tagExhibitionist & Voyeur7:22 to Waterloo

7:22 to Waterloo


...She saw him again, standing in the same spot on the train as he did every day. He was intent on his blackberry and seemed to be totally unaware of his surroundings. She moved closer to him desperately hoping that he would look up. She wanted to loose herself in the depths of his wonderful eyes. One look turned her insides to liquid and her knees to jelly. She could not believe that a stranger could make her body react in such an extreme fashion. He smelt so good and his hands holding the blackberry looked so soft and sensuous.

He turned towards her and she caught his eye, she bent over slightly pretending to get something from her bag. Never taking her eyes from his she revealed her ample cleavage. She licked her lips leaving him in no doubt that she had purposely given him a show. Her eye was drawn to his crotch and she was pleased to see that he could not disguise his erection. God it looked good, she could feel her naked pussy swelling and her juices starting to drip onto her leg. She could not help it her hand drifted to her pussy touching it through her skirt. The train started to slow for the next stop, as the doors opened more people piled on and she fond herself having to move close to him. She could now feel his body heat and feel the tension in his body. The train lurched and she bumped backwards into him. She felt his erection as she held the position a fraction longer than was necessary.

She stood in front of him; she could feel the heat of his breath on the back of her neck. She felt him move towards her, closing the gap between them. She felt his hand touch the outside of her leg tentatively, when she did not move away he ran his hand up her soft thigh and up under her skirt. Still she did not move away, she had been right his soft hands were delicious he knew just how to touch her the soft skin above her stoking tops turned to goose bumps as he stroked her. Her pussy was dripping she was sure he must be able to smell her arousal and was silently begging him to touch her naked pussy.

The train slowed again for the next station and yet more people piled on. She now found herself almost in his arms; they were pushed into a corner with people all around them all totally absorbed in their own thoughts. She moved her hand so that she could caress his hardness, she felt him start and his cock jerk in answer to her touch. She carefully eased down his zipper and slipped her hand into his trousers. She was not surprised to find that he was not wearing underwear, she was pleased as it made it easier for her to caress his wonderful cock he felt soft and totally hairless. She had an almost uncontrollable urge to drop to her knees then and there and take him deep into her mouth and suck and lick him until he exploded in her mouth. He closed his eyes savouring every caress to the full.

He opened his eyes and the look of raw passion and desire almost made her come on the spot. He turned her so that he could get his hand up her skirt. He found her wetness and without a moments hesitation he sank two fingers deep into her dripping cunt his thump found her clit with a sureness that was amazing and so exciting. He started to finger fuck her pushing deep into her and rubbing her clit at the same time. She started to shake and her breathing started to get ragged and shallow. Fuck she was so turned on she wanted to scream her orgasm out but instead she closed her eyes and let the ripples of desire and passion build deep inside her. She started to come, her pussy was gushing as the orgasm thundered through her. Her knees buckled and he seemed to be keeping her standing impaled on his hand.

As she calmed he released her and slowly put his fingers to his lips savouring her taste and smell. She tidied her skirt just as the train drew into Waterloo. As they stood waiting for the doors to open she looked up at him and slipped her business card into his jacket pocket. She hoped that he would take the hint and calls her, she wanted so much more of this man she wanted to fuck him properly and spend long hours giving him pleasure.

The doors opened, he stepped onto the platform and strode away to start his day. She moved as part of the crowd not thinking of where she was going her body was still in shock at the intensity of the orgasm this stranger had given her.

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