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58 Going On 16


I think every guy on earth can relate with this story. Believe it or not, about 60% of it is true and the rest I embellished on what actually happened. Not a lot graphic sex, but just enough to hold your attention.

"I'm not fucking dead yet," the voice in my head screamed as my wife said no to sex for the thousandth time.

"Sex, sex, sex, is that all you think about?" Carol snapped at me.

"If I got it once in a while, I wouldn't be thinking about it all the time" I replied.

"If I gave you sex as much as you wanted it, we'd be doing it 24/7" she shot back.

"And your point?"

"For Christ's sake, your 58 years old and you've got the sex drive of a teenager." Your suppose to be slowing down, I can't do it every day, I need time to juice back up" Carol shouted at me.

So the conversation went for the umpteenth time. We had tried to work out compromises but they never worked. I wanted to do it four times a week but would settle for three. Carol wanted once every other week but would settle for once per week; fuck I couldn't win.

We finally settled on twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend. This lasted for a week or two and then we were back to once a week.

I was stymied. How could you not want to do something that gives you so much pleasure? To me sex with your wife was the best. I would do it every chance I could if she was willing; but that's the problem, she wasn't.

Believe it or not, Carol had the higher sex drive when we first got married. I was working crazy hours at Home Depot, as a new department manager, and was always tired. She on the other hand was always lusting at me and I guess I turned her down too many times. After a while she just stopped asking, I guess too many rejections has a way of cooling you off.

Just to give you a little back ground on myself. My name is Jim Moore and I'm going to be turning 59 this month. Physically I'm in better shape than I was at 25. I bike, run, skate and go to the gym at least four days a week. I come from a large catholic family, 5 brothers and 4 sisters, so you know there was sex going on in our house.

I married at twenty-one to what you would call a hot chick. Ann and I met just before I went into the Marines in 1969. After boot camp we communicated through letters, phone calls and I saw her only on my leaves. Why she went out and stuck with me I'll never know. She was one of the most popular girls around and even though she was being hit on all the time, she was true to me while I was away.

My year in Viet Nam changed me a lot. I was no longer the happy go lucky guy who didn't have a care in the world; I became a lot more serious, war has a way of doing that to you. I proposed one drunken night on the phone and she accepted; she did call the next night to confirm that I'd really meant to ask her.

When I got out we got married and after two kids, the first being a mistake, we had a pretty decent life. Things were hot and heavy for the first five years but some how life got in the way and work and the kids became our main focus.

I never saw it coming. Everyone, I mean everyone knew she was fucking around but me. They say love makes you deaf, dumb, blind and stupid; and I can now attest to that. Perry was one of our best friends, I guess her more so than me. Ann was on her weekend get away when I found out. I tried to reach her at the motel, because of a family emergency but she hadn't even checked in. I frantically called Gary, whose wife Penny was supposed to be with Ann this weekend, thinking that they'd changed motels and she had called him. Consider my shock when his wife answered the phone, the jig was up.

Between Gary and I, we found out what the fuck was going on, and with whom. God did I feel stupid. Everyone was laughing behind my back and no one had the decency to fucking tell me, with friends like that who needs enemies.

She was shacked up at his apartment and Penny was covering her ass for her. The earth moved when my loving wife came home Sunday night. It got real ugly with her packing up her stuff and moving in with her sister, leaving me with the kids.

To make a long story short, she filed, got custody of the kids and I got fucked big time. I ended up paying 30% of my salary in child support and lost the fucking house. Was I bitter, hell yes, did I want revenge, hell yes; but it took me twelve years to get it. The one thing I did learn thought, was to keep your eyes wide open especially when your gut tells you there's something wrong.

Two years later I thought I found the girl of my dreams, Diana. Good looking with a great body, smart, had a professional job and most of all; she loved sex. We spent more than one weekend during the cold winter months in bed fucking the entire weekend away. I didn't have a lot of extra money, due to getting ripped by child support, but that made no difference to her; she loved me. We had a whirlwind romance and within nine months we were close to moving in together.

It was after dinner one night Diane got all serious and said she wanted to talk to me about something. "Shit here it comes, the brush off" I thought to myself as we sat down on her couch.

"There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about for a while but I just don't know how to tell you, so here it goes; I can't have kids" she told me.

"Ok, what's the problem?" I asked.

"You mean you don't care?" she replied. "My last boy friend couldn't hit the door fast enough" she told me.

"Look Di, I already have two boys that are more than a handful." "Even though it might have been nice to have a child with you, it isn't a deal breaker, for me anyway" I told her.

You'd think I'd just told her that she'd won the lottery the way Di was all over me after that. We spent that night and the next day in bed doing things that are band in thirty states and by twelve religions worldwide; in other words, we had fun.

I moved in with her and six months later we got married in a small family ceremony. I should have known, with my past bad luck, that something was coming but it came fast and hard.

Diane worked for GM and it seems that they were closing their Minneapolis office. Because of her years of service, she was given her choice of transfer locations including Memphis Tenn or Jacksonville Florida. How often do you get a chance to transfer from the frozen North of Minnesota to sunny Florida; guess which location we picked.

The company bought our house and even shipped us to Florida so we could find a house before transferring; god I loved this company. We found a beautiful house five miles from the beach and life was finally starting to go our way. We moved, and then it all started to unravel.

The pay scale in Florida sucked and the jobs were few and far between. There was very little manufacturing and what there were, paid only 50% of what I was making up north. I finally took a supervisory job in a paper converting plant on second shift. The hours sucked, the work was hard and the pay didn't even cover all my expenses when you took my child support into consideration; life became pretty rough. I did odd jobs to supplement our income, but that meant I was way from home and Di hated that. Our life together became tense and our sex life started drying up.

G.M. was always sending her to some type of training or team building seminars. They were always during the week and lasted any where from two to five days. Every time she came back from one of these outings we seemed to grow further apart. I tried to turn it around but nothing seemed to work.

Two days after her last trip Di announced that she wanted a divorce. "We're no longer close and I feel it time to get on with my life," she told me. "There isn't anyone else Jim, it's just that I don't love you anymore."

That was a major hit to my ego and masculinity. Having gone through it once before, I basically said fuck it and she could have her divorce if she was that fucking unhappy.

Money was very tight so she moved into the spare bedroom. Di went to work at 8:00 every morning but most days I didn't start until almost 11:00. I told a few of my buds at work and to a one they thought she was cheating on me. Wed I waited for Di to go to work, and then searched her bedroom. It didn't take me more than ten minutes to find letters and even a tape of her new man.

He also worked for G.M. but in another division. They were getting together every time she went on one of her working seminars. "The fucking bitch" I screamed as I put everything back where I'd found it; excluding the videotape. I did however made two copies, sending one to her parents and the one I kept in a secure place. I took half of our meager savings and found a small apartment across from where I worked. It was in a very bad neighborhood, but the rent was cheap.

Two days later shit hit the fan. Her parents called the house and I told them that their loving daughter was cheating on me and that we were going to get a divorce. They wanted to talk to her, but I said she was out and that she didn't know yet that I knew about her and her new fuck buddy; and yes I had sent them the tape. They said they'd call back tomorrow around suppertime. I thanked them for being such supportive in laws and that I'd miss them; boy I laid it on thick.

G.M. was a whole different matter. I made two more copies and sent one each to their bosses with a note saying that because of their affair, my wife and I were getting a divorce. That I was going to pursue my legal rights because basically the two of them were fucking around at a company sponsored seminar. It didn't take more than 24 hours for someone to contact me.

They didn't give a shit about my marriage, my wife or her fuck buddy; but when I mentioned something about going public and talking to a reporter, I got their attention. My wants were simple I told them; pay for my upcoming divorce, six months of rent, demote the two of them and put a written reprimand in their personal file. I knew that once a black mark was in their files, they'd never be promoted again; a gift that keeps giving.

Diane came home and was spitting fire. I told her to sit down so we could talk but it was way beyond that. "Look bitch, if you hadn't fucked around on me I would have walked away and you never would have heard a peep out of me" I explained. "But I found out you've been lying to me for at least six months and probably fucking him for at least as long."

Di tried to say it was only about the two of us, but I'd already heard enough of her bullshit. "Fuck yourself Di, I'm almost moved out and by the way, your mom and dad will be calling tonight to find out why a daughter of theirs decided to cheat on her husband, have a good life" I said as I walked out for the final time.

I let her get an attorney and divorce me. She tried sticking me with a lot of bills and shit so I just threatened to do a chapter 7 and told them all to fuck off. About four months later she sold the house and moved away, where to I couldn't tell you, and frankly I didn't give a shit. One-night a year later, I burned our wedding pictures one by one ending that chapter in my life.

So here I sit wondering what the hell to do. As you read in the first part of my story, Carols sex drive has dwindled to almost nothing and here I sit dick in hand wondering what to do.

Outside of sex, Carol is perfect. She's good looking, a great cook and we have basically the same likes and dislikes. We joked around when we got married that before either one of us ever thought of getting a divorce we'd commit suicide because the stigma of three divorces would be way too much humiliation for either one of us to live with.

So, with that in mind, I decided to take two lovers. You may ask why two and that's a valid question. If I took one, I might get too hung up with her and do something stupid like leave my wife. With two however, I would be having sex with three women, satisfying my urges and splitting my time equally among them. I never considered it cheating, because I wasn't taking anything from Carol that she wanted or needed. So my search began.

My company was donating old computer to needy individuals attending the community college. I was in charge of handing them out so when I met Dawn I took notice. She was a single mother, who was going to school at night to get her AA degree. I got her a CPU, monitor and told her I'd work on securing her a printer. To say she was overjoyed was an understatement. Two weeks later, I gave her an old HP printer and two reams of paper.

You may think that I'm some type of fucking predator, no way. It's just that Dawn was damm good looking and I couldn't imagine how she could be single. I'd forgotten about her until three weeks later when Dawn asked if I had the Microsoft Office software package. "I don't know if it's legal for me to pass it around, but if you don't tell anyone where you got it, I guess it'll be alright," I told her. We kicked around how we were going to handle this when she ended the discussion.

"Look, I don't normally give out my address but you seem to be safe, being married and all, so if me meet me at my house after 6:00 we can load it on my machine" she told me. "Hell, I'll even throw in dinner" she said with a smile.

I told Carol I'd be late and not to wait dinner on me. I rang Dawn's bell at five to six and a little girl answered. "Is your mommy home?" I asked. She nodded and opened the door for me. Standing in the doorway I waited for Dawn.

"I think you should tell your daughter not to let anyone in the house," I told her when she came in from the kitchen. "You don't know how many crazies there are out there, better to be safe than sorry."

She thanked me, told me she'd talk to her girl and showed me into the den where the computer was set up. Loading the disks, it said it would take two hours to fully load; as I said, it was an old computer.

"Why it's loading why don't we have a bite to eat?" she asked.

"Works for me, where can I wash up" I asked.

"Use the bathroom down the hall to the right" she instructed.

The house was in total disrepair. The sinks leaked, the handles on all the doors were loose and a hundred other things that a husband normally fixes. She explained that she kicked her ex-husband out when she caught him fooling around with a woman at his work. She forgave him once but the second time, she caught them in their marital bed, and she kicked his ass out. "No loss, he hadn't touched me in a year anyway; I guess he was getting all he could handle from his group of whores" she told me.

"God, how could you stand not having sex for a year, I'd have gone ballistic" I laughed.

"I have my little girl, work and night school so I really don't have the time to think about it" she told me. "Besides, he was a lousy lay anyway" she said in a matter of fact voice. "Let's check on that software and see how it's coming," she told me.

"Damm, it's still got another hour to go" I exclaimed. "Look, you have any tools around here?" I asked. "As long as we're waiting, let me do a few things that need to be done" I told her, and that's what I did for the next hour and a half. Dawn got her daughter ready for bed and I went room-to-room repairing what ever I could.

By eight thirty, the baby was in bed and the software had just finished loading. "Thanks' for all your help" Dawn said walking into the den. "Now I don't have to worry about getting locked into the bathroom and having the door knob come off in my hand again" she said with a laugh. "You really are a jack of all trades," she told me. "How are you with electrical?" she inquired. "I have a dryer out in the garage that I can't use because I don't have the right plug setup." "An electrician told me that he'd do it for $150.00 plus parts, but I don't have a $150.00" she told him.

Show me what you've got and I'll see what I can do."

She took me to her garage and showed me her dryer and electrical box. "All I need is a standard dryer plug, a receptacle and a box and you'll be up in running." "I'll get the parts and put it in Thursday night if you're home; it shouldn't take no more than an hour" I told her.

"That would be great," she told me. "No more going to the laundromat" she said with a smile.

"Well I've got to be getting home" I told her. "Why don't I plan on stopping right after work on Thursday and I'll even bring the pizza."

"I can't argue with that" she replied. She walked me to the door, stopped for a moment and kissed me. "Thank you for all your help, I appreciated it more than you can imagine," she said giving me another, this time with tongue.

I started getting a tent in my pants. "I'd better go, or I'm going to end up giving you something special also" I said with a smile as I walked to his car.

I told Carol that night, I'd be helping a few people in the "Parents Without Partners Group" on the nights she had things planned. "They just need a few things fixed in their homes and they don't have the money to get them done," I told her.

"Well if there's one thing you know how to do, is how to fix things," she replied.

I wanted to jump her bones that night, but she gave me the better luck next time look, so I took a cold shower and went to bed, damm it.

I was at Dawn's house shortly after 5:30. It should be an easy job unless I ran into something weird. I shut off the power, installed the box and receptacle, attached the plug and presto; a working dryer. I moved the dryer next to the washing machine so Dawn could put the wet clothes from one to the other and went looking for her.

She was in the kitchen preparing something when I came up behind her. "Done, what's next on the agenda?" I asked.

A startled, Dawn jumped back almost falling to the floor. I caught her before we both went onto the kitchen table.

"I never heard you come in" an embarrassed Dawn told me as she straighten her dress. "You scared the shit out of me, I'm not use to hearing a man's voice in the house," she said with a chuckle.

"Well your dryer works, so I thought I'd look at the bathroom sinks, unless you have more pressing issues?" I told her.

"There's so much that needs fixing, knock yourself out" she told me.

I replaced the washers, caulked the sinks and cleaned out the traps; damm there was a lot of hair in them. "That's the way their suppose to work" I said with a swelled head. "When you're good, you're good." By that time, Dawn had the pizza on the table and was calling for me.

"Where's your little girl", I asked.

"Amy's at the neighbors" she replied. "She's on a sleep over" Dawn answered. "We're alone tonight."

As We started to eat Dawn finally asked me, "what's your story Jim and don't give the bull shit story about you being some kind of home fixing saint; I felt you kiss me back before you left last time" she said getting us another glass of wine.

I relented and spill my guts about my past, Carol and my unsatisfied sex life. "It's not like I don't love her, because I do, but she's lost all her sex drive; what am I suppose to do now?" I asked.

"This" Dawn said grabbing me by the hand and leading me into her bedroom.

We sucked, fucked and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest over the next hour and a half. Dawn liked her pussy eaten and I was more than happy to oblige her. She then proceeded to suck me off until I got rock hard and road me until she got off not once but twice. Her tits were small, but sensitive. She liked when I twisted her nipples but fucking loved it when I licked and sucked on them; I felt like she was trying to nurse me by the way she kept asking me to suck them. I tried to get her to try anal but she told me, "Maybe next time, you need something to look forward to, don't you?"

I laughed and asked how did she know there'd be a next time. "I've got a ton of shit left for you to fix and I've got a pussy that's going to need attention at least once a week; any more questions?"

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