80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 01


Suddenly he said in a very commanding voice at both sex, crazed teens, "Keep pumping it," as they instantly obeyed his demand and increased their synchronized pumping strokes on his huge, fully, lubricated shaft.

Suddenly his massive cock began to throb which caused them both to groan as burst after burst of thick, long ropes of cum, over two four feet long began flying out of his massive cock, landing on the teak-wood deck over ten feet away. Watching him cum caused my own pussy to erupt. I bit my lower lip as not to make any noise, but as I did I looked up and saw Mr. Stephens make eye contact with me.

I froze for a second, but then saw that same sly smile cross his lips. Without stopping or without any embarrassment for being watched, he sat on the futon and instructed the girls play with his cock again. I was so surprised by the way the two girls were talking. The language they used made me realize that these 18 year olds were very experienced sexually.

"Fuck we heard this huge dick can really cum," moaned the Asian teen in total disbelief. "Look at all that fucking cum shoot out of that great, big cock," she groaned out loud, stunned by what his real orgasm, or as they put it 'load' looked like and the unbelievable power behind each burst.

"Oh fuck, I've seen a lot of dicks cum, but never saw anything like this shit," the black teen groaned, as her eyes went wide following the high-arching blasts of cum that shot from his huge cockhead.

"Tons of cum and that you fuck real hard and fuck for days," The Asian teen shouted as she continued to pump his giant shaft with her black friend.

As unbelievable amounts of cum continued to leap out of his huge cock both girls were moaning in disbelief as they continued pumping him off. As the two teens went on and on about how his huge cock came so hard, and that they couldn't believe it, he was looking right at me.

He knew I was watching, but wasn't concerned in the least; in fact I had a feeling that he conceitedly wanted me to watch the lusty scene, and that he knew I wasn't going to leave either, which made it more arrogant on his part. As he came he looked right at me with those piercing eyes as he watched me mouth the words, "OH MY GOD." Grinning at me he kept cumming until he finally stopped after what seemed like more than two minutes passed. I realized then that he was watching me play with my tiny nipples the entire time. Feeling a little embarrassed I stopped as he then bent down and kissed each of the sexy teens.

After he came I couldn't believe my eyes, but he was still rock hard and the girls were moaning in disbelief about how huge he still was. As I played with my body I was moaning in disbelief seeing his monstrous cock still enormous after just cumming so powerfully. He then lay back as his giant cock hit his chest with a loud thump that I heard from where I was sitting. I was in shock as it towered up his chest to the bottom of his pectoral muscles.

As his huge cock bounced off his tight chest the girls knelt on the futon and instantly hoisted it in their outstretched hands and went back to their possessed state while they pumped and licked his monstrous shaft. As the Asian girl stroked his massive shaft and wildly licked and spit on it, the black teen lay on her side and kissed him hotly.

They stayed like this for 15 minutes until the black teen said," My turn to suck that huge assed cock." Even though she was groaning uncontrollably while she kissed Mr. Stephens she seemed to be getting very impatient as the Asian teen was dominating his huge cock, without any signs of sharing it with her friend.

"Fuck, if I wasn't so horny to fuck this huge cock, I could stroke and suck it all day," she said lustfully, but finally changed positions with the black teen and for the next 10 minutes she went wild on his giant shaft, pumping it in a lust-filled state with her outstretched hands then wildly licked it as it twitched like a angered snake.

After a while I heard Mr. Stephens tell them both, which sounded more like an order, to both suck his big cock. They instantly obeyed and began pumping him together. While they pumped his freakish cock I noticed that their hands weren't able to circle half way around it. This sight made me think of how massive his girth was, and what it would do to a girls pussy when he fucked.

It seemed as if it was as wide as a tree trunk! It was freakish, the biggest thing I have ever seen and by the groaning sounds of the two girls, who I was quite sure were very active sexually, the absolute biggest thing they have ever seen or had. I began to shudder at the thought of what it would be like to have something that huge inside my tight pussy. His cockhead was also so huge that their lips barely went over the crown. It was an insane sight-seeing them with their mouths opened wide and only being able to suck on the huge mushroom sized crown.

I have had sex with 6 guys including my husband (As I said I did have a past that he did not know about) and except my husband all had what I thought were really big dicks, but none were half as big as Mr. Stephens.

My husbands cock is what I consider average, about 6" long and three inches around. I thought about how my hand easily closes around him when he's erect, or the few times I took him into my mouth and how easy it was for me to go down to the base. I knew that this would never happen to Mr. Stephens as each girl struggled to open their mouths just to take in his grapefruit sized cockhead.

"I've gotta fuck him first," the Asian teen announced as she squatted over him. "I've been waiting over two months to finally fuck this huge-assed cock I kept hearing

about," she said to the black teen. "Such a popular, in-demand cock," she said in a hot voice as she guided her pussy across his enormous cock head.

It was a staggering sight to see, as the black teen held his giant shaft straight up in the air.

"Fuck I have to lift my ass so high just to get it near my pussy," the Asian teen groaned in shock, as her high heel pumps helped extend her long legs the extra inches needed to get her ass above his huge cock.

Just as she began dropping her pussy down on his monstrous shaft I heard my husband call out to me that he was home. In that moment I wished for the first time in my life that a person was dead. Instantly pulling my bikini top over my tiny tits I got up and went back inside. As I looked back I saw the most contorted look I have ever seen on a persons face, as the Asian teen began her endless descent on what would be the biggest cock she would ever fuck in her life.

The next two weeks literally passed in slow motion for me as the images of Mr. Stephens huge cock and the powerful cum he had flashed by my mind over and over, and the way he controlled the two young teenage girls. I couldn't focus on anything, all I kept thinking about was the effect Mr. Stephens had on me from the moment I met him to the eye contact we had while he was outside on the deck with the two teens.

I found myself masturbating four, even five times a day, just to take the edge off, and to help me concentrate on things I needed to do for the house, getting it designed, because of just moving in. I could not get over the fact that he was 80 years old, and especially the enormity of his size.

As the days passed the same steady flow of young teens continued to grace Mr. Stephens lavish home, sometimes two and three at a time and even once seeing four teenage girls, each girl dressed very sexy for what I knew was a hot night of fucking. Micro mini dresses, miniskirts, high heels and from seeing the two teens on his deck, I was sure thigh high stockings, all to turn him on during their fuck.

I was going out of my mind seeing him with all these different girls, and seeing him with the two teens on his deck, then imagining him and I in his bed together. At times I was ashamed at how I was thinking, especially being a newlywed, but other times I felt so sinful that I couldn't help myself and masturbated hundreds of times thinking out his giant cock and his commanding presence. The words of the Asian teen about waiting two months to fuck him echoed in my brain.

I was sure the reservoir of teenage girls talking about his enormous cock made for incredible advertisement for the 80 year old wealthy bachelor. The times I ran into him, I felt embarrassed beyond words and just said hello, than ran inside, frustrated that I didn't stay and talk to him, even though he always had young teenage company with him.

One day my husband came home happier than I ever saw him. He told me that he was going to Japan and China for a month, because he had secured the advertising account with Mr. Stephens . At first I was disappointed that he would be gone for such a long time, but when I heard the type of money he was getting for the account I instantly changed my mood.

My husband then gave me a phone number and said that it was Mr. Stephens cell number, and that I should call or text him anytime if something happened or if I needed anything. He was boasting about how Mr. Stephens was very comforting to him when he said he would look in on me or take personal care of me while I was away if I needed anything.

My heart began to race at the sudden thought that Mr. Stephens arranged for my husband to be out of the country. Only a man of his power and wealth could make this happen, and that turned me on like crazy. That night my husband and I made love, and like always, it was over in less than 10 minutes. As we made love all I could think about was Mr. Stephens and his huge cock.

The way he came and how powerful his orgasm was. I came harder than I ever have, and my husband almost conceitedly remarked about how much of a stud he was. I of course humored him. The next day Mr. Stephens had his personal limousine take my husband to the airport, and then fly him in his personal jet to Japan.

That afternoon I saw a real sexy blond teen leave with him in his Ferrari. She was blond and had her hair in pigtails and was dressed in a pair of frayed shorts and a pair of white high heel pumps. She had on a sheer white blouse that was tied at her waist. Before they got in his car they kissed for almost a minute as he ran his hands across her ass and she ran hers across his crotch. Having his cell number I picked up the phone a hundreds times and at one point texted, but did not send it," Do you have plans tonight? Sara."

Going insane, wondering what I should do I paced and paced for an hour and as I soaked in the hot tub I found myself masturbating to the thoughts of his handsome features and his huge cock. Almost as if my finger disobeyed me, I hit the send button. An hour later a text came back reading, "Just canceled plans. I'll send my limo over at 7. Jack. PS... Expected this from you last night Sara!

Getting his text instantly sent chills up my spine. The PS actually helped ease my quilt of sending the text, and I think he knew it would. It was that second that I started to think about a million and one things that included, what was I going to wear, what was I going to say, and a small part, a very small part, that I was about to cheat on my husband.

The part about cheating instantly disappeared as the image of my 80 year old neighbors huge cock and the confident way he played with the two teenage girls flashed by me again. All I knew was that I wanted to look very sexy for my wealthy and distinguished neighbor. I saw too many young teens dressed in outfits that I knew he liked and that I knew were the farthest thing away from anything I had.

Wearing my frayed jeans and a pair of flat shoes I grabbed my purse and went on a 'new' wardrobe shopping spree. A wardrobe that if anyone from my church community saw me would not believe their eyes. Before I left I looked online for stores on Rodeo Drive that sold sexy cloths. After finding a few boutiques on-line that showed the types of dresses and cloths all the teens that came to his house wearing I grabbed my purse and ran out the door.

Just driving to the first store my mind was racing over the idea that I was actually going to be alone with Mr. Stephens that night. Alone and quite sure fucking him. My body was so aroused when I ran my finger across my right nipple at the traffic light, my pussy nearly burst. I felt so wanton and so naughty. I knew I needed to change my wardrobe if I wanted to catch the eye of Mr. Stephens.

Every girl I saw come to his house was dressed in the sexiest, most sinful cloths. The boutiques I went to had some of the trendiest and sexiest fashions. They also had some very sexy and ultra-sinful attire that was meant to catch the eye of a very popular gentleman like Mr. Stephens.

The first store I went into had a large selection of shoes. I wear a size 9 shoe and when I tried on some high heel pumps they instantly drew attention to my feet. I picked out a pair of classic black high heel pumps and a brown pair. Each had a 4 inch heel.

The girl that was helping me brought out a pair of sexy white open toed white high heeled pumps. She said that they would be perfect to wear on a yacht or by a pool, especially if I was wearing a sexy bikini or hot mini dress, or even the frayed shorts I had on she said. I do have never wore shoes like that with the shorts I had on I told her. She said, "Trust me, you'll drive him crazy with the shorts you have on and these pumps," she said noting my long thin legs. "The pumps will really draw attention to your perfect, little round ass too," she said making us both giggle.

The next boutique specialized in the slinkiest dresses, some very hot short dresses that had plunging fronts and backs. Each of the dresses barely covered my ass cheeks. When I tried on the dresses I had to admit that my long thin legs looked very sexy. A salesgirl seeing what I was buying came over to me with four packages of thigh high stockings, and 10 very, very tiny string-like thongs. "She smiled and said," Standard accessories for what you have planned."

The only time I ever wore these types of stockings was on my wedding night, and one other time which was really exciting, but I never wore anything as bold as a thong. As I saw with the two teens on his deck, wearing thigh high stockings and thongs I was pretty sure every girl that Mr. Stephens fucked wore these items too.

I couldn't help but think how sexually mature these young girls that came to his house were. Even at 18 they all had a confidence to know what they wanted. They were so different from the bashful and innocent girl I was. I selected three micro-mini dresses that each clung to me like a second skin. One of them had a plunging neck line that went down to my belly button like the Asian teen wore. It showed off my milk white skin and my freckles and gave me a sinful look.

I was thoroughly enjoying trying on all of these sinful cloths. As I tried on each dress, all I could think of was Mr. Stephens and turning him on. I couldn't help but to think about how distinguished and powerful he was and how ruthless he was in business, from what my husband had told me. Mr. Stephens was a man who commanded power, who got whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, even if it belonged to someone else.

I also thought to myself and grinned as I thought to myself, "If Mr. Stephens really wants me, and I'll be more than happy to give him anything he wants!'

When I came out of the fitting room wearing another tiny mini dress I was shocked to see the Asian teenage girl I saw the other week at Mr. Stephens house. She was looking through a rack of lingerie, and I nearly died when I saw her. When she looked up she looked she looked even more surprised to see me in the boutique, especially because of what I was wearing and how plain I looked when I met her that day. She immediately came over to me.

"Wow, I almost didn't recognize you," she said, taking in my new appearance from head to toe. Still looking me up and down as if not believing her eyes, stunned at my transformation from the plain girl she met to someone who looked more like a porn star.

She told me her name was Doreen and that she was a senior in High School and that the black girl who was with her that day's name was Tracy, who was also a senior in High School.

"I only met her the day before at a party Mr. Stephens had for some of his department managers," she said as her eyes kept looking me up and down in disbelief.

She told me that her grandfather and Tracy's grandfather worked at one of Mr., Stephens companies, then suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, catching me off guard saying,

"Shit, you're gonna fuck him aren't you?"

Staring at me in my mini dress and high heels she said in a sly way, before I could say a word," Tracy and I figured you'd be fucking him real soon. We both knew he wanted you bad, and we saw it in your eyes too," she said as she continued to stare me up and down. "Wow, talk about a complete change," she said as she scanned up and down my body as if I was on display. "Now I see what was driving him crazy about you," she said with a lust in her eyes that made me a little uncomfortable.

I was just about to say something, but she cut me off saying, "OMG, let me tell you you're gonna go insane when he fucks you with that giant assed cock just like we did, and every other girl that waits in line to fuck him does," she said so openly.

"Wait, wait," I said, trying to make her see something about this that I knew she wouldn't believe. "Yes I am seeing Mr. Stephens tonight, but I really wasn't thinking about sleeping with him, I just wanted to dress nice for him," I said embarrassingly, but knew she could see right through me.

"Yeah right, nice and fuckable you mean," she said letting me know that she knew I was lying to her.

"We saw you watching us that day, and we knew he was turned on to you when he was talking to your husband," she said which absolutely excited me, although I was a little embarrassed when she mentioned my husband.

"Why do you think he took us outside to fuck. We both knew he wanted you to see his huge cock," she said which excited me to no end.

"You should have stayed to see the real show, but you went inside real fast," she said, putting her hand on the side of my cheek then leaned in and kissed me on the lips playfully.

"God I wanted to bad, but my husband came home," I told her, which was why I had to go inside.

"Trust me, you would have gone crazy if you saw how hard he fucked me and Tracy. "He fucked us so hard we both thought we were going to faint. "I've had a few guys fuck me hard, one of them is my boyfriends father," she said with a sly laugh, then said," but they usually slow down after half a minute or so. "Mr. Stephens could fuck hard for hours. He went from me to Tracy, using us both like a pair of fuck-dolls, pounding us until we each came, and then right after cumming he went to the other and fucked the shit out of her. We never came so hard before, and when we begged him to slow down or not go too deep he only fucked us harder, and made us cum harder."

"Oh god, " was all I could say, because I didn't want to tell her how much that excited me, and that I did experience that type of intercourse one other time.

"You know, while he was fucking us he kept looking over to see if you were there watching. When we mentioned if he wished you were here, he pounded us even harder as he said yes through his clinched teeth. "Oh yeah we both knew that he wanted to fuck you bad, and that even made us a little jealous too," she said hotly.

Totally knowing I was going to fuck him Doreen said, "Fuck, he's gonna go crazy when he sees you dressed like this. He gets really turned on with a sexy look....just like I do," she said slyly as she looked me over, letting me know she wanted me, and judging by the way I saw her nipples poking through her blouse, I knew she was turned on.

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