tagHumor & Satire50 Shades of Brown

50 Shades of Brown


This story is based on a SuperBowl commercial I saw where Mrs. Borwn the M&M spokes-candy is having lunch with William Levy. It's called "One-track Mind" This is the night that followed, enjoy. Wrote for fun.

Leaning back on my bed, burying my head in the soft pillows, I moaned as my young lover licked between my thighs. His skilled tongue going so very deep within me. Exploring every fold and savoring what it found there. That wonderful mouth seeking more and more of me to taste.

The moan?

Oh, it's a lie.

To tell the truth, I'm bored out of my mind with what he is doing down there. Lick, lick, lap, lap. What is with these silly men? All they ever want to do is devour me! Would it take one of them so... much... more... effort... to stimulate my mind?

Or to at least to know where my damn clitoris is!

I sighed, then faked another low moan. He doubled his effort from that little encouragement. Not that double of nothing was an improvement.

Silly men.

My eyes drifted over to where my candy shell was. It bothered me to see it draped carelessly over my office chair. A minor bit of disarray I normally would never allow, but he had been in such a rush.

Another moan. Oh, ye, oh yes right there... sigh. No, not there.

How could I have ended up like this? How could a simple get together for lunch have ended here? I mean lunch had been... all right. Dinner had been nice enough. Then he took me dancing, oh that had been lovely. He really knew how to move. A few drinks, some flattery that I couldn't resist, some stolen kisses in the elevator that left me tingling and here I am. Flat on my back with "loverboy" up to his ears inside me.

What am I doing?

I'm not like that slut Green! This is the kind of thing that she loves to do. Her "style" of a date to be sure. Pick up some guy, any guy and let him have his way with her. How hollow and empty such an idea left me. But then she has always been little more than a shell. A true tramp. Her "M" should be upside down!

Some random guy... what was I thinking? Did I think this would be some euphoric night of orgasmic bliss? That he would be different?

I mean sure, he's not anything like that fool Red. He, at least, is a gentleman, not an idiot in crimson, and sure, he's cute. Adorable, almost innocent, but so very masculine at the same time. He just looked yummy. Maybe that's what I should do? Devour him for awhile!

Give him a taste, see how much he would like to be an object of gastronomic desire. No... he would probably just enjoy that too much and then I would be left cream filled and still unsatisfied.

I gave a breathy moan to hide my sigh as he continued to lick, but then it became all too real! I moaned from surprise as much as anything.

Okay... well... sure... I guess... yeah, whatever he wants to do down there. So long as he's enjoying himself... Ah...eww. Eww!

Opening my legs a bit more, I let my white high heel slip off my foot and played with it on my toes as he licked my...well, back there. Maybe I should go shopping tomorrow? Get me some new shoes. My eyes drifted back to my candy shell. I would need to get that to the dry cleaners as well. It's going to be filled with wrinkles lying there like that. And of course, they will probably melt it when they clean it, so I might as well go get me another shell while I'm out shoe shopping.

Looking down, I caught him looking up at me, smiling. I had to grin, I was all over his face!

"I didn't know that you were dark chocolate too," He said, giving his lips a lick. That sexy, smoky, Cuban accent of his just rolling off his tongue.

I sighed.

"Sorry, I thought you knew what you were doing. You're licking too low silly boy." Reaching down, I brushed his chocolate-smeared hair back from his face.

He glanced down at the wet mess all his licking had made between my legs. His face took on a strange look like he couldn't make a decision.

Shaking my head, I hooked the back of his head with my leg and pulled him back down. After a moment, he started to lick me again. I hid a chuckle at how high up he was licking now.

Well, at least, he had found my clit.

Silly boy.

My next moan was "mostly" real.

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