80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 01


"God, I really find it hard to believe that he wants me. I'm just so plain looking, and the way I was dressed that day, compared to you two," I said in a surprised voice. I then added," Seeing him every day with so many different girls, and all dressed so sexy like you both were, and me being so plain, and from what I saw, you and your friend seemed a lot more confident about what you were doing, I mean a lot more experienced," I said referring to how incredibility mature about they were compared to me.

"I gotta tell you, Tracy and I were a little surprised too that he was so turned on to you, to be honest, but he really was. The only thing I can say is that we both knew that you really had him going, in a way we couldn't believe, and this is a guy that has a waiting list of girls to fuck him, 10 miles long," she said, which really excited me.

She told me that he even said something about there being something very special about you and that there was a lot more to your shy, innocent look that met everyone's eye.

Looking at me up and down in my ultra-short mini dress she asked slyly," So is it true what he said about you? Care to share."

God, he really could see right through me, I thought to myself then said,

"No, I've always been very conservative. This is the first time I've ever wore anything like this and the first time I ever did anything like this."

She laughed slyly then said," Yeah right. If there's one thing Mr. Stephens knows is a girls history, and he seems to know that you have a pretty wild one."

I was not going to go into any of my past and changed the subject back to the amount of girls I saw coming and going from his house every day.

"So what did you think when you saw us," she said hotly.

"Oh god, I've never seen anything like that in my life."

"You mean anything like his huge-assed cock right," she said then smirked knowingly, as I nodded my head being a little embarrassed.

"So, what did you think when you saw the size of him," she asked me curiously.

"Oh my god, I nearly died seeing something so huge.

"Fuck yeah we knew from hearing so much about him that he measured over 13 inches and was 10 inches around. Tell me that that isn't fucking enormous," she said more as a statement than a question.

"And how about when he came?" she said biting her lower lip. "We know you watched that," she said hotly.

"Oh god, I couldn't believe my eyes," I said in a shocked voice."

"Fuck yeah, and that was seeing it from across the yard." "Let me tell you, when that monsters in front of your face, or you're fucking it, that's when you really know the meaning of a huge cock," she said hotly, which sent a thrill deep into my own pussy.

"I heard you say you waited over two months to be with him, when you climbed over him," I said wanting to know what she meant.

"Fuck, you saw the constant flow of traffic at his house. He has a list of teenage girls a mile long who want to fuck him. Of course we all know he's super, filthy rich, but we also all know that he has the biggest cock and that he can fuck for days which are the real reason we want to fuck him," she said boldly.

She went on to tell me that everyone knows about his huge cock and how he fucks.

She told me that he only fucks young girls between 18 and 20 and that they all have to know about him being huge and that he likes to fuck real hard or he won't fuck them. When she met him a few months ago she was 17. She told me she went to her fathers office and managed to talk to him.

She went there purposely to tell him that she had heard everything about him and that she wanted to fuck him. She left her High School early that day and came to the office dressed in a hot, short mini dress and high heels to get his attention. Learning that she was 17 he told her she had to wait to her 18th birthday. She said for the next month she counted down every, single day until she turned 18.

At the party she and Tracy had just turned 18 and that he made arrangements with their parents to take them for a swim at his house then to dinner. She said they never made it to dinner and that they fucked all night. She told me how he exhausted both of them, and that they never experienced anything like it in their lives.

"Tracy and I have both fucked some really big dicks, but we never fucked anything nearly as close to being as big as Mr. Stephens," she said in a serious voice then surprised me saying, "I've been fucking my boyfriends father for a few months and Tracy has been fucking her white stepdad and we both thought that they were super huge, but that was until I got Mr. Stephens huge cock inside my pussy," she said hotly.

She then added in a serious voice," Tracy and I were raw for a week after that day and couldn't fuck anyone, and when we did, it felt like their dicks were like tiny pinky fingers. Even my boyfriends fathers cock whose 11 inches and really wide felt small," she said which made me think about something that I did not share with her.

It was about my husbands father and his grandfather, and even my own brother, but I did not want to go there with her. Taking me by the hand she led me to the dressing room. I had an idea what she wanted to do and something came over me that made me go along with it.

As soon we got in the dressing room stall, she shut the door and we began kissing hotly. Our tongues were instantly flicking across each other's as or moans filled the dressing room we were in.

"Oh fuck, now I want to fuck you, she said hotly as she pulled down the top of my dress and began sucking and pulling on my tiny nipples.

"Oh fuuuck, " I moaned as my pussy responded by instantly getting wet, and my clit turned into a rock.

"Umm he's gonna love these tiny tits and this flat chest," she said as she bit my super-sensitive nipples.

"Oh god, I can't wait," I groaned as I imagined Mr. Stephens mouth all over me.

Things happened so fast. Doreen pushed me to the seat and spread my legs and instantly began sucking my clit and licking my pussy as she ran her hands up and down the pair of thigh high stockings I tried on.

"Umm,he's gonna love fucking this pussy," she groaned then leaned forward and met me with her tongue as we flicked ours across each other's through a groaning , and hot frenzied kiss.

"Oh fuck," was all I could mumble, over and over as her fingers began plunging into my wet cunt.

Sensing that I was ready to explode she said in a commanding voice,

"Thats it... cum bitch," she said as she thrust her fingers deep into my cunt.

She then made me taste her fingers, which drove me crazy. "He's gonna love the taste of this pussy," She moaned as her tongue went deep inside me.

"Oh god, I hope so," I groaned without realizing what I was saying, clearly admitting to her that I wanted to fuck him.

"Fuck yeah, and just wait till he fills this cunt with that huge-assed cock," she said as she sent her tongue out to meet mine in mid-air as she continued fucking me hard.

"Oh god, he's so huge. I've been going crazy thinking about it and can't wait," I groaned I groaned as I felt my pussy building like a dam ready to burst.

"You're never going to fuck anything like it. He fucks so hard, and you're never gonna cum more or harder in your life," she said as she as she flicked my burning clit with her stabbing tongue-tip. "Once that 13 inch monster bottoms out inside this pussy it's all over for you, cuz he's gonna fuck you harder then you've ever been fucked in your life, and make you cum harder than you ever have," she said in a voice that sent a chill down my spine.

"Oh god, you're gonna make me cum," I whined though clenched teeth.

Suddenly the dam burst, and my pussy began to throb as my body went into spasm.

"Cumming," I said, as I bit my lower lip. After I came we kissed hard.

"Suck my nipples," she said in a demanding voice, having already opened her blouse.

It was my first time with a girl, and I began sucking her huge, inch long nipples right through her sheer white bra. They were huge, just like I remembered. As I sucked them right through the material, I unclasped the front of her bra and instantly began chewing and sucking on each one.

"Oh fuck, Im so hot," she said as I moaned while sucking her huge, dark nipples.

Sucking her nipples was sending sparks into my pussy. Sensing this she said commandingly,

"Rub your cunt bitch. Rub it while you suck my big, hard nipples," she said in a heated voice, using language that almost shocked me, especially for her age.

I was going wild form the sensation of sucking a girls nipples for the first time. As I did what she said and rubbed my clit my pussy was right on the edge to cum again. I was going crazy and suddenly something overcame me and I pushed her up against the wall and immediately squatted on my pumps and pushed her tiny thong to the side and began eating her pussy and ass from behind.

"Oh god, fuck me good. Fuck my pussy and my ass," she groaned as my tongue probed her pussy than her ass. "Can you believe I had that huge-assed cock buried in this pussy," she groaned, and then said, "I thought my boyfriends father had a real big cock until I fucked that monster dick of Mr. Stephens.

"Oh fuck," I groaned from her telling me about fucking her boyfriends father, and Mr. Stephens.

"Yeah I know, my boyfriends father. Hot right?" she groaned. "I fucked him the day after I met him for the first time. My boyfriend brought me to meet his parents who live in a real rich section of the Hills. His father is 68 and in great shape. He's a real high-powered lawyer who owns one of the most successful law practices in LA. We had a barbeque by their pool and when I saw him in a bathing suit I couldn't believe he was 68. He was in better shape than my boyfriend and a ton of other guys my age. My boyfriends mom was real hot too. She is 55 but looks like she's 30. She and I had a lot of eye contact and we even got together one day last week after she took me shopping for lingerie. Funny cuz the stuff I bought was for when I fucked her husband. When she and I went back to her house we tried on our lingerie and before you knew it we were on her bed fucking all afternoon," she said

"During the barbeque I could feel my boyfriends fathers eyes all over me. I had on this hot bikini and high heel pumps and I just knew he wanted me and I especially wanted him. There was a point where my boyfriend and his mother were in the pool and I went into the kitchen to get a drink, and right behind me was my boyfriends father. He didn't waste a second and told me I looked real sexy and asked if I liked older men. I told him I absoloulty loved older men and a second later we were kissing like crazy. He asked me for my cell and told me he'd call the next day. The next day he called and when he asked me to dinner I told him I was going out with his son. He told me to cancel and I told him I that would be easy. We both laughed because we knew what we both wanted. That night we went to dinner at a real upscale club and we ended the night at his office penthouse where we fucked for like four hours. When I saw his cock I flipped, because he was at least 5 times bigger than his son."

As I ate her pussy I was going crazy for her taste. She had an amazing taste, and as I ate her pussy my body began to tremble. Sensing her need to cum, I kept alternating from her pussy to her ass with my tongue.

"You like the taste of that pussy," she groaned.

"Oh fuck yeah," I groaned as my tongue went wild fucking deep into the center of her pussy.

"Fuck, you're gonna make me cum bitch," she said through clenched teeth.

"Me too, "I groaned," and felt us both erupt in a mind-blowing orgasm.

After we both came we kissed each other for about 10 minutes, and then exchanged phone numbers. I learned that she was there buying a garter corset outfit, because she was going to meet her boyfriends father at his office in an hour.

When we came out of the changing booth, two young attendants grinned knowingly at us. I was embarrassed, but Doreen just smiled back at them. After getting into my car a text came through from Doreen that read,

"Enjoy your fuck with that huge-assed cock."

I texted back," Oh I definitely plan to. PS Enjoy your boyfriends father!

The text LOL-Love cheating on him with his father. Told him I'm going out with girlfriends. He has no clue I'll be in hotel w/his father all night..hehehehe!

I texted back, "Such a slut! LOL, and she texted back,

"I no...hehehe!."

She texted back "Let me know what it's like to fuck that big monster!"

I texted back "Will do LOL"

She texted back "Loved your pussy...Hes gonna love it too!

I texted back, "Hope so..All I could think about...I want that monster BAD!

She texted back, "Now who's the slut..LOL".

I texted back, "We all are for him and that huge cock!..lol!"

She texted back, "You'll never be the same after 2nite baby!...His huge dick stretched me out for days!...hehehe.

Driving home my mind was racing from what I had just done. I have never experienced being with a girl like that, and all I knew was that it was real hot, and that I couldn't wait to do it again. I was so turned-on, my body was in heat.

Doreen and I both knew we'd get together again to fuck and she even told me that she had some really sexy girlfriends that would love to fuck me too. I was a little embarrassed, but told her I definitely was interested especially to fuck her again. But, suddenly my mind went back to Mr. Stephens. I was so turned on knowing that he really wanted to fuck me, and from what Doreen said, I really turned him on.

...To Be Continued...

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