileen picked up the cucumber, which she had already thinly coated with olive oil.

"Oh hell yeah, I am!"

The cucumber was about 8 inches long, as was the carrot, but it was much thicker with a diameter of about 3.25 inches. It was far too thick for Eileen to comfortably penetrate her vagina 6 inches deep like she was able to do with the carrot.

La Mont, still with a hard, throbbing pre-cum oozing dick, asked his wife with sincere and loving concern, "Baby, will that even go into your tight little pussy without hurting?"

"Well Baby, I'm only gonna take what I can handle. K?"

LaMont smiled and said, "Okay."

Eileen took a deep breath, opened her legs a little wider and inserted the cucumber, she could feel her pussy stretching beyond what she was used to. Turning the cucumber and pushing it into to her vagina, Eileen found that she could take about 3 inches in length before the stretching and pressure became uncomfortable. As she relaxed and shifted her focus back to the task at hand; jacking off with her husband, Eileen noticed the feel of the bumpy skin of the cucumber against her walls. She moaned and whispered, "Papi, this feels good!"

"Baby, it LOOKS good!" LaMont quickly set free his concern about his wife's comfort level, and once again increased the stroking pace of his dick.

Seeing her man work up to what would soon be and explosive climax excited her that much more. "Papi, is your Baby fucking this thick ass cucumber?"

"Yes Baby you are!" Eileen, I'm about to cum Baby! It's gonna be a big one!"

"I'm ready to cum too Papi!" Eileen took the cucumber out of her pussy, and using the lubrication from her drenched orifice, she pressed and slid the end of the cucumber across her swollen clit.

"Oh shit! I'm bustin a big ass nut for my nasty tight pussy Bitch! Aggghhh!"

"Papi! Papi! I'm gonna cum you fucking river! Ooooh!"

Their bodies went limp after relaxing their rigid climactic muscles.

"Eileen, that was awesome! Wish we were together for the cleanup."

"I know Baby, me too. I miss you."

"I miss you too, My Love."

Before they knew it, Eileen and LaMont had drifted off with smiles on their faces and great satisfaction.

Every night for the rest of the week, they talked for hours until bedtime about everything, anything, and nothing. During one of their conversations, LaMont wanted Eileen to tell him a sexual experience that she wanted to have with him that they hadn't done together before as part of her birthday celebration.

Immediately, Eileen knew what she wanted. "Mmmm, that's easy Papi, but I'm gonna ask for it on my birthday. Okay?" Her husband acquiesced.

Friday had finally arrived! Eileen waited excitedly for her strong and muscular luggage-toting husband to emerge from the airport terminal. He threw his bags in the car, climbed in and planted a long, wet, passionate kiss on his wife's wanting lips."Happy Birthday Baby!"

"It is NOW My Heart!"

They talked and debriefed each other during the drive to the hotel near their favorite bar.

LaMont and Eileen checked in, entered the room, threw their bags down, then threw themselves into each other's arms. LaMont sat down on a dinette chair, and bit on Eileen's nipples which protruded through her thin rayon sundress. He reached under her dress and caressed and squeezed her ass cheeks until she became so aroused, her inner thighs slipped against each other with wetness. Eileen bent down and set free the bulge in his pants, straddled his dick and descended on it. They moaned, groaned, grunted and fucked until both of them clearly understood just how much the other was missed.

They cleaned up and went to the bar. They ate, drank, and danced like they were the only two in there. No one else existed. The final Jack Daniels birthday shot got each of them, not intoxicated, but sufficiently buzzed. LaMont's senses however, were sharp enough to realize that Eileen had not yet given him a response to his "sexual birthday experience" question.

Leaning into her and speaking in her ear, he asked, "Tell me Eileen. Tell me what you want to experience from me tonight."

Eileen looked deeply into his eyes, smiled, got off of her bar stool, stood between his straddled legs, pulled him close and spoke into his ear.

"Papi, I know I'm only 45, but tonight on THIS birthday, I wanna be GOLDEN." Then she took a half step back to watch LaMont process what she meant.

He smiled and asked, "Are you sure?" His wife smiled back and nodded affirmatively. He took her hand and said, "Let's go."

Eileen was so excited about what was going to take place that she could hardly contain herself. She thought, "It's gonna happen! I'm gonna get my first golden shower!"

Once in the room, LaMont picked up Eileen and put her on the bathroom countertop. He went between her legs and licked, sucked and nibbled her clit, and ate her pussy until she was trembling with orgasmic pleasure. LaMont asked, "How you feel Baby? Your bladder full? I want you piss on me first, suck my dick, and then I'll make YOU golden. Okay?"

"Yes Papi, I DO need to pee really bad."

"Okay, let's get in the shower." LaMont instructed.

He got in the tub first and laid back as if he were taking a bubble bath.

"Okay Baby, straddle me. Piss on my dick, then work your way up to by chest."

Eileen followed her husband's instruction and did just what he said. As Eileen released her golden stream on her man, he moaned and rubbed it on himself like expensive cologne. After she was finished, LaMont sat up and tasted her pussy from urethra to vagina.

"Mmm." He said moving to a standing position.

Eileen dropped to her knees and sucked her husband's dick like she was nursing from a teat. She licked her man's balls and slid her tongue up and down his stiff shaft, rolled it around the head of his dick, then commenced to a rhythmic sucking with some intermittent deep throating. LaMont grabbed the back of her head, and showed more sexual aggression toward her than ever.

"Come on. Suck your Papi's dick. Take it Bitch! Take that shit! Don't stifle your gag. The more you fight it, the harder Papi's gonna fuck his little Bitch's face!"

Eileen's gag reflexes had kicked into overdrive with her husband's aggression. She gagged and heaved forward, never once pulling away from her husband's dick. With every gag, LaMont would pause briefly, so his wife could collect herself.

"Damn Baby, you taking this shit like a champ!"

LaMont's knees buckled slightly, and he yelled, "Ohhhhh! You gonna swallow this shit for me Baby?"

At that moment, LaMont blew his load in the back of Eileen's throat. She swallowed most of his cum pushing a little out of her mouth so he could see it dribble down her chin like in the porn movies.

LaMont helped her to a standing position. They looked each other in the eyes, hugged and kissed deeply.

"Stand against the shower wall Baby. I'm gonna start on your thighs and move up if you want me to. You talk to me. Okay? Let's make you golden." He started his stream.

The warm liquid from her Husband, her Soul Mate, her everything, felt so good, so good. Eileen slid down the wall so LaMont's stream would hit her stomach.

"Cover me Papi. It feels so warm and good!" She baptized herself in her husband's urine and felt so close and committed to him, that she was moved to tears.

"You okay?"

"Yes Papi, I'm so far beyond okay, words can't express it."

Eileen pulled her husband into her, kissed him, and whispered in his ear. "Thank you LaMont. I love you so very much!

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