tagMind Control750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 05

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 05


I'm Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter. I write stories for people who want to capture memories on paper.

When Jason hypnotized his girlfriend from the story written by Bostonfictionwriter and gave a hypnotic suggestion to strip naked in front of his friends, they wanted stories, too.

After writing Jason and his friends Chad, Steve, and Kevin a story, I figured I was done writing stories for the college crowd, that is, until 4 women walked into my office.

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Are you Freddie?"

"Yes, I am."

"He's cute," said one of the women. "Where's Polo?"

"Oh, he's home today. I bring him with me some days, but not today."

"I'm Kathy and these are my friends, Elaine, Colleen, and Linda. You wrote stories for our boyfriends and—"

Immediately, I knew them all by name.

"Listen, I'm so sorry. I tried to tell your boyfriends that what they were doing was wrong, but they all insisted that it was a game and that you women agreed to it," I said throwing up my hands in a submissive motion. "They said that it was a way for you four to do sexual things that you ordinarily wouldn't do without feeling guilty and without feeling like a, uhm, you know..."

"Like sluts," said Colleen.

"Yes, their word, not mine," I said in defense.

"Well, we all agreed to do this hypnotic story thing, but we had no idea that they were going to take it this far. And I don't know if you realize it, but either you are a great writer, Bostonfictionwriter, or you are a warlock because we were all hypnotized at one point or another. We had to be for us to do what we did," said Elaine.

As the writer of their stories, even though I knew what they all did, I still felt compelled to ask.

"What did you do?"

"You should know," said Linda.

"Yeah, I do, but only from what your boyfriends told me. I'd much rather hear your side of what happened."

"Jason had me strip naked in front of his friends," said Kathy.

"My boyfriend, Chad, had me not only strip naked but also suck his cock in front of his friends," said Elaine.

"That's nothing," said Colleen. "Steve had me get naked by removing my bathrobe. Then, he had his friends fuck me and had me blow them and give them hand jobs. Thankfully, they didn't cum in my mouth or inside me."

"I don't know which is worse," said Linda. "What they did to all of you individually or what they did to us," she said looking at me. "My boyfriend, Kevin, had all the guys strip us naked and then gave us a hypnotic suggestion to have a lesbian orgy while they took photos."

I couldn't believe all this really happened. I couldn't believe that my stories were somehow charmed in the way that made these women feel somewhat hypnotized. Only, I wondered how they remembered what happened to them. Maybe, it was a spell that wore off after a few hours allowing them to recall the nastiness their boyfriends did to them.

"Now, as revenge, we want you to write us a story," said Kathy.

"Sure, I'd be happy to do that and as my apology to all of you, for what your boyfriends did to you, they'll be no charge for the story.

Just tell me what you want me to write and I'll write it. Only, I hope what I write for you four ladies works as good as what I wrote for your four boyfriends.

"We can only hope," said Elaine.

I fell into my usual writer's trance. I didn't need for them to give me any information other than what they planned to do to their boyfriends.

"Okay, boys, it's our turn," said Kathy.

Just as I did when writing the stories for the men, I recited the story to the women as I quickly typed them a story to their pleasure of sexual hypnotic retribution.

"The four of you get on the couch," said Colleen.

"Keep your eyes on my keys. Focus on the shiny metal and listen to the tingling sound as the keys sway back and forth and back and forth. You're getting sleepy. You're getting very sleepy. You are feeling so sleepy that you can barely keep your eyes open. Your eye lids are getting heavy and heavier. They are so heavy that you can no longer keep your eyes open," said Elaine.

One by one, the four men closed their eyes and slept. It worked. They were hypnotized. The women couldn't believe it.

"Sleep, Jason," said Kathy.

"Sleep Chad," Elaine.

"Sleep Steve," said Colleen.

"Sleep Kevin," said Linda.

"Sleep deeply," they all said in unison. "You are all so very tired that you must sleep soundly. When you hear me say "gay" you will all start kissing one another and feeling one another. Then when I say "awake" you will gradually awaken to the sound of my voice. You will remember nothing."

As soon as the four men closed their eyes, the women undressed them, gave them coats to wear to conceal their nakedness, and piled them a big van. Once there, they gave them their instructions.

"Gay," said Kathy.

"Gay," said Elaine.

"Gay," said Colleen.

"Gay," said Linda.

That night on the eleven o'clock news the reporter gave his news report.

"Well, here's one for the books," he said chuckling. "A riot broke out when four naked men walked into a gay bar and started making out with one another. A fight started when other patrons were rebuffed trying to dance with the men after four anonymous women left the bar yelling, "Awake...awake...awake...awake."

Police are puzzled why the men walked into the gay bar naked and who the women were yelling, "awake." The four men are charged with creating a disturbance and violating public nudity laws.

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