50 Shades Of Pale Pink Sissy


The probe was removed from my bottom when Master showed it to me I could see that it was a slim cylinder protruding from a larger cylinder. Master explained that the larger cylinder contained a vibrator which was remotely controlled by Master who had increased the intensity synchronised with his own level of excitement. Undoing all my restraints and removing my thong he left me lying there while he fetched a strange looking black object. It was another cylinder a little wider than the probe. One end was rounded and the other had a flat plate about twice the diameter of the cylinder. It had a very light chain attached. Master had me raise my knees to expose myself and slid the tube inside me. It was a little uncomfortable as it stretched me. Master ran one chain under me and another over my sex to my tummy. Through a cleaver series of rings and a clip he secured the two chains together to form a snug belt at my waist. I realized that the chain would stop the thing slipping out of me and the plate would stop it disappearing inside me. "Once that becomes comfortable in a day or so you will move up to a larger size. This will continue until I think I can just fit into you" whispered Master and smiled wickedly.

"Have you ever read "The Story of O?" he asks. I shake my head as I'm still speechless. "I will give you a copy. Your homework is to read it during the week. I will test your knowledge of the book next weekend. A one hundred percent pass mark will be set." Wow; I wonder what this is all about. I only read romances by Hardy and Austin etc.

Helping me off the bench he throws my dress to me. I slither into it. Without my panties I am showing off my little thing through the thin material. I go looking for the thong. "Leave it there. The maid will lick it clean and then wash it for you. I should take you out clubbing looking just as you are". "Oh no" I cry. Master grabs me, throws me over the bench and smacks me really hard several times. I'm a sobbing mess by the time he finishes. "DON'T EVER SAY NO TO ME ANTOINETTE, UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO THROW YOU OUT". I nod through my tears as I can't speak.

Master leads me up to the ground floor and shows me around his sumptuous mansion. The opulence amazes me as we move from room to room. Next he takes my tho the first floor where he shows me his massive bedroom suite. I imagine myself curled in his arms in the monster bed. "Don't get any ideas about sleeping here. I don't do vanilla romantic stuff" he states. Next I'm led to another bedroom. The décor is pink with French styled furniture. The bed is a massive four poster with canopy which has mirrors. There are eye bolts screwed into each post. I imagine I know what they are for. I explore the room and its comfortable furnishings noticing that every lounge and chair has restraining points included. Walking into the bathroom I find a corner spa, oversize shower, toilet and vanity. There is a shelf with soap, toothpaste shampoo etc. I feel like I'm in a five star hotel except they don't usually supply an enema kit and comprehensive hair dressing equipment. Everything is beautiful. There is a dressing room with built in robes down each side. At the far end is a dressing table covered in everything a girl would need to make herself smell and look perfect. I look in the drawers and find jewellery boxes overflowing with ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. I am speechless. Opening one robe I find at least twenty gorgeous dresses in every style imaginable. They are either full length evening gowns or very short and sexy. Satin and silk seems to dominate as does white and pink. I open the other robe and find hangers with various styles of corsets hanging next to beautiful night gowns both long and short. There are shelves of shoes, none of which has a heel shorter than four inches (most are higher). I open a drawer to find it full of sexy bras. The next one is full of panties. The next has packets of hosiery. There are camisoles and miniskirts in other drawers. I don't find any shorts or pants.

Wandering back to the bed room with a huge smile on my face I find master sitting on the bed grinning at me. I drop to the floor in front of him, place my forehead on the floor and thank him. "You will sleep here during your visits. If we have sex anywhere other than the play room it will be in here. Take off your dress and slowly turn for me". I stand and comply, dropping the dress and slowly revolving for his eyes. "You are magnificent and I love your pink bottom, Stop turning" my face and neck flush to the same colour as I'm sure my bottom is. I am facing away from him and I can feel his breath on my neck. Grabbing my hands he pulls them behind me and binds my wrists together with rope. I am turned around and forced to my knees. He flops back onto the bed and frees his flaccid member from his pants. I shuffle forward on my knees as I know what is required. Hungrily I engulf his beautiful dick. I'm soon lost in my own world concentrating on pleasuring the man who owns me. All too soon he climaxes and I lustfully swallow every drop. My little thing has gone quite stiff. After untying my wrists Master orders me to lie on my back and to stroke myself to climax. I do so just using thumb and forefinger as I'm so small. Eventually I shoot some drops onto my belly. He tells me to scoop it up and eat it which I do. I far preferred our playroom sex even with the pain as it felt like we were doing it together rather than individually as we just had.

"Go to bed. Maid will wake you in the morning with instructions". He walked out of the room.

I pee, shower and brush. In the dressing room I find a white lacy teddy which exposes more than it hides. It fits me perfectly. Returning to my bed I find a book on the bed. It is the book Master had told me to read. Although tired, I decide to have a peek at what is inside. Within minutes I am captivated by the subjugation of this beautiful woman to the position of object. She is just three holes to be used by men. I soon wish I was her. Tiredness brought about by the biggest day of my life defeats me. I put the book aside, douse the light and snuggle into bed. All too soon, it seems, I am awoken gently by maid shaking my shoulder. "Prepare yourself for master. He would like you in the dining room in half an hour dressed as you are but with some shoes on. You needn't shower just yet, but do your hair and make up." I'm told.

I pee, brush my teeth and spray a little perfume on. Sitting at my dressing table I brush my hair and do my best over the top make job. I decide that some jewellery is in order so I soon have dangly earrings, necklace and bracelet on. Selecting some high, white sandals I check my self in a full length mirror. I see a hot looking woman staring back at me. I don't like my little thing making a tiny bump in the material but I'll just have to live with that.

My heels clatter on the timber floor and the stairs as I make my way to see my Master. He is sitting at the head of the table and there is a place setting to his left. I stand at his side waiting for instructions while he inspects me. I twirl around for him as I know he likes to check all of me. He smiles and points to the chair at his side. I sit and he leans over and chastely kisses my cheek. I gasp and blush at such tenderness. Maid appears and places a plate of mixed, peeled fruit in front of me. I pick up a whole banana and slowly nibble my way down its length, looking at Master with my eyes twinkling. Master smiles and asks whether I'm trying to tempt him. I nod shyly. "I may have to spank you for being so forward Miss Antoinette" he whispers. I giggle. I don't know what has come over me. Maybe it's the intoxication of being so close to master or it could be from reading the book in bed the previous night.

"Did you start on the book?" he asks. "Yes Sir" I answer. "Did you like it?" "Oh yes sir. I wanted to finish it in one sitting but got too tired. I want to be just like O".

Master smiles and pats my leg. "Well, what my little sub asks for she will get. Now eat up the rest of your fruit, take these pills and drink your juice as we have a busy day ahead". The juice is a delicious orange flavour which masks the bitterness of the two big pills. I devour the rest of the crisp fresh fruit. "Those pills will enhance your feminine development. You will take two every day. Maid is waiting in your room to help you prepare for lunch. I have decided to take you out and show you off at my favourite restaurant. I'm sure that we will get some curious looks". He flashes a mischievous smile. Standing' he helps me out of my chair and with a smack to my bottom sends me on my way.

My heels clatter as I climb the stairs. I love that sound. Entering my room I find maid waiting for me. She looks OK but would never pass outside. I hold that thought. At five ten she towers over me and I know that she is much stronger than I. suddenly she grabs me firmly above my elbows. "Well, little bitch, you may think you own him but I own you. If you don't want your life to be hell you had better be nice to me" she snarls while forcing me to my knees. With one hand she frees her penis from her panties and pushes it towards my mouth while the other hand holds my head. I refuse to open for her and suddenly I'm lying on the floor after she slaps my face. I scream as I go down and then lie sobbing at her feet. One minute I'm looking at her shoes and the next they are gone. Master's loafers have replaced them. I sit up and wrap my arms around his jean clad legs still sobbing and scared out of my mind.

Maid is lying on the floor groaning. Master must have hit her pretty hard. I'm helped to my feet and then sat on the bed. Master turns his attention to maid. "You have two options. Either you leave my service immediately with a severe caning or I will lock you up and Antoinette and I will deal very harshly with you later. Choose!" She pleads to be locked up. Obviously she loves him. She must have known that he would check on us. If I had submitted I would be the one to get punished. I found out later that Master was watching on a screen from his office. I guess it was a test for me too. She meekly follows Master out and I hear them descend the stairs.

I'm so shaken that I am still sitting on the bed when he returns. Sitting next to me he wraps an arm around my shoulders and holds me tight. I'm in heaven. "Don't fret, little one, we will have great sex in front of her while she suffers later." He called me little One? Wow that sounds more tender than usual. "I want to go to lunch at about twelve. You have the whole morning to prepare, to be shown off to the world as my consort. Do your hair in ringlets, still plenty of makeup, a very short dress, corset, stockings and killer heels. I will give you your jewellery when we are ready to leave. He kisses my forehead and leaves me to get ready.

My first step is to clean my inside, which I do after removing the black plug that has nestled inside me all night. Once I'm sure that I'm clean I shower and wash my hair. Rather than reuse yesterday's plug I select the next size up from the box that I'd found earlier in the bathroom. With a little lube it slips in quite easily. I must be stretching. I get a funny sexy feeling just thinking about how good this will get. Sitting at my dressing table I style my hair into ringlets and carefully apply my make up. There is a bottle of Ralf Lauren Notorious sitting on the table with a little note that I hadn't noticed before. The note just said: wear this. OK! I squirt about fifty dollars worth in all the right places. Now: it's time to select an outfit to knock their socks off.

Stepping into the robe I pull several short dresses out. I find a short pale pink one that will show off my legs to perfection. It will cover my lacy stocking tops but has a side split that will show enough to keep anyone interested. I select a corset that I step into rather than doing up clips. It is very elastic and tight enhancing all my curves but shouldn't show through to much. Like all the others in the robe it has very small padded cups which push me up and leave my nipples exposed. I decide to wear nude seamed stockings which I carefully roll on and secure to my suspenders making sure that the seams are straight. The matching thong was hanging with the corset so I slide it up my legs and tuck my self out of sight. It fits perfectly and hides the nasty bits perfectly. Stepping into the dress I find it to be a perfect fit. Once again the fabric excites my nipples to erection. I twirl around and I'm pleased that my stocking top on the left shows a little as I walk and twirl.

I select the highest heeled strappy sandals of the shelf finding them difficult to walk in but worth it for the way I look. I look like a late teen starlet chasing publicity. I have a little time so practice walking in the killer six inch heels. After loading some cosmetics, a brush and my purse into a bag that matches the shoes I head down stairs to join my Master.

Carefully descending the stairs in perilous shoes, I spy my Master stepping into the entrance hall below me. His mouth drops open as he stares at me. Regaining his composure he mouths "stunning", and meets me with a chaste kiss on my cheek. I twirl around for him a couple of times, he smiles at me and whispers "I hope you have some ID because you look barely legal". I dig my licence out of my purse and pass it to him. Fortunately by the time I obtained my licence I was well on my way to girlhood so my photo reflected the way I looked. My name was shown as Tony rather than Anthony or Antoinette. Smiling he returns it to me, takes my hand and leads me through the front doors to a waiting limo. The driver helps me into the back seat doing his best not to gaze too long at my stocking tops and panties that are impossible to conceal as I sit. I blush of course, which amuses my Master immensely as he slides into the seat next to me and reaches over to secure by seat belt. There is a tinted glass divider separating us from the driver and soft classical music wafts through the speakers. My whole body feels warm and fuzzy.

"Master may I tell you something" he nods for me to proceed. "I have moved up a size in my plug today" I tell him blushing again. "Did it hurt" he is concerned. "Only a little but it is fine now" I answer. "Take your time. I don't want you damaging yourself to speed up the process". I nod but answer "I need you inside me so much that I can't wait". "Ok but take care. One of my rules is that your skin will never be broken except for modification". I understand what he is saying and it leaves me grinning like a fool.

The car whisks us across town until we pull up in a car park at a reserve next to the harbour. I'm helped out of the car by the driver and embarrassed again by flashing glimpses of pink at him. Master takes my hand and leads my along a path through the reserve towards the water. "You mustn't call me Master while we are out. Call me Mr Black or Sir. You will be Antoinette if I'm pleased or Miss Hazel if I'm not. Keep your eyes below my face at all times when you are looking at me unless I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?" I avert my eyes and nod. I realize that he wants me in sub mode and strangely I get that warm and fuzzy feeling again.

The warm breeze wafts around my stockings and flutters my ringlets as we stroll along until we reach a small restaurant. My nipples are hard as the material stimulates them as we walk. The view is stunning, looking across a beach to yachts riding at their moorings. We are met at the entrance by the owner who shakes Sir's hand. I am introduced as Antoinette. My hand gets kissed and we are led to our table with the best view in the house. Every head turns to watch us. There are some surprised looks from some of the diners who seem to know Mr Black who nods at them as we pass. I manage to sit without showing too much off, but the way I'm facing exposes my left side with the revealing split showing my stocking top and a little thigh above it. I blush. Peeking, I see Sir smiling then frowning. "No looking Miss Hazel" he growls. "Your lovely blush will always make me smile so you don't need to check". I quickly stare down at the table. A glass of bubbles appears in front of me. I don't know what to do next as I cant see Him for guidance. "Drink to our future and look at me". I take the glass and look up. He is smiling and holding his glass towards me. We clink our glasses, I take a long swig and avert my eyes again. "Go easy" he says. "Drunken subs get severely punished and humiliated". I'm blushing again.

We have a sumptuous lunch of oysters followed by lamb rack and then hand made ice cream and strawberries. Each course is accompanied by the perfect wine. I have never eaten so well or enjoyed such delicious wine. By coffee time I'm a little light headed and ask permission to go to the toilet. He allows me to go. After I pee I'm standing touching up my make up when a statuesque shapely blond enters. She smirks at me. I'm confused and show it. "You are not at all like his usual subs" she whispers. "What little secret have you got hidden away that would attract that beautiful man". I blush and quickly leave her to return to my seat.

Coffee is served. "Don't worry about what other people may speculate my little one" he says kindly "I saw that bitch follow you and I suspect she tried to upset you. Forget everyone in the world and just concentrate on being mine. I want to be your world". I have that fuzzy feeling invading my core again. Is this really my Dom speaking? He makes me feel so special that a tear escapes and runs down my cheek. A tissue is thrust at me and I quickly dab the moisture away. The bill is paid and Sir leads me through the restaurant. I hear muffled whispers from some of the other patrons. We are farewelled by our host and wander slowly back to the car.

"You can look at me again now we are alone. That rule is for when we are out. Unless I specify no looking at other times you can act normally". "Now we will go and have some fun with that nasty Maid. I might try to get that nasty bitch from the restaurant into the play room some time to punish her" he says with a mock evil tone. I feel much better now. I'm so happy looking forward to some fun in the play room. I hope the maid isn't going to get all the attention. I crave his harsh touch on my soft skin. As if reading my mind he says "I will of course have to punish you for a couple of little mistakes you have made today. We can take care of that while the maid is suffering her torment". My heart flutters with anticipation and my nipples harden even more. Oh, how my body betrays me.

"Master, may I ask you something?" I ask quietly. He nods. "Why does the maid not just walk out rather than submit to your punishment?"

"He is a sick bastard with evil needs that I disapprove of" he frowns as He answers. "I have proof of his nasty thoughts, and the evil photos he likes to look at. He hasn't actually fulfilled his fantasy yet, but I fear that if he was out on the street he would soon have to satisfy those needs. The only reason that you attract him is because you look so young. If he had his way, he would split you open and relish at your pain and the blood. Do you understand now? "I nod. " If he leaves he knows I will expose him".

When we arrive home Master takes me to the kitchen where I'm introduced to his butler. He is called Bates. His duties are to run the house and he is also a great chef Master explains. Maid does all the dirty work while Bates does the nice stuff. He smiles fondly at me as he welcomes me. Leaving the kitchen, Master sits me in the drawing room to wait while he changes. He soon returns wearing high boots over tight leather trousers with crimson shirt open half way down his chest. He is so hot looking and my body responds. I feel moisture between my thighs and my nipples stand to attention.

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