tagMind Control750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 03

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 03


After writing Jason's friend Chad a story, Stephen was next. He pulled up a chair beside my desk.

"I want a story exactly like Jason's and Chad's, but I want to watch my girlfriend do my friends. I like to watch. Only, I don't want them cumming off in her mouth or pussy. I don't want her to know she's been fucked and has sucked." He smiled at Chad and Kevin giving them both a high five. "Then, when I awaken her, my friends will be gone and she'll be horny for me."

"Okay," I said. "I need a name and a physical description of your girlfriend and any information you'd like included in the story," I said with my fingers poised on the keyboard.

"Her name is Colleen, she's 5'4", has red hair, blue eyes, and is very pretty. She has B cup tits and a trimmed red pussy. I want a story where I hypnotize her after she gets out of the shower while she's still wearing her bathrobe."

"I can't believe these women are being hypnotized by you reading them my story," I said.

"Hey, it shocked the shit out of me, too," said Steve, "but I'm not going to question it. I'm just happy for the sexual opportunity."

"Yeah, but couldn't you get in trouble?"

"What do you mean?"

"Isn't this rape?"

"Rape? Nah. The women all know what we're doing. Only, they use your writing ability as an excuse to do things that they always wanted to do willingly but wouldn't otherwise for fear of being deemed a slut." He smiled. "It's all a game with them and we pretend that we don't know that they are not hypnotized, just as they pretend that they are hypnotized."

"Whatever floats your boat," I said already finishing typing the first page.

"And like you did with Chad's story, can you read it aloud so that we can all hear it?"

"Sure," I said reading as I typed. "Steve's friends Jason, Chad, and Kevin waited for Steve to text them that Colleen was out of her morning shower."

The three friends knocked at Colleen's dormitory door.

"You guys are up early," she said opening the door. "Oh, we're just looking for Steve and we figured he'd be here with you."

"Well, I have to get dressed," she said pulling her bathrobe tie tighter and turning for the bathroom.

"Wait Colleen, I want to try something," said Steve.

"What," she asked looking from Steve to his friends and back again at Steve's hand that held Bostonfictionwriter's story.

"I want to hypnotize you."

"No way. I heard what you perverts did to poor Kathy and Elaine."

"Are you afraid that I can hypnotize you?"

"You can't hypnotize me just by reading a story like you did with those other two dizzy broads."

"I double dog dare you that I can."

"And what will you do if you can't?"

"I'll do all your homework for a week."

"And what will you do for me if I do hypnotize you."

"I'm not getting naked in front of your friends, Steve," she said clutching the top portion of her bathrobe with her hand.

"Imagine a week without homework," he said.

"Okay, okay, but if I find out that you had me get naked, I'll be pissed."

Colleen sat on the couch beside her boyfriend while he read from Bostonfictionwriter's story.

"Keep your eyes on my keys. Focus on the shiny metal and listen to the tingling sound as the keys sway back and forth and back and forth. You're getting sleepy. You're getting very sleepy. You are feeling so sleepy that you can barely keep your eyes open. Your eye lids are getting heavy and heavier. They are so heavy that you can no longer keep your eyes open."

Steve looked at Colleen in shocked disbelief when she closed her eyes. It worked.

"Sleep, Colleen, sleep. Sleep deeply. You are so tired, Colleen, that you must sleep soundly. Only, when you hear me say "sex", you will remove your bathrobe and give sex to whoever kisses you. Then when I say "awake" you will gradually awaken at the sound of my voice. You will remember nothing."

As soon as Colleen closed her eyes, Jason's friends stripped off their clothes.

"Sex," said Jason.

Robotically, Colleen slowly opened her bathrobe and removed it. She was naked.

Steve motioned to Jason, Chad, and Kevin. One by one, as if kissing Sleeping Beauty, they kissed her. It was surreal. Instantly, Colleen moved into action. She reached for Jason's cock and inserted it in her mouth while stroking him. Chad was already down between her legs licking her pussy and she was giving Kevin a hand job with her free hand while he and Jason felt her tits. Then, she leaned the other way and took Kevin's cock in her mouth while giving Jason a hand job. Chad's cock was already buried deep inside her pussy and he was humping away and fucking her, as if he was a sailor on shore leave.

Then, they switched again and again until Jason, Chad, and Kevin all knew what it felt like to experience Colleen's hand, mouth, and pussy. Only, under Steve's strict instructions, they knew not to cum inside Colleen, otherwise everything would be ruined. Even though she knew she was being used and abused, she pretended she didn't. She pretended she was hypnotized.

After his friends left, Steve dressed her in her bathrobe.


Slowly Colleen was coming around until she was fully awake.

"Where'd your friends go?"

"They had to leave."

"See, I told you I couldn't be hypnotized."

"Before you do my homework, Steve, fuck me," she said. "Suddenly, I'm so very horny."

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