50 Beautiful Women


George eyed girl one in particular. Her hair was so golden and glistened beautifully. Her dress was made from pearl lace and fit her tight curves perfectly. She was obviously trying hard to hide, and didn't look like she belonged there. As he approached her Geoff noticed George and winced as he took his precious Anna wench upstairs. Fucking her was fun, he should have locked her away for himself Geoff thought. Little did Geoff know that not all the girls were happy with him, and that was especially true about this one. The arrogant way he learned to discard the girls sometimes hurt them. In this case, it would hurt him.

George opened the door to the suite and gently kissed Geoff's earlier sexual wench, while asking her what her name was.

"Anna," she said with a seductive smile that melted his heart.

He wanted to fuck her. His cock was demanding him to. Forget your job, it said. Take care of me. George tried to push down his hard on. He asked Anna many questions which she answered honestly. He found out how she had been mistreated and how Geoff's operation ran. She explained everything to him with distain since she was still furious about being sent away from Geoff in shame.

George knew his only chance was to wait, and to not have his way with her, although all he could think of was fucking her. George knew what had to be done to protect the beautiful girl he was falling in love with. He had to teach her how to hide in the linen closet so he could save her from immigration for himself when the place was raided. The language barrier had to be crossed somehow. He put her in the linen closet over and over again. He said the words "linen closet" over and over again. Then they left the room.

They descended the staircase with fake smirks of satisfaction on their faces to make it look real and go undetected. Seeing them, Geoff felt a tinge of jealousy and decided to keep the beautiful wench he had fucked earlier, to himself, from now on. She cleaned up so beautifully. Geoff admired her golden blonde hair and cute dimples that made her even more adorable.

While George went to the bathroom, Geoff roughly grabbed Anna and pulled her back up the stairs with him. She would pay for enjoying sex with anyone but him. He would wipe that smirk off her face were his thoughts.

As he left the bathroom George saw the rough way Geoff grabbed Anna and was afraid for her. He knew he had to call the authorities and rescue her immediately. He left with haste and became frustrated as time passed and he wasn't able to save his beautiful Anna as quickly as he wanted. He hoped she would be okay. She was okay.

Geoff was making sure of it. His hard cock was penetrating her exquisitely over and over again in so many different positions. As he fucked her against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist and she moaned with wild pleasure. She regreted telling George anything but was afraid to say anything to Geoff. Geoff's power was raw and savage. She was afraid of it. He fucked her harder. Her orgasm was powerful, long lasting and matched his in intensity. They came together in torrents of pleasure, over and over again.

Two hours later sirens were heard by the guests and residents who were having wild uninhibited sex in the numerous rooms, halls and lobbies available. Policemen would later tell stories about kinky positions, hedo activities including bathtubs full of jello, glory walls, bathrubs of ice cubes, red hot pokers and beautiful exquisite women. Geoff glared at George standing there with the authorities as he was escorted off the premises. The girls were rounded up and taken to immigration. The men discreetly drove away having not being charged with any crimes. Sex parties were not a crime.

George looked around at the huge mansion. He stayed for hours after all the commotion was over and waited painsakeingly for the minutes to pass as the left person left. Finally he was alone. He raced upstairs to the room he and Anna had shared, With a gallant sweep he opened the double doors to the linen closet to find, nothing, absolutely nothing. His heart began to race. She hadn't understood. She was in immigration and untouchable. His dream lover, his want to be beautiful bride with the soft golden hair and gorgeous sexy body was gone forever. He thought maybe, and started going through every linen closet in every room. Finally, he opened one of the doors and nearly fainted seeing his sexy beauty in splendor before him. At that moment George considered himself the luckiest man on earth. He picked her up, twirled her around and kissed her deeply. They smiled at each other and walked out together hand in hand. Years later he still smiled at her every morning and admired the woman he rescued.

On one particular Saturday morning he looked at her admiringly as he usually did this time of day.

"Let's fool around before you make me lunch," he suggested.

The sex was swift, boring and uneventful, just as it had been every excruciating day for the last three years. As she cut up tomatoes Anna directed her mind to a happier place. A place of freedom. A place of great sex. Looking at him she smiled the usual fake smile. He smiled back. She knew that in one week she would have saved enough from her household money and hocking her jewelry to start a new life. Patiently she went back to making George's lunch.

She thought about how Geoff would be out of prison soon, and how glad she was to have learned so much english. She was glad she able to find him in prison and write him letters. She missed the awesome sex they shared. Geoff told her he loved her and apologized for treating her so poorly. He complimented her and promised her great sex. Each letter he wrote contained graphic sexual details about what he would do to her. While reading each word in the letters she played with her wet pussy feeling the familiar spasms of sweet anticipation, and riveting orgasms.

George never cared if she was pleasured or not, but Geoff did. His letters were so sweet and adoring. She came so hard while pleasuring herself to his letters and remembering how big he was and how well he fucked her She thought back to the day they met. She knew his sexual prowess was still wild, uninhibited and demanding. Just the way she loved it. Soon they would start a new life together. Anna didn't think he knew about her part in sending him to jail in the first place. It didn't even cross her mind to be afraid for George for bringing the police down on Geoff's operation. She just didn't think of it. Little did she or George know that Geoff saw George with the police the day of the arrest. Her mind was clouded with thoughts of fulfilling her sexual fantasies with Geoff. Wild orgasmic sex. That's all he ever wrote about, and that's all she ever thought about.

When he heard Anna would be there to pick him up on the day he was released, Geoff laughed. Women; they were so gullible, always thinking they were special, that they couldn't be replaced, when really one Anna was just like another to him. Yes, he liked the way they fell into his lap. They were all so easy. Geoff rubbed his hard calloused hands from many hours of building muscle and working hard. Yes, now he can extract revenge on both his informer and his predator. Next week would not be a good week for one particular tax auditor and girlfriend.

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