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They slid into the booth together – side by side – and immediately he reached for her thigh and she pressed herself against him.

"Comfortable, Babe?"

Her answer was given in the form of a slight brush of her palm along his belt line.

The seat was properly cushioned, the lighting was dim, the noise but a chatter and the booth backs were nice and high. A perfect contrast to the bar area from which they came. He turned to her and immediately noticed how bright her smile had become.

It was then that the waitress presented herself at the table. Shelley retrieved her hand, much to the dissatisfaction of her now very alert date, and tucked her shoulder in behind his. After a brief introduction two drinks were ordered, a glass of pinot grigio and a filthy dirty vodka martini.

As he watched the waitress walk away, he noticed that this was the first time he and Shelley had been alone since their very first date over a week ago. He smiled and returned his gaze to her.

He moved in to kiss her and she welcomed him with ever so slightly parted lips. One, two, three times their tongues danced before he reclined back into his seat. The taste of her lip gloss was light, a welcome change from the paste his past dates had used.

"I have a game for us to play tonight."

A huge grin was her only response.

"It's a game with only one rule."

Her eyes widened.

"Here's how you play." As he said this he reached into his coat pocket and removed a stack of seven small sealed envelopes. She noticed that the one on top had something written on the top.

"Here are seven envelopes. Each has something written inside. The game is for you to open them, one at a time, over the course of our dinner and you must do what's inside. There's no picking and choosing... either you're in or you're not..."

She looked at the cards then picked up the one on the top. After looking at her name spelled on the front, she placed it back on the stack.

"I'm going to need more wine, aren't I?"

His reply was in the form of changing the subject. Both needed the warmth of alcohol to continue the game... The next few minutes were spent discussing simple topics that weren't covered while sitting at the bar. As if on cue, our waitress retuned with the drinks. After setting them down she explained the specials then enthusiastically went over the menu.

Once the drinks were delivered, the first few sips were consumed, the topic returned to the stack of envelopes sitting before them. She took a long draught of wine and reached for the top card.

"Either in or out... right?"


And after his reply she tore into the envelope and opened the first card.

As her eyes read the handwritten words contained within, her concern swiftly morphed into surprise. She placed the card down and dug into her purse. She soon found her phone and with fingers flying a text was sent. Within seconds a text message appeared on his phone.

He opened the text from Shelley. It read...

"My birthday is December 15th and my favorite color is blue."

He smiled. Her first card was answered perfectly since it instructed her to send him a text with her birthday and favorite color!

Shelley reached for the next card but he interrupted her... "Let's talk about your favorite color for a bit..."

They did with an emphasis on the dress she was wearing, a royal blue knee length affair that fit her like a glove. Trey loved women who poured themselves into clothes and he was relishing the look of what was sitting next to him that night. Talking about her dress gave him the perfect excuse to stare at her body... but it was time to move on to other things.

"Are you ready for card number two?"

She looked at her almost empty wine glass and said, "I'm guessing they get more interesting as we go along..."

"You might be right..."

"Then I think you know what to do with this..." And she handed him her glass.

Trey caught the eye of the waitress and soon another glass of pinot grigio found its' home in Shelley's hand...

"Now I'm ready..." She stated after taking a first sip.

She set her glass down and reached for the next card in the stack. Two deft moves later the envelope was in ruins and the card was being read... then again... and again...

He turned and looked her square in the face. Her grin evaporated and was replaced by a very sultry smile... a smile born out of confidence in ones' own body. Shelley looked over his shoulder then brought her hands to her chest. She leaned forward and pulled the plunging neckline away from her impressive cleavage.

"Do you like what you see, Baby?"

What he saw was a beautiful black satin bra bordered with black lace struggling to contain her ample breasts. It was so easy to lose himself in his stare. She defined coolness by allowing him to admire her chest for as long as he chose to... which was a full minute – an eternity when considering the circumstances and environment.

He leaned back. She did too. He noticed that she was blushing. Both took a much needed sip from their glasses.

"Damn impressive, Woman. You should be very proud."

"Glad you approve, handsome, but I think we have company again..."

And they did. The waitress paraded to the table and was only too happy to discover what each would enjoy for the evening. But, ordering was a project. Appetizers were considered and main courses had to be selected. The menu was extensive but choices were made after some helpful suggestions by their host. Jumbo lump crab cocktails, unicorn fish and filets would be the winners tonight but as simple as this process should have been, his decisions took time since her hand under the table was a source of delicious distraction.

The waitress repeated the order and left with a suspicious grin.

"Ready for card number three?" And with that, he handed Shelley the next card.

She opened the enveloped, more pensively this time, and lingered reading it. She folded the note card closed and searched the room.

"There... over by the window. Do you see them? The couple – the guy's talking his head off and she's counting the seconds until her safety call rings on her phone..."

She was right. Over by the window there was a couple obviously on a first date. What most would refer to as a "Match.com" date.

"I see them... They're perfect... Go on, Babe..."

"Well, it's a first date. They met on-line of course. From the looks of it, they didn't email or talk on the phone much before agreeing to see each other. Look at him... if he isn't talking his head off he's shoveling food into his mouth. But look at her... She's miserable and do you see her hand at her side? She's waiting... Waiting for her girlfriend to call and pretend she's the daughter or friend who needs her right away!"

Again he turned to look. Shelley was right. The woman was holding a phone by her side. Good thing too since her date would surely chew her arm off should she make the mistake of getting it too close to his mouth.

She continued, "She's looking at him now. She actually had time to say something."

"He must have taken a breath"

Shelley laughed. "Oh yeah, I think he's breathing out of his ass! Now look! He's talking on his phone and she's texting someone!"

Again, Trey strained to look. Not wanting to be too obvious, he caught a glimpse but couldn't help but to stare at the train wreck unfolding across the room.

"So, tell me what's going to happen? Does she bolt? Or does she jump him in the parking lot?"

"I picked them because it might just turn out that she just wants to get laid. Time will tell, but I'm thinking that if she doesn't bolt soon she may be in this for the long haul - or at least until she can sneak out after popping his cork."

"Really... You think so?"

"You men really have no idea. You're not the only ones who will suffer through a bad date just to get your rocks off!"

"Well, I've learned something new today. Tell me more..."

Before she could continue two jumbo lump crabmeat appetizers were brought to the table. After the cocktail sauce was prepared, she continued with her story. "The way I see it, she'll follow him home, or to a hotel. There's no way she'll let that creep anywhere near her door. Once inside his place she'll pounce on him before he can do anything to drag the night on any longer than needed. What she wants is a good fuck or a great lick... God, she'll hate herself if he blows his load too early!"


"It gets better... She's already figured out how not to go down on him... unless it turns her on. But once she crosses the finish line she'll do whatever needed to get the bastard off so she can slip the panties back on and get the hell out of Dodge."


The crab was devoured and more drinks were served. She continued her story about the couple at the window but he noticed on several occasions that she would glance at the card stack. Soon the plates were cleared and the salads were served. The interruption what just what they needed to bring their attention back to matters at hand...

He handed her the card this time. "One more for you..."

She stopped eating and took the envelope. Now more comfortable with the game, she took no time extracting her instructions for round four. However, this time her pause was significant. She took a bite of salad and stared straight ahead – lost in thought. He anticipated this and did not disturb her concentration.

She put her fork down and coyly turned and placed her lips within whispering distance of his ear. "You want me to tell you a fantasy? What if being here with you is my fantasy..."

"Flattery will get you everywhere with me - but tonight you need to tell me a fantasy that's all yours and yours alone.

He smiled, looked her square in the eyes and with a lower voice said, "Tell me what you imagine when you play with yourself..."

She returned his gaze and as her hand caressed his chest she replied, "Caveman stories."

He looked at her not with surprise but with heightened interest. "Really?!"

She squeezed his thigh and considered the dangers of sharing such an intimate secret with her soon to be new lover. After a few seconds of weighing the pros and cons, the wine made the plus column for sharing her real fantasy with him a definite "YES".

She returned her lips near his ear and elaborated... "I love caveman stories. I love the survival, the wild, the dominance... I love the hair...", and with that she pulled his shirt bottom out from his beltline and quickly explored his chest and stomach. Trey was gifted with an even mane of chest hair that wasn't overwhelming but did cover his chest and continue in wisps down his midline.

"I love this..." she said as her hand wandered over his muscles.

"Thank you, Gorgeous."

"I fantasize about unbridled animal passion. When I'm alone and I've got my toy going strong I dream of being back in time. I dream of being what I am... a strong woman but in a brutal, primitive world.

He felt himself getting hard.

"I imagine being a captive of a lesser clan. I'm smarter but I'm out numbered and certainly out muscled by most of the males. I'm a prize they have captured and I'm different – blonde and fair. I'm also more competent – I can hunt, gather and provide much better than the others... "

Shelley began to look into the distance.

"But I'm a captive - they can fuck me at will – at the drop of a hat..."

The glow of the alcohol made his next question easy, "Do you cum when they fuck you?"

"Like a freight train..."

He took a sip of wine and let her words hang in the air. She returned her eyes to his and searched for a reaction. She saw him smile. She saw a smile that admired her passion, and her courage, to dream and share such an intimate secret.

Her words had sparked a vision in Trey's imagination. In his mind, he was bending Shelley over a large, smooth rock. He had his stiff cock in his hand and was preparing to enjoy her from behind. She was cloaked in nothing but a deer skin cape and the entire area was hanging in the mist from a large waterfall immediately to their left. As he spread her legs and moved in to enter her, a familiar voice yanked him back to reality...

"Here we are! Would either of you like some cracked black pepper?"

He chuckled and replied, "Yes, please... load it on..."

Dinner was served and the meal was excellent. The star of the evening was the unicorn fish. Previously unknown to either, the chef had created the perfect blend of protein, butter and... more butter.

Midway through her meal, and as they were swapping compliments about each other's main courses, he covertly handed her another envelope. "Only two more after this..."

Eagerly, she took what was offered and opened it immediately.

He smiled and enjoyed yet another sip of wine. His erection, almost constant throughout dinner, was screaming for attention but there was still a ways to go... His own fantasy was recycling in his mind, this time Shelley is sitting on the table and pulling her black lace panties to the side - but the feel of her breath on his cheek informed him that real pleasures were to be enjoyed.


And she moved in for a kiss. A kiss coupled with her hand running across his stomach and dangerously near the very sensitive bulge in his pants. Her lips seemed perfectly timed with each movement of her arm and it took only seconds for his boxers to announce the first arrival of pre cum.

He raised his arm and touched her face. "Nice kiss, Darling... very nice..."

He kissed her again. He was intoxicated and found it difficult to break the trance – so difficult that he found himself secretly stroking her breast with this knuckles.

She leaned into his touch and soon found that she fit perfectly into his hand.

He lifted her breast with his palm. His thumb vainly searched for her nipple but the fabric of her bra stood guard against his advances. She felt dynamic and very, very real. This woman had every good reason to be proud of her body.

He released his touch and separated his lips from hers. His mind searched for something to say.

"How's your dinner, Gorgeous?"

"You really need to try this fish. I've never had anything like it!" And she prepared a fork full for him to sample. He did and found that it was incredible. In his mind he tried to describe the texture of the fish with the taste of a sauce that had to be almost all butter...

"I need to eat that off your tummy."

She giggled, and he offered her a taste of his filet.

The conversation turned to food. They critiqued each course and shared memories of great meals in the past. It didn't take long for the treasures on both plates to disappear and inevitably the topic soon turned to desert.

The waitress arrived to check on the couple and Shelley requested a desert menu. Once glance and her decision was made. "I'd love a crème brulee."

"Excellent choice! And you, sir?"

"Make that two!"

The waitress scribbled the order and snapped her folder shut. Again, she vanished with a smile and a quick gait.

"Can I open the next card now?" She said with just a hint of hesitation in her voice.

Trey handed her the next card then turned his attention to his wine. He heard her rip the paper and remove the contents. He listened to her breath as she read the note...

"Can I have what's in your pocket, please?"

He grinned. She didn't hesitate at all.

Without a word, his left hand disappeared into the inside pocket of his suit. When it reappeared, she saw that he was holding a very small pink cloth bag.

She took it from him and said, "Thank you! You'll need to let me out..."

Once he exited the booth, he extended his hand and helped her do the same. Standing there, face to face, he kissed her quickly on the lips.

"I'll be right back, Babe..."

She turned and piloted her body down the aisle. Aware of the eyes upon her, she put on a show by selecting a gait that flattered the sway of her ass and the bounce of her hair and breasts. Little was left to the imagination since her blue dress telegraphed most every move her body made. He found himself staring at her until she turned the corner. As he took his seat, he noticed that half the room had enjoyed the same performance. An elderly gentleman in the adjoining booth caught his eye and gave him an approving wink. As he slid back into his seat, he acknowledged the wink with a very proud smile.

Desert was served while she was away so he didn't notice her return. Suddenly, a small pink bag was dropped on the table and Shelley announced that she was back. The pink bag, now bulging, sat immediately behind his desert. He smiled his approval and exited the booth to allow Shelley to return to her seat.

"Did you think I wouldn't do it?" she said with an impish look on her face.

"I really had no clue!"

She slid back into her seat an immediately he leaned over and whispered, "Show me..."

She sunk back into her seat and every so coyly raised the hem of her dress over her knees, up her thighs and then suspended it a few inches above her skin. He flexed his neck to see her treasure.

His eyes caught the bare hint of reflected light off of a very well groomed and moist pussy.

"Outstanding, Darling."

As if on instinct, his left hand found its' way between her bare legs and slowly headed toward her shadow. He turned his head back towards the dining room as if his hand had a mind of its' own.

His fingertips felt the wet heat and he paused to enjoy the sensation. Shelley dropped the dress over his hand and placed hers deep into the seat cushion. She then lifted herself just enough to offer more of herself to him.

Reaching with his left arm was becoming awkward but he moved closer... her tiny moans signaled that he was getting closer... He touched her, almost exactly on her clit, and she pursed her lips to muffle a soft cry.

He wanted more than he could reach. He returned his gaze toward her, removed his left hand and immediately replaced it with his right. As soon as his fingers became drenched, he inserted two inside her and watched as her chest heaved and her eyes closed. With only seconds to play, he ran his fingertips over her g spot and tickled her clit with his thumb. Her legs widened even more and the muscles in her arms strained to lift her ass off the seat...

He felt her wetness escape from around his fingers as her thighs squeezed his hand.

"Oh God..." She finally uttered.

That was his cue to stop. His fingers fell silent and very gingerly he removed his hand from her body. The sex covering him was painted on her thighs and knees. He imagined the wet spot now on the backside of her dress...

Each finger was licked and he offered some to her. She played her tongue over his digits and raised her eyebrows ever so seductively.

"What if our waitress asks about the bag, she's headed toward our table?"

"We'll just tell her that it's the remains of some special gift wrapping!"

Desert was served and they both immediately tore into their perfectly glazed delights. The sexual tension was put on simmer, if even for only a few minutes, by talking more about food, deserts and other guilty indulgences...

Halfway through desert, he took the second to last card from the stack and handed it to her.

"Almost done..."

She licked her spoon and lazily placed it alongside her dish. Only then did she take the envelope from his hand.

"I guess if I asked you if you had any more surprises in your pockets you still wouldn't tell me..."

He shook his head in agreement.

She opened the envelope and read the three simple words only once. The card was placed by her side and she eagerly moved in closer for a kiss. She arched her neck, slightly parted her lips and closed her eyes. He met her lips with his and felt her left arm circle his waist. They kissed and she hugged him. His hand caressed her cheek as tongues began to dance.

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