tagHow To7 Weeks to Quit Smoking

7 Weeks to Quit Smoking


You're going to quit smoking and I'm going to make you...

Mmmmm where to start...

Well, I think we start off the whole agreement with a real good dirty fucking...

Then, they say that it takes 7 weeks to change the habit, so... I think a daily blow job is in order, to get you through the first week..

At the end of the first week, you deserve a bigger reward... I'm going to wait for you to come home from work bent over with my ass in the air, looking back at you seductively and teasing you by playing with my pussy.

I'll get it nice and wet until it runs down my legs, after that I'll spread my ass cheeks for you then tell you that your little girl made an awful mess and needs a clean up... sounds like a good reward for 1 whole week of not smoking.

Starting week two...We can move our incentives to the domestic route... after all, as much as I love that beautiful cock, I've got housework to keep up on... every day during the 2nd week, as I'm doing the household chores. While you're at home, chores will be done in a french maid's outfit, or an apron with nothing underneath. This includes cooking. Only exception being if there are children or guests present.

Your reward for completing two whole weeks of not smoking shall be a home cooked dinner of your choice. Prepared in the same manner as meals throughout the week... served according to your wishes...

Meaning that you may choose to have me shower and dress for dinner and join you for dinner, you may want me to sit on the table naked, with my legs spread open, and your meal sitting on the table between them, you may choose to have me laying on the table naked, where you proceed to dish your own food out and use my body as your dinner plate...like I said, your choice..

Week 3: you will have a 30 minute massage every day that you don't smoke. These include requests. Massages will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

At the conclusion of week 3, you will come home to find me wearing a rope bra, and ready to be tied to your bed in a position of your choosing.

Week 4: daily porn.

We will watch together and act out or role play daily...

End of Week: we will film our own porn video; acting out a scenario of your choice from one of your erotica writings.

Week 5: repeat your favorite or choose your own adventure.

End of week: repeat your favorite, or have a sexy adventure with a strap on...

I'm going to fuck the urges out of you honey...you will never want a cigarette again...even an after sex cigarette.

Week 6: daily masturbation

Many variations available here...

You want to watch me masturbate, well baby, you get a whole week to let me know exactly what you want to see. For example, you may want to video chat with me and make me continually masterbate for as long as it takes you to drive to work. Maybe you want me to videotape myself masterbating in your car... ok.

Maybe you want me to rub my pussy all through dinner, so that I'm begging for you for dessert...OK.

End of Week: your choice

We're up to week 7...

Week 7: daily dessert of your choice and nightly I will bathe you and wash your body for you. This can be as much or little as you want. Maybe you want to lick whipped cream off of me every day! Maybe you want me to make your favorite dessert and eat it in bed with you...maybe you already have a favorite and we go out to eat somewhere for dessert. It's up to you... and you have 7 days to work with!

End of the Week: at this point you've made it 7 whole weeks without smoking. You deserve a big reward. I'm thinking that you're going to come home to find a friend there drinking wine with me...

After you've had dinner and a shower and a chance to relax, you're going to get the best blow job of your life. With two tongues dualing over your delicious fuck stick and your hot, thick, sweet cum.

Now, this is an agreement, so there are rules.

1. If you smoke, you forfeit the end of the week activity. And we go back 1 week instead of progressing to the next week.

2. Weeks 1-4 can be rearranged but not split up.

3. Any and all activities may be recorded and kept for personal viewing pleasure, or incentive when the temptation to smoke is strong.

Finally...when you have successfully completed 8 weeks without any smoking, your efforts will be rewarded with a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin... with a hot tub, for a romantic weekend. This WILL include road head!!

So, do you think I would be able to help you stop smoking?

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by Anonymous

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by FrancoKG05/15/19

Fuck smoking

I'm a heavy smoker and I would love for my gf to help me stop smoking like this.
I would even think about stopping to drink beer!

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by Anonymous11/11/18


I'm not a smoker. What do I have to quit?

Also, where has she been all my life?

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by Anonymous09/20/18

Quitting never sounded so good...

Do we have to exclude vaping?

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