80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 02


"We couldn't get enough of each other and even fucked on his plane going back." "I was so worn out that I slept for 4 days straight. It took me a week before Brad and I could become intimate again, because of how worn out I was, and when we did make love, I couldn't even feel his cock, it seemed so tiny compared to his grandfathers enormous cock," I added hotly as Mr. Stephens kept running his fingers up and down the inside of my pussy lips, as if to keep judging the size of my pussy and what his huge cock was going to feel like inside it.

"I assume you both fucked more than once."

"Oh god, after we were together it was all I thought about. All I thought about every minute of the day was Brad's grandfathers huge cock and his confidence and lifestyle, and the way he fucked me; no matter how hard I tried to block it out I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Yes we fucked again. When I left New York he made it clear that he wanted to fuck me again. I knew he had lots of girls, and I felt so sexy that he wanted to fuck me. He flew me to New York once a month; making up a reason to send Brad away each time and telling him he wanted to take me to a show or a gallery or something. Every time I came to New York we fucked non-stop. Fucking his huge cock actually became a little easier the more we fucked. I even remember fucking him the day of my wedding while he flew me in his private jet back to Alabama. It was so naughty being at the alter dressed in my wedding gown with him beside Brad."

"A week after our honeymoon he flew me back to New York. Although I had just gotten back from my honeymoon I couldn't wait to see him again, in fact during our honeymoon he was all I thought about. He told me he wanted me in my wedding gown. It turned me on a lot, because I knew it was his way of putting down Brad. I wanted to really turn him on, so I decided to wear my wedding gown. Under it I wore a pair of white stockings with a white garter belt. I remembered that when I dressed I was so turned on, way more than on my own wedding day. When I got off the plane him and I started fucking right in his limo. I was supposed to stay in New York for two days, but ended up staying a week."

"Wonderful... Innocent, but not too innocent, am I right Sara," he said with that sly grin.

"Oh god, fucking Brad's grandfather changed me completely. I was always very conservative and very shy until I met him, and now you. I've never done anything like that in my life (I lied but couldn't tell him about Brad's father and my brother at that point).

"It was all so thrilling, the lifestyle was so different then the way Brad and I lived, and him being so big and so virile," I moaned as his skilled fingers continued to fuck me.

"So did you enjoy fucking your husbands grandfather?" He said in a voice that made me feel so naughty.

"Oh god, you know I did Jack," I said hotly as I kissed him while he began rubbing my rock hard clit.

"I'm sure William thoroughly enjoyed fucking you Sara," he said with a grin, still surprised that he knew his name.

With the look of surprise in my eyes he told how he knew Brad's grandfather.

"Your husbands grandfather and I belong to a very select club Sara. It's a club where all 50 members are white, and all extremely endowed, 12 inches or longer, and all like Brad's grandfather and myself very, very virile."

"The club started in college by female professors and successful women that only preferred fucking men that were extremely endowed. Word travels fast as you must know when a man is extremely endowed. All 50 of us are from prestigious Ivy League Universities, and all are white. We were recruited by the group of female professors and high-profile business women we had fucked or that heard rumors about or endowment from other students. The club is a very secret fraternal organization that meets annually at a resort where there is a surplus of teenage females who crave fucking an extremely endowed man. It is a weekend long and is organized by this cabinet of women."

"Ummm, all I know is that I absolutely loved fucking Brad's grandfather, every time I fuck Brad I can't believe how tiny he is compared to his grandfather."

At this point I still didn't confess that I fucked Brad's father or that I almost fucked my brother who were both huge.

"Some things don't run in the family Sara. Brad's grandfather obviously had the dominant gene," he said with a sly grin.

"Oh god, that's for sure," I moaned as my palm traced over his giant bulge as my mind instantly thought of my brother and Brad's father.

"I want this sexy pussy Sara.. I want it wrapped around my 13 inch cock for the next 30 days," he said as his fingers moved went into my soaking fuck lips.

"Ohhhh fuck yes. It's yours," I said as my mouth clamped down on his and I came all over the tip of his two fingers.

With his fingers inside my pussy, now fucking in and out of me in a steady rhythm we kissed like lovers. It was so sexy to be taken by a man that was 60 years older than me, with more confidence then I had ever known. Feeling a powerful orgasm building inside again I began to groan and whimper real hard.

"Let your sexy pussy cum again Sara. Let that horny, wet cunt of yours cum," he said in a dark voice that made me push off my high heels and shudder all over his fingers.

"Ohhhh God," I moaned in heat, as I came in a force as he plunged his two fingers into me hard and fast.

"Taste yourself Sara. Taste your sexy pussy," he said pulling his fingers out then brought them to my mouth as I eagerly sucked my pussy off his fingers, as I kept cumming.

As I licked the taste of my pussy off his finger I thought about Doreen and how we fucked earlier today. It was so sexy; I knew I couldn't wait to play with her again. Pulling his fingers from my mouth he slammed them back inside my cunt and finger-fucked me hard as he told me to cumming. I was delirious from cumming so hard and for so long. I have never cum so hard. Mr. Stephens knew how to fuck the way he wanted. He was so dominant and forceful and knew how to really fuck a girl. My husband and all my former boyfriends never had that type of confidence to fuck. I'm sure part of it had to do with him having such an enormous cock and that he fucked constantly.

"Ohhh fuck," I moaned over and over as I tossed my head back from cumming so hard. After I finished we kissed again, as our tongues bounced off each other's.

"God, I've never cum like that," I moaned.

"A beautiful body Sara, and a sexy, long pussy I know I'm going to love to fuck," he said in a deep voice that caused me to moan.

"Oh god I can't wait to have my pussy wrapped around your huge cock. It's all I've thought and dreamt about since I saw you with those two girls," I moaned, surprised by how openly I was talking and the words I was using.

At that point we had been in my driveway over an hour. He picked up the phone in the limo and called to the driver and said, "Let's go," then just hung up the phone.

"Let's fuck Sara. I've got to fuck you bad," he said as we kissed hungrily while I massaged his huge cock right until the driver opened my door.

"Oh God yes. I want you to fuck me so bad," I groaned as I messaged his enormous cock through his pants, sparks going through my body feeling how huge it was.

When we were out of the limo the driver circled around the driveway and left through the front gate which closed remotely behind him. Standing next to his four luxury cars I read the license plates 'LUCKY 13" as I messaged his huge, billowing cock down the inseam of his leg to his knee.

"Ummm, so that's what lucky 13 means," I groaned as I kissed him and messaged his enormous bulge.

"You get an 'A' for observation Sara," he said in an almost smug tone that made me grin slyly. "Now let's go inside so that I can show you what 13 inches does to a sexy pussy like yours baby," he said in a confidence that made me moan.

"Oh fuck yes Jack. I want that great big cock buried deep inside me baby. I need to get fucked by your great, big cock," I groaned in a voice I didn't believe was mine as he lifted me and carried me inside his house.

After he put me down I took a second to look over the lavish, multimillion dollar decor of his 30 million dollar Beverly Hills home. There was soft jazz music playing throughout the house and art from all over the world with incredibly lavish furnishings from different continents. It showed his varied taste and that he was a world traveler. There were also mirrored walls everywhere. He then stood behind me and began kissing my exposed neck, making me moan uncontrollably.

"The mirrors are for you Sara; for you to look at how sexy you are when I'm fucking you," he said knowing I was looking at all of the mirrored walls. "And for me to look at your incredibly sexy body when I'm playing with you like I am now," he said hotly which caused me to moan excitedly, " Or when you're fucking me," he added with a sly grin, as he kissed my neck while running his hands over my ass then across my aching tits.

"Umm," I moaned at the thought of watching myself and his huge cock going in and out of me as we fucked.

Suddenly I felt his hand pulling the zipper down the back of my mini dress. It was something I knew he had done millions of times with hundreds of young teenage girls. Just his skill at pulling my zipper down was turning me on like crazy and had me groaning in a low-throaty voice.

"Oh god, " I moaned as he pulled the top of my mini dress down just below my nipples.

"Very sexy," he said as his hands ran across my tiny nipples and across my flat chest. "

Looking up I saw him looking in the mirror.

"Look at your amazing body Sara. Look at those perfect sexy, little tits," he said kissing my neck, drawing my attention to the mirrors around the room.

It was such an incredible sight, seeing the distinguished 80 year old man standing behind me kissing my exposed neck while he played with my ultra-sensitive, tiny tits. Seeing my mini dress pushed just below my tits made me look and feel so nude in front of him, and seeing him look in the mirrors at me while he played with my tiny, pink nipples was driving me crazy.

"Sexy little nipples Sara. Hard and little. Very sexy," he said in a deep voice as his hands came around my back and began pinching them between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Oh fuuuck," I groaned as he rolled my nipples through his fingers, pinching then rubbing his index fingers across the tips.

"Look at how sexy you are Sara," he said, making look at the mirror while he played with me. "All dressed-up so sexy, really showing off your amazing body Sara," he said as he watched me in the mirror, and caused me to look at myself.

God I had to admit that I looked every bit as naughty as all the teens that came to his house every day, I thought to myself.

"Oh god, you're driving me crazy," I groaned as I watched him kiss my neck and play with my tits. Seeing myself in the mirror and the hunger he had for me made me feel so special, especially knowing he fucked hundreds of girls.

"Yes Sara, very sexy," he said kissing my neck. "I can't wait to fuck you Sexy," he said pinching my nipples a little harder, causing my feet to lift out of the backs of my high heel pumps.

"Oh God. I want you so bad," I groaned as he played with my body.

As he kissed my neck and played with my tiny nipples I reached behind and ran my palm across his throbbing cock. It was so long that my hand couldn't reach the head of his cock. Suddenly he put his hands on my narrow hips and began grinding his huge cock against my ass.

"Oh god, that cock is so huge," I groaned in a heated voice I didn't recognize, as his fingers continued to drive my nipples insane.

"And after the month is over I'm going to send him away for a year baby," he said in a voice that had hunger in it.

"Cummmmming," I groaned as my pussy surprised me and came again, from the thought of him getting rid of my husband just so that we could fuck.

We kissed hard as our hands made contact with each other's bodies. The thought of how controlling and how powerful Mr. Stephens was and that he was a man that got whatever he wanted caused me to groan.

"Ummm. I like the sound of that Mr..Ste..I mean Jack, I said in a very naughty tone that was so far away from my conservative personality. Then I added slyly, "Plus I'm gonna need all that time to adjust to the size of this huge cock of yours."

Turning me around Mr. Stephens began sucking my nipples, driving me crazier by the second.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out loud as he chewed on each of my tiny, pink nipples.

My excited little nipples were aching and needed to be sucked, sucked by him, and he was driving me crazy by the way he flicked his tongue over each one then kissed and sucked them. After a few minutes, just as I was about to cum, he pulled me to him and we kissed hotly for 20 minutes, as our hands busily explored each other bodies with a hunger rooted in pleasing each other.

I was going wild, groaning as we kissed like lovers, as our tongues darted across each other's inside, and outside our open mouths, in the most wild, and untamed way. As we kissed I rubbed his mammoth cock through his pants.

"So fucking huge," I groaned as we kissed.

"It's big for you Sara," he said letting me know he wanted to fuck me.

Feeling his hands travel up my stockings to my ass then to my aching, extended nipples had my pussy bursting into flames. It was what I wanted so badly. It was exactly what I thought of all week, and now here he was touching my body just the way I imagined, as his hands had me moaning like crazy. He then went from kissing me back to sucking my tiny, throbbing nipples. His mouth on my sensitive nipples drove me crazy, as they responded by sending shock-waves deep into my pussy.

"Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy," I cried out throwing my head back as the excitement was building inside my pussy by the second.

"Tiny, hard nipples on such a flat chest.... Wonderful," he said as he sucked on my almost non-existent tits, pulling the tiny nipple off my chest, until I moaned excitedly. I was so excited by the way he was sucking and pulling on my nipple that the backs of my feet came out of my pumps. He sensed this and released my nipple then kissed and bit each of each of them which caused me to tremble.

He then pulled each of my nipples far off my chest, sending shock-waves way- up into my pussy.

"I love these tiny tits Sara," he snarled as he kissed around the edges of my nipples, driving me insane. "Let me guess, 29A," he said as he bit my nipple and pulled it away from my flat chest.

"29AA," I groaned in ecstasy, from the incredible sensation of his teeth biting my nipples.

I was a little surprised at how well he guessed my bra size. I knew this came from the experience of fucking so many teens. I found out later that he had an entire wardrobe bought just for me. It was a closet in his bedroom just for me. It was so thrilling to find that out. It made me feel so special and so sexy.

"Very exciting Sara. I absolutely love a flat chest. And yours is spectacular Sara. So flat with the tiniest pair of nipples. Wonderful Sara," he groaned as he went to my other nipple and began biting and pulling it through his teeth. "And very sensitive nipples too," he said which caused me to groan.

"Oh god yes. Real sensitive, and you're gonna make me cum again," I groaned, feeling my pussy building to an explosive orgasm again.

As he was biting and pulling on my nipples he skillfully reached under my mini dress and pushed my thong to the side and instantly sent two fingers up into my pussy, which was already soaking wet from being so turned on by him in the limousine.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, as I threw my head back from the incredible feeling of being finger fucked by the distinguished 80 year old man.

God, he's so confident and knows just what to do to turn me on and get me off, I thought to myself as I went back to kissing him as he fucked me, with his probing fingers.

"Umm, already wet for a big cock aren't we Sara," he said the instant his fingers went into my pussy.

"Oh god yes. I'm so wet for you" That great, big cock is all I've been able to think about," I groaned as he finger fucked me.

"I'm so wet for you and that great, big cock of yours baby," I said hoarsely, stunned by the way I was talking. Suddenly, I felt my body start to convulse and knew I was going to cum. I lifted my heels out of the backs of my pumps and came in a hard flood all over his fingers.

As I came over his fingers I could feel his huge cock throbbing in his pants as I ran my hand over the massive bulge.

"Oh god Jack, I need to see that huge cock," I groaned as my hand went down to his knee where it finally came to an end.

Ignoring my pleas to see his huge cock he spun me around like a top then squatted on his expensive Italian shoes and lifted the bottom of my mini dress over my ass to my waist.

"Such a sexy ass Sara," he said as he cupped my ass cheeks in his large hands. "Did you think your ass looked sexy when you looked at yourself in a mirror after putting this naughty thong on Sara?" he said as if he knew exactly how I dressed, and that he wanted me to confess to knowing how sexy I looked and felt.

"Oh god yes...I've never wore anything this naughty in my life, and I did like the way it looked on my ass," I said confidently, then added hotly, "Oh God Jack, I felt so sexy getting dressed for you."

"Did you bend forward while you admired your sexy ass Sara," he said in his deep voice, knowing that I did.

"Oh God yes," I moaned in a throaty voice.

"Did you spread this beautiful ass, so that you could watch your sexy pussy open and close the way I am now," he said in an almost sinister voice.

"Oh god, you fuck so much that you know everything a girl does when she gets ready to be with you," I groaned, amazed at how well he knew me.

I went on and said, "God, I felt so naughty. I even crossed one high heel over the other and bent forward and ran my fingernail over my ass as I imagined you in the room watching me," I groaned, as he continued to kiss my ass cheeks, filling the room with naughty, popping sounds.

"I can only imagine how sexy you felt Sara, knowing you were dressing for a night of fucking. Fucking your new neighbor at that," he said slyly, as he continued kissing my ass and running his tongue between my ass crack then over my thong covered pussy.

After he said it he said in a dominant self-assured voice, "Let's get this sexy thong off. I love the look of it on your wild ass, but I have to taste of this sexy, wet pussy, and this gorgeous ass of yours Sara," he said sternly, as he pulled the thong away from my ass then over my thing high stockings and down my legs and over my pumps, as I lifted each one automatically for him.

Once my thong was over my pumps he threw it to the side and put his hand on my back to make me lean forward. Grabbing hold of the back of a chair he then grabbed me by my hips and for a few minutes just kept spreading my ass wide than releasing it. I was groaning like crazy feeling his hands on my ass, knowing he was spreading my ass wide so that he could look at my open pussy.

"Beautiful pussy Sara. Nice and open. Open-wide from fucking Brad's grandfathers cock," he said in a hot breath as he held my ass apart than ran his tongue across my throbbing clit and right between my open fuck lips.

"Oh god! You're making me so fucking hot," I moaned out loud as he worked his tongue across and into my pussy than around the rim of my ass hole. "Oh fuck that's so hot," I moaned like I was on fire from never having felt a guys tongue on my ass hole before.

"A sexy pussy and such a beautiful ass hole Sara," he said in a deep, raspy voice, as I moaned and groaned out loud, filling the room with sounds of lust that I didn't recognize.

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