tagBDSM7-Whispers of Submission

7-Whispers of Submission


Whispers of Submission (#7 of Kelly Series)

(C) Copyright 2010 - MindSplinter - Published under Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

This is more prose than story but its still part of the Kelly series. I hope everyone enjoys!


Lean back in your chair and close your eyes my little subbie and feel me holding you gently in my arms, my breath warm and moist on your neck as I kiss and nibble on you. Hear the soft breeze that is my voice as I whisper to you how much I want you, crave you, love you... My fingers leave burning trails of fiery sensations on your skin as they trace their way across your body.

Exploring that which you have given so freely to me, the gentle hills and peaks that are your breasts crowned in their majesty with pink nipples hard and erect as I pinch them between my fingers, pulling and rolling them and delighting in the soft sighs that part from your lips; lips so soft and tender that kissing them is a sensual pleasure unmatched by any other.

I feel you melt into me as I slip the buttons of your jeans free and my hand slides in to caress your thighs and tease your clit, rubbing it, trapping it between my fingers before flicking it with my thumb. The soft sighs become urgent moans of delight as I drive you higher, a lone finger slips into your soft folds to torment you further and draw you ever deeper into my web of love. Probing, teasing and tormenting you with sensual pleasure.

You cry out to me pleading for me to take you, to fill you with my cock, use you, love you and mark you as my submissive. I silence your cries with my lips on yours kissing you hungrily as I crave you as much as you crave me. I gather you up in my arms and carry you to bed setting you gently upon it; my hands fumble clumsily with your clothes my eagerness to have you clouding my dexterity. Clothes soon litter the floor as you join into the fray, tearing at my shirt and jeans with wild abandon as I climb upon the bed to join you.

I kiss you once more before flipping you over in one smooth motion and kissing, no worshipping that beautiful temple that is your body, burning yet soothing coolness traces down your spine as my lips journey down your back, nibbling, sucking, and licking your soft creamy skin to the base of your spine. My hands busy, still exploring you one following the gentle rise of your shoulders across and down your sides, the other working its way up from your feet to your thighs seeking that sweet valley where they meet. I reach up and gather your hands and draw them under you, lifting your ass into the air and bringing your ankles up to meet your wrists, where I bind them together.

I move between your legs, pushing them further apart. You feel my raging cock as it bumps idly against your thigh and you whimper quietly for me to take you. I shush you softly as I stroke your back with my hands telling you that I will take you my love for you are mine to take but to remember your place as I will have you in my own good time. I dig my nails into your back and claw at your skin hearing you suck in your breath sharply as you feel the pain you so desire. Clawing morphs into scratching, slapping and thudding blows as I increase the tempo of my loving attack. I drink in the sound of your cries and moans for its music to my ears, I reach around and under you to once more caress and tease you...

Flicking your clit and driving you wild with desire, my cock bumping randomly against your thighs. I increase the pressure on your clit causing you to arch yourself higher and with one smooth motion enter you and bury my hardness to the hilt. A soft growling moan of satisfaction passes from your lips as you finally receive what you so desperately crave, to be used, taken and loved. I pull out and thrust in over and over, slowly at first savoring the feeling of you grasping my cock and trying to draw me deeper into you. I match my pace to your attempts to grind yourself against me, the dance of my fingers on your clit and the thudding blows I deliver to your back and ass.

You call out my name as you become lost in the ecstasy of the moment and I call to you in reply as I too become one with you. I drive harder, thrusting faster to speed up the pace and drive you wild with lust, seeking to bring out the animal within you. Crying, moaning and gasping in our delight I urge you on, to let go of your singular self and become one with me. Submit to me and be free my little subbie slut, for I will take you, use you and mark you as mine and love you like no other has been loved before.

I feel you approaching your climax, you clamp yourself around my cock as if it were your very soul being taken and with a final thrust I bury myself as deep as I can and shoot my cum deep inside you, marking you forever as mine. My subbie, my little slut, my love... I hold myself in you as you shake uncontrollably in your orgasm, holding you tightly to me and stroking your clit gently to prolong your pleasure.

I drape myself over your back and kiss the base of your neck and shoulders and whisper my love for you, before loosening the ropes that bind your wrists to your ankles so that you may lay comfortably on the bed; my body partially draped over yours to keep you warm, my cock still firmly lodged within you as we rest. My hands trace lazy patterns on your skin and we snuggle together, drifting on the afterglow.

Slowly you begin to stir once more, soft sighs coming from your lips once more as I stir the embers of your passion again; I gently roll you over onto your back and begin my assault upon your senses once more. Fingers teasing and cajoling, lips tempting and tormenting you as I kiss my way from your lips, to your nipples and down your stomach, you cry out as the burning fire of my lips descends upon your clit, I nibble and suck at it before pulling back to blow a gentle cooling breeze across it with my breath before attacking it again with my lips. I feel your bound hands grasp my hair as the ember becomes a raging fire once more...

I pull back and move up to kiss your delicate lips and neck as I settle between your thighs and enter you, feeling you wrap your legs around my waist and lock your ankles together as you try to pull me in. I should discipline you but I crave you too much to be displeased and forcefully bury my cock in you, listening to your sharp cry as I fill you completely. I let you savor that feeling for a moment before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in.

While I know you crave me too much to back away, I reach my arm under your back and grasp a shoulder to keep you firmly seated on my cock and dictate the pace at which I will take you the second time. I teasingly fuck you into complete submission by driving you close to the edge and then stopping for a moment, buried in you. You try to grind yourself on me but I hold you down and forcefully whisper for you to stop squirming bitch, you're mine to take and I'll tell you when you are allowed to enjoy it.

You obey like the good little submissive you are and I resume my pace, I take you right to the edge several more times before finally telling you to fuck me like you want it. You waste no time using all of your skill to show me how much you wish to cum and to please me. Grinding yourself wantonly, legs locked around me tighter than ever before as you urge me to fuck you like the little slut you are, extolling me to cum in you.

You drape your bound hands over my shoulders, clawing on my back with your fingers digging deeply into my flesh, I fuck you roughly pulling as far out as I can, then plunging back into you. Your moans and cries become screams of pleasure as you reach your climax, forcefully pulling me deep into you with your legs as your pussy clamps down on my cock causing me to cum deep within you filling you and marking you again as mine. I collapse onto you as we are thoroughly spent...

Laying there in a tangled mass of torsos and limbs, breathing heavily as we recover, I pick my head up off of your chest and kiss you softly and tell you how much I love you. <3 End <3

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