tagAnal50 Shades of a Polo Player Ch. 01

50 Shades of a Polo Player Ch. 01


I sat on the train, en route to our rendezvous, thinking of what was to come. That soft blond hair, your deep blue eyes and those strong, polo player thighs, which would control every thrust. I began to feel myself getting damp at the thought of you. I was sure that my long summer dress must be getting a discernible wet patch, sure to reveal the contents of my daydream as soon as I arose from my current sitting position.

A business man in a sharply cut suit rushed down the aisle of the train, obviously in a hurry, knocking my bag as he went past. I became aware of a faint buzzing and then slight movement from within my hold-all. I reached hastily into my bag to find the 7 inch, pink, rampant rabbit and turn it off so as not to give the entire train a bad impression of my naughty side. I also brought my handcuffs and a crotch-less, black, lace body stocking which covered me from ankle to waist and then a small halter-neck covering only a small part of my large breasts. It tied with a ribbon at the back and hugged every inch of my curvy figure.

When I arrived at the station I knew I had about 30 minutes to spare before he arrived. I waited obediently, trying to think of other things so I would not leave an obvious wet patch on the fabric of the café seats. I was sure every male who walked in would be able to smell me like I was a bitch on heat, ready to be pounded till I screamed.

When he arrived, there was a quick hello and we walked hurriedly to the hotel, eager to feed our sexual appetites. After checking in and entering our little room, we took a moment to freshen up and while he was in the bathroom I lay down on the small, uncomfortable bed and waited.

The first thing I noticed was the manly smell of aftershave -- a favourite of mine -- and I felt myself dampen once more. He shook his hair as he entered the room, allowing it to flop round his face and I grinned up at him. It all happened fairly quickly then. He knelt on the edge of the bed then made his way over to me. I looked up at him and he leant down to kiss me for the first time. I savoured the feel of his lips, soft against mine, closing my eyes in the moment before allowing his tongue to slide between my lips and dance with mine.

His hand slides up my thigh as I reach up to run my fingers through his soft blond hair and I pull his mouth towards mine with a new eagerness. All very quickly my dress is pulled roughly over my head and I am lying in my black lace underwear. A quick feel of his hardening crotch and I am tugging at his clothes to remove them so I can feel his skin against mine. As he slides a finger beneath my panties he looks surprised at how ready I am for him. As I stand to slip off my bra and panties he removes his trousers and boxers allowing his large erection to spring forth, ready to meet me.

He pushes me down on the bed and climbs on top of me positioning the tip of his cock at my pussy. He looks at my face and thrusts inside me, and I gasp at his size, filling me. He rolls my ever hardening nipples between his thumb and fingertips, tugging gently -- a direct pathway to my pussy, it makes me groan in pleasure and wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper inside me. His tongue finds mine as he thrusts deep and fast inside me; I can feel every inch of his length and girth as I lift my hips to meet him. He increases his pace, seeming to know exactly what I need and I feel my pussy tighten around him, I throw my head back, moaning as my orgasm takes over and feeling him shoot his warm load inside of me.

- - - - - - - - -

I take his fingers into my mouth and suck, watching his facial expression as I do so. I see a sense of longing in his eyes. We have been lying naked together since he spent his last load and our appetite has once again woken us from our day dream. He uses his newly wet fingers to tug at my nipples which harden under his touch. He leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently and grazing his teeth over it, nibbling slightly. I feel my pussy start to moisten in anticipation. I feel for his cock hardening against my thigh and begin to encourage it into its upright position. I bend down and take him in my mouth, slowly licking and sucking before taking him deep in my throat.

He pushed me up onto all fours and I held onto the headboard of the little bad as he fingered me, lubricating his fingers before pushing them into my ass. I pushed backwards against him, forcing them in deeper, and he finger fucked my ass whilst I felt my pussy begin to drip with anticipation of his cock once more.

I straddle him and lower myself onto his cock, the feeling of him inside me so much deeper than before. I rise up and down a few times, allowing my tits to bounce whilst he reached up to cup them in his large hands. He pushed me down and rolled over on top of me, kneeling between my legs. Holding my thighs and pushing them apart, he went down on me, taking my clit into his mouth and flicking at it with his tongue. He ran his tongue over my pussy and I moaned in pleasure. He looked at me, driving me crazy and finally sucked hard on my clit causing me to call out. I reached down, grabbing his hair and pulled him up to kiss me hard on the mouth and he thrust his hard cock inside me and fucked me fast and hard.

The speed of his thrusts and the feeling still lingering from his tongue on my pussy made me come quickly and loudly around him. We rolled over and I began sucking his cock so that he could come in my mouth and I could taste him. I cupped his balls in one hand and he guided my other downwards whilst I sucked at his cock. I took his balls in my mouth and sucked my finger whilst he held his cock, wanking himself towards his own climax... I took over massaging his balls with the palm of my hand as I slipped a finger down to around his ass, massaging gently and making him moan as his orgasm overcame him. I caught his jet of hot cum in my mouth, savouring each mouthful and taking him deep to ensure I had cleaned up after myself completely.

- - - - - - - - -

He found my rampant rabbit and immediately wanted to play. I lay back and watched as he first made me wet with his tongue, once again finding my weak spot and cucking hard on my clit, causing me to moan loudly once again. He really was very good at this, knowing my weak spots after only a few hours. He slid the pink rabbit inside me, turning it on to full power, it rotating inside me. He fiddled with the vibrating setting, changing it regularly so that I wouldn't know what was coming, causing me to cum quickly as he moved it in and out of me quickly. He seemed to grin, pleased with himself that he could make me moan like this. Moving up towards me he played again with my nipples before using his hands expertly on my pussy, not stopping even when I begged, causing me to cum another 3 times before he finally relented.

I bent to take his cock in my mouth, time for payback. This time as I massaged his balls I once again sucked my finger and squeezed a small drop of precum onto it, lubricating it ready for me to slip it just inside his ass, causing him to moan out as I played with him with my tongue and hands. It wasn't long before I felt him start to shudder as he ejaculated into the back of my throat and I savoured each drop as I swallowed it down.

- - - - - - - - -

I woke up next to him the next morning, hot from sharing our body heat, and I reached around him, spooning gently until he would wake. I couldn't resist running my fingers through his hair and he stirred, turning to face me. As we woke and became accustomed to the light around us, I felt his ever hard cock against my hip and I kissed him gently as I went to climb on board. However, he once again pushed me onto the bed and took me straight away, sliding deep inside me for our cheeky morning sex. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, pulling him close to me as he slid inside me, my pussy quickly becoming wetter and his thrusts becoming more urgent each time. He once again met my rhythm and I lifted my hips to meet him as my orgasm took over. His final few thrusts ensured that he came once again inside me, and we lay, spent on the bed.

As we dressed to get breakfast, I wondered why he had not fisted me or fucked my ass as we had talked about before. My pussy still longed to be stretched by his large strong hands and my ass by his wide girth. Perhaps he would even slide my rabbit inside my pussy as he fucked my ass, stretching me to the extreme and forcing me to cum many times around him... perhaps on our next rendezvous.

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