tagAnal8 Days: Day 8+ - FTDS

8 Days: Day 8+ - FTDS


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX's story 8 Days.


Happily ever after? The conclusion.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that's been left hanging for too long, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For information on how I decide which stories to continue, please check my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Damon," the voice was insistent, shaking me.

"Not going in today," I groaned, rolling over.

"Lacey said you wanted to be up by 9:00."

Lacey said? I turned my head, cracking one eye open. I grinned. "Morning, beautiful," I croaked, reaching toward her.

She laughed, slapping my hand away. "Behave, Damon."

With a lurch, I got my hand on her shorts, and tugged her nearer. "Best of all, you know that?"

With tiny steps she was dragged to the bed, not fighting it all that much. I turned and used both hands, pulling her down to the mattress.

"Damon! Lacey's right down the hall."

I drew her close, hugging her. "The only one, you know."

"You're not making any sense. The only one what?" She was keeping her hands between us, chuckling at me.

"The only one that didn't betray me, Stacy. The only one who fought for us, instead of against us. Even Jenna betrayed me. Even my Jenna."

She stopped fighting, and let me hug her. "What are you talking about?"

"Ask Lacey. They were all against us. Everyone but you. I...I'll always remember that. Always. You're the best."

She let me rest my head against her chest, rubbing my hair. "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. Lacey's happy this morning. What's got her in such a good mood?"

"We had a good talk. We cleared up a lot of stuff. No more secrets."

"None?" she asked softly.

"At least not from me. I think none from her."

She pulled away a little, quiet. I wasn't ready for the slap that almost took my head off. "That's for the poison ivy stunt." My hand was too slow to block the second one that was almost as hard, leaving my ear ringing. "And that one was for whatever you put in the lube."

I was about to blow up when her lips settled over mine, and stayed there, until any thoughts beyond what we were doing fled my mind. "And that one was for getting everything out in the open, finally." She gave me a genuine smile. "You're a piece of work, aren't you? Now get up before she comes looking for us."

Stacy bounced out of the bed before I could react. "Sounds like I need to have a serious talk with Lacey." She looked back at me. "Brush your teeth if you expect another kiss anytime soon."

I took her advice, put on a pair of boxers for decency's sake, and headed out. Lacey was putting food on the table. Blueberry pancakes, with sausage. I caught her once she was empty-handed, and pulled her close. "Pretty brave girl, sending Stacy in after me."

She pressed her lips against mine. "Last day, baby. Get it while you can."

I reached down and pulled up the back of her night-shirt, and grabbed two handfuls of her sweet butt cheeks.

"Damon!" she hissed, looking over her shoulder. "No more fantasies. We've got a guest."

"You're a walking fantasy. If you don't want me to exploit it, wear panties, naughty girl." I pressed the hardness that Stacy had initiated, into Lacey's belly.

"After, Ok? Not here, in front of her."

I was about to make a comment about how there'd been no problem with Stacy being around for Lacey's blowjob training the last few days. I bit my tongue, and she looked up at me hopefully. "Please. You know I won't say no if you insist, but it's difficult for me, being around them, and thinking about what you guys did."

"You're not my slave, baby. I'm not going to make you do anything. I have no right to tell you what to do, or what not to do. Not anymore."

She looked sadder as she nodded. "Unless you want to. You know that, right?"

Stacy walked in and smacked my ass as she put the drinks on the table and took a seat. "Get a room, you two." She piled a couple of pancakes on her plate, as I gave Lacey a short peck, and released her, taking my seat.

"Milk, Damon? How old are you?" Stacy teased.

"Pancakes, Oreos, and Raisin Bran. Nothing goes better." Although pancakes for breakfast wasn't doing wonders for my diet plans. I wasn't about to fault Lacey for it. She was bending over backwards to make my meals.

Over breakfast, I found out why Stacy was over. Apparently they were still cleaning up loose ends from calling off the wedding. I confessed that I had plans of my own, but should be back early afternoon. For the first time in the last four days, I didn't do anything with Lacey. I thought back to how much sex I'd been getting the last week. Going from 2-3 times a week, before that damned deal, to that many times a day. I wasn't complaining about the frequency or the quality, both of which had improved significantly.

~ * ~ * ~

Once I escaped the house, I started with a call to Cale. Something Donna had said stuck with me, and I needed resolution.

"What's up, Damon?" he asked.

"The stripper. Do we know where he lives?"

"No. At least I don't. You trying to get hold of him?"

"I think so. If I do, I may want to pay him a visit. Any chance of getting some backup?"

Cale worked from home, and had flexible hours. "I have an important 3:00 conference call. As long as we're done by 2:00 or so, I can be there. I'll check around. Eric may be available, at long as it's not too early."

"Too early? It's already after 10:00."

"That's around his wake-up time. I'll check. How do you plan on tracking him down?"

"Don't know yet, but I'll see what I can do."

My first thought was Jenna. She knew about the guy it seemed. If she didn't know where he lived outright, it was possible she knew someone who would.

Nikki answered the door, and let me in. "She's not here."


She pulled me in and closed the door behind me. "She's really broken up, Damon. You know she never meant to hurt you."

I nodded, heading in and taking a seat. "It was still wrong."

Nikki sat next to me, very close. "She knows. We had a long talk. I'm not very happy with her either."

I put my arm around her, pulling her close. "Still working the late shift?"

She worked as a waitress in a fine dining restaurant, evenings while she took classes during the day. Made pretty good money at it, as I understood. Steady, with good tips. Jenna was the opposite, feast or famine, with big, high-paying gigs, between down times.

"3:00 to 11:00," she confirmed. She cuddled in, her hand running down my thigh. "Anything I can do to help?"

"I was trying to find out something about that stripper. I want to talk to him."

Her hand stopped its movement. "You're not going to do anything stupid, are you?"

"No, as long as he's willing to talk and be honest."

Her hand started moving again, higher, until I felt it brush against my balls. "You want to talk to Brenda. She went out with him a few times. That's how we know what an asshole he is."

I knew of a Brenda, but didn't really know her. "Are you friendly with her? Could you find out?"

She sighed. "Sure. For you Damon. I'll give her a call."

I listened to her on the phone, and it was pretty obvious she was talking to a machine. She left a call-back message. She turned to me. "Is he out of the hospital? You might be able to talk to him there."

"I heard he'd be getting out by the end of the week," I explained.

Nikki picked up the phone, and after a couple of minutes was talking to admissions at St. Albans. "Checked out yesterday. Sorry."

"How much did you know, Nikki?"

"Nothing really. Not 'til last night, when you left. I got the full story then. I was completely in the dark." She settled back onto the couch, and wiggled underneath my arm.

"So the first time, uh, you and me..."

"No idea. I swear. Not until I heard them talking it over at the gym, and Lacey was bragging about all the things she'd done with that asshole, and where she was going to find her next conquest, with even a bigger dick."

I didn't like the sound of that. It didn't mesh well with the story I was getting from Lacey. "Can you give me any more details about the conversation?"

Her hand was being naughty. "Wouldn't you prefer to have this conversation in my bedroom, while we wait for Brenda's call?"

In her room, she undressed me, and gave me a bit of a show, stripping slowly, blushing. When she was naked, we got under the sheets, cuddling and kissing. She pulled away, rubbing my cock with her hand.

"I was on the treadmill behind them. They were all on the bikes, lined up four in a row. Stacy, Lacey, Donna and Vicky. I was behind Lacey." She snuggled in close, her leg over mine, rubbing my shaft slowly. "They were teasing her about walking funny. She was bragging big time. How gorgeous he was, how big his cock was, how he filled her up. She sucked him, took him in all three holes. She said it was fantastic, he gave her the biggest orgasms of her life. God, I hated to hear that smug bitch putting you down."

I don't understand guys who get excited about their women cheating. Remembering the sight of her with that bastard was doing the opposite for me.

She left my cock alone, as it wilted, and rubbed my chest. "I'm sorry. I wish it was otherwise. There was almost nobody around us, and they didn't seem to care who listened. They were asking her questions, and she was telling all. About him calling her names, using her, doing 69, taking him into her throat for the first time, the way he forced her head down, making her excited. She talked about how filthy it was to suck him after he'd been inside of her. How she fingered her own ass, after he told her he was going to fuck it. How she teased him, begged him to fuck her virgin ass. I wanted to climb down there and beat the shit out of her."

She moved down the bed, back between my legs, kissing me, playing with my shaft. "Forget her, Damon. She's a faithless slut. She was proud to be a slut for him, and was looking for her next man to slut it up with."

"The stuff about nobody else being allowed to date me?"

Nikki nodded, then licked my shaft. "She was asking them if they had spread the word. You were off limits. The other girls confirmed it. There was no doubt. That's when I couldn't take it any longer."

"And you told them."

"Damn straight I did. I laughed at her, when she said you probably got a lap-dance, and were sleeping off your drunk. I told her that you fucked Jenna every which way but up. Had her screaming half the night. I...I might have exaggerated a bit, but I wanted her to know she wasn't the only one having a good time out of it." She sucked me into her warm mouth, then pulled off. "I'm sorry if it got you into trouble. I never meant for that to happen."

I laughed, and pressed her head back down between my legs. "Then you and I would never have gotten together, would be, Sexy?"

She sucked me, gazing up at me with her big eyes.

I believed Nikki. More than pretty much anyone else at that time. She had no reason not to tell me the truth. I didn't like hearing all the details, but it helped me. There were still too many discrepancies, Lacey telling me it had nothing to do with the size of his dick, but she was bragging about it, looking for even bigger. Stacy telling me the business about keeping women away from me was just a joke, but it sure as hell didn't sound like it. It was all too confusing, and I realized I didn't want to think about it. Not with a naked Nikki between my legs.

I brushed her hair back, watching my stiffening cock fill her mouth. "Thanks for being honest about everything. Let's forget about that for now, and see if we can't have a redo of our first night."

Nikki looked up at me and smiled. She sucked until I was about as hard as it gets, then pulled away. "Be right back," she said. She ran out of the room naked, and returned a few minutes with her hands full. She dumped a pile of things on the bed. I recognized the lube, butt-plug, some handcuffs, dildos, blindfold, and there was plenty more.

"I'm yours, Damon. Whatever you want. Use me. The other night was the greatest sex of my life, by far. I bet you can do even better." She dug through the pile, handed me the lube and a medium sized butt-plug, and got on her knees. "Warm me up with that. Open me so I can take you later."

Damn, she looked good. Her pussy was glistening, obviously soaked. I licked her, making her moan at the first touch. I moved upward, teasing her rear pucker, tonguing it, listening to the exciting sound of her moans.

I put a little lube on my finger, and pushed at her spongy opening, teasing, pushing around the perimeter until my finger slowly slid inside. "Fuck, that's wild."

I fingered her, adding a little more lube, watching her tremble as I added a second finger. "Grab your ass, sexy girl. Spread your cheeks for me."

Her hands reached back, her head and shoulders resting on the bed, as her fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her. I pulled my fingers out and lubed up the plug. She moaned loudly as it made its first contact. I pushed, turning it, easing it inside her. Her legs were shaking. "You have no idea what you're doing to me," she gasped.

"You like me playing with your ass?" I teased.

"Jesus, Damon! I love it. It's yours. Nobody else's ever. The anticipation, feeling you prepare me for you, knowing what you'll be doing there later, it's incredible. I want you to have it, to claim it, to tell me nobody else will ever get what's yours. Own my ass, Damon."

I'd been teasing her, stopping before full penetration, as we got to the widest point. "This ass is mine, Nikki. Only mine. I'm going to fuck your sweet ass. Fuck it hard, claim it."

She trembled, and gasped loudly, a little squeak escaping her lips, as the widest part of the plug was holding her open, stretching her lewdly. With one last push, the worst was past, and it slipped into her, her tight little asshole shutting down around the rear of her plug.

I tugged it back out slowly, adding a little more lube, watching her open, stretching, the silicon toy slowly exposed. As it reached its widest, Nikki whimpered softly, her cute butt cheeks shaking as she expunged the anal invader. Not completely, of course. I held it inside her, and worked it back in. A couple of times.

I was hard as steel by now, and pushed it all the way in, seating it firmly. I slipped my cock into her soaked pussy, and drove it home hard, making her gasp. God, I loved how responsive this girl was.

"Fuck me, Damon. Use me. I'm yours," she pleaded.

That was not a problem for me. I was happy to use her. The first time with her had been incredible but distracting with the constant feedback from Jenna. The second had been playful and fun, easygoing.

This time was different. I don't know what it was, but I knew that Nikki would deny me nothing. She was a red hot ember, and the slightest encouragement on my part would set her aflame.

Pumping her on her hands and knees, I leaned over her body, grabbing her delicious big tits, and tugging on them like handles, pulled her back onto my cock. I squeezed them tightly, very tightly, and was rewarded with my first sweet orgasm from her. Nobody, nobody, had ever been half as responsive as Nikki was, including Donna who was a hell of a fuck.

I pushed her over roughly, putting her on her back, spread her legs apart, and hammered her pussy. I rested my upper body on her, my hands drifting back to her amazing tits. I gripped them firmly, milking them in time to my strokes, pinching her hard nipples.

"Yours, Damon. I'm yours," she panted, kissing my shoulder, clutching me to her.

"My pussy, Nikki. My tits, my ass," I growled, pummeling my possession. She trembled, and I felt her coming for me. Damn, I'd never get tired of that. I pressed my lips to her, and slowed down to a nice steady fucking. "You're mine, Nikki."

I buried my cock in her tight little pussy, made more so by the device in her ass. I corkscrewed my hips, playing inside of her, stretching her out. My face was over hers, looking into her molten eyes. The look of adoration was almost too much to take. Nobody deserved to be gazed on that way, certainly not me. I smiled for her, developing a rocking motion, shoving hard enough at the end of each stroke to make her body shake. My lips caressed her, softly, and she returned the favor, kissing my lower lip, running her pointed little tongue across it.

"Come for me, beautiful. I love when you come."

"Lay on me. Let me feel your weight," she pleaded.

I moved my hands, stretching out on top of her, and let her hug me, taking all my weight. She gasped, and I felt her fingers digging into my skin. Her eyes closed, and her chin dropped, soft moans escaping her lips. I kept the motion nice and steady, feeling her respond. I was getting close myself, and hoped I could get her off again.

"Fuck me," she groaned.

I took that as a hint, and my hips went into overdrive, pounding her, making her shiver. "Gonna come," I groaned.

She whimpered, her arms holding me tight, her pussy driving back against my insistent thrusts. I couldn't hold it back any longer, driving deep, and staying there, pumping her full.

She cried out, her legs kicking spastically, as she joined me.

I lifted up off her a little, just enough to let her breathe easily. Her arms were determined to keep me in place. My mouth settled over hers, kissing her deeply. I lost track of all else, our mouths merging, tongues tangling, playing, teasing. We slowed, exploring each other, her hands gliding over my body, touching me reverently.

I kissed her face all over, brushing her hair back, returning to her lips regularly, before moving on to her nose, her eyelids, her ears, her neck. I was gently licking her lips, when I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock. I raised my eyebrows, looking at her quizzically, and she grinned. I felt it again, tighter.

"You're trouble, aren't you?" I teased.

She grinned, and I sighed, as a series of pulses flowed around my cock. "Who, me?"

I stroked her slowly, and found my cock was firm, if not the hardest it had ever been. After a minute or so of playing inside her, I was back at full strength.

"Take my ass, Damon," she whispered. "It's for you. Only for you. Claim it again."

I climbed off of her, and she quickly rolled onto her knees, lifting her ass up high, her shoulders staying on the bed. The toy in her ass looked so erotic. I played with it, twisting, tugging, listening to her sweet little moans.

"Whose ass is this?" I teased.

"Yours Damon. Only yours," she answered eagerly.

"I'm gonna fuck it now. Fuck this sweet little butthole."

She reached back and spread her cheeks for me, as I tugged the plug free. I watched in fascination as she gaped, slowly closing up.

I lubed up my cock, and rubbed the head up and down her crack. "You're a dirty girl, aren't you, Nikki?"

"For you I will be. I...I never was."

I pressed the crown against her puckered starfish. "Knock, knock," I laughed.

"Come in," she sang sweetly.

I gave a little push, feeling the pressure around the head, and Nikki gasped, and then chuckled. "I never thought I'd like this," she said.

"You like it?" I eased a little more into her, tiny little strokes opening her up.

"I love it. I love doing it for you. Giving my all to you."

My strokes slowed, pulling all the way out, and penetrating her all over again. The way her hole spread, tight around my shaft was mesmerizing. "I don't deserve this," I told her. "Don't deserve you."

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