tagLesbian Sex5 Floors of Claire's Submission

5 Floors of Claire's Submission


Claire's father owned the old upscale hotel.

It was somewhat small. Only 5 floors. It had been with their family for a few generations. Claire's father lived there as he ran the place, and Claire grew up there as well.

After briefly moving away for college, Claire had returned to the hotel while looking for a job of her own. She was always happy to help her father, even though she thought bookkeeping was kind of boring. The upside was, she got to live in a nice room for free. But overall, she couldn't wait to find a new job and move away.

One day, Claire was bored as she sat behind the counter. She read a fashion magazine to pass the time. As usual, there wasn't much activity in the old hotel.

That changed when her father came to her with a smile on his face.

"I have a surprise," he said.

She looked at him with a bored expression. "More errands to run?"

"Don't be sarcastic. I've got big news, and I've waited before things were confirmed before I could tell you about it. A movie company wants to film a movie here. They looked at our hotel and decided it was right."

She was taken aback. "How come I didn't know about this?"

"The director briefly came a few months ago while you were still at college. It's a big time director, apparently. He wants to shoot a horror movie."

"Really? Who?"

"Take a guess. It's someone who's apparently very famous."

She closed the magazine, getting interested. "Is it Spielberg? Fincher? Nolan? Ridley Scott? Dad, who?"

"Someone named Le Chifere. Have you heard of him?"

Claire's eyes widened. "Dad! Oh my god. Did you say Le Chifere!?"

"Tall guy, pretty old, thick mustache. Speaks with a French accent."

"Wow. That's so cool. I think he's an incredible director. One of the best who's ever lived."

"So I've heard," he replied. "Anyway, I just got the confirmation. They'll be here next month, and they'll shoot for three weeks. Many of the cast and crew will also be staying here during that time. So we'll be very busy."

"Great for business. Do you know who's starring in it? Anyone famous?"

He smiled, "A little known actress named Leanne. Sound familiar?"

Claire's eyes grew wider. "Please don't joke around like this. I'm serious. If this is a joke, then it's not funny."

"Would I joke about something like this?"

"Remember when you said you bought me a magical unicorn?" she reminded. "I couldn't stop crying when I found out that it wasn't true."

"Claire, you were 12. That was over ten years ago. You still remember that?"

She nodded. "Some scars never heal."

"Well, I'm telling you the truth."

He reached for the phone in his pocket and searched through it. Then he showed Claire a picture, which was of him with Leanne.

"Oh my god," she gasped. "And Leanne will be staying here?"

"She'll be on the top floor. The luxury room."

"For the entire three weeks?"

"For as long as they film here," he nodded. "That's the plan."

"Can you excuse me while I faint?"


Leanne was a bonafide movie star. She began as a teen sensation thanks to a popular tv show.

Years later, Leanne successfully made the transition to become a credible actress. She landed big movie roles. She ventured away from the comedies she was known for, and she focused on dramatic roles. It wasn't long that she became a box office draw and a fashion icon.

There had been a few nasty headlines about Leanne's diva behavior and outlandish requests. But it was nothing she couldn't bounce back from. All she needed was a few appearances on a late night talk show, and she would make the audience fall in love with her. With her personality and cute face, no one could resist.

She was also a lesbian.

That was her closely guarded secret. Only a small group of people knew about it. Leanne's game was making her female fans do her sexual bidding. And she never failed.


It was the first day of filming at the hotel. Leanne filmed the arrival scene. Hours later, they filmed another scene where Leanne first enters her hotel room.

The room used for filming was remodeled by the movie crew to give it a rustic look. Perfect for a horror film.

All the while, Claire watched in awe as her idol worked. It was a dream come true to see the great Leanne in action. Unfortunately, due to a contractual provision, no one aside from the crew members were allowed to talk to Leanne or ask for autographs. Once again, the actress's diva behavior was on display.

After filming, Leanne went up to her luxury room on the top floor.

Claire remained star-struck as she went back to the lobby. She still couldn't believe that she was watching a movie being made. It was a fascinating process. As an avid movie watcher, she loved it.

Then she saw her dad with a stack of towels.

"What are those for?" Claire asked, already knowing the answer.

He gave a hesitant look. "You know."

"Do you think I could..."

"No, sorry. Rules are rules. Fans aren't allowed to speak to her. Not even you."

"But I work here," she complained.

"You're also a fan. She doesn't want to be bothered. That's why I'm personally delivering this."

Claire got up and blocked the elevator. "Please? I've worked really hard this past week to accommodate the entire crew. I've helped arrange all of the rooms. And when Leanne showed up earlier, I didn't say a word to her."

"You're making this very hard."

She batted her eyes. "I'll be on my best behavior. Please?"

"Okay sweetheart," he said reluctantly, handing her the towels. "Promise me you won't ask for an autograph or bother her."

She took the towels. "Don't worry. I already have her autograph on the receipt she signed earlier."

With that, Claire gleefully turned around and went to the elevator. The button to go to the 5th floor was pushed at a rapid pace.


She knocked on the door a few times before there was an answer. The door opened and there stood her idol. The actress's hair was still wet from a recent shower.

There was awkwardness for a moment as Claire was face-to-face with her idol. Her mouth dropped a little bit and she was speechless.

"Hello there," Leanne said playfully. "Those towels must be for me."

"I...ummm...yeah...I guess they are."

Leanne smiled, "Come inside. I'll give you a tip."

"Is that allowed? I mean, do you mind?"

"I invited you, didn't I?"


Claire entered the hotel room and placed the towels on a nearby table. Meanwhile, Leanne searched through her purse for some cash.

"Do you work here?" Leanne asked. "You're not dressed in a hotel uniform."

"I'm not officially an employee here. My dad owns the place. I grew up helping with small chores or desk work."

"That makes sense. I was wondering why such a pretty girl like you was just standing around in the background all day."

Claire blushed, "I'm not that pretty. At least not compared to you."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. I think you're very attractive."

Leanne handed Claire a fresh $20 dollar bill, which Claire tried to refuse, but the actress insisted.

"Thanks for the compliment and the tip," Claire said, accepting the cash.

"Tell me, what's a pretty girl like you doing working at her father's hotel?"

"Well, I recently graduated from college. I'm looking for a job, but in the meantime I just stay here and help my dad."

Leanne nodded. "Lovely. Parents are very important."

"So true."

"And do you live in this building like your father does?"

"Yep. Free lodging."

"Ever better. This place is gorgeous. You're a lucky little lady."

"Thanks," Claire smiled.

"So, what's fun to do around here? Do you just sit around all day?"

"I usually read a magazine or listen to music. Plenty of tv of course. I'm an avid television and movie watcher. I like watching, you know, typical stuff for girls my age."

Leanne raised an eyebrow. "Anything involving a certain celebrity who's standing right in front of you?"

"I'm actually a huge fan of yours," Claire gushed. "I'm sorry, I promised my dad I wouldn't mention this. But it's the truth."

"Is it?"

"Yeah. Sorry to sound like a fangirl. I know you don't want to be bothered."

"It's alright," the actress smiled. "I don't mind chatting with my hardcore fans. Especially when they're cute like you."

Claire blushed again. "Thank you. If you need anything else, please let me know. I'd literally do anything for you. This is like a dream come true for me."

This time, the look in Leanne's eyes sharpened as she looked at the innocent young Claire.

"Anything, huh?"


"You know, we've got an efficient film crew here. But we could always use extra hands. Are you interested in anything like that?"

Claire's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Sounds like a cool offer, but I literally have no experience with this sort of thing. I don't want to ruin your movie with my clumsy presence."

"Nonsense. Come back to my room tomorrow at 8 am. We'll work something out. I may have a few ideas for you."

There was a firmness in the actress's voice. 'No' was not an option. Whatever the actress wanted, she got. She wanted Claire. And it was done.


That night. Claire had explained everything to her father. He was skeptical at first, wondering if Claire had been bothering the actress. But she insisted that she hadn't.

As she laid in bed that night, all Claire could think about was her idol. It was a dream come true. Never in her wildest dreams could she have ever imagined being so close to a famous celebrity.

She thought about the next meeting with Leanne and what that would entail. Helping to make an actual movie? No way. Could it be? Wow.

The whole thing made her anxious. She wished she could confide in her friends about the whole situation, but that was against the rules.

All she could do was wait and see what Leanne had in mind.


The next morning. Claire woke up early and fixed her appearance. She wore a little makeup and tied her hair in a ponytail. She didn't want to appear too formal, yet she didn't want to look too casual either.

At 7:55 am, she waited on the 5th floor until it was time, then she knocked.

Leanne was freshly showered, wearing a thin silk robe, hair recently dried, and her face was bare.

"I'm so glad you've made it," the actress smiled. "Come in."

Claire nervously entered the room of her idol. Butterflies were in her stomach. She tried to act casual. In her wildest fantasy, she secretly hoped to become friends with the actress.

"You know, I've been thinking a lot about you," the actress said.

"You have?"

"Yes, I have. I think you're a hardworking and dedicated person. And I like your attitude. Quirky people are fun to be around."

"Thanks. I always try my best."

"I mean it," Leanne asserted. "You have a personal touch in everything you do. You make me feel like I'm a VIP."

Claire smiled, "Thanks again. Plus it's easy to do, since you're literally a very important person."

"Have you thought about my offer?"

"Definitely. I'd love to assist in any way possible."

Leanne thought for a moment. "Why don't you sit in front of the dresser mirror? Let me have a good look at you. Then we'll discuss it."

It was a firm offer and Claire was elated (although she tried her best to hide her emotions). She sat down in front of the dresser and faced the mirror. Leanne stood behind her, and they looked at the mirror together.

Leanne rubbed her hands through the girl's hair, and undid the ponytail.

"You have many attractive qualities," Leanne noted. "Smooth hair. Soft skin. Delicate facial features. And I like your personality too."

Claire blushed, "You're sweet."

"So, what's a pretty girl like you doing trapped in a hotel all day? Don't you have a date?"

"Not at the moment."

"But your father allows you to bring boyfriends over, right?" Leanne asked.

"Sure, he doesn't mind. But it's been awhile since I've done that."

Leanne continued stroking the girl's hair. "Oh? And what does that mean? I'm sure you have no trouble finding boyfriends. So there must be another reason."

"It's complicated. I guess I'm still figuring things out."

Claire saw the actress smiling as they both looked in the dresser mirror. It was a sly smile, which suited Leanne's beautiful face.

"I know exactly how you feel at this age," the actress said.

"You do?"

Leanne picked up a hairbrush and began to brush the girl's hair.

"Sure. I'm a human being, just like everyone else. And to put it bluntly, most women have lesbian fantasies at some point. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Claire gave a slow nod. "It's so weird hearing you say this. I guess it's easy to forget that celebrities are just like everyone else."

The actress bent down and brought her lips to the girl's ear.

"Our secret," Leanne whispered.

Claire smiled as they both looked in the mirror. "Our secret."

"Speaking of secrets," Leanne said, standing upright to brush the girl's hair again. "Let's discuss my movie. What do you know about it?"

"Not much. Just that it's a horror movie and the film crew added a bunch of old furniture to make this place look old and rustic."

"Is this exciting for you?"

"Oh yeah," Claire acknowledged. "I love movies."

"Have you ever seen The Shining."

"God yeah. That 'all work no play' scene is one of the greatest scenes in film history, in my humble opinion. Overall, it's a true masterpiece."

"I'm glad you think so," Leanne replied with an amused tone. "Because we're making something similar to that."

"Sounds awesome. I have no doubt it'll be great."

"I'd have to agree. Le Chifere wants to make something along the lines of The Shining and Coppola's Dracula movie. So it's basically a psychological horror film with a strong sexual undertone."

Claire nodded. "I can only reiterate that this sounds totally awesome. I've always been an admirer of Le Chifere's work."

The actress put the hairbrush down and rested her hands on the girl's shoulders. They looked in the mirror together and gazed at their reflections.

"You could be my personal assistant for the next few weeks. Only when I'd need you for special assignments. You would be tasked with special duties to enhance my acting performance for this role."

"Wow, do you really mean it?" Claire asked.

"Of course I do. In exchange, you'll be financially compensated."

"I'm speechless," Claire replied, with tears nearly forming. "If you seriously want me to be your assistant, I'd love to do it. You're the best."

"I care about my fans. I'll do anything for them, if they do anything for me."

Claire stood and gave her idol a hug. It was a long and tender embrace.


Claire was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It was very straightforward and required that Claire keep everything confidential regarding her interactions with Leanne.

She had no issues signing it.

For the rest of the day, Claire got to watch as Leanne filmed a few scenes.

The process was fascinating. It took a long time for the movie cameras and lighting to be set up. Each acting scene had to be done multiple times to ensure that it was perfect.

Claire's father wasn't around. He was too busy running the hotel. Plus he wasn't very interested in the filming process.

But for Claire, it was a spellbinding experience.


The next morning. The private meeting was set for 6:30 am on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It was the room where part of the movie was being filmed.

When Claire arrived, the door was slightly open, and Leanne had been waiting.

"Welcome to our movie," Leanne smiled. "Please, close the door."

Claire entered and closed the door. She looked around and marveled at how the room had been transformed.

The two women exchanged pleasantries for the morning. It was short and simple, and there was still a slight shyness from Claire.

"Have you enjoyed watching the movie making process?" Leanne asked.

"It's been mind boggling. I really enjoy watching the filming. And I think your acting skills are amazing. It's been a real pleasure to watch."

"Well, I think it's finally time you perform your duties as my assistant."

Claire's eyes lit up. "Anything particular in mind?"

"Yes. This is a horror movie with very erotic vibes to it. As you know, I take my acting extremely seriously. I like to get in character before the filming starts, that way, I'm far more prepared. Especially for the really important scenes."

"That makes total sense."

"In a few hours, we'll be filming some important stuff. My character sees erotic imagery in her dreams. It's the first time my character experiences this, so the scene will need to look strong and believable."

"How can I help?" Claire asked.

"I need you to help get me in the mood. Nothing graphic. But I want you to pose for me. Naked."


Leanne nodded. "In the scene we'll be filming soon, my character is in a dream state, and she encounters a spirit in the form of a naked woman. It's scary, yet erotic."

"I don't understand. I mean, is it really necessary for me to get naked?"

"Well, this is how I prepare for big acting scenes," Leanne said. "I like to rehearse a little bit and work things out."

Claire was confused and dumbfounded. Her facial expression was blank for a moment as she tried to collect her thoughts.

"I...umm...this is so weird."

The actress shook her head. "Please, sit down on the bed. I don't want you to feel weird. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed."

Both women sat down on the bed together. They looked each other in the eyes and they were nearly face to face.

"Can I tell you a quick story?" Leanne asked.

"Yeah, of course. Anything."

"My road to fame wasn't easy. And remaining famous is even harder. I can assure you of that. When I was a young starlet, I had everything. Opportunities were everywhere. People adored me. I was the biggest thing on tv."

Claire listened attentively as her idol reminisced.

The actress continued, "When the show finally ended, I was at a crossroads in my career. At that point, I had already turned 19. I was known for being the high school girl on tv, and suddenly, I was too old to play those roles. I wasn't getting the same offers anymore. I was afraid my career in entertainment was already coming to an end."

There was an emotional tension between them as Leanne bared her soul.

The actress continued, "But I was determined to succeed. I hired a new manager and ordered him to find me new roles. Adult oriented roles. I wanted to show the world that I was a serious force. I wanted to do dramas to showcase my talents as an artist. I called directors and producers numerous times. I prepared thoroughly for every audition."

Claire hung on every word as her idol spoke.

The actress continued, "My point is, I did whatever it took to succeed. I fought for the best parts. When I got a role in a good movie, I acted my ass off. And the results speak for itself. I'm currently one of the most popular actresses in the world, regardless of age range."

"That's such an inspirational story," Claire replied, with tears slightly forming. "You're an inspiration to women everywhere. You're so talented and amazing."

"That's the work ethic you need if you want to be successful."

Claire gulped. "Do you still want me to...you know..."

"I'm not forcing you to do anything. However, I do need a dedicated assistant. If you're not up to the task, I can always find someone else. No hard feelings."

Claire took a deep breath. "I'll do it. Whatever you need for support."

"I don't want to pressure you into anything."

"You're not. This is something I want to do."

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